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Do I know that I exist or do I know that I do not exist???

This knowledge of my existence, or non-existence, what is it??

Does it make my existence real????

Through my study of sensation and perception, I came to conclude that what we see, listen, smell, taste and feel, is only the perception carried out by our brain. The ultimate conclusion is that what we see or listen is not what really there is. . . The Green colour sensed by my eyes and perceived by my brain does not necessarily mean that there is a GREEN colour. . . It can be another colour if I am colour-blind. . Or it can become a yellow colour when I see it through blue glasses. What is the colour then?? Is it GREEN, Yellow, or Red??? I doubt its existence.

Similarly, there is no SOUND in the Universe. There are only vibrations. It is my ear and my brain which converts them into sound. . . What is this meaning of the SOUND then???

Focusing on MYSELF and BODY, is it really my hand which I am touching??? Is it my hairs I am combing??? or is this my brain which tells me YES this is YOUR hand and these are your hairs??

Is it really me in the mirror??? and is it really my voice I am hearing or is it vibration in the air and my brain tells me that this is my voice??? I do not know whether my body, my voice, I do not know for SURE that whether what I see and what I Hear is really what I see and hear???

Haidaer bhi, my knowledge tells me that "I AM NOT SURE". . . and If I am not Sure, it means that I do not Know. . . So, through my Knowledge, I came to conclude that I do not know whether I exist or do not exist. . ..

Yes, Bertrand Russell presented his ARGUMENT that "I THINK THEREFORE I EXIST". . . I do not necessarily accept this logic as reliable for proving the existence.

For me, THINKING does not essentially indicate existence. We cannot be sure of our THINKING