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Paper 1 Instructions: 1 hour 45 minutes

This question paper consists of two sections: Section A and Section B. Answer both sections. You are advised to spend 45 minutes on Section A and one hour on Section B.

Section A : Directed Writing [35 marks] You are advised to spend about 45 minutes on this section. Question 1 You are the President of the Environmental Club. You have been asked to write an article on how we can conserve the environment for the school magazine in the wake of global warming that is threatening our existence. You have made the following notes to write your article: plant trees home school absorb carbon dioxide emit oxygen green lungs concrete jungle cooling consume less electricity switch off when not in use use compact fluorescent bulbs reduce use of ordinary incandescent bulbs increase electricity tariffs reduce water consumption when brushing teeth do not use water from hose washing car watering plants use pail watering can ride bicycle walk school car pool public transport pollution When writing the article, remember to: give a title state the purpose of the article include all the notes given write in paragraphs

Section B : Continuous Writing [50 marks] You are advised to spend one hour on this section.

Question 2 Write a composition of about 350 words on one of the following topics: 1 Describe an unforgettable incident in your life. 2 Teenagers should be allowed to stay out late at night. Do you agree? 3 My favourite food. 4 Money. 5 Write a story ending with: Indeed, neighbours are a blessing.

Paper 2 2 hours 15 minutes
This question paper consists of four sections: Section A, Section B, Section C and Section D. Answer all sections in this question paper. Questions in Section A have either three or four options. You are advised to spend 25 minutes on Section A, 25 minutes on Section B, 50 minutes on Section C and 35 minutes on Section D.

Section A [15 marks] Questions 1 8 Enzyme Active Exquisitely prepared for perfect health Improves blood circulation Increases might Reduces tiredness Good for stomach Made from over a thousand types of vegetables and fruits A Japanese product 1 From the text, we know that Enzyme Active A is exported to Japan B aids in digestion C promotes fatigue D inapt for vegetarians The word Exquisitely can best be replaced by A awkwardly B clumsily C delicately D gawkily IS SUGAR GETTING SCARCE? The headline tells us that sugar is A a rare commodity B not a lucrative business C not grown extensively D probably being hoarded 7 5 Sandwich Delight Lunch promotion - noon to 3.00pm Types of sandwiches - chicken, tuna, eggs, turkey Regular price - RM15 for half a dozen sandwiches Special offer - RM12 for half a dozen sandwiches Add on for only RM2 per plate - onion rings, nuggets, French fries Which of the following is not a poultry product? A Chicken sandwich C Egg sandwich B Tuna sandwich D Turkey sandwich Which of the following is true about the advertisement? A The lunch promotion lasts for four hours B The price of a regular sandwich is RM2.50 C The regular price for a plate of French fries is RM2.00 D The onion rings, French fries and nuggets come with the sandwiches The AIDS Marathon is held annually to raise funds for AIDS patients. Participants can register at the AIDS Centre personally or log on to The registration fee is RM5.00 per participant. We need some professional help such as doctors and psychologists to help us out. We would like to urge the public to come forward and help us out with the mundane duties and to provide moral support as we are short staffed. The aim of the AIDS Marathon is to help the AIDS victims A financially C morally B medically D psychologically Which of the following is not true about the AIDS Marathon? A It is held every year B The aim of the Marathon is to aid AIDS patients C The proceeds of the race goes to the sufferer D The participants should register online only

This sign reminds people to A avoid walking on this area completely B look for an alternative place to walk C walk briskly on this area D walk warily on this area

Questions 9 15
Read the following passage and choose the best answer.

Many readers have been writing for years to the newspapers criticizing Kuala Lumpurs public transport system. There have been endless complaints by not only the public, but also foreign tourists, on the inefficiency and ___________ (9) services provided by the citys buses and taxis. Buses are often crowded, especially during peak hours, and with the ___________ (10) of RapidKL, some are old, dirty and not disable-friendly. Schedules are always ___________ , (11) resulting in the accumulation of passengers at the bus-stops. Some bus drivers are rude and ___________ (12). They shout and scold passengers, smoke and talk on mobile phones while they are driving. Taxi drivers dont use meters and ___________ (13) tourists. They even refuse to take short distances and ___________ (14) a fixed rate. Commuters, on the other hand, are no angels, ___________ (15). We do not queue up. We have this kiasu syndrome of getting into the bus or train first without giving way to elders, pregnant women or the physically challenged. Despite the inconveniences, public transport is a necessity. The Transport Ministry and City Hall should work hand in glove to solve the problems and buy over all the privatized bus operators in the city to manage the public transport system on their own.
Adapted from NST, 26/08/09

