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ChenOne as the name states stands for changing life styles forever. It is not just retail outlet but also an ultimate shopping experience providing comfort and satisfaction. It is one of a kind as it is providing all products regarding textile and accessories under one roof. Chen means Chenab House of elegance and novelty whereas One is in its literal meaning, the one that is unique in its approach and operations. So the name stands for the parent company being one of a kind. ChenOne is a project of Chenab Limited or Chenab Group. It has been in the export business since 1975. This company opened the first branch (functional) of ChenOne in October 1997 in Islamabad.

Chenab Group: Profile

A success story dating back to early seventies, the company built it foundation in tradition and innovation. Over the years Chenab has prided itself on most distinctive features; unrelenting commitment, far-sightedness, enduring personal relationship and above all passion for the business is what spurred the founder of the company to pursue great results, and passion is still the driving force behind the present management team. Mian Muhammad Latif group chairman laid the foundation in 1974, joined later by his younger brothers Mian Javaid Iqbal and Mian Muhammad Naeem in the venture and the business began to flourish and Chenab products were soon finding their way to the markets world wide, later the companys network was expanded to Middle East, North America, Europe and Australia. Stretching over vast area at Faisalabad Pakistan, the manufacturing lines and equipment are constantly upgraded to ensure highest performance standards and reliability and the widest range of fabric finishing operations. Brief intro/bio of the founder, Mian Latif, and his entrepreneurial spirit, commitment and integrity which has made Chenab what it is today. (Businessman of the year awards, etc). Integrity as far as commitment to quality and 100% satisfaction of the clients, the guiding spirit for the Group, from the top man right down to a worker. Faisalabad is the Hometown of Chenab Group, and the city of textile in Pakistan. Chenab Ltd. has enviable progress as modern and well-equipped vertical textile company. Following are the major SBUs of Chenab Group:

Introduction and History


Ginning Spinning Weaving High Quality Dying Printing Garments Chenab Ltd. ChenOne ChenSoft

Chenab Group has major three mega projects:

The ginning unit started its production in 1975. Chenab Group is a place where big ideas are expressed in different fields of textile. We as a team believe in professionalism and fully poised to achieve the highest laurels of excellence.

Ginning of high quality cotton. Spinning of high quality yarn. Manufacturing of fine quality Fabrics. Processing of different quality fabrics in 100% cotton and different blends. Exporters of high quality made-ups. Exporters of high quality garments. Retailers of high quality made-ups and garments. Professional software development is our trademark.

Chenab Limited
It is one of the leading manufacturer and export-oriented organization of quality products. It is a prestigious name in manufacturing and export of value added textile product like Fabric, Home textiles and Garments worldwide. Chenab Limited is ISO 9001m SA-8000 and IS 14001, WRAP and OHSAS-18001:1999 certified which shows its excellence in operations and commitment to produce high quality products that are trustworthy. Chenab limited consists of different units like

Introduction and History


Weaving Dyeing Laboratory Design Studio Processing Printing Finishing Garments Packaging

Management Policy
Our Policy is Customer Satisfaction Which we ensure through, proper planning continual improvement, employees satisfaction, environment friendly production, prevention of environmental pollution, resource conservation and implementation of relevant, environmental social and cultural Norms/laws.

Quality Control
Once the fabric has passed the late test and is ready for packing, it is given a meter-bymeter visual inspection. This is the last stage, the certification of the entire process that has focused right from the very start on on line quality

Quality Management
Quality at each and every step of production is the first and foremost concern at Chenab, a state of the art testing lab equipped with latest precision testing instruments assures specific customer standards. Highly qualified and experienced technicians are all set to cope up with the ever-increasing quality standards and changing customer requirements. This work starts from the receipt of raw materials up to the final finished products thru inspection/testing at all stages

Environmental Control
Chenab Ltd. an environment friendly company working hard to keep the atmosphere green and clean. Okeo Tex and ISO14001 certified for environment friendly products a wastewater treatment plant is under construction in this regard Social Compliances Initiatives

