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SSR Brochure Project

Due Wednesday, April 25

For the next SSR project you will be creating a brochure about your book. Your brochure must be tri-fold and 2-sided. It may either be done on the computer or by hand, as long as it is done neatly. A template can be found in Microsoft word when you open a new document. Your brochure should include an introduction to your novels characters, a synopsis (general summary), at least 3 pictures, 2 with captions, a recommendation, and a portion of additional information you wish to share for potential readers (map, in-depth bio of a character, information about the author, etc.) This project is worth 45 points.

Sample layout of brochure: (Back of Paper)

Character info. Recommendation Title Picture Author

(Front of Paper)
Additional info. Synopsis Of novel



Recommendation and character information Quality and Effort

10 pts Student includes a detailed summary of the novel. Summary is easy to understand & follow 10pts Includes both; are thorough & helpful 10 pts It is obvious that student put a lot of thought & effort into project & effectively represents novel

8pts Student includes a summary of the novel. Most of the summary is easy to understand &follow 8 pts Includes both; could be more thorough & helpful 8 pts Student put thought & effort into the project, however more could have been done to better represent novel

6pts Summary is brief, but still gives a somewhat clear indication of what the book is about 5 pts Only includes one

3pts pts Summary of novel is brief and does not give clear indication of what the book is about X

1pt Summary of novel does not give an indication of what the book was about 1 pt Failed to include

5 pts Student displays some effort in project and it somewhat represents the novel

3 pts Student displays little effort in project.

1 pt Student does not show effort through project & it does not represent novel

10 pts It is obvious that student took time (Includes on their page & was additional creative in their information depiction of the element) novel Pictures (3) ________/3 Captions _______/2

Creativity and Neatness

8 pts

5 pts 3 pts Student was somewhat creative Does not include in their ideas but any additional could have spent information about more time on novel project Total_____________/45

1 pt Project lacked creativity and work is disorganized and/or sloppy