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(For selecting the best-prepaid Mobile plan suitable for you) General Plan Item Pay-per-sec All@49 Saral Anant SAGeneral 15 Pay-per-sec All@49 Womens Power

MRP of FRC in Rs. Free talk value






15 1ps/sec to BSNL n/w &


8 59ps/min. to BSNL N/W & 69ps/min to other n/w within Kerala


15 1ps/sec to


49ps/min to all n/w within the country

Re.1/per min. to all n/w within Kerala

BSNL n/w & 1.2ps/sec to other n/w within the country

49ps/min to all n/w within the country 180**

Call charges

1.2ps/sec to other n/w within the country

Tariff validity Plan validity

Permanent 180***


180* Lifetime****

* ** ***

Use of STV- 45 through C-Top up allows pay per second tariff for 1 year Use STV -51 / 101 through C-Top up allows pay-per-second Tariff for 1-year Use of any one of the recharge coupons for extending plan validity

Use of top up coupons of Rs.55 / 110 / 220 allowing validity extension for

Pyari Jodi Plan
Or Home Mobile

45 / 90 / 365 days with Rs.50 / 100 / 200 talk time respectively

Unlimited free call facility to one designated BSNL landline / WLL number within Kerala & all other facilities are as per prepaid general pay-per-second plan. This plan is providing in postpaid plans also.


Customer will get the exact time for putting BSNLSIM card in his / her mobile set from the existing service provider via SMS After putting the new SIM card in the handset, Prepaid customers have to dial *123#> and press call button for activating the connection. <

Now the customer has both out going & incoming facility in the requested plan with additional free talk time of Rs.100/ in addition to the normal free talks time offered in FRC and 5-GB GPRS (Internet) usage for the 1st month.

For activating GPRS, Customer has to send ..Make<space>Model No. to 58355 & save all return messages.Select access point as bsnlnet

4. Friends & Family Enabling (FFE): 2 BSNL Nos. @ 20ps / min. within Kerala or 1 BSNL No. within Kerala @ 20ps./min. & another BSNL No. outside Kerala @ 30ps/min. (Applicable to General Plans) 2 BSNL Nos. @ 30ps / min. within Kerala or 1 BSNL No. within Kerala @ 30ps./min. & another BSNL No. outside Kerala @ 50ps/min. (Applicable to all SARAL Anant plans) 5 BSNL Nos. @ 25ps / min. within Kerala for womens plan 2 Nos.@ 30ps/minute in New Student Suvidha plan FFE<space>1st No. <space> 2nd No. send to 53733 (Note: 1st No. should be STD code with landline No.) 5. Happy hours: (11 pm to 07am) 25ps/min. to BSNL n/w within Kerala (applicable to all Saral Anant / Womens Power plan) 6. New Student Suvidha Plan: for port in customers, 2000 sms free for first five monyjs (total 10000 sms free) 49ps/min. to all network within Kerala 5ps/SMS within Kerala

SMS Format for FFE:

Attractive Special Tariff Vouchers (STVs) for reduced Tariff: 4 Categories viz. General / Unlimited Voice Call / SMS / GPRS Use only one STV from each categories at a time, otherwise last used one will be active

1. GENERAL CATEGORY STV STV-13 Tariff applicable Validity in days 1ps/SMS within 30 the country to any n/w Voice calls within Kerala 30 @20ps/min to BSNL n/w Voice calls anywhere in India 30 @20ps/min to BSNL n/w Voice calls within Kerala @1Ps for 30 3 BSNL n/w Voice calls within Kerala 30 @30ps/min to All n/w Voice calls within 30 Kerala @10ps/min to BSNL n/w For enabling Pay365 per-sec Voice calls 180/365 anywhere in India @49ps/min to all n/w Unlimited voice 30 calls within Kerala in BSNL n/w 1ps for 230 /90 seconds to BSNL n/w & 1ps for 1sec to other n/w within Kerala 2. UNLIMITED VOICE CATEGORY Tariff applicable Unlimited free calls to all BSNL Nos. within the country Unlimited free calls to all BSNL Nos. within the country Unlimited free calls to all BSNL Nos. within the country Validity in days 1 MRP in Rs 13 Applicable to 2G / 3G

36 2G / 3G 47 Do 54 Do 61 2G 65 2G




STV-61 STV-65

STV-45 STV-51/101

45 51/101

2G 2G









Applicable to 2G / 3G

STV 151


2G / 3G

STV 501



2G / 3G

3. SMS CATEGORY STV STV-23 Tariff applicable 2000 SMS within the country to any n/w 3000 SMS within the country to any n/w Validity in days 30 MRP in Rs 23 Applicable to 2G / 3G




2G / 3G

4.GPRS CATEGORY MRP in Rs. 245 89 13 GPRS usage Validity in days MRP in Rs Applicable to 6GB 30 271 2G 2 GB 30 89 Do 200 MB 3 13 Do GPRS facility is now default to all prepaid customers For activation: Send make<space>model No. to 58355 Save all returned messages Access point.bsnlnet For activation of above plans- GPRS<PLAN> to 53733 (eg: GPRS249 to 53733 * please send 20 instead of 18

MRP of RCC in Rs. Talk value in Rs. Validity in days

55 40 15 110 85 30 220 180 60 280 110* 365 330 300 90 550 500 180 1100 1050 365 3300 3500 365 5500 6000 450 280 RCC have Rs.250 worth talk time up to 13-05-2011 and is applicable to all 2G General / Womens / Student suvidha customers (only Rs.110/ talk value applicable to 3G)

MRP of Top up coupon in Rs. 55 110 220 550 Talk value in Rs. 50 100 200 500 Validity in days* 45 90 365 -

Top up coupons are used for topping up for talk value to all prepaid general mobile connections This will also use for topping up of lifetime connections, which will extends the validity period also. Top up is also available through C-Top up for an amount of multiples of 10 ranging from Rs.10 to Rs.10,000

MESSAGE CENTER NUMBER +919442099997 & +919440099997