SA 8000 certification. 3

Introduction and History


No child labor. Electronic Attendance, hand-scanning. Max 56 hours working week, as per local laws Proper health and safety care (dispensary) Environment-friendliness No discrimination by race, color or gender. Large female workforce. Remunerations and fringe benefits as per local laws. (Free pick-and-drop service for females, house-factory-house. Messing service etc)

Management Information System

With the implementation of sophisticated ERP system and LAN/WAN connectivity Chenab Group is well equipped to compete globally. Customer relationship management, e-commerce, online order tracking system and video conferencing will further concrete the executive decision support system and speedup response time to the customers.

Achievements and Awards

Mian Muhammad Latif (Group Chairman & CEO Chenab Ltd.) Businessman of year Gold Medal Award by FCCI 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998. Receiving Award from President of Pakistan Gen. Pervaiz Musharaf

Mian Muhammad Javaid Director Operation

Introduction and History

Mian Muhammad Naeem Director Export

Best Export Performance Trophy by FCCI

11 years of excellence in export performance. Our step-by-step advancements in export are explained by graph.

Introduction and History


LIFESTYLE AT CHENONE Avail 10% discount at all ChenOne stores. ChenOne is a family fashion store, which covers all fashion needs of a trendy home and family. ChenOne is one of few project launched by Chenab Group. The group has solid export and quality production experience with government recognition as eight time export trophy winner. The Chairman of the group Mian Muhammad Latif is also recognized business person. He has been awarded one of Pakistans reputable civil honor Tamgh-e-Imtiaz as recognition for his service to the country. He was also awarded four times Businessman of the year award. ChenOne takes high-class living and alluring lifestyle a step further with the introduction of its business development service entitled to serve a touch of class and the trademark ChenOne lifestyle to the corporate industry. ChenOnes new business development department is aimed at the corporate sector, which includes the hospitality industry, i.e. hotels, prestigious clubs, restaurants, civil & armed forces guest houses, government and private institutions, local and multinational companies. This department offers a wide range of co-ordinated concepts in bed linens, bed basics, curtains, table linen, furniture, bath and kitchen accessories and other home apparels. This department has taken charge of a network of businesses throughout the country and provided its services & products to topnotch institutions nationwide. Below is a list of some of the organizations ChenOne is proud to be associated with:

Presidents House Governor House, Lahore Best Western Hotel, Islamabad Sindh Club, Karachi Holiday Inn, Islamabad Islamabad Club Serena Hotel Pakistan Services Ltd. 6

ChenOne Profile


Royal Palm Golf and Country Club, Lahore Pakistan Steel, Karachi Artillery Center, Attock Pakistan Military Academy, Kakool

Adding a touch of class and sophisticated lifestyle, while at the same time not compromising on the homely feel success locally and nationwide ChenOne as started in 1996 in Rahim Yar Khan at a very small scale, the idea was just to test whether opening such a retail store would be profitable or not. After a good response within just 6 months the Chenab Limited decided to open first operational outlet in Islamabad. Now there are 10 outlets in Pakistan whereas 6 outlets are working abroad in Dubai, Ajman, Makkah and Behrain. Trio was completed in the UAE market with opening of the third branch at Jumierah Beach Road, Dubai on 26th September 2001. Located in posh area of Dubai at city center next to McDonalds. All ChenOne stores are located in exclusive places in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rahim Yar Khan, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, and Abottabad. Recently they have opened an Outlet in Multan named as ChenOne Tower, a unique and good looking tower style building.