A appalling B commendable

C exceptional D venerable C inclusion D insertion C observed D perceived C selfless

B indulgent 13 A acknowledge B cherish 14 A call for B insists on 15 A either B neither

D tolerant C swindle D value C rely on D request for C nor D or

10 A addition B exception 11 A adhered B flouted 12 A insensitive

Section B [10 marks] Questions 16 25

Read the advertisements below and answer the questions that follow. Crystal Hotel 3 Days/2 Nights Welcome drink Buffet breakfast for 2 adults and 2 children Free pass to Kids Wonderland Theme Park RM200 per night (twin-sharing basis) Diamond Hotel 2 Days/1 Night Welcome fruit basket 10% reduction on food at Potpourri Cafe Free 2-way shuttle service to the nearby shopping spots RM175 per night (triad-sharing basis) Ruby Hotel One night accommodation Complimentary newspaper 10% savings on use of mountain bike 1 free national call Rates as low as RM75 Sapphire Hotel 3 Days/2 Nights Complimentary Trade and Economics magazine 20% discount on water sports Late checkout until 2.00 pm RM350 per night

Questions 16 20

Jade Hotel 2 Days/1 Night Free 2-way shuttle to the Health Conference 15% cutback on purchases at the Hotel 2 UJIAN BULANAN Boutique Free ride around the city on Hop On Hop Off bus RM450 per night (quad-sharing)

