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S/N Name 1 Action Familiale . Address Royal Road Rose-Hill Tel/Fax No Tel: 464 3512 Fax: 465 1006 Email: Date of Registration 1964 Registration Number Ordinance 1964 Contact Person President: Mr J. Sauvages Secretary: Mrs Lawrence Harel Field of Activities Promote natural family planning among couples Educate students of primary and secondary school on sound sexuality. Assist couples with unplanned babies. Provide non-formal education to CPE drop-outs across a network of 19 centres Provide training for the personal and professional development of teachers and volunteers Advocate for social economic integration of school drop-outs

2 Adolescent Non. Formal Education Network (ANFEN) 1, Clicourt Antelme St, ROSE HILL Tel: 465 1484 / 714 7943 Fax: 465 1484 1/12/2003 7704 Mr Bernard dArgent


3 African Network . for the Protection and Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect

Office No.5 1st Floor PKL Building Malartic Street

T: 670 7422 F: 676 7422 Email:



Mrs Marie Josee Baudot

4 Aid Action .

28 Bassin Road Auatre-Bornes

Tel: 736 3107/910 0201 Fax: 427 7374 Email:



President: Mr Ajay Lachhman Secretary: Mr Rajcoomar Ramchurn

5 ALLIANCE FOR . CHILDREN 6 Amnesty . International Mauritius Section (AIMS)

Britannia Park,Vacoas S. Dhanjee street, RoseHill

T/F: 6868603

12 December 9636 2006 June 1983 2021

Mr Veenace Koonjul Mr Lindley Couronne

T: 466 3364 M: 912 6827 F: 454 8238

Promote Child Rights Enhance the prevention and protection of children from all forms of discrimination and maltreatment Community Development/Povert y alleviation HIV/AIDs and Corruption. Advocate for social economic integration of vulnerable groups. Works for the welfare and rights of children. For the disabled and vulnerable groups. Advocacy for human rights Human rights education Awareness campaigns on human rights

7 Arc-En-Ciel . Disabled Group

Ramchandar Rd, Near Basdeo Bissoondoyal College Central Flacq




President:Ms Gridevi Seegoolam Secretary: Ms Rameshwaree Ramputty

Economic Empowermemt of people with disabilities Run a workshop for people with disabilities Enhance the quality of life on the handicapped.

8 . Association Amour Sans Frontires 9 ASSOCIATION . AUTREMENT CAPABLE TOUJOURS JOYEUX 1 Association 0 Civique Midlands . 1 Association de 1 Parents denfants . inadapte de Lle Maurice(APEIM) 1 ASSOCIATION 2 DES MALADES . ET HANDICAPES DE LEST 1 Association des 3 Parents DEnfants . aux Besoins Spciaux (APEBS)

Former Dispensary, Beau Sjour, Piton C/O Mr Joel Kandan, Kandan Lane Mont Fertile New Grove Royal Road Midlands Morcellement Betzim Trianon Opposite RCA School Poste de Flacq

T: 288-1563 F: 282-0738 T: 6277329

21st July 1996 15 January 2002 6837


Mrs. Nicole Maingard Mr Joel Kandan

Runs a day care centre for mentally disabled children and adolescents runs a day care centre for mentally disabled children and adolescents. Work for the welfare of the community Environmental Health, and sports activities works for the welfare of mentally disabled persons. runs a day care centre for disabled children and adolescents. Promotes the general welfare of the disabled persons. runs a day care centre for mentally disabled children and adolescents

T/F: 664 5580



T: 4671681/4671398 / 4671711 F: 4669490 T/F:4139346

15th December 1970 10 April 2001


President: Mr S Chitanand Secretary: Mr Seewooruttun Ms Dsire Kong


Mrs Alcine Sakir

Rue Rmono Curepipe

T: 6746916

24th August 1990


Mrs Cassette

1 Association des 4 Parents des . Deficients Auditifs (APDA) 1 Association des 5 Parents pour la . Rhabilitation des Infirmes Moteurs (APRIM) 1 Association Etoile 6 de Mer .

16C Bougainville Lane, Curepipe Rd Raoul Rivet (near Murugan Temple), Mont Roches 71, Route Cotire RocheNoire

T: 6764681

23rd January 1992


Mr A Succaram Mrs. M. Sumun

runs a specialized school for hearing impaired children.

