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What is Network,Why it is used?

Presented by Saqib Zubair Roll # 219

Difference between Network & Networking?

The concept of connected computers is called Network. And the sharing and communication of resources between computers is called Networking.

Why It Is Used?
Network refers to the term Sharing.
In a network environment, we share different types of applications,software,data and also hardware.

More Detailed Definition

A network is a collection of computers and devices connected by communications among users to share resources(data, information, hardware, and software) with other users.

Facilitating Communication

Through this facilitation People can communicate efficiently.

1. 2. 3. 4. Via e-mail. Instant messaging. Chat rooms. etc.

Some times these communications occur within a business network. Other times, they occur globally through the Internet.

Facilitating Sharing

Through Hardware Sharing:

One device can attach with several computers. For example: Printer, Scanner, etc.


Through Data and Information Sharing & Software Sharing:

In a network environment, any authorized computer user can: Access data and information stored on other computers. Collect software (Programs) on the network.

Extreme Use Of Network

The information which I have given you is only for this era. But in future, scientists are doing work to transform a physical thing from one place to another. By using definitely the following network.

Then the next step in network technologies is to transform human being from one place to another.

For confirmation you can see the theory of relativity by Einstein. THE END