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Diagrams, photographs, and step-by-step instructions classic guitar construction Diagrams, photogrephs, and step-by-step instructions by Irving Sloane “The story of guitar construction is presented with simplicity and dignity in this book. This is not an analysis of the various methods employed by luthiers. It however, a thorough workbook on guitar- swaking. “The author writes with accuracy and conviction. He leads the reader, step by step, both verbally and photographically, into the subtle art of the luthier. This manual is understandable and practical for the layman, the beginning guitar student, the more advanced aficionado, the amateur guitar maker, and the master craftsman. All may find something of value and, possibly, answers to puzzling problems. “Practically every page of this volume is illustrated with diagrams and excellent photographs, anywhere from one to five. Vocabulary and readability is good; the presentation and continuity clear and refreshing. “The author establishes rapport with his readers by his sincerity, and his basic faith in what he is doing. He makes you feel that nothing is more important to him than you—a sound philosophical approach. This work is a genuine study in depth, in which the topic at hand is approached with thoroughness and detail, thus assuring the recipient a richer, more understanding, more profitable experience.” — John C. Tanno CRAFT HORIZONS “Irving Sloane, a fine guitar-maker and designer, has produced an excellent manual of classic guitar construction. The pictures of guitars by the great makers are of special interest and commend this handsome book to enthusiasts as well as builders.” Vladimir Bobri, President Society of the Classic Guitar OP 4001 3 Inving Sloane Now an artist-designer in New York, Irving Sloane began his working life as an apprentice in a sailmaker's loft. Out of this initial experience with traditional craftwork has grown a continuing, ac- tive interest in craft. He has produced and designed “Craftsmen of the City,” an exhibit which toured the country un- der the auspices of the Smithsonian Institution. Mr. Sloane has been playing the gui- tar for over twenty years and is a mem- ber of the Society of the Classic Guitar. VV