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Installation Steps:

Requirements: Oracle 9i database release 9.2 or higher Oracle 9i Application server release 1 ( or higher. Note: All 11i instances meet these requirements. 1. Pre-Install steps. a. Shutdown all the databases and other processes on the server. b. Take backup of database and iAS home. 2. Install HTML DB software. Download and unzip file . 201linuxsoft.html cd htmldb sqlplus /as sysdba @htmldbins.sql <password> <htmldb_tablespace> <tablespace_files> <tablespace_temp> <images> <connect> Eg: @htmldbins.sql htmldb123 HTMLDB_TS HTMLDB_TS TEMP /i/ NONE 3. Post Install steps: a. connect as sysdba and run utlrp.sql to compile all invalids. b. Copy images . cd /u01/oracle/test/testora/iAS/Apache/Apache mkdir htmldb_images cp r htmldb/images /u01/oracle/test/testora/iAS/Apache/Apache/htmldb_images c. Modify file. Cd /u01/oracle/test/testora/iAS/Apache/modplsql/cfg Add entry [DAD_htmldb] connect_string = localhost:1551:test password = htmldb123 username = htmldb_public_user default_page = htmldb document_table = wwv_flow_file_objects$ document_path = docs document_proc = wwv_flow_file_mgr.process_download reuse = Yes enablesso = No

nls_lang = American_America. US7ASCII d. Modify httpd.conf file. Cd /u01/oracle/test/testora/iAS/Apache/Apache/conf Put below entry. Alias /i/ "/u01/oracle/test/testora/iAS/Apache/Apache/htmldb_images/" AddType text/xml xbl AddType text/x-component htc e. Start Apache. f. Test below URL to log into Oracle Application Express http://hostname:port_number/pls/database_access_descriptor/