ChenOne Profile


There are two main departments at ChenOne: 1. Home Textile Department 2. Garment Department The Home Textile Department is dealing with product like Kitchen accessories, Bed Sheets, Furniture, Home Fashion and Interior Decoration. The Garment Department is dealing with garments in three categories:

Mens Wear Womens Wear Kids Wear

ChenOne is directly under control of Chenab Limited. Decision-making is centralized as well as decentralized. Following are some of the decisions made at Centralized level:

Promotional Campaign at national level. Pricing Strategies. Expanding Product Lines. Timing of the outlets Special offers Selection of local employees Up to some extent local promotional activities Conducting events Giving membership

While the local management is charged to handle:

Timings The timing of the out let is from 11:00 A.M in the morning to the 10:00 P.M that could be extended to 12:00 as well in the evening. Type ChenOne is basically a Departmental Store but not dealing in categories, it is actually a family mega store dealing in home textile, fashion garments, furniture and accessories. Reasons for opening in Multan:

Coverage of Lower Punjab To target more potential customers present in this region 8

ChenOne Profile


Multan Tower will act as Central Controlling Unit for the future operations of ChenOne outlets in all other cities and also the future outlets will be of same design.

Preliminary Expenses A rough estimation of Rs.25000000 or 25 karor Rs. has been made in purchasing the land, setting up the infrastructure and starting of the operations. Prestige Club ChenOne is maintaining a special club. Their potential customers are the members of this club. Following strategies are being used for the membership: Membership is for one year, after that it has to be renewed. If these members made a purchase of Rs.10000 in a year then they are given discount of 10%. If these members made a purchase of Rs.25000 or more than their membership is freely renewed for the next year. Members can use their cards anywhere in Pakistan. Location Following are the reasons to locate the outlet at abdali road: Near the Cantt area. Covering the Multan Air Port Near Holiday Inn There are many banks and other institutions also located at the same road. Availability of land. No other outlet closer to the ChenOne. Logo The logo of ChenOne Shows the Quality product and a Change in life style. Also the concept of being unique and more and more creative is also being described in the logo. Future Plans

ChenOne Profile

ChenOne Following are the future plans of the ChenOne: To open 10 new outlets in Pakistan over next 5 years. This will make total number of outlets 20. Feasibility study is being conducted and it is expected that ChenOne will also start its operations in United Kingdom.

ChenOne Profile




ChenOne aim is to offer high quality products and services to all its clients. We believe in producing Creative Ideas and delivering clear and efficient message, always providing better quality services with customer-oriented solutions. VISION STATEMENT

ChenOne was specifically established to provide real value to our customers in the belief that to do so will create long term success for our company. We have the best retail outlets to provide customers with unique solutions according to their needs.

Core Values
exchange of experiences and constructive analysis. CREATIVITY QUALITY

We believe in regular quality improvements streaming from talks with clients, internal

Every member is expected to be creative in its way to find customer-oriented solutions. EFFICIENCY

We are permanently reviewing our workflows and upgrading our work tools so as to make our services more efficient and consequently more attractive to our clients in terms of price and quality.





We are courteous-with our customers, and towards each other and encourage open

and fairness.


We have integrity-as individuals and as teams our decisions are characterized by honesty



Market Segmentation and Target Market

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate marketing goal to be achieved by utilizing marketing tools. To achieve this goal organizations usually do segmentation of their markets in order to best serve the needs of their customers. In this regard customers can be grouped in two unequal size segments: Business Consumers Personal use Consumers ChenOne is targeting both customers. This segmentation is done on four broader bases: Demographics Psychographics Geographic Behavioral The advantages of segmentation are as follows: Precise Market Definition Analysis of Competition Response to Changing Market Needs Efficient Resource Allocation Effective Strategic Planning ChenOne use to segment its market on the Demographics basis on the priority basis. Their segmentation is based on: Income Social Class Second base is Psychographics, which includes: Personality: sophisticated ChenOne has targeted both Business Customers and Land Lords as well as both come of from high-income category. In this category they are very specifically targeting their customers. In Social class they are targeting Upper-Upper and Upper-Middle persons. Segmentation 13