4664748 411 5009

7th August 1987 27th October 2003 7652


Mrs. Josiane Ah Siong Mrs Christiane Baudot

runs a day care centre for severely disabled children and adolescents Training of CPE drop-outs Literacy and preparation for the workplace Organise activities for the rehabilitation of alcoholic and drug addicts and social activities for poor children rehabilitation of exdetainees (women)provide training accompagnement of creation of microbusiness runs a day care centre for mentally disabled children and adolescents. Rehabilitation of exdetainees

1 Association 7 EXEMP .

Avenue Langlois Plaisance RoseHill

Tel: 701 1110 Email: santonymootoo@



President: Iqbal Oozeer Secretary: Shirly Antonymootoo

1 8 . Association Kinout 1 ASSOCIATION 9 OF DISABILITY . SERVICE PROVIDERS 2 Association Pre 0 Laval des Sans . Abri-Maison La Passerelle

Ex-Imprimerie Pre Laval, Route Nicolay, Port-Louis Ruisseau Rose Village Hall Long Mountain Impasse Pre Laval, Route Nicolay, PortLouis

T: 217-3484/ 217-3485 F: 217-3486 T:2451373 F: 2450167

4th September 2003 17 October 2003 7635


Mrs P. Ullagen


17th October 1996


Mr. Josian Babet

2 Association Pour 1 lEducation des . Enfants Dfavoriss

Dr Bour Street, Forest-Side

T: 670 1943/7736443 Email:



President: Mrs Anooradah Poorun Secretary: Ms Anju Beechook

2 Association Pour la 2 Protection des . Droits des Handicaps-APDH 2 Association pour 3 laccompagnement, . la rehabilitation et linsertion Sociale des Enfants 2 4 . Association pour le bien tre des aveugles de l'le Maurice (ABAIM)

EU CEB, T: 725 5378 Arcade Rond Point, Rose-Hill 47, 784 4404/ 212 2701 Bougainville, Terrasson, Pointe aux Sables c/o Colonel Maingard Government School 466-4006 Colonel Maingard Street Beau Bassin





President: Mr Raj Soodeehul Secretary: Ms Patricia Abellard Sister Elizabeth Songor

Provide free preprimary education to 200 needy children in Mauritius and 60 in Rodrigues Empowerment of women through cultivation medicinal plants in a green house in Chemin Grenier Distribute books and school materials to needy children secondary schools Follow up of children under EAP Provision of meal and transport to EAP children Human rights for Disabled Health Education Home and care for street children (boys and girls)

14th June 1983


(1) Mrs Chantal Dahoo (Officerin-Charge) (2) Emmanuel Valeran (Secretary)

This NGO caters for children and adolescents with social problems, the blind and partially blind individuals. The policy of the NGO is based on integration.

2 Association pour le 5 Developpment . Durable

30 Antelme Avenue QuatreBornes

465 0116 4929068 248 8583

Feb 2007


Mr S.Ragoonaden Mr Chacowry

Protection and conservation of the environment environmental education

2 Atelier de 6 Formation Joie de . Vivre 2 Atelier Mozar 7 . 2 8 .

Royal Rd Tel:631 9801 Chemin Grenier Fax:622 8819 4, Desperoux Street Roche Bois c/o Transfusion Service, Victoria Hospital, Candos 7728220



Ms Sylvie Mayer

13th June 07


Therese Josee

Training of CPE drop-outs literacy and preparation for the workplace Placement and training of young musicians

Blood Donors Association

T/F: 4277011/ 4244766/ 4240644

22nd March 1999


Mr. Teeluckdharry (2543932) & Mr. Hossen (7560077)

promotes blood donation


1 Rue dEstaing T:212 3405/773 7838 Port Louis 2122772 F:2123405

29 November 1970


Mme Patricia Adle Flicit

3 Centre de Solidarit Impasse 0 pour une nouvelle Larcher . Vie Rose-Hill

T: 464 9980 F: 464 3342 Email:



President: Mr Roger Travailleur Secretary: Ms Ginette Emamally

Rehabilitation of the poor and underprivileged . Community Development Programme; Service dEcoute Et de Dveloppement, coles complmentaire. Agricultural training ( Ferme Oconor at Curepipe and Common Garden at Pte aux Piment) Run 2 Night Shelter and 8 Groupe DEveil des tout petits Functional Literacy Life Skills Management programme Run a rehabilitation centre for drugs addicts and alcoholics. Provide support to the wives and children of the residents of the centre Organise awareness campaign against Drug Abuse

3 Centre d'Education 1 et de Development . pour les Enfants Mauricien (CEDEM) 3 Centre des Dames 2 Mourides .

Beetun Lane Floral 1A Tagore Avenue, Mesnil Phoenix

696-7640 6965013 Tel:696 4712 Fax: 698 5653 Email:

10th April 1985 1993 4100


3 3 . Centre pour l'Education et le Royal Road, Progrs des Enfants Argy, Flacq Handicaps (CEPEH) Tel:413-1077/913 2346 Fax: 413 1077 Email: 7th June 1996 4766

3 4 Century Welfare . Association 3 Chrysalide 5 .

