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5th Pillar of Democracy

If media is called the 4th pillar of democracy then it wont be wrong to call science & technology the 5th pillar of democracy as it can help in effective monitoring of the implementation of programmes and policies of the government. Thus, it can help in bring greater transparency in the governance and help in combating the corruption which has got institutionalized in the governance system. One way or the other science and technology is already there in the form of media and communication channels. We can harness the vast potential of science and technology in fighting corruption through cctv camera and making available the information at the disposal of common masses and the agencies involved in combating corruption like CBI and CAG. Corruption arises when there is weak monitoring and vigilance system and also when there is deterioration in the moral and ethical values of man. Science and technology can hardly help in restoring the moral values but it can surely be of great help in effective monitoring and vigilance to reduce the prevalent corruption from government offices in particular and society in general. If the public knows that they have been allotted this much of fund then they can demand that from the concerned offices and department. The monitoring of projects and related accounts then become vital to fill any loopholes in the system which corrupt person can take advantage of. Science and technology can aid and strengthened the existing anti-corruption mechanism of the governance and administration.

Shashikant Nishant Sharma

Physical Planning Department School of Planning and Architecture New Delhi