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1. DEMOGRAPHY: I. Name of the respondent: II. Address: III. Age: IV. Education: Illiterate/Primary/High/PUC/Degree/PG V. Occupation: VI. Village: VII. Monthly income (Rs.): VIII. Food habit: Vegetarians/Non vegetarians IX. Type Of Family: Joint_______________ Nuclear____________ 2. Family Details: Family Members Adult males Adult females Children Total 3. Do you purchase spices? Yes No Number

4. Monthly expenditure on Spices: 5. Which type of spices do you prefer most? Loose packaged Packaged Substandard Packaged standard Branded

6. Most consumed spices S. No. 1. 2. 3. Name of the Spices Loose Packaged Quantity per Month

7. Which size of package is preferred most :____________________

8. What are the reasons for purchasing packaged spices products?

Reasons Readily Available Taste Liked by the family members Influence of friends or relatives Price of the spices Convenient to use Satisfaction Save time for Preparation Any other( Please Specify)

9. What are the reasons for not purchasing packaged spices? Reasons Lack of awareness of the product Unavailability in the market Dislike the product High Price 1 2 3 4 5

Low Quality Not available in the shop Dissatisfaction Health Conscious * Any other( Please Specify)

10. Are you aware of following brands? (Please tick in front of the correct choice) MDH Everest Catch Ruchi Mute Any other

11. Source of information for brand awareness (tick mark) Television Radio Newspapers Magazines Friends/relatives Shopkeeper/retailer Window display Any other

12. Frequency of purchase Daily Twice in a week Once in a week Fortnightly Whenever needed

13. Nature of purchase decision Impulsive buying Planned purchase

14. Place of purchase Retail outlets Departmental stores Haat

15. Influencers of purchase decision Parents Children Friends Neighbors Shopkeeper Self decision

16. Which brands do you prefer most? MDH Everest Catch Mute Ruchi Any other 17. What are the factors influencing to prefer a particular brand? Reasons Reasonable Price Quality Quantity Brand Image 1 2 3 4 5

Availability Advertisement Packaging Design Friends Labeling Offers Freshness Retailer Influence Long Shelf life of the Product Availability of range of products Any other( Please Specify)

18. What are the alternative purchase plans, if preferred brand is not available? Go to other shop Postpone the purchase Will buy other brand Place order to get required brand Any other

19. Most attractive promotion scheme (Rank them accordingly): Schemes Discount Offer(Buy 1 get 1 free) Free Sample distribution Seasonal Schemes Any other (Please Specify) 1 2 3 4 5

20. Are you satisfied with your current Brand? Yes__________ No___________ 21. If no, what Additional quality required, Please Specify_______________