Referring to the advertisements given, write short answers to the following questions. 16 Jagdave is an entrepreneur who enjoys scuba-diving. Which hotel would you recommend him to stay? ______________________________________________________________________________ 17 Rohan is a physician who has never been to Kuala Lumpur. Which is the best hotel for him to stay? into Lindas arms, but she couldnt hold him. He doesnt know you, Warren offered, putting the mark] ______________________________________________________________________________ [110 bunny back. 3 We weighed our options. Seeking out their breeders or visiting hotel should they put up in? 18 Sonia and her husband are on holiday with other two children. Whichpet shops never entered our minds. Well take him, Linda and I said, smitten. 4 ______________________________________________________________________________ [1 mark] I made a game effort at bonding with the pet we named Binky. Mimicking photos of Dian Fossey communicating with gorillas, I sprawled across the kitchen floor in welcoming, 15 19 Kareena is travelling alone and was oblivious. Which hotel would interest her? unthreatening posture. Binky loves cycling. 5 ______________________________________________________________________________ [1 mark] Often, we gave him the run of the house. We fed him bananas, which he loved, and bought him a lavender leash and a matching chihuahua-scaled harness, which he hated. The walks we took him on alternated between Binky welding himself to hotel would then bolting ahead. 20 Ramlah and her two friends are on a shopping spree. Whichone spot and they prefer to stay? 6 Though he spent a lot of time grooming himself, Binkys most alarming habit was gnawing. 20 Rabbits teeth grow continuously, and the act of chewing grinds them down. Binky gnawed on our ______________________________________________________________________________ [1 mark] woodwork. He pulled out carpet fibres. He decimated chair legs, wicker baskets, speaker cables, magazines, books and shoes. Questions 21 25 7 But what truly seemed eerie was his muteness. A happy cat purrs. An unhappy dog will whine. Rabbitstrain sonic blackis at 3.00pm. Why theyrehe be interestedmanner offensive to them or 25 21 Karims are to Penang slates, grunting if would picked up in a in putting up a night at Sapphire Hotel? emitting a low buzz if they feel excited. Making eye contact with Binky was only slightly more ______________________________________________________________________________ [1 mark] rewarding than staring into the shallows of an opaque pond. I knew some strong being was behind all that fur, but no spark of recognition leapt between us. 22 WhyYet Binky was Hotels package attractown desires. He banged his water dish against his cage to would Crystal adept at conveying his children? 8 show his dissatisfaction at being locked up. He loathed changes. One day when we had the ______________________________________________________________________________ [130 mark] audacity to move the couch to accommodate a new floor lamp. Binky snuffled at the lamp, raised himself on his hind legs, and appeal to a group front paws, shoved 23 Which holiday package would with his powerful of four travellers? the interloper over. 9 Once when he scooted down to our semi-finished basement, I decided to show him he wasnt the ______________________________________________________________________________ [1 mark] boss. But before I could grab him, he crept through a small hole and hid. With the aid of a torch, I could just make out the perky shape of his ears. Leave him alone, Linda advised. Hell come 35 24 Lee is on a budget travel. State two ways he can cut back on expenses by staying at Ruby Hotel. out when hes ready. 10______________________________________________________________________________ [1 mark] Youre right, I said. But I sneaked back, cut a hole in the wall and tried prodding him out with a cardboard wrapping-paper tube. I never got him; he shuffled out on his own. Lessons 25 What will guests at Diamondwits with a rabbit, you cannot win. If the rabbit beats you, youre a fool. I learned: when you match Hotel attain upon arrival at the hotel? And if you manage to beat the rabbit, youre a fool whos beat a rabbit. 40 ______________________________________________________________________________ [1 mark] 11 After two years, Binky did not become more domesticated; if anything, he became wilder. Section C I took his disobedience as a thumbing of his wiggly nose at my alleged authority a conclusion [25escape. I came to after his most impressive, Houdini-like marks] 12 I had built a backyard pen for him, six square metres. At first, escaping was a simple matter Questions 26 hurdlingbased on the following When I raised the fence by 60 centimetres, he started of Binky 31 are the metre-high fence. passage. 45 probing my less-than-sterling workmanship. Finding the post that leaned away from the pen at the 1 greatest angle, Binky scrambled up the steep incline. Or he ran in circlesbut whenbuilt up enough Someone had charitably described the dwarf Dutch breed as moody, until he Linda and I saw one at a local fair, we couldnt help fence. In the end, I hadmidsizemore fencing, bringing the speed for an impressive launch over the ourselves. A beautiful to add rabbit lay placidly atop a table to almoststroked its fur. We couldnt resist petting the animal while admiring its colouring height as a boy two metres. black britches andwont get out of, I with Linda, after fur in between. in his refurbished 13. Thats one pen he a black head cowl told milk-white depositing Binky 50 2 stockade. Ione for sale? Linda asked. Shes the mother, the boyto me,He indicated a trio of Is this went up to my study and 15 minutes later Linda called said. Sweeties, I dont see 5 eight-week-old dwarfof the window,adjacent cage. That one sure is cute, Linda said,and quite Dutches in an I couldnt see him either. The cage seemed calm spying Binky. Looking out one of the babies. You like front door. I ran down and out the side door and nearly tripped over empty. Linda bolted out the him? asked the breeder, a man named Warren. But when he opened the cage for sat there, coolly triumphant.churning parcel isnt the object, his presence at the door him. Binky us, the bunny turned into a Running away of disdain. He packed a wallop from back legs whose sole evolutionary purpose, it is the point. to kick. Warren tipped the writhing bundle told me. Escaping from your stupid pen seemed, was 55 14 Howd he pull it off? Id seen some holes hed excavated, but never had I dreamt hed extend a hole into a bona fide tunnel. I wonder how long hes been working on this, Linda marveled as we surveyed the exit hole in the grass that he had popped up near the pens northeast corner. 15 This is our last rabbit, I fumed. He belongs in 4a barn. You shouldnt talk about Binky like that, she said. Hes crazy about you. 60 [1 mark]

26 (a) From paragraph 1, what variety of rabbit did the writer and his wife buy?

__________________________________________________________________________ [1 mark] (b) From paragraph 2, state what was the initial indication of Binkys moody trait? __________________________________________________________________________ [1 mark] 27 (a) From paragraph 6, what was Binkys most infuriating compulsion? __________________________________________________________________________ [1 mark] (b) How do you know Binky was destructive? __________________________________________________________________________ [1 mark] 28 From paragraph 8, how did the writer find Binky? Give an example from the paragraph. _____________________________________________________________________________ [2 marks] 29 From paragraph 11, which line tells us that Binky became devastating as time went by? _____________________________________________________________________________ [1 mark] 30 (a) From paragraph 14, how did Binky manage to escape from the pen? __________________________________________________________________________ [1 mark] (b) What was the writers reaction towards Binkys escapade? Why? __________________________________________________________________________ [2 marks] 31 Based on the passage given, write a summary in which you describe Binkys antics that irritated the writer. Credit will be given for use of own words but care must be taken not to change the original meaning. Your summary must be in continuous writing form use materials from lines 20 to 60 not be longer than 130 words, including the 10 words given below Begin your summary as follows: The writer knew Binky was a handful right from the . . . [15 marks]

