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= pa NRE ESSE art 17 Draft Venturing Crew Annual Plan The following suggestions are designed for a Venturing crew affiliated with a religious organization's youth group September + New members open house + Elect officers + Conduct PCI with adults + Conduct activity interest survey with youth + Leadership skills course section 1: "Vision" + Youth Ministries Bronze Award requirement 3(a): Plan and lead a service project October + Leadership skills course section 2: “Communication” + Crew officers’ seminar (annual planning retreat) + Halloween party for disabled children + Youth Ministries Bronze Award requirement 2(d): Participate in a discussion about cultural diversity November + Leadership skills course section 3: “Organization + Finish Standard First Aid course (Red Cross) + Youth Ministries Bronze Award requirement 1: Begin work on religious award + Pizza pa December + Youth Ministries Bronze Award requirement 6: Produce an entertainment production with a religious or ethical theme and perform at a retirement home + Holiday party January * View Youth Protection: Personal Safety Awareness videotape + Career night—The world of computers (Lisa Jones) + Leadership skills course section 4: “Synergism” Ne mS ay February + Silver Award requirement 5(a): Participate in two Ethical Controversies + Career night—Medical careers (Dr. Billings) + Ski trip—Venturing Leader Manual, chapter & March + Indoor swimming party + Community service project + Career night—Law enforcement careers (Officer Johnson) April + Is There Life After High School?—Career counselor (Mrs. Harris) + Photography—Venturing Leader Manual, chapter 7 (Jim Herrick) + Video and ice cream party May + Cycling—Venturing Leader Manual, chapter 8 (Pro Cycle Shop) + Silver Award requirement 5(b): Create and conduct an Ethics Forum + Awards night—Religious, Bronze, Gold, Silver, Ranger June + Sailing or rock climbing—Venturing Leader Manual, chapter 8 + Service project to benefit the religious organization July + Whitewater activity—Venturing Leader Manual, chapter 8 August + Religious retreat—Youth Ministries Bronze Award requirement 5 Men eo La Cae