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Performance at 68

The physiological background

Today I have been running orienteering arranged by IK Ymer on Kransmossen
close to Bors. A pal of mine has promised me a bottle of whiskey if I run any
competition at 10 min/km. Thats normally a "limit of shame" which for me has
become a "limit of fame"!
Below I am explaining why:

The map at FIGURE 1 above shows an acceptable way of doing the track
technically; it is done without too much loss even if there are some details to
But my pace is to far low which is seen on the track color: green~7 min/km,
greenyellow~10 min/km, yellow~13 min/km, redyellow~17 min/km and red~20
min/km. Anyone can understand that the average pace will be far above the limit,
first because the ground is so difficult to run fast and second because too much
running aside of the line.
Obviously I am either too lazy or my performance is not big enough. Let us have
a look at this:
In FIGURE 2 below you can see the same track but now the color means hart beat
(pulse) in number of beats/min.

Performance at 68
My pulse in rest is now 66 b/min and is as lowest 60 b/min which is related to my
fitness. My maximum pulse should be 220-age=152 b/min. It is around 160 b/min
measured on a test bike indoors. Lately well warmed up I have found that I can
run with a pulse of 167 b/min still not having reached maximum. The maximum
pulse is not saying anything about the fitness but as far as I understand it has to
point out whether I am lazy!
Look at the figure below where green~125 b/min, greenyellow~135 b/min,
yellow~145 b/min, redyellow~155 and red~165 b/min. First of all the heart is
working faster in the end of the track though I am not going much faster. The
average pulse is 143 b/min which is 87% of average maximum pulse so I was
definitely not much lazy today.


Will I ever get my bottle of whiskey?

Well that depends on whether I am willing to exercise more to be honest! And it is
possible to warm up before running and run with a higher pulse. Building up the
physics takes time and my body is growing older loosing performance by nature.
Still I will give it a real try, because on a flat track and with a perfect run it
is definitely room for turning shame to fame!

Some other facts

According to my GPS/Pulse-meter I have today burned 570 kcal=2400 kJ (Ws). According to my own
formula in Kroppsarbete och frbrnning, Pt=(15,31*Hb-855,44)*t=(15,31*143-855)*42*60=3400 kJ.

Performance at 68
Say the burning corresponds to 3000 kJ and also know that whiskey stands for 929 kJ/dl meaning
that my bottle of whiskey is containing 6900 kJ. The bottle is containing energy of 3,3 laps
like the one today so I will really earn it if I get it!