__________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ Section D

[25 marks] 32 Read the following stanza of the poem In the Midst of Hardship and answer the questions that follow. The whole day and night just passed They had to brave the horrendous flood In the water all the time Between bloated carcasses And tiny chips of tree barks Desperately looking for their sons Albino buffalo that was never found (a) What are those two things floating in the floodwater? ________________________________________ [1 mark] (b) What did the couple do out in the rain? ________________________________________ [1 mark] (c) Which word in the stanza suggest that the couple had a difficult time looking for the albino buffalo? ________________________________________ [1 mark] (d) Do you think it is strange for the boy to love the albino buffalo? Why? ________________________________________ ________________________________________ [2 marks]

33 Read the extract from the drama Gulp and Gasp and answer the questions that follow. Rose Crouch Rose Crouch Rose Crouch Rose Crouch : But I cant go home till I earn a few coins. My mother is so sick and I must pay for the pills that will make her well. I havent eaten for three days. : Who cares? : If I can just sell a few flowers, I may be able to pay the doctors. Im trying to save up for an operation on my eyes. Then I will be able to see again. : Bah! Who cares about that? It doesnt matter if you can see or not on a night like this. : Please, I beg you. : We dont have beggars here. Now get out of here and keep this platform free of filthof verminof scum. [He throws her tray of flowers across the platform] [HISS] : But these flowers are all I have. : Unlucky. It looks like your lucky heather aint so lucky after all! Ha ha ha. Im going to tell Lord Septic Ive sent you on your way. But I warn you if you havent gone by the time I come back, you and your flowers will be pulp under the next train. [He leaves] (c) Why does Crouch say that it doesnt matter if she can see or not on a night like this? ________________________________________ [1 mark] (d) From the conversation, what kind of person Crouch is? Why? ________________________________________ ________________________________________ [2 marks]

(a) Why does Rose need an operation? ________________________________________ [1 mark] (b) Why does Rose really hope to make a sale that night? ________________________________________ [1 mark]


Paper 1 Instructions:

1 hour 45 minutes

This question paper consists of two sections: Section A and Section B. Answer both sections. You are advised to spend 45 minutes on Section A and one hour on Section B.

Section A : Directed Writing [35 marks] You are advised to spend about 45 minutes on this section. Question 1 Your friend has written to you that she is under a lot of pressure and does not know how to deal with the surmounting pressure. Write a letter to your friend telling how to cope with the stress. Use the following points in your letter: Health eat well balanced meal regular exercise supplements enough sleep Prioritize importance make a check list dont procrastinate Effective study skills study schedule focus weaker subjects early morning take a break in between tuition Relaxation listen to music play music outdoor activities badminton gardening When writing the letter, remember to: use the proper format include all the notes given add any other relevant details to make your letter interesting

Section B : Continuous Writing [50 marks] You are advised to spend one hour on this section.

Question 2 Write a composition of about 350 words on one of the following topics: 1 A Landslide. 2 Girls should not be taught martial arts. Do you agree? 3 My Ideal Spouse. 4 Mathematics. 5 Begin a story with the following line: Pak Ahmad felt the heavy raindrop on his face.


Paper 2

2 hours 15 minutes

This question paper consists of four sections: Section A, Section B, Section C and Section D. Answer all sections in this question paper. Questions in Section A have either three or four options. You are advised to spend 25 minutes on Section A, 25 minutes on Section B, 50 minutes on Section C and 35 minutes on Section D.

Section A [15 marks] Questions 1 8 Kitchen Remedies Here are some non-pharmaceutical remedies to help ease common ailments. Gargle with saltwater to ease an aching throat Drink ginger ale if you feel bloated Munch on carrots to improve vision Consume oats to reduce cholesterol 1 A person who has an upset stomach should A consume oats B drink ginger ale C gargle with saltwater D munch on carrots David has poor eyesight. He should increase the consumption of A carrots B ginger ale C oats D saltwater From the text, we know that A these remedies are void of drugs B these remedies are scarcely found in kitchens C we need a pharmacist prescription for these remedies D you can only purchase these remedies from a druggist 5 Cooling down is essential as it A allows the muscles to get tensed B emits waste from the body C enables the body to function optimally D overcome the feeling of fatigue

