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Dialogue Card

SETTING It_ .. weekend/ Tom and .. wife .. eat_ breakfast/


DIALOGUE .. work_ tonight?

.., not tonight/

Want .. go .. dinner?

.., great ..!

NARRATIVE Judys talk_ to .. neighbor We .. nice weekend/ .. Saturday we .. out .. dinner/ .. food .. great/

QUESTIONS Where .. dinner? What .. Sunday? Where .. Tom .. Judy live?


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ARE YOU WORKING TONIGHT? SETTING Its the weekend. Tom and his wife are eating breakfast. QUESTIONS Where did they have dinner?

DIALOGUE Are you working tonight? No, not tonight. Want to go out for dinner? Yeah, great idea!

What did they do on Sunday?

Where do Tom and Judy live?

NARRATIVE Judys talking to her neighbor We had a nice weekend. On Saturday we went out to dinner. The food was great.

1991 - 2012 Creative Services International