Kleber Street, Plaine Verte Route Royale Bambous 452 5509

T/F: 2168080

27th January 1969 18/01/96 4637


The target group of the NGO is mainly children Mrs Rita with disabilities and Venkatasawmy children with social problems. President: Mrs Organise training Rahima Fazul and skills Secretary:Mrs development Beekawoo programmes for women. Advocate on Human Rights issues mainly gender Provide assistance to needy women and children Economic empowerment of handicapped President: Mrs children through Zama Claudia training and Secretary: Mr. placement Vijay Kumar Run a workshop in Domun woodwork, basketry and embroidery for mentally disabled adolescents Runs a day care Mr. Said Sheikh centre for severely Nissah disabled children and adolescents Ms Ursule Ladine Home caring for women (and their children) in distress

3 Club Sportive 6 Zanfan Valle Pitt .

57 Alma Street Valle Pitt Port-Louis

Tel: 242 4969 250 7421



President: Mr Bassir Tajoo Secretary: Mr Nizan Nasroollah

3 Collectif Urgence 7 Toxida .

21 bis, Pandit Nehru Street, Port-Louis

Tel: 210 7075



Ms Nathalie Rose

3 Comit Bien-Etre 8 Stanley Camp . Levieux and Trfles

Ste Anne Road Stanley-RoseHill

464 4124



President: Mrs Nicole Beeharry Secretary: Mrs Simi Parsand

Organise Social and Sports Activities for the Youth Organise house visits and assist the old and needy people Prevention and information in the fight against HIV/AIDS Operation of needle exchange programme at community level Conduct Adult literacy courses Organise activities for the welfare of children, vulnerable groups including persons with disabilities Provide educational support to 110 children from preprimary to secondary school. Provide counseling and advice to parents

3 Committee on 9 Poverty . Association

State HouseRduit

Tel: 454 5067/ 421 9050 Fax: 466 4220 Email:



President: Dr Satish Boolell, OSK Secretary: Ms Ambrita Devi Gunness

4 Communaut de 0 Partage .

L6, Jules Koenig Beau-Bassin

Tel: 454 4676



President:Gilda Bhoyroo Secretary:Ms Chistelle Lebrasse

4 Destiny 1 Community . Foundation

La Croisee Royal RoadPlaine Magnien

Tel: 292 9822 Fax: 637 4354 Email:



President:Mr JI Paul Chenney Secretary: Ms Vanessa Dassiya President: Mrs Sumookhee Balloo Secretary:Ms Jacqueline President:Mr Imran Dhannoo Secretary:Mr Norman Tambanivoul

4 Diabetes Parents 2 Support Group . 4 Dr Idrice Goomany 3 Centre for the . prevention and treatment of Alcoholism and Drug Addicts

Boodhram Street, Mont Roches Beau-Bassin Sir Edgar Laurent StPort-Louis

Tel: 291 4106 911 6737



Tel: 242 3016 F: 242 6098 Email:



Provide assistance to poor people and persons with disabilities financial assistance to children inoperable in Mauritius Organise remedial classes for underprivileged children and provide social assistance to elderly people Provide education to children and adolescents living with diabetes and empower them to manage their disease Organise vocational training and other activities to address the problem of the feminasation of the HIV/AIDS pandemic Provide treatment to IDUs and alcoholics Runs a day care centre for mentally disabled children and adolescents

4 Eastern Welfare 4 Association for the . Disabled

La Lucie Building, Bel Air Rivire Sche


1st August 1996


Mrs. Bindiya Sambal

4 EDUCATIONAL 5 DEVELOPMENT . YOUTH CONSULTANCY SERVICES (EDYCS) 4 Entreprendre au 6 Fminin Ocan . Indien (EFOI) 4 Environment Care 7 Association .