Both factors indicate that their customers are status oriented and are ready to pay higher prices for better quality. Four types of customers are identified with ChenOne: 1. Inactive Shoppers They are found to be 21% in Pakistan. They have restricted lifestyles and shopping interests. They do not engage in do-it-yourself activities. They are not concerned with shopping attributes like price, employee service. 1. Active Shoppers They were found to be 40% in Pakistan. They have demanding lifestyles and engage in out-door activities along with do-it-yourself kind of activities. Price is a major consideration while they are shopping. 1. Service Shoppers They are found to be 22% in Pakistan. They demand high-level if in-store service when shopping. They seek convenient stores with friendly service. 1. Price Shoppers They are almost 17% of total figure. They are identifiable with their most price consciousness. They have shown greater tendency to look for place where their price requirements are fulfilled. ChenOne is using Concentrated Marketing Strategy.



SWOT Analysis
The overall evaluation of companys strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats is called SWOT analysis.

ChenOne is enjoying following strengths. Qualified Staff Good Physical facility Better Communication between employees Use of sophisticated Computer Software(s) Aware of the new technologies Enjoying good Brand Name (ChenOne) High service quality Better utilization of Parent Companys experience Sound Industry relationship Prestige Club

Charging higher pricing. More tight control by the centralized management. Strict promotional activities Not realizing the Competition Not a comprehensive web site


SWOT Analysis


The new store Cross Roads is opening in Multan that could pose a threat to ChenOne. Beds and Bath, a store in Karachi is expected to become a competitor.

International Market More coverage in Pakistan Using Internet as a medium as well to sell products.

SWOT Analysis


Marketing Mix and Strategies

In this context we have to explore 7 Ps because ChenOne is basically a service provider, so these Ps of marketing mix are as follows: Product Price Place Promotion These are the traditional 4 Ps but in service firms there are 3 additional Ps associated in Marketing Mix, which are: People Place Process

1. Product
Following is the detail of the product line that is carried by the ChenOne: 1) Garments Garments include Womens Wear Following varieties are available in this category 1. Lowers 2. Uppers 3. Salwar Suits 4. Long Dresses 5. Nightwear 6. Jackets 7. Kurties 8. Sweaters

Marketing Mix


Mens Wear Following varieties are available in this category: 1. Lowers 2. Uppers 3. Salwar Suits 4. Suitings 5. Nightwear 6. Jackets 7. Jogging Suits 8. Shorts 9.Pyjamas 10. Sweaters 11. Belts 12. Ties 13. Shoes

Kids Wear Following varieties are available in this category: 1. Lowers 2. Uppers 3. Salwar Suits 4. Jackets 5. Nightwear 6. Frocks 7. Belts 8. Shoes 9. Socks 10. Vests 11. Underwear 12. Suspenders

Marketing Mix


2) Kitchen Accessories 3) Bathroom Accessories Towels Bath Robes Shower Curtain 4) Furniture Bedroom Furniture Living Area Furniture Dinning Area Furniture Kids Furniture 5) Bed Sheet Sets Bed Sheet Single Bed Sheet Queen Bed Sheet King Quilts Cover Bed Spread 6) Crockery Dinner Set Tea Set Design Ware 7) Bed Basics Fabric Covers Pillows Quilt Mattress 8) Home Accessories Candles Lamps Curtain Rods Marketing Mix 19

Mats Dry Arrangements

Note:- Detail product specifications are available in appendix D.

ChenOne is providing following services: Interior Consultancy After-Sale Services Interior Consultancy Special attention has been given to the interior and layout for each outlet. The display, shelving and lighting is unique for each store. The home section displays products portraying trendy bedrooms with all possible matching accessories. To make shopping decisions easier, interior consultants are available for assistance. Customers can seek advice from these consultants to get new ideas or information regarding new materials and products. Interior consultancy service is absolutely free. Customers can also use the services of interior consultants outside the store in reference to their home. This department handles complete interior decor projects. Samples of completed projects are available on request. In this context ChenOne has recently renovated the President Musharafs house and houses of Nazim and Naib-Nazim of Multan. After-Sale Services After sale services mainly include the Complaint Handling Warranty Claims Usually this is the case with furniture where ChenOne is usually providing Warranty of 6 months. But if customers who have purchased garments brought the faulty one within Marketing Mix 20

seven days of purchase ChenOne will provide the alternative or fix the problem with no fee.