Are you bored of your desk job? Are you fed-up of being ordered around? Do you want to be your own boss? If you answers are yes, then Seam-Pro is the perfect solution to your answers. You will be trained by an experienced professional seamstresses in half-a-year Catch up with latest fashion The best student will be given a boost to initiate his/her own boutique The entire course costs RM10 000 pay in full or parts Loans can be arranged 6 The course is meant for A models C boutique owners B tailors D fashion designers Which of the following is true? A Participants can pay in instalments B Participants are compelled to pay in full C The duration of the course is for twelve months D The best student will be given a boutique to run

Most people jump into exercise without warming up or end the exercise without cooling down. They do not realise the importance of either warming up or cooling down. In fact, cooling down is necessary after a vigorous exercise. This is because our muscle produces waste products that need to be taken out of the system. So, you need to cool down to ensure the body is given the opportunity to do so. You should continue to move slowly instead of sitting down. 4 The word vigorous can best be replaced by A energetic C powerful B strong D excellent Questions 9 15

This sign is usually found at a/an A construction site B factory site C industrial area D office complex

Read the following passage and choose the best answer. Theres a killer lurking around in your own home, just waiting to pounce. Your loved ones and __________ (9) you, could be the killers next victim. What would you or any other mother do? Wouldnt you do everything in your power to save the lives of your beloved ones, even to the point of __________ (10) the lives of others? Especially when the killer is none other than the __________ (11) Aedes. And you know painful death is a possibility. In actual fact, it is easy to kill the Aedes larvae. You can do it with your __________ (12) hands. All you have to do is to __________ (13) down and clear every breeding spot of Aedes larvae in your home and its surrounding, anywhere there is clear and stagnant water. Throw all your rubbish properly into a rubbish bin, especially those that can contain water. Wash and scrub all flower pot plates. Scrubbing is important to __________ (14) the Aedes eggs. Change the water in your vases. You only need 10 minutes every week to kill Aedes larvae. And dont forget to put larvicide into any water that is stored for more than a week. Or simply cover the __________ (15). Remember, Aedes spreads dengue. So, kill the Aedes larvae before they become killers. Show your love.
Adapted from NST, 26/08/09

A absolutely B certainly

C possibly D undeniably C shielding D sheltering C reliable D steadfast C bear D barred

13 A hound B pursue 14 A cram B extricate 15 A creel B decanter

C stalk D track C lodge D thrust C quiver D vessel

10 A annihilating B preserving 11 A dependable B dreaded 12 A bare B bared

Section B

[10 marks] Questions 16 25 Read the advertisements below and answer the questions that follow. Intensive Tonic A revolutionary formula with exclusive hair fall control complex (Procapil & Dermasaccharide) prolongs lifespan of hair and accelerates hair growth for thicker, more lustrous hair. Unisex product Normal Price RM35.00 Styling Gel Easy to spread melting gel. Provides amazing holding power and incredible shine for a high structured finish. Achieve different styling effects. Normal Price RM15.50 Now RM9.90, Super Value (Only with a coupon available in the catalogue) effects. Intensive Repair Conditioner Rinse Off An ultra smoothing conditioner that delivers essential polypeptides and ceramides to rebuild hair structure and restore smoothness to hair. Normal Price RM14.50 Now RM9.50, save RM5.00 Intensive Smoothing Serum Smoothes down frizz and fly-aways as it softens coarse and unmanageable hair. Normal Price RM28.00 Now RM21.00, save RM7.00 (effective only when you buy the Intensive Shampoo for Dry Hair)

Anti-Dandruff Shampoo A deep cleansing shampoo that controls flaking of the scalp and relieves itchiness. Suitable for all hair types. Normal Price RM13.90 Second at RM11.90, Save RM2.00

Questions 16 20 Referring to the advertisements above, write short answers to the following questions. 16 Joanne has curly hair that she finds difficult to deal with. What should she buy? ______________________________________________________________________________ 17 Vincent is embarrassed with his thinning hair. What product would you recommend him to buy? ______________________________________________________________________________ 18 Vivian has dandruff problem. Which product will help her ease problem? ______________________________________________________________________________ [1 mark] [1 mark] [1 mark]

19 Leslie wants a product that will grasp his hair in various hair styles. Which product would interest him? ______________________________________________________________________________ 20 Ronny wants a product that will make his hair silky smooth. Which product would he prefer to buy? ______________________________________________________________________________ [1 mark] [1 mark]