442 State Land, Boulevard Rivaltz, Port Louis

T:5080904 F: 2131733 M: 7622691

24 December 5268 1997

Mr Youssouf Noormamode

Centre Boyen de la Girofay Route du Club Vacoas 51 Royal Rd Coromandel

790 0083

28 Nov 2002


ARANDIN Jivelle President:Mr Poorundeo Ramgoolam Secretary:Mr Ally Busawon

Welfare of epileptic persons. To guide and provide medication/consulta tion to epileptic people. Provides mentoring services for SME Organise sensitization programmes through 300 talks delivered in primary school on climate change and sorting of waste. Organise awareness activities on environmental issues such as climate change, biodiversity and reconstruction of artificial reef Provide training in agriculture to unemployed persons and encourage them to launch their greenhouse. Provide training in catering to young persons

T/F: 233 4237 Email:



4 Environmental 8 Protection . &Conservation Organisation -EPCO

75 Chevreau Lane Calodyne Grand Gaube

Tel: 288 2423/763 3195 Fax: 288 2423 Email:



President:Mr Keshwar B. Panray Secretary:Mr Raj Muni Reddi

4 Falcon Citizen 9 League .

Royal Road Bois Pignolet Terre-Rouge

Tel: 249 8976 Fax: 211 7636 Email:



President:Mr Gunsham Seeborun Secretary: Mr L. Kasur

5 Fellowship First 0 Aiders . 5 1 . Flacq Disabled Centre

Old Moka Tel: 466 4251 Road, Rose-Hill Fax: 465 6386 Email:



President:Mr D. Grandport Secretary:Mr Prakash Dhooky

Health- First Aid treatment

Opposite Auguste Voltaire Stadium, Flacq


14th May 1999


5 Fleurita Women 2 Association . 5 FONDATION 3 GEORGES . CHARLES

Corner Drapeur Avenue St Jean Rd Quatre-Bornes 16 Royal Road Pointe aux Sables

Tel: 793-3477 Fax: 467 5358 Email: T:2345415



23 June 1986 2440

The Association runs a day Care Centre for (1) Mrs V. physically and or Aukhey mentally retarded (President) persons. Basic (2) Baboa academic classes Dhaneshwar and workshops on (Secretary) woodwork, basketry and embroidery are also provided to the beneficiaries. President:Ms Rita Empower women Ramdin through training in IT, Secretary:Mrs handicraft etc.. Vimla Motah Mr Jac Falzara Caters for the welfare of Mrs Margaret mentally retarded Zamudio persons. Mr. Alain Muneean And Mrs. Patricia Yue welfare of poor /abandoned children, empowering the poor and vulnerable people in the region of Albion

5 Fondation pour Camp Crole, 4 L'Enfance, Terre de Albion . Paix

2384196 & 2383170

6th June 1989


5 Foyer Vivre 5 Debout .

2 Charles Cheron St, Eau Coule Curepipe

670 5898



President:Mrs Jouahnie Gontran Secretary:Mrs M. Lourdes Gerard

5 6 . 5 7 . Fraternit Mauricienne des Malades et Handicaps (FMMH) 175, Royal Road, GRNW, Port Louis Goburdhun Lane, Avenue Sookdeo Bissoondoyal Bonne Terre Vacoas Rte Nicolay Port-Louis 13th Septembre 1979 1527 Mr. Jacques Kim Lee (1) Mrs Martine Neveu (Secretary) (2) Mrs St Mart (Centre Manager) President:Mr Lindsay Aza Secretary:Mr Mahen Neeliah

Provide care to persons with disabilities in a home and day care centre run by the association. Organise activities to enhance the quality of life of the disabled. Run a workshop runs a day care centre for disabled children and adolescents


Friends in Hope

427-4067 4271870 Tel: 686 9436 Fax: 686 9542 Email:

22nd August 1997 2002 7229


The NGO runs a rehabilitation centre for persons suffering from mental illness. Implement sensitization programmes with prisoners, exdetainees and family members of prisoners and facilitate their reinsertion. Provide support to ex-drug addicts

5 Group Elan 8 .

5 Human Service 9 Trust .

Krishnanand seva ashram Calebasses Pamplemousses

Tel: 248 9651/ 249 1873 Fax: 248 9025 Email:

Act 52 of 1984 President:Mr P. Boojhawon Secretary:Mr N. Bauhadoor

6 Islamic Centre for 0 Disabled Children . Canal

Bathurst Street, Port Louis

T:2409815 F:2437145

1st February 1999


President: Mrs. Salima Allemudar

Provide support and care to the elderly in the Asram managed by the organization Organise and Participate in sociocultural activities. Organise educational activities to the youth. runs a day care centre for disabled children and adolescents Provide educational and training to disabled children to enhance their social integration. Organise sports and leisure activities for the disabled. Provide residential care and medical services to old persons in their Homes at Tamarin and Palma. Advocate for the improvement of accessible health services

6 Laveture Technical Shivala 1 School for Disabled Road Laventure .

Tel: 418 2988 765 6865



President:Mr Laldeo Ancharug Secretary:Mr Yogesh Ancharug

6 Leonard Cheshire 2 Mauritius .

Perrefonds Palma-QuatreBornes

Tel: 427 4141 FaxL 427 8626 Email:

Act of Parliament 1965

President:Mrs Ginette Lan Yee Chiu Secretary:Mrs Marilyn Harel

6 Link to Life 3 .

13 Britannia Park Vacoas

Tel: 6860666 Fax: 686 0666 Email:



President:Mr Shashi Desai Secretary:Mr Mooten Kamlanaden Vella

6 LIZIE DAN LA 4 MAIN . 6 5 .

Pasteur Street Forest Side

T: 6751777 F: 6702676

26th August 1983


Mr Reynolds Permal

Promote public awareness on the Prevention of Cancer Provide Counseling, support and care to people suffering from cancer, members of the family and caregivers. Works for the welfare of the blind. (1) The Association runs specialised schools (pre-primary and primary) to visually impaired children. (2) The NGO also have a workshop where rattan baskets are made. (3) LLTF runs a home for blind elderly people who have been rejected by their families. Provide support to persons suffering from lupus Promote awareness of lupus and its impact on sufferes Operate a Drop-in documentation Centre/library

Lois Lagesse Trust Fund

101, Colonel Maignard Street Beau Bassin

454-3253 465-9961 Email:

Incorporated under the Lis Lagesse Trust Fund Act

President:Mr Retnon Pyneeandee Secretary:Mrs L. Jumnoodoo

6 LUPUS Alert 6 .

E111 Clos Verger Rose-Hill

Tel: 464 8276 Fax: 464 8276 Email:



President:Mrs B. Vankatasamy Secretary:Ms Rabia Yerally

6 Magic Fingers 7 Association (MFA) . 6 MAISON 8 FAMILIALE . RURALE DU NORD

14, Labourdonnais Street Balisage Road Calebasses Branch Road Calebasses

T: 755 4147

13th June 2007 29 January 1997


Mr Ramanjooloo

T:5431021 M:7326076 F: 2437145


Mr Raj Jatoo

6 Mauritian 9 Organisation on . Drugs and Aids MODA

88 Raoul Rivet Street Port-Louis

Tel: 775 1507 Fax: 212 3808



President:Mr Ravind Lahootun Secretary:Ms Aarti Gopaul

7 Mauritian Wildlife 0 Foundation .

Grannum Road Vacoas Mauritius




Mr Jacques Jullienne:

7 Mauritius Alliance 1 of Women-MAW .

St Jean Road Quatre-Bornes

Tel: 424 3489 Fax: 427 3489 E,ail:



President:Mrs Bhawtee Rita Ramdin Secretary:Mrs Kamlesh Rampadaruth

Specialised in patchwork; MFA is providing training to women of SPUW welfare of the CPE school drop outs. Helps to integrate the school drop outs in the working environment through acquisition of knowledge and hands on experience. Organise parent outreach programs to sensitise them on the problems related to drugs and HIV/AIDS. Work on prevention programmes for children with problems. Nature conservation Restoration of native forests and safeguarding unique plants and animals Network with womens organizations an d advocate for the emancipation of women Organise training and other activities for the economic empowerment of women

7 Mauritius Arya 2 Sabha .

1, Maharishi Dayanand Street Port-Louis

Tel: 212 2730Fax: 210 3778 Email:


Mr Satterdeo Peerthum:

7 Mauritius Diabetes 3 Association . 7 Mauritius Family 4 Planning Welfare . Association

3rd Floor Medical Unit Social Security House Rose-Hill 30 SSR Street, Port-Louis

Tel: 465 3363 256 1856



Dr V. Bansant Rai:


May 05

Act of Parliament

Mrs Vidya Charan

7 Mauritius Heart 5 Foundation . 7 Mauritius League 6 of Hospital . Friends - MLHF

Galerie Mont St Michel Leclezio Street Curepipe Victoria Hospital Candos

Tel: 676 5462 751 3426 Fax: 6703936 Email: Tel: 424 3490





President:Mr Premchand Gungadin Secretary:Mr Bunwaree President:Mr H. D. Deeljore Secretary: Mrs R. Dewnarain

Promote the vedic culture Organise sensitization campaign against substance abuse and provide training in IT to children of preprimary schools Follow up of children under EAP Provision of Meal and Transport Detection and prevention programmes for diabetes among the public To promote family welfare services To preserve and protect good health, both mental and physical Promote awareness on prevention of cardio vascular diseases through talks, seminars and other activities Provide support and assistance to poor and needy patients through the provision of food and clothing

7 Mauritius Mental 7 Health Association . MMHA

Berthaud Avenue Stanley Rose-Hill

Tel: 465 9508 Fax: 465 9505 Email:

Act of Parliament 1974

President:Mr Deyan Ristic Secretary:Mrs M. Fanchette

7 Mautius Scout 8 Association .

Baden Powell House Trianon Quatre-Bornes 5 Rue des Marsouins ElisabethVille Baie du Tombeau

Tel:466 6771 247 1332 Email: Tel: 547 0336 247 1332 Email: 1999 6663

Chief Scout: Mr Cyril Rose Secretary: Mr Sutdeo Gobin President: Mrs R. Khedoo

7 Mouvement 9 Civique de la Baie . du Tombeau

8 Mouvement pour 0 Autosuffisance . Alilmentaire (MAA)


466 2071

26th March 1986


Mungur Eric

8 Mouvement Social 1 de la Jeunesse . Mauricienne (MSJM)

Rue St Ignace Rose-Hill

915 5513

1st August 1972


Jean Philippe

Organise activities for children with intellectual disabilities to develop their intellectual capacity and promote their social integration. Organise self development and other training courses and activities to empower the youth. Organise social, educational and sports activities to enhance the well being and welfare of the inhabitants Organize awareness activities against the proliferation of drugs Provides Accompagnement in terms of education, health and employment. Support AgriBusiness projects for SME for Provides Accompagnement in terms of education, health and employment

8 Mouvement Social 2 Debarcadere . (MSD) 8 Movement d'Aide 3 la Maternit . (MAM) 8 Movement pour le 4 Progrs de Roche . Bois 8 Nou Nouvo Baz 5 .

Pointe aux Sables 6, Rue Notre Dame de Lourdes, Rose Hill Port-Louis 22, Daugier Street, Cite Briquetterie

T/F:756 0174

15th April 1998


SYLVIA Jean Claude


11th August 1998 25th January 1995 7/04/2005 8465


Mrs. C. Credo MORVAN Lindsay/ AUGUSTAVE Jean Claude Mrs Soalnge Potou

T:4290199 T: 217 4172 M: 755 2940/ 778 8954


8 Organisation 6 Fraternelle de . Malherbes

Impasse Cassim T: 674 9761 Eau Coule Curepipe



President:Mrs Marie Anne Mourguin Secretary:Ms Nathalie Louise

Provides Accompagnement in terms of education, health and employment welfare of women and girls in distress and sensibilisation campaign Assist in identification of unemployed women for placement and training Training of school drop-outs Job skills and preparation for the workplace Improving the education standard in the community and aim for excellence Providing caring and stimulating environment Residential care facilities to girls in distress hence aiding in the social, psychological development and empowering them to become independent ladies.

8 7 . Pelletier House 20, Rennards Street Beau Bassin 454-3781

(Affiliated to ADIC) 14th June 1978 1412 ADIC is registered with the registrar of Association Soeur Nicole Wong (Sister-incharge)

8 8 . Physically Handicapped Welfare Association Joseph dArgent Street Rose Hill 464-4845 465-0549

25th June 1965 (The Cripples Welfare Association) 7/11/1996 4918


8 Prevention 9 Information et . Lutte contre de Sida (PILS) 9 Quartier de 0 Lumire . 9 1 .

21 Bis Pandit J. Nehru Street Port-Louis Avenue Roche Brunes New Town Beau-Bassin Route Royal La Preneuse Rivire Noire Mont Lubin Rodrigues


Tel: 466 7540



Rve et Espoir



9 Rodrigues Council 2 of Social Services .




9 SAFIRE 3 .

505, Chancery House L. Geoffrey st Port-Louis

Tel: 211 8787 750 3370

The Association runs a sheltered workshop for disabled persons hence providing them with a Mrs O. social, economic Mathuvirin framework and an (Secretary) entertaining environment and also aiding them to become financially independent. Miss Nadia Prevention and Peerun information in the fight against HIV/AIDS patients Fanchette Chantal Provides Accompagnement in terms of education, health and employment (1)Patricia De Runs a day care centre Speville for severely disabled (Secretary) children and adolescents (2)Mrs M. (both mental and Gourge physical handicaps) in (President) the region. Mr Joseph To promote any Wilmode charitable work for Edouard the benefit of the community in Rodrigues and the advancement of social education Mr E. Maurer Follow up of children under EAP Provision of Meal and transport to the EAP chidren

9 Shelter for Women 4 and Children in . Distress Trust Fund

Icery Road Forest-Side Curepipe

Tel: 674 8875 Fax: 674 0375 Email:

Trust Act A514-576 1989

President:Mrs Sheela Baguant CSK Secretary:Mr O.D. Cowreea

9 Shoals Rodrigues 5 .

Pointe Monier Rodrigues

831 1225



9 Society for Aid to 6 Children . Inoperable in Mauritius -SACIM

2 Britania Park Vacoas

Tel: 696 1842 Fax: 686 1821 Email:



President:Dr Amrit Rajkoomar Secretary:Mr Christian Angseesing

9 Society for the Pope Hennessy 7 Welfare of the Deaf St . Beau-Bassin 9 Soroptimist 8 International. IPSAE Rasistance Avenue Camp Levieux Rose-Hill

T: 4643834 F: 4650784 Tel: 678 3044 Fax: 6743044 Email:

Act of Act No. 37 of Parliament 1968 (5 July 1968) 1985 2253

Mrs Aarti Bissoonauthsingh President:Mrs Mariam Gopaul Secretary:Ms Roselys Venkatachelum

Provide residential facilities, support and care to women victims of domestic violence and to abuse children Offer counseling services to women and children in distress Marine reserves for the development of a sustainable lagoon fishery in Rodrigues environmental education Provide free counseling to parents whose children need medical treatment abroad. Facilitate children inoperable in Mauritius access to medial treatment abroad. works for the welfare of deaf persons Provide daycare services to the elderly in their centre at camp Le Vieux. Advote for Human rights with emphasis on women and

9 SOS Childrens 9 Village Mauritius .

11, impasse Selmour Ahnee st, P.O. Box 141 Rose-Hill

T: 454 3436 F: 465 1480 Email:



President:Mr Ren Sanson Secretary:Mr Promohumse Bissessur

Follow up of children under EAP Provision of Meal and Transport to the EAP children Works towards poverty alleviation


Maison de l'Espoir Rajcoomar Gujadhur Street, Valle Pitt Coastal Rd Riambel Surinam

T/F: 2165028 9133496 T/F: 6254055

28th February 2000 13th February 1986 14th July 1995 2358


Mr. Yousoof Dauhoo Mr Ramesh Bondy

Works towards poverty alleviation Runs a day care centre for disabled children and adolescents. Runs a day care centre for children with learning disabilities Has an international program of year-round sports training and athletic competition for persons with intellectual disability. The Association also organises various health programmes and sensitization campaigns.

Rue Charles Lees Rose-Hill

T/F: 4676741


Mrs R. Seejore

c/o Mr Jos Luximon 23 Marcel Ducasse, Cite de Rosnay Beau Bassin


2nd April 2002


(1) Mr Jos Luximon (National Director) (2) Mrs L.Gooniah (Secretary)

1 Sponsor a Child 0 4 .

c/o SACIM 2 Britannia Park Vacoas

Tel: 698 2411 Fax: 686 1821 Email:



President:Mr H. Hoolooman Secretary:Mrs D. Bissoonauth

1 SSR Disability 0 Centre 5 .


T: 261 9710 F: 7538175

6 April 2006


Mrs Ram

1 Teens in Control 0 6 . 1 0 7 Terre de Paix . 1 THE MAURITIUS 0 RED CROSS 8 SOCIETY .

c/o Mrs Ristic Royal Road Morc Hein Moka

Tel: 255 7333 433 6033 Fax: 433 6033 Email:



President:Ms Wairimu K Ristic Secretary:M. Cora

Tamarin Ste Thrse Street Curepipe

2384196 & 2383011 T: 6763604 F: 674 8855

6th June 1989 Act of Parliament (18 December 1973)

3106 Act No. 55 of 1973

Mr. Alan Moonien Mr Patrice Pellegrin

Assist needy and promising children to complete their primary, secondary schooling or vocational training by providing them financial means. Day care centre for disabled. Helps in the integration of children with physical and mental impairments. Provide a home and a family environment abandoned children and to those victims of violence. Provides Non formal education to children (Atelier du Savoir) Works for the welfare of the poor/needy. It is a Humanitarian NGO. First Aid course Basic life saving techniques Provide phychological support and education to members of type 1 diabetes and offer free medical consultations to them

1 T1 Diams 0 9 .

1, Suffolk Close, Vacoas

Tel: 292 1111/6984667 Fax: 6984667



President:Mr D. Jean Pierre Secretary: Mrs. Marjorie Tour

110 Aids Candle Light Memorial Association 111 Association Lute et Espoir Rodrigues 112 Groupement des Diabetiques 113 Heart Foundation Mauritius

Rose Hill Mont Lubin, Rodrigues Quatre-Bornes Pamplemousses

760-0705 875-8980 467-0297 "253-0983/ 250-7581"

18-Mar-01 4-Mar-01 29-Jun-00 18-Sep-96

10276 10256 6228 5522

Danny Phillippe Elizabeth Samoisy Michelle Elder Dr. Sunil Gunness

Aids Prevention

Diabetes Patients Cardiac prevention/therapy Cardiac Rehabilitation Leadership skills for young graduates Socio-Economic Development Education of the needy group National Unity


IVTB House, Phoenix




Dwijj Vasavada



Association pour la Potection des Emprunteurs Abuss (APEA) Council of Religions

"Clicourt Antelme St Rose Hill " "5th Floor Anglo Mauritius House Port Louis " "Ave Shakespeare Trou aux Biches" Rue Colonel Maingard Beau Bassin " Lobourdonnias, Mapou "Arya Mandir Road Grand Gaube "

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Jean Daniel Camoin Homa Mungapen




Fraternit de Grand Baie Association pour le Developpment Communautaire de Barkly La Courte Echelle Mille Soleil Association for the Disabled Persons



Paul Narrainen

"Alphabetisation Community Development " Educate school drop outs Rehabilitation of drug addicts School for handicaps Handicapped Children (Day Care Centre)




Brigitte Thomas

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11-Mar-03 25-Jul-07

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Marie Lys Chelin Mrs Sookraj Mr Daiman

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Mouvement Jeunesse de Chebel Ti-Rayon Soleil

744 8323 Rue Koenig, Curepipe P.O Box 8, Curepipe 492 5622 , 290 6088

8-Mar-02 22-Nov-07

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David Beessoo Marie Aime Thomas Mme Berengere Series Alleviation of Poverty for Vulnerable group (primarily underprivileged children and women) Community Development Education and training Education of school drop outs

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Association dAlphabtisation de Fatima Atelier de Formation Joie de Vivre Ecole Anou Grandi

X Club Road, Grand Baie

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Janine Grant Sylvie Mayer Gilberte Florestan Christiane Baudot Mme Legrand Fr. Julien Louis Florise Chue Wai Robert Bouic Jacqueline Sauzier Angelique Samouilhan Martina Tirschel Sebastien Sauvage Melanie Faugier

Royal Road, 622 8819 Chemin Grenier 412 6778 411 6871 216 9230 721 1689 696 5368 631 2304 262 6775 704 6149 / 696 8654

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Royal Road, Mon Loisir Etoile de Mer Coastal Road, Roches Noires Fraternit Nord Sud 3 Rte Nicolay Port Louis Mission Verte Curepipe Mauritius Marine Conservation Society (MMCS) Protection of Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) Reef Conservation Mauritius Association Rhizome Concept c/o MUG, Railway Road Phoenix Domaine Riv. La Chaux Beau Vallon, Mahebourg Les Flamants Branch Rd Pereybere Impasse Leblanc Vacoas

Promouvoir l'environnement Protection of Marine Environment Animal welfare

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12-Feb-04 13-Nov-08

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Conservation of Marine Environment Sensitisation on Environmental Issue Exposition sur la Patrimone Mauricien




Association L;alcool femme ( Etoile dEsperence) Association DHebergement pour les personnes inadaptees (Foyer Namast) Groupe A de Cassis (Lacaz A) SUDS

Villa Road, Moka


2 July 2001

Vronique d'Unienville 6645 Jean Alain Antoine

Traitement des alcooliques + prevention Residential Care centre for mentally retarded person Care Centre for needy: drugs, alcohol Help to needy Empowering the family Community development Anti fraud and corruption Elderly care Prevention of Non-communicable diseases Education people on Nutrition Assistance to needy people who have to undergo specialized medical assistance

467-8089 12 Street Georges Port Louis Napier Broom St Beau Bassin Tamarin C&R Court, Labourdonnais St, Port-Louis

3 May 2007

9848 Liseby Rungen

212-7541 464-1262 735-4229 483 6666 info@tamriv 207 4185

13 June 2006

8156 Brigitte Thomas


April 2004


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Tamriv+ Lte Transparency Mauritius Association pour la Promotion pour la Sante (APSA)

C57266 5 July 2005 C21521 29 October 1998 2891

Genevieve Appadoo Mr Jacques de Navacelle Ms Sandra Rochecouste Mrs. Audrey Hardy


15d, Lees Street, Curepipe

676 2934, 2507808

24 March 1988


Mauritian Organisation on Drugs and AIDS

88 Raoul Rivet st. Port Louis

775 1507

11 August 2006


Mr. Ravind Lahootun

HIV/AIDS Prevention of Substance Abuse