2. Price
The strategies related to Price are clear. ChenOne is charging a flat rate on all of their products. Like the range of their sofa sets varies from Rs.80000 to Rs.1400000. Also their bed sheets range from Rs.5000 to Rs.10000. Their prices are set at highest rate, this is because, according to their management our customers belong to Upper-Upper class and most of them are rich people ranging from Land lords to business persons. These people usually seek to shop at the place where prices are high and show the status symbol. Another reason is that ChenOne itself does Value Addition to the products. So they are of the view that we provide total value-added, high quality products, hence charging premium prices. ChenOne introduces discount ranging from 10 to 50% almost every year two times. This is so because at the start of every winter season the new design is introduced and same thing is done when summer season started. When they introduced new design all the old stuff obsoletes. So just to increase their turnover almost by 20 to 25% more than the regular times ChenOne introduces discount series and discount strategy is being followed at every outlet in Pakistan. There is no bargaining allowed either at their center. Prices are fixed and tagged on the products along with ChenOne brand name. Also there is a discount available to the members of the Prestige Club. Following two strategies are being followed: Membership is for one year, after that it has to be renewed. If these members made a purchase of Rs.10000 in a year then they are given discount of 10%. If these members made a purchase of Rs.25000 or more than their membership is freely renewed for the next year. For ChenOne at present there is no problem regarding price competition just because of their target market, so the price objectives are to maintain their Status Quo.

Marketing Mix


3. Place
ChenOne is using Exclusive Placement Strategy. Normally it appears to have only one store in a city. But this concept is not true because they Chenab Limited also open more than one store in high-density areas like Lahore. But still their strategy remains exclusive. The reason is that within high-density areas they have divided that area into 2-3 large areas with respect to their customers and used only one store in those areas. Currently ChenOne is operating in: Lahore Islamabad Karachi Rawalpindi Rahim Yar Khan Multan Abottabad Peshawar Faisalabad Also ChenOne is operating abroad: Dubai Ajman Makkah Bahrain

Marketing Mix


4. Promotion
Now a days it is imperative for any company to promote its products heavily. This can be done in many ways like Sales Promotion, Advertising, Publicity, and Personal Selling. But Advertising is playing an important role in promotion as companies are allocating a heavy budget for the advertisements for their products. ChenOne is not using Broadcast as a medium, they are heavily relying on Cable service providers for their promotion, the reason is that they want their message to reach only to their target market, or in other words they want to increase their reach. Also management wants to reduce the clutter. Following are the basic ways for the promotion of ChenOne: News letters Brochures Catalogs Magazines (Specially Fashion Mags) Ads on cable Banners Events The last point is very important. CheonOne is using the strategy of conducting Fashion Shows in the areas where the management is interested in opening the outlet. In Multan they used the same strategies for 3 years and by conducting such shows they gathered the demographics of their will be customers. Once it became clear that Multan is the area where they can target business persons and cover the area of lower Punjab, management decided to open outlet in Multan. Also by conducting events like night shows, club nights they also promote their new products to their customers. Also ChenOne is using the service of TCS in order to deliver their News Letters and brochures to the business persons directly. Marketing Mix 23

Ad Agency The advertising agency of ChenOne is Evernew Concept, which is located at Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Peshawar and Quetta.

5. People
Most of the services are provided by the people (employees). It is important for the any company to: a. Select b. Train c. Motivate their employees because this will make a huge difference in customer satisfaction. Better-trained persons exhibit 6 characteristics: a. Competency b. Credibility c. Reliability d. Responsiveness e. Courtesy f. Communication In this regard ChenOne has a skilled workforce available. In Multan they have 16 workers.

