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SENATE BILL 1480 $1,675,000,000 ADDITIONAL DEBT SENATE FISCAL NOTE has general categories but no details....

Pennsylvania State and Local Debt Commonwealth Foundation April 15, 2012 $127,302,785, 456 or $1o, 239 per person in Pennsylvania

Senate Republican Leaders, they are there to help, are they not?

Which Lobbyists Are On the Calendar Today?

Capita l Budget last year 2011-2012 increased Pennsylvania Taxpayer Debt of $1,6 billion and this year even more debt for Capital Projects, sometimes known as RACP, Redevelopment Assistance Capital Projects. Last year Act 130 of 2011 Financed Arlen Specter Library in Philadelphia and John P. Murtha Public Policy Center in Johnstown and Chaka Fattah's House of Umoja in Philadelphia AND Five Big Business Billionaire Corporations Financed by Forgotten Taxpayer with Act 130 of 2011. What do they have planned for The Forgotten Taxpayer this year?