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(Adapted from an article on Care2 website by Alicia Graef on March 24, 2012)

In response ____________ (1) concerns brought ____________ (2) ASPCA, actions are now being ____________ (3) to ensure that puppy mill puppies will _____________ (4) longer be listed or sold through Facebook's Marketplace. Unfortunately, many of the ads placed online are from puppy mills, ___________ (5) dogs are kept at large-scale commercial facilities in filthy conditions ______________ (6) even the most basic care or socialization. The partnership between the ASPCA, Facebook and Marketplace partner Oodle came about as part of the ASPCA's No Pet Store Puppies campaign intended to raise awarness and encourage people to adopt and avoid pet stores that ___________ (7) animals. Removing an online platform for the cruel puppy mill industry ___________ (8) a positive example of corporate citizenship and will help improve the lives of countless dogs, said the president of ASPCA and CEO, Ed Sayres. Most consumers are unaware of perpetuating (keeping alive) animal cruelty by purchasing a puppy online, and given ______________ (9) visibility of Marketplace on Facebook, this move has potential to raise critical awareness ____________ (10) unscrupulous online breeders. Breeders selling directly to the public are also exempt ______________ (11) regulations that require them to be licensed and inspected by the USDA, allowing breeders who use online transactions to operate without any oversight, ____________ (12) means that not only will puppies continue to be mass produced, ____________ (13) that adult dogs in these facilities are condemned to live in cages like breeding machines. Consumers _____________ (14) purchase a puppy from a website run the risk ___________ (15) acquiring an unhealthy animal and often end ___________ (16) with expensive vet bills and broken hearts, said Cori Menkin, Senior Director of the ASPCA Puppy Mills Campaign. Visit the ASPCA's No Pet Store Puppies campaign for more information ___________ (17) commercial dog breeding and alternatives.


KEY 1. to 2. by 3. taken 4. no 5. where 6. without 7. sell 8. sets 9. the 10. about/of 11. from 12. which 13. but 14. who 15. of 16. up 17. on