6. Place
The interior and exterior of the outlet should give the impression to the visitor that this place is of some standard and that he is putting his foot in right place. Customers perceives about the service and its quality through Place, people and other things. The idea chosen in Multan by ChenOne is the ChenOne Tower, located at Abdali Road. The outlook of the Tower is really amazing and draws the attention of by-passer. Also the parking facility is provided in base ground and is really upto international standards. The interior of the store is also self-speaking and gives an impression to their customers about their choice. Different sections are made and two stories are dedicated for this purpose. Rest of the building will be given on rent to interesting parties. Sections are well Marketing Mix 24

decorated and samples are also shown in front of the section that really adds to their appeal. Sections are labeled as well like if pants are to be bought then customer can find them in Mens wear section and they are arranged in order of 30 to 36.

7. Process
When customers enter the outlet, they will find a consultant at each section. When they want to buy a product say a Bed Sheet, they will bring that sheet at the counter. ChenOne is using the powerful computerized system. All the retail outlets are connected with their center via the computer system. Chenab Group has signed an agreement with ACCPAC to deploy their Enterprise Resource Planning modules in their business. In this context Chenab Group has another project like ChenOne that is ChenSoft. At counter the employee will fill the details of the order in the computer software, a copy of which will be sent to the headquarter immediately and another copy will be kept safe at local center and print out will be taken. Customer will sign that bill and another copy is also safe. The purpose of sending order information to headquarter is that the timely delivery of the products will be made sure and no stock out occurs.

Marketing Mix


Problem Statement
To explore the Marketing Strategies of retailing institute ChenOne, Multan..

Research Objectives
We were aiming at to: Determine the Organizational Setup of ChenOne. Determine the General Information about ChenOne. Determine the Marketing Strategies regarding ChenOne. Conduct the SWOT Analysis. Determine the Relationships with Suppliers and Customers. Determine any Regulatory Issue(s) while opening the outlet. Determine the Target Market and Segmentation. Determine the customer preference for this outlet. Determine the customer satisfaction level. Determine the customer loyalty. Determine the customer visits. So overall well be checking what type of retail institute ChenOne is and what promotional and pricing strategies they are using, along with the services being provided.

Scope of Research
This research about the ChenOne is confined to the Multan region only.

No previous research report was available on ChenOne and that was the limitation on our literature review. Exact sales data about ChenOne was not available from the organization. Our budget was limited as it is an academic research. Research Design 26

Research Design
The research design constitutes the blueprint for the collection, measurement and analysis of data. It aids the researcher in the allocation of limited resources by posing crucial choices about different factors. In fact research design is the overall scheme or program of the research. The research design of our research contains the following components:

Design Strategy
Descriptors of research design. Category Descriptor The degree to which the research questions have been Formal study crystallized. The method of data collection The purpose of study The time dimension Exploratory study Communication Monitoring Descriptive Casual Longitudinal Cross-sectional

Sampling Design
Relevant population: As ChenOne defines their target market consists of Upper-Upper class, so our population for the research purpose was also the same.

Sample Type:
Our sample type is Non-Probability sampling. The identification of existing sample frames was not possible for us because many of the management was not ready to provide us the details of their customers.

Research Design


Sampling Technique:
In non-probability sampling we have selected quota sampling.

We have selected a sample of 30 customers.

Research Instrument:
Weve used self-administered questionnaire as research instrument. Refer to Appendix-A for Questionnaire. Nine measurement questions are used out of which there are 7 close ended and 2 open ended questions.

Data Collection Method:

The Data Collection Method is Survey as indicated by the Research Instrument. In this regard we spent some time at the outlet in order to get the questionnaire filled by the respondents.

