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Music Department Lesson Plan Randolph NJ Course: Music Grade 3 Unit / Topic: March Unit Bach Sol Feg:

: Lower So & La, Do Re and Mi, Upper So La and Do Sixteenth notes Music Content Standards (National with NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards referenced) 1. Singing alone and with others, a varied repertoire of music . (NJCCCS 1.1, 1.2,
2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 1.3) Performing on instruments, alone and with others, a varied repertoire of music. (NJCCCS 1.1, 1.2, 1.3) Reading and notating music. (NJCCCS 1.2) Listening to, analyzing and describing music. (NJCCCS 1.4) Evaluating music and performances. (NJCCCS 1.4) Understanding music in relation to history and culture. (NJCCCS 1.2)

Objectives of the Lesson: Essential Understandings Music has a notation system for rhythm and melody. Bach was a great composer. Essential Questions How does the music express the feelings and messages of the words for each song? Why? How do the lyrics and messages tie to common things we all share? What do 16th notes add to music? Pre-Class Procedures (Equipment and Materials): Tech: Computer, iPod, SmartBoard, and Speakers Other: Piano, Slide Whistle, Rhythm Sticks, Triangles, Sand Blocks, Cups (for game in week 3 & 4)

Sequence of Activities and Class Outline: Agenda: Hello song Agenda intro, Bucket of Water at end Warmups Make up for grading: Now Let Me Fly Composer of the Month Music Reading and Instruments New Game song (3 Ta time)

Warm-ups: Hello Song: Wee Falorie Man Pg 343 On SolFeg: SSS L S M D Then on Piano pre questions: What type of music does this sound like to you? Where does sound like it comes from? Open books: Read top sentence, fill in the blanks works hard Call and Response Rhythm/words Sing Call and Response line by line With Recording Slide Whistle Warm-ups: Grading Make up - Let me Fly Pg. 132: Mystery tune on piano, Whole class sings: check student Three Instruments one student assessed (Anil) 20-25min New Composer of Month: Bach Board Info: Name Pronunciation, Origin, Questions: Dates, Age, Still living, music still around, # of children 1st wife 7 children 3 died, wife died, met another woman 13 children 7 died, do math. Transition: ALL Bach children learned music, so he wrote much music for students. Minuet In G Explain instrument: harpsichord How to listen, timing on lap/clap/clap Sit and Stand Count every 16 measures to establish pattern. Extra Credit Letter 30 min 16ths Notes: Put up on board Discuss with Neighbor 4 Questions: 1. Beat Value, 2. Work Name, 3. Formal Name, 4. Songs that use Frog Went A Courtin: Mystery tune Piano. Pg. 162 Sing 2x: with recording 4 verses, then 1st verse acapella

Smartboard: 1st demo parts and instruments Split into groups Practice run, then 2x with recording Rotate Hole In the Bucket: Pg. 227 and 214 Mystery Tune intro Call and response melody and lyrics line by line Turn to Pg. 214 Qs: How many verses? Game after you learn all 19 verses. Who is the composer of the month? Remember X.C. Assessment: Formal / Summative: Check, Plus and Bonus Plus for February Orff Song Informal / Formative: Teacher Observation, Performance, Student Demonstration, Solo Performance, and Q & A