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Mataria Directorate of Education Elsayeda Nafesa Prep School Second Term 2008 English Language Examination First Year

ear Preparatory . Time allowed :1 1/2 . Total 40 Marks .

. retire - watch -

A-Language Functions .

for - footballer in

(4 marks)

1-Finish the following dialogue with these words :

Osama: I've finished my homework,Dad .I want to.(1)..TV . Dad : OK. There's a programme at nine about Maher Salama ,the great.(2) . Osama:He's played .(3)ten years in different teams . Dad :And he's going to .(4) next week .Switch on the television, please . *************************************************************************************

2-Supply the missing parts in the following mini dialogues :(a)Salma : Iheard you were ill last week . How are you now ? Manal :. (b)Maher:..? Ali :He's a mechanic .


B-Reading Comprehension .
Read and match : (A) 1-We haven't seen Salma
2- The food she cooks 3- Where do we 4- Five people were 5- Sara wants to 1-( ) 2-( ) 3- ( )


a) be a dress designer . b) two days ago ? c) since she left school . d) is very delicious . e) get oil from ? f) killed in the train accident . 4- ( ) 5- ( ) .

4-Read the following , then answer the questions :


Camels are very useful animals .They can live in very hot deserts for a long time .They are tall and heavy . They are used for riding and carrying things in some countries . We can also get milk , meat ,wool and skin .It is usually brown in colour .It's sometimes used for racing , which is great fun .

Answer the following questions:

1-What is a camel used for in some countries ? 2- How many useful things can we get from camels?

B)Choose the correct answer from a ,b ,or c : 3-Camels are ..animals .

Tall and heavy b) short and light . Short and heavy . 4The Arabian camels is .in colour . a)Yellow b)orange c)brown . 5-The underlined word which refare to the . a) Camel b) racing c)colour .