Research Design


Q1. How frequently do you visit ChenOne Multan? Label
Once a Week Once a Month One a Year Other

8 20 0 12 40


Frquency of Visit

20% 30% Once a Week Once a Month One a Year Other 50%


In the other category most of the people specify that they visit the store every 22 days approximately. Q.2 From where you came to know about ChenOne Multan? Labels Heard from a friend From Banners of ChenOne From Ad in Newspapers From Ad in Magazine Analysis Response
5 20 5 0


Other Total

10 40


13% From a Friend Banners Newspapers Magazine Other

0% 13% 49%

In Other category respondents said that they receive catalogues and News letters from ChenOne. Q3. What do you purchase from ChenOne? Labels
Garments Furniture Crockery Bed Sheets Other

22 2 2 9 5





13% Garments Furniture Crockery Bed Sheets Other

23% 54% 5% 5%

Q4. What other stores do you visit in Multan? Labels

Prince Dept. Range Selection NN Store Others

10 10 5 5 10



Other Store Visit



13% 13% 25%

Prince Dept. Range Selection NN Store Others

Q5. Have you visited ChenOne in any other city? Labels Analysis Response 31

Yes No Total

30 10 40

Other City Visit

25% Yes No 75%

In Yes category the most responses were of the city Lahore and then Karachi. Q6. How much are you satisfied with ChenOne? Labels Highly Unsatisfied Unsatisfied Somewhat Satisfied Satisfied Extremely Satisfied Total Response
0 3 12 20 5


0% 13% 8% 30% Highly Unsat. Unsatisfied Somewhat Satisfied Extremely Sat.




Q7. Do you think that ChenOne Multan needs improvement in any area? Labels Yes No Total Response 15 25 40


38% Yes No


Q9. Rate the features? Labels Staff Behavior Store Atmosphere Parking Facility Complaints Handling Claims Handling Very Good
20 25 30 10 12

Good 10 10 10 5 18

Fair 10 5 0 20 10

Poor 0 0 0 5 0

Very Poor 0 0 0 0 0



Staff Behavior
0% 25% 0% V. Good Good Fair Poor V. Poor



Store Atmosphere
0% 13% 0% V. Good Good Fair Poor V. Poor

25% 62%



Parking Facility 0% 0% 25% 0% V. Good Good Fair Poor V. Poor


Complaints Handling
13% 0% 25% V. Good Good Fair Poor V. Poor

13% 49%



Claims Handling
0% 25% 0% 30% V. Good Good Fair Poor V. Poor




From previous analysis we conclude that: Customers usually visit the ChenOne once in a month. Customers came to know about ChenOne largely from their promotion through Banners and then by Catalogue and News Letters that were mailed to them. Customers largely purchase garments from ChenOne followed by the Bed Sheets. Customers have a mix response regarding their visit to other stores in Multan. This is also true because at ChenOne not complete variety of different product lines is available so still these customers have to visit other stores to make their purchases. 75% customers responded that they have visited ChenOne in other cities. This thing shows the correct decision made by the management to open a retail outlet in Multan. Almost 50% respondents replied that they are satisfied with the ChenOne and 30% said that they are somewhat satisfied. 62% of the respondents replied that ChenOne does not need improvement. 50% of the respondents give Very Good rating to Staff Behavior. 62% of the respondents give Very Good rating to Store Atmosphere. 75% of the respondents give Very Good rating to Parking Facility. 49% of the respondents said that Complaint Handling is Fair while 25% said that it is Very Good. 30% of the respondents give Very Good rating to the Claims Handling while 45% rate it Good. From the above mentioned facts we can conclude that ChenOne is performing well in Multan. As the fact described by the management that now most of their Multan area customers have nearly stopped going to other cities because of the presence of ChenOne here in Multan.



Following are the recommendations for the further improvement of ChenOne in Multan. They should introduce handicrafts specially related to Multan culture. This trend can also be incorporated in their Home Fashion accessories. They should further increase their promotion level. Still most people were of the view that the prices are relatively high, so management should consider reducing their prices or introducing ranges.