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MEDIA Whats it??? In general Media refers to various means of communication (Newspaper, Radio, Television, Internet etc.). The term can also be used as a collective noun for press or news reporting agencies.




Role of Media
Educate us about Human Rights. Building the Society Aware us against Social & Economic Evils.

Media Ethics
Accuracy Confidentiality Protection of sources Right to privacy No incitement to violence No vulgarity or obscenity No Communal writing


News making Interpretation Persuasion Setting the agenda


To find out the roles and responsibilities of different media.

To analyze the overall impact of media towards youth.

To find out the Media ethics To analyze different segments i.e. Political, Economical ,

Business and Entertainment covered by the media .

To find the most reliable and largest coverage among the different media. To find out whether youth have faith and confidence on media or not

Data Collection Methods

The data is collected either from primary data or secondary data or both. Researchers have used both the methods for our study. Primary Data: Researchers have taken the help of Questionnaire Method in our study. Secondary Data: Researchers have taken the help of Books (marketing management etc.), Internet (, etc.) , Newspapers and Magazines and various journals have been used for the purpose of reference in our study. Both of these methods have been used for collecting the data. Questionnaire method was used for collecting the primary data. This has been done by firstly preparing an appropriate structured questionnaire with closed-ended questions to save the time of the youth. Then this questionnaire was given to 100 youth who belong to different age groups of different discipline in different areas in Nagpur . The questionnaires were circulated 106 but while sorting and analyzing the questionnaire 6 questionnaires were incomplete .Therefore researchers have taken 100 youth data for a study. After collecting, sorting and analyzed the information researchers come to a conclusions and suggested recommendations according to it.

Sample size Sample selection criteria Sample selection area : : : 100 Random selection Nagpur City

Researchers have done the research within Nagpur city using random sampling technique and the sample size is of 100.

SCOPE OF A STUDY The scope of the study is within the limit of Nagpur region having a population of 46, 53,171. LIMITATIONS The time constraint was one of the major problems. The lack of information sources for the analysis part. One of the main limitations for this study is the geographical study. As this study is limited and will be conducted for the Nagpur region, the conclusion will be based for the Nagpur region only.


Which media do you prefer?

The survey shows a competition among the two types of media but Electronic media are the most preferred by the youth with a share of 56% followed by Press media (44%). The reasons behind this was the electronic media have more advantages than press media and also with the emergence of internet the youth can easily access this media through orkut , facebook , twitter etc.

Which media according to you is more reliable?

The survey reflected the most reliable media by youth was Television (41%), Newspapers (30%), Internet (21%) , Magazines(6%) and Radio(2%) . The reasons television is more reliable because of large coverage and suitable media which prefer by the most of the youth. Newspaper also being compete to spread the information but nor being preferred first because of youth attraction on electronic media. The radio has decreasing the importance and the role due to emergence of internet.

According to you which media has a larger coverage?

The largest coverage among different media was Rank 1st to Television, Rank 2nd to Newspapers, Rank 3rd to Internet, Rank 4th to Magazines and Rank 5th to Radio. The reasons behind this was as India is a developing country without the help of media it would not possible to explore. Each media has the certain limits but television has the more coverage followed by other media but internet is being a good competitor to them as most of the youth follows the most.

How many times do you refer Newspaper s and Television?

A) Newspapers


The survey shows that youth prefer newspapers reading Once a day (56%) ,Twice a day (30%) and More than twice a day(14%). The reasons behind the reading newspaper was it is a olg age media compare to television and internet The survey shows that youth prefer Television watching More than twice a day (45%) ,Twice a day(31%) and Once a day(24%). The reasons was the reliable and the motion objects which attracts them.

Which media has more impact on youth?

The survey shows that youth prefer more Television (39%) and Internet(35%) and other media being less preferred Newspapers(21%) , Magazines(3%) and Radio(2%). The reasons behind this was the electronic media have more advantages than press media. The live telecast shown by television and internet media are more true than the news which are published in newspapers and magazines. The media covers the segments are more truly seen in television and internet.

Which segment covered by media do you follow the most?

The survey reflected that youth follows the Entertainment Segment (38%) most because of Bollywood and Hollywood fashion but Business Segment is also being followed by the youth with interest(23%) because of professional courses and gaining more knowledge. Other segments include Economical Segment (22%) and Political Segment (17%). The reasons behind such less preference to Political Segment was wastage of time as they think that they make news for their own benefits and publicity.

Which segment of media should be emphasized more in the society?

The youth want media to emphasized more of Business Segment(35%), Entertainment Segment (31%), Economical Segment(19%), and Political Segment(15%) .The reasons is very simple as youth are the drivers for the growth of development of the nation so they should be provided a true knowledge which will help them in future rather than showing more of fashion trends. the The youth can also be aware of inflation and deflation in the world. Political segment should also not to be ignored as the political is not all about corruption but also gud things can learn social responsibility, the role of President and Prime Minister being taken.