Questions 21 25


21 Name the active ingredients in the Intensive Repair Conditioner Rinse Off that help rebuild hair structure and restore smoothness to hair. ______________________________________________________________________________ [1 mark] 22 Normah bought the Intensive Smoothing Serum at RM28.00. Why did she do so? ______________________________________________________________________________ 23 What is the current offer for the Anti Dandruff Shampoo? ______________________________________________________________________________ 24 Lina had to pay RM15.50 for the Styling Gel. Why did she not get a discount? ______________________________________________________________________________ 25 What word in the advertisement tells you that both genders can use this product? ______________________________________________________________________________ [1 mark] Section C [25 marks] Questions 26 31 are based on the following passage. 1 For Vardy, his job is a dream came true, but it isnt without risks. Helping in his wife Sus pet shop while she was out, he was bitten by a scorpion. Unsure if hed actually been stung (scorpion bites, so he says, are like pinpricks), he carried on stocktaking. Ten minutes later he was getting tunnel vision. By the time Sus new assistant Tony got him home, he was in anaphylactic shock and his throat was closing up. Vardy still managed to tell Tony how to keep him alive with 5 artificial respiration until the paramedics arrived. When a shaken Tony returned to the shop and told Su what had happened she said, God, not again! and went back to work. 2 Su, 40, certainly has to put up with more than most wives. She likes fluffy rabbits and guinea pigs (her wedding gift from Vardy was a wild boar), but being married to a leading insect and reptile handler means that anti-venom is as much as a fixture in the home as the bugs and snakes 10 they share it with. 3 A green sign on their door licenses Vardy to keep 300 scorpions, ten venomous spiders, venomous snakes and three alligators on the premises. The list changes from week to week according to his assignments. The neighbours are very understanding, says Vardy, absent-mindedly dropping chicks into the piranha tank. 15 4 One day recently, he got up at 5.00 am for a promotional shot with a model and British celebrity Jordan, who needed to be draped with large snakes. Pottering down to the garden shed where he keeps his reptiles, he found that the colony of young meerkats living in the garden. They had ripped open the nets hung under the shed roof containing thousands of fruit flies. These had got into the snake vivariums, and while trying to scoop them up he was bitten by a viper. Having no anti-venom 20 to hand that day, he used a venom pump to suck out most of the poison and drove to London for the days work, then sought treatment afterwards. 5 Vardy has become a local legend and village children who knock on the door are always given a tour. He also regularly takes his beasties to neighbouring schools, perhaps recalling his own unhappy school days. 25 currently at work on his own nature programme truant to go looking one that attacks tadpoles, 30 6 An undiagnosed dyslexic, he was happier playingon parasites like thefor worms than sitting burrowing into the spinal cord and mutating cells so the new frog grows uppheasantsextra legs, to eight he raised. in class. He tried being a gamekeeper but couldnt bear the slaughter of the cant escape predators and he was required to the away flies or crush cockroaches. He turned down jobs where gets eaten, enablingflick parasite to move into its desired host. 8 Warwick keen to the company ofas the individuals with their own personalities and in mid- Hes 7 He is prefers portray insects his beasties to people. He dodges into the garden quirks. conversation because he can hear a heron approaching and Daisy, the 1.8 metre alligator, is out. She nearly had the heron for dinner the last time it ventured onto the pond. 35 9 Im terrible with names and with people, he says. I turn up at the studio at the right time with the right bugs, but I wont know who its for or what the film is. Working with insects and things is much better than working with humans. 12 [1 mark] [1 mark] [1 mark]

Adapted from Readers Digest, July 2005

26 (a) From paragraph 1, how did Vardy survive the scorpion sting? ___________________________________________________________________________ [1 mark] (b) What word tells us that Tony was traumatized? ___________________________________________________________________________ [1 mark] 27 From paragraph 2, do you think Su was excited about her wedding present? Why do you think so? ______________________________________________________________________________ [1 mark] 28 From paragraph 4, how do you know that work always comes first for Vardy? ______________________________________________________________________________ [2 marks] 29 From paragraph 5, state two examples of how Vardy instilled the love for animals in the neighbourhood? (a) ___________________________________________________________________________ [1 mark] (b) ___________________________________________________________________________ [1 mark] 30 From paragraph 6, why do you think Vardy gave up from becoming a gamekeeper? Give an example from the paragraph. ______________________________________________________________________________ [2 marks] 31 Based on the passage given, write a summary on Vardys unusual job and his love for animals. Credit will be given for use of own words but care must be taken not to change the original meaning. Your summary must be in continuous writing form use materials from lines 12 38 not be longer than 130 words, including the 10 words given below Begin your summary as follows: Vardy is an animal lover and loves being with wild. . . [15 marks] _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ Section D [25 marks]


