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Alexander the great what does great mean?

it is about leaving a legacy using the term great used to be used very often by historians but not to much anymore this is probably because one mans great is another mans terrible it's also just about men what about cleopatra the great or elizabeth the great

quick bio of alexander of macedonia born 356 BCE and died 323 BCE at 33 he was the son of king Philip he was 13 when he tamed a horse no one else could he was an accomplished general he expanded his empire at unprecedented speeds he is famous for never losing a battle

Three possible definitions of greatness 1: maybe he was great because of his accomplishments history is a record of the deeds of great men thats stupid because half of all people are women and there are many historical events that no one can take blame for, like the black plague

map of land he took over Alexander did what the spartans and the Athenians had failed to do

he destroyed the persian empire and all the land under persian rule was his army actually better or better technology?

Neapolitan was obsessed with Alexander obsessed with empire building Alexanders empire is visually very impressive he specialized in the tearing down of things thats part of the reason why shortly after he died his empire was split into 3 Hellenistic kingdoms those 3 empires lasted longer than Alexanders

2: maybe he was great because he had an impact on the world after he died like king tut alexander the great was amazingly good at being a dead person after he died he was loved by everyone he was an important military model he introduced the persian idea of absolute monarchy to the greko-roman world this is kind of a big deal

the cities he left were great you can find most of these cities because he name them after himself the alexander egypt became the center of learning had the worlds largest library that Caesar burned down trying to conquer cities to emulate Alexander

and dead alexander gave a lot to culture

he wide spread greek this allowed conversation and commerce

thesis: even though Alex conquered so much land for the glory and heroism, but he left in his wake a more connected world that could communicate and trade with more people more efficiently than ever before

he didn't directly make it happen, but it wouldn't have happened without him (the situation responsible)

3: maybe he was great because of his le there was no documentation of him while he was alive so there was a lot of room embellishments and maybe that's what greatness is the guy died at 33 before he got a chance to get old and lose battles he was tortured by a he really just wanted to kill king darious when someone killed him before alex could get his hands on him alex chased him around so he could at least kill him these almost comical presets that

he died of a fever but that's no way for alexander the great to die people say that he died of alcohol poisoning or just flat out poisoning

alexander the great is a story of a man who conquered a lot of land on a magical horse he could tame left his wake a gorgeous, enlightened world violence to a better world? 1789 Napoleon invaded egypt, not because he needed to but because he wanted to be like Alex

alexander was great because others decided he was great because they choose to admire and emulate him yes alex was a great general yes alex conquered a great amount of land we made alexander great this obsession with greatness is troubling it wrongly implies that history is written about celebrated people the best way to become an icon is butcher people and conquer a lot of land we decide what to worship and what to care about we decide wither to care about the situation alexander couldn't make history in a vacuum and nether could anyone else