Do you think some newspapers are just made for political stunts?

The survey reflects that youth says that newspaper are just made for political stunts (46%) while some youth have a doubt Cant Say (21%), May Be (19%), and some youth thinks No (14%). The reasons was there are some newspapers which belongs to politicians so they take the advantage of it to exploit with fake news for elections , for sympathy etc.

Do you think news that are published/ shown by media are true?

The survey reflects that the news shown /published by media for the society are not true (53%) and some youth says Yes (47%) because of the entertainments news and political news for highlighting their importance.

Do you think Broadcast journalist are more interested in improving their ratings than in serving the public?

The survey reflect that youth says that, broadcast journalist are more interested in improving their ratings rather than serving public(73%) and while others says No(27%). As there are many news channels having individual journalist so they have a great competition among themselves to increase their goodwill of the channels and rewards.

Do you think irresponsible journalist are eroding public trust in the media?

The survey reflect that youth says irresponsible journalist are eroding public trust in the media(78%) and other says No(22%) because journalist have competition among themselves and to get rewards they erode public trust and make unnecessary controversy .

Do you think media raise issues for the TRP?

The survey reflect that youth (83%) says media raises issues for their TRP and others says No (17%) because to increase their goodwill they raises unnecessary controversy for their TRP ratings.

No one is perfect in this world and so is the media. The purpose is not to degrade the media, rather the point is that, there is still a lot of scope for improvement by which media can raise upto the aspirations of the people for which it is meant. Without active and neutral media, existence of a healthy democracy is just not possible. The present media revolution has helped people in making an informed decisions and this has led to beginning of a new era in a democracy. The media is known as the fourth pillar of democracy has a huge impact on youth. Some are media effects are changes in: Knowledge, Attitude , Behaviour This is an era of satellite Televisions and Internet connectivity .Television and Internet are the powerful teachers as their coverage are massive. Both have the potential to generate both positive and negative effects.

The media is more emphasized in publishing the news of entertainment and some newspapers are made only for political stunts which increases the TRP.
The broadcast journalist are eroding the public trust. Media are making fast money by cashing on the news in wrong sense and wrong way.

To summarize, media can help stabilize and strengthen the country by playing educational and informative role and by imparting knowledge to the masses as knowledge is power and only a well-informed society can develop a positive approach towards life. The objective of media freedom can be realized only when public trust and confidence reposed in the media is respected and protected by the media itself by acting as a true watchdog, keeping an eye on the government on behalf of the public.

The Print and Electronic Media must make every effort to ensure that their coverage is factual, balanced and informed. Media should cover the business and economical segment more compare to entertainment segment as India is a developing country and youth drives the country. The prime objective of media must be national stability in all its dimensions. A social and political climate needs to be created in which people could engage-themselves in positive and healthy activities and could contribute to the overall national development Media must help sustain confidence in our national institutions such as parliament, armed forces and our social structure. Erosion of such confidence in our institutional set-up can be dangerous. All problems and issues such as relating to functioning of our institutional framework have to be explained effectively to the people so that they develop a positive opinion and attitude.

We as viewer should mend ourselves, so that we may not be carried away with the media hype. We should know when to stop viewing the repeated hysterics.
Media should be more careful while covering the news of religion so that it does not give the negative impact on the youth.

At present, we are living in a world, which is moving too fast. And in the ensuing din and noise masses must be helped by the mass media to see things clearly so that they are not misled. Their role should be to spread unity instead of cultivating hatred, which is of no use. Factual reporting is the essence of journalism and if the press starts reporting facts there would be a lot of betterment in the society.


A DETAILED STUDY ON ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITES OF MEDIA AND ITS IMPACT ON YOUTH We are MBA students representing DATTA MEGHE INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES, NAGPUR. We are doing a research to assess a study on MEDIA. We will be obliged if you spare few minutes to fill up this questionnaire.

Personal Details
Name: Address: Age: Gender: Occupation:

(Please TICK the options whichever is applicable) 1. Which media do you prefer? Press media Electronic media 2. Which media according to you is more reliable? Newspaper Television Internet Radio


3. According to you which media has the largest coverage?(rank from 1-5): Newspaper Television Magazine Internet Radio 4. How many times do you refer /read newspaper and television? a) Newspaper Once a day Twice a day More than twice

b) Television Once a day

Twice a day

More than twice

5. Which media has the more impact on youth? Newspaper Television Internet Radio


6. Which segment covered by media do you follow the most? Political Business Economical Entertainment

7. Which segment of the media should be emphasized more in the society ? Political Business Economical Entertainment

8. Do you think some newspapers are just made for political stunts? Yes Cant say May be No 9. Do you think the news that are shown/published by media are true? Yes No

10. Do you think Broadcast journalists are more interested in improving their ratings than in serving the public?
Yes No

11. Do you think Irresponsible journalists are eroding public trust in the media? Yes No 12. Do you think media raises issues for TRP? Yes No

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