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VIOLATION Nature of Violation DATE

Failure to honor Oath of Office

Issued to (name) Title

Bob Filner U.S. Representative, State of:
2428 Rayburn HOB California
Washington, DC 20515-0551 51st District

Issued By (name, address, and signature) Title

Citizen of the State of:


Constitution Enforcement

Describe Violation Here

The Constitution of the United States of America requires all
Constitutional officers maintain fidelity to that same Constitution,
which is a contract between WE THE PEOPLE of the sovereign states,
giving our consent to be governed, and the government of the same
United States. WE THE PEOPLE have found that you have failed to
support our Contract by ignoring Article I Sections 8 and 10 which
authorizes Congress to regulate the currency, which is to be backed by
gold and silver, but is neither backed by gold and silver nor is it
regulated by Congress. You have done nothing to correct this
unconstitutional state of affairs, not even raising your voice in protest.


WE THE PEOPLE demand you vigorously support the

Ron Paul Federal Reserve Board Abolition Act, which
will restore Constitutional monetary policy to our
nation. Failure to do so will result in our withdrawal
of consent to be governed.
CITIZEN: Please make copies and pass this on, then fill out the ticket and mail to your U.S. House Representative, or
any other House Rep you wish. Be sure to enter your full name, mailing address and signature.
THEY don't honor OUR Contract, so …...................Let's start giving THEM tickets for a change :).
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