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Hospital Management Administration project Titles 1. Outsourcing of MRI Scan Centre in Teaching Hospital 2. Patient Satisfaction Survey 3.

Patient and their Problems 4. Forensic Department in the Hospital 5. Assessment of Clinical Outcome of Treatment In A Tertiary ICU 6. Awareness of Radiation Hazards Among Radiology Technicians 7. A study on Hospital Waste Management System 8. A Study on Survey The Satisfaction Levels of Patient s Relatives or Friends With The Surgery Department 9. An Ideal Emergency Unit 10. Critical Analysis of Patients in IPD 11. Use of Disposable Diapers in Newborn in Maternity Homes 12. A study of waiting time in OPDs 13. Coordinating Teamwork for Setting up Multi-specialty Critical Care Unit 14. Comparative Study of Various Marketing Strategies Used in Cardiac Centre 15. Inter-Relationship between Clinical Departments in Treating Outpatients 16. A Study of Functioning of Emergency Services of a Private Hospital 17. An ideal Emergency & Intensive care unit 18. A Study on the Job Satisfaction 19. To overcome from the non-availability of medicines in the Apollo Pharmac y 20. Evaluation of standardization of operation theatre complex in a private Hospital set up 21. Reduction of on going Operational Expenses and Costs of Neurosurgical Pa tients 22. Online Health Insurance Processing in Corporate Hospital 23. Study of the Health Insurance System of Japan 24. A Study of the American Health care System 25. Setting up a Trauma Center Level II 26. Medical Tourism Global Competion in Healthcare and A Study on Satisfacti on Level among Foreign Patient s 27. Occupational Hazards In Health Care Profession 28. A study of Health Insurance Awareness among the patients in a private ho spital in West Bengal 29. Glove Resistance to The Penetration of Dis-Infectant 30. Assault on doctors, vandalism in hospitals 31. To assess the awareness of the need for health insurance among the middl e class families in non- metro cities 32. A study on Hospital Marketing 33. A Study on Monitoring and Evaluation of Training 34. Ambulance Services 35. A Study to Determine the Potential Antecedents, Types and Consequences o f Workaholism in Medical Professionals 36. A Study of Laundry Services in Hospital 37. Cost Estimation for Expansion of a Hospital 38. A Closer Look at Nursing Profession 39. To Study the Awareness on Biomedical Waste Management Among Nurses and P aramedical Staff Contact : 91 91643 62263 Mail: