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April 2010
Ir. Sohaimi b. Kling

WSIA 2006- Act 655

Section 45-Provisions relating to Sewerage System & Services:
(1) No person shall construct, alter, modify, disconnect or close-up sewerage system, septic tank without approval in writing by the Commission (2) Rules to set out the standards as to type and extend of sewerage works to be first approved by the Commission (3) A person shall submit information & document in a form and manner and within the time as may be provided in the Rules (6) In granting approval, the Commission may impose such terms & conditions as it deems fit (7)A person commit offense upon conviction (fine <RM500,000 / < 5 years prison or both); (a) sewerage works without having approval first in writing (b) sewerage works not in accordance with approved plans & specs or (c) makes alteration to approved plans & specs (8) The Commission may (a) direct rectification works/ restore/ to condition before construction or (b) cease construction and comply to requirement (14) Offense Continue work after directed to cease fine <RM200,000/ <

Agensi Perakuan Merujuk kpd WSIA 2006 (Akta 655):Seksyen 174 (1)- Suruhanjaya boleh mendaftarkan agensi perakuan bagi maksud :(a) meluluskan pelan, spesifikasi atau reka bentuk terperinci berkenaan dengan pembinaan sistem bekalan air , sistem pembetungan, tangki septik, perpaipan pembetungan Seksyen 174 (2)-Sesuatu kelulusan oleh agensi perakuan berdaftar hendaklah disifatkan sebagai kelulusan oleh SPAN..

Roles And Responsibilities

Approving Authority SPAN , under the WSIA 2006, is the approving authority for any sewerage system. Certifying Agency - appointed by SPAN to examine all sewerage proposals, make recommendations in meeting sewerage needs of the development and assigned to inspect construction and recommend for CF.


IWK telah didaftarkan sebagai Agensi Perakuan Pembetungan oleh SPAN sejak 1/1/2008 bagi meluluskan pelan dan pembinaan sistem pembetungan dan tangki septik. SKOP PERKHIDMATAN AGENSI PERAKUAN :
1. Mengkaji cadangan perancangan sistem pembetungan. 2. Mengkaji cadangan rekabentuk sistem pembetungan. 3. Mengadakan pemeriksaan perantara sistem pembetungan. 4. Mengadakan pemeriksaan terakhir dan memberi surat pengesahan bagi tujuan pengeluaran syor sijil kelayakan atau perakuan siap dan pematuhan. 5. Mewakili SPAN di pelbagai mesyuarat agensi. 6. Menjalankan tugas-tugas lain yang diwakilkan.

WSIA 2006- Act 655

Section 46 Requirement for developer to construct sewerage system: Developer shall be required to construct sewerage system/ part thereof in accordance with requirement set in plan and specs approved by the Commission.


1. Garispanduan, Jilid I (Polisi Sistem Pembetungan) 6. Piawaian Malaysia, MS 1228. ( Rekabentuk & 2. Garispanduan, Jilid II Pemasangan Sistem (Prosedur Kerja Pembetungan) Pembetungan) 3. Garispanduan, Jilid III ( Rangkaian Paip Pembetungan & Stesyen Pam) 4. Garispanduan, Jilid IV ( Logi Pengolahan Kumbahan) 5. Garispanduan, Jilid V ( Tangki Septik) 7. Akta Industri Perkhidmatan Air 2006 8. Akta Keselamatan & Kesihatan Pekerjaan (OSHA 1994) 9. Akta Kualiti Alam Sekeliling(EQA 1974)

Guidelines -sets the minimum standard for certification of sewerage works for developers and their consulting engineers Qualified Person -Person responsible to the design, construction and overall quality of completed sewerage work -Have sufficient sewerage technical expertise to ensure sewerage works are properly engineered during design and construction.


Tangki Septik Individu Sambungan Paip Pembetungan Rangkaian Paip Pembetungan Stesyen Pam Kumbahan Logi Pengolahan Kumbahan


Penyemakan perancangan pembetungan akan meliputi perkara-perkara berikut:

1) Salinan surat dari Juruperunding yang Bertauliah. 2) Borang SSA/PDC/1 yang lengkap (+senarai-semak). 3) Pelan susunatur yang mengandungi pelan kunci & lokasi. 4) Perkiraan penduduk setara (PE) untuk keseluruhan pembangunan. 5) Laporan kejuruteraan* (pembangunan >150 PE). 6) Tandatangan pemilik pada setiap pelan cadangan. 7) Tandatangan pihak Juruperunding pada setiap dokumen.
*Laporan kejuruteraan hendaklah meliputi deskripsi cadangan pembetungan, pembangunan sediada di sekeliling, topograpi, sungai di mana efluen dialirkan dan sebagainya.

Planning Approval Process

Initial consultation with CA. Preferably before submitting for layout approval. To determine existing sewerage facilities. To enable the owner/consultant to establish the appropriate sewerage works for submission and approval.


The Engineering report consists of : Project brief Sewerage proposal PE derivation In line with catchment strategy Adjacent lot development STP area and buffer zone Siting area Effluent discharge & Water catchment

Review and approval of planning submission

Planning submission covers : 1) Sewerage system > 150PE (commonly for complete system, sewer network, NPS and STP) 2) Sewerage system < 150PE (commonly for septic tanks and connection)


Penyemakan permohonan rekabentuk pembetungan hanya akan diproses selepas kelulusan permohonan perancangan diperolehi dan ianya meliputi perkara-perkara berikut:

Appendix A

Figure A.4

: Standard Precast Concrete Manhole with 4 way Base Arrangement

( Ground level to top of benching 2.5 to 5 metres)

Standard Manhole C.I Or D.I Frame And Cover To DGSS Specification including Figures A.1 / A.2 Fill With 1 : 3 Cement Mortar Mix 450 Min. 600 Max. To Top Step Precast R.C. Make Up Rings As Required To match Top Of Manhole Cover To 600 Finished Surface Level

Precast R.C. Taper Top painted internally with 2 layers of coal tar epoxy Precast R.C. Chamber Ring with 12 min. internal lining of high alumina cement mortar

Cast Insitu Concrete Surround (150 min Thickness)

Concrete Benching 200 min 500 max 600


"Rocker" Pipe

150 min

300 Min.

Grade 20/20 Conc. Base

50 Thk. Cementitious Blinding

Invert Elevation Of Manhole

Form channel using 40 Thick High Alumina Cement Mortar where change in direction or diameter occurs through manhole or there are 2 or 3 incoming sewers 1. All precast manhole component joints shall be filled with 1:3 cement mortar mix. 2. Rocker pipes shall be 600 long for sewers up to 300 diamet er and 760 long for larger diameter sewers.

1) Salinan surat dari Juruperunding yang bertauliah. 2) Surat kelulusan perancangan dari Pihak Berkuasa Tempatan.

Appendix A

Figure A.16 : Vacuum Sewerage System, House Connection and exa mple of Vacuum Station

Sewerage Treatment Works Vacuum Station

Vacuum Sewer

Vacuum sewerage system

Service Gravi ty Drai n Collecti on Chamber Connection Vacuum sewer

House connection
Inspection Chamber

Vacuum sewer profile with sewer inspection point

Vent W here Required

Vacuum reservoi r moisture removal tank Control Panel Gravity Inlet Emergenc y Overflow Vacuum Sewers Vacuum Sewer

3) Borang SSA/PDC/2 yang lengkap (+senarai-semak). 4) Pelan-pelan rekabentuk terperinci.

Vacuum Pumps

Rising Main

Rising Main

Forwarding Pumps

Vacuum Vessels

Forwarding Pump


Vacuum Station with House Collection Vessel

Appendix A

Figure A.15

: Typical Details of Dry Well Pump Station

Control Panel

6) Laporan dan kiraan kejuruteraan.

Access Cover Suction Valve

Ammeter Motor

Hours Run Meter


Isolator Switch

Shaft Gland Delivery Valve

Volute Case

Rising Main

7) Tandatangan pemilik pada setiap pelan cadangan.

Skip To remove Screenings

Impeller Non - eturn Valve R Duck Foot Bend

Auxillary Suction Pipe

Components Of A Typical Pump Installation

Extractor fan

Screen Mechanism Control Panel With Ammeter, Isolator Switch And Hours Run Meter Motor

Travelling Gantry Crane

Extractor Fan

Ventilation Inlet Duct

8) Tandatangan dan cop perakuan oleh Jurutera Bertauliah pada dokumen.

Ventilation Duct

Control Gates

Mechanically Cleaned Screen


Shaft With Mesh Guard

Rising Main

Bracket GRP Ventilation Inlet Duct

Alarm Level Top W ater Level Bottom. Water Level


Incom ing Trunk Sewer Drainage Sump With Sump Pump

Flexible Coupling Sluice Valve Check Valve Reducer Concrete Plinth

Design criteria for sewer network

Drawings Layout
To indicate MH no., type of MH, type of pipe and size, gradient and length of pipe, invert level and depth of MH

Longitudinal section
Ground level, invert level, depth, distance Gradient, pipe size, type of pipe, type of bedding, type of MH All utilities crossing

Other detailing refer Guideline vol.3


Details design for STP shall include; - Hydraulic design calculation, - process design, - Equipment sizing - complete with clauses from relevant standards, - SI report, - material type, etc.

Inspection And Testing

The Qualified Person is fully responsible to the design construction and overall quality of works. The QP shall be responsible to comply with all requirements for testing in accordance to relevant Guidelines When any works are ready for inspection, the developer shall inform CA via Form SSA/PDC/7

Intermediate Inspection - sewerline

All work shall not be covered up until SPANs authorised person (CA) has conducted inspection at the agreed date and time The Qualified Person shall ensure that all equipment, product and system installed at the work are from the SPAN approved list All sewer and ancillary works shall be tested and inspected by the QP to ensure the pipes are laid correctly according to the approved design and plan and other regulatory requirements.

Sewer-line Inspection and Testing

Test for sewer: Leakage Test Straightness, Obstruction and Grade Test CCTV inspection any other testing and method approved. Test may be conducted at random at any section of sewer and ancillary works QP to carry out leakage test and submit endorsed report to CA CA shall determine selection of sewers to be inspected

Submissions for Final Inspection

The Qualified Person must ensure all work are in accordance to approved design & drawings.

All works shall be COMPLETED and in functional condition when applying for final inspection.

Final Inspection Requirement

Qualified Person (QP) to submit to CA the following: Form SSA/PDC/8 Checklist for Final Inspection -Checklist PDC 8a Related Checklist PDC 8b/c/d STP & NPS -Checklist PDC 8e & 8f Copy of Sewerage Works Approval A3 plans indicating related works under construction Copy of valid contractors license

Developer to carry out remedial works for deficiencies and/or unsatisfactory quality of works identified by SPANs Authorised Person CA may request for re-inspection due to bad workmanship CA may withhold recommendation for CF when the works deemed unfit and/ or lead to safety/ health risk.

When sewerage system( network, NPS and STP are in full compliance to Guidelines and approved drawings, CA shall recommend for CF to LA Owner to provide letter of undertaking for the transfer of STP and/PS land title to the Government.

1. Keperluan sistem pembetungan tidak dipatuhi sepenuhnya semasa mengemukakan permohonan. 2. Ulasan yang dikeluarkan tidak dipinda semasa permohonan- semula. 3. Kedudukan logi tidak mengambilkira kesesuaian berdasarkan kriteria teknikal, persekitaran dan sensitiviti penduduk berdekatan. 4. Pembinaan sistem pembetungan tidak mengikut pelan yang diluluskan. 5. Memastikan agar jururunding yang berkelayakan dibenarkan mengemukakan permohonan sistem pembetungan.

WSIA 2006

Section 47 - the developer to hand over sewerage system of new development to Service Licensee: Developer of new development & within service area upon issuance of CC by the QP, handover the sewerage system to SL . SL shall accept the sewerage system after SL is satisfied that the system meet requirement set out in approved plans, specification and standards. Upon Hand-over, SL to operate & maintain. Owner of the land to provide access for O&M.

CONCLUSION Wastewater engineering is a specialised field,

proper engineering experience and exposures. local sewerage industry. challenges.

Structured long-term technical training is essential

Engineers to keep abreast with changes and