32 Read the following poem He Had Such Quiet Eyes and answer the questions that follow. He Had Such Quiet Eyes He had such quiet eyes She did not realise They were two pools of lies Layered with thinnest ice To her, those quiet eyes Were breathing desolate sighs Imploring her to be nice And to render him paradise If only shed been wise And had listened to the advice Never to compromise With pleasure-seeking guys Shed be free from the hows and whys Now heres a bit of advice Be sure that nice really means nice Then youll never be losing at dice Though you may lose your heart once or twice 1968 Bibsy Soenharjo (a) Why does the poet refer to the eyes as quiet? ________________________________________ [1 mark] (b) Which phrase suggests that the man only cares about pleasing himself? ________________________________________ [1 mark] (c) Do you think the advice given is a good advice? State your reason. ________________________________________ ________________________________________ [1 mark] (d) In your opinion, why does the poet compare the game of love to the playing of dice? Is there a similarity? ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ [2 marks] 33 Read the following extract from short story QWERTYUIOP and answer the questions that follow. Just one last thing, the old man said, thats an electric typewriter. Im used to electric typewriters, Lucy said coldly. She was beginning to be annoyed. Not this one. This onesdifferent. You mustnt worry, he said gently, if it goes a little wrong now and again. Just ignore it. Dont bother to retype the letters. Splash on the old correcting fluid. Look, I got you a big bottle. Liquid paper, the things they invent! And if that runs out, cross out the mistakes with a black pen see, Ive put on your tray. Nice and thick it is. That should keep her quiet. I dont make mistakes, Lucy said; honestly compelled her to add, well, not very many. Ive been trained. Ive got a diploma. (a) What field has Lucy graduated? ________________________________________ [1 mark] (b) Why does Lucy feel Mr Darke is irritating her? ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ [2 marks] (c) Who is her that Mr Darke is referring to when he says That should keep her quiet? ________________________________________ ________________________________________ [1 mark] (d) Why does Mr Darke say that the typewriter was different? ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ [1 mark]



Monthtly Test 1 PAPER 1 Section A Measures to Conserve the Environment The ice-caps are melting rapidly as the global temperature increases speedily! This is indeed a wake-up call from the environment. We need to seize the chance and make amends before it is too late as with global warming the mere existence of man is being threatened. Scientists are apprehensive as they foresee the destruction of Mother Earth if drastic measures are not taken to battle global warming. All of us have a duty and responsibility to ensure the existence of Mother Earth as we are living here. This is our only home as the earth is the only planet in the entire galaxy that is conducive for living things. In fact, a small change in our lifestyles will make a major difference to global warming. If we unite in our efforts to conserve the environment, we will indeed be saving the ailing planet. Hence, the aim of this article is to provide some measures we can take to reduce global warming and eventually save Mother Earth from destruction. For a start, plant more plants and trees around our homes and schools. This is crucial as plants are a great source of oxygen. As we all are aware, during the process of photosynthesis, the plants absorb carbon dioxide that we exhale and in turn emit oxygen that we inhale. Thus, we get a continuous supply of oxygen and at the same time reduce the level of carbon dioxide in the environment. The onus is on us to ensure that plants and trees are planted extensively to battle global warming. Campaigns such as one house, one tree can instill the habit of planting trees and plants. Also, it is important to create awareness of the role of vegetation in the crusade against global warming. Planting trees to create green lungs surrounding concrete jungles is a gargantuan task to combat global warming. Not only, will the trees provide a cool and shady area but they will also be able to absorb the excessive emission of carbon dioxide from vehicles. In addition, we have to consume less electricity because in doing so, we will be able to protect the environment. In fact, there are some simple steps that we can adhere to in our attempts to reduce the consumption of electricity. This includes switching off all electrical appliances when not in use and using compact fluorescent bulbs as they consume less electricity. It is a good idea to reduce the use of the ordinary incandescent bulbs. As a matter of fact, the government can play an imperative role in reducing the consumption of electricity by increasing electricity tariffs. Although this may sound ruthless to consumers, but stringent measures have to be taken to reduce the sources of global warming. Similarly, we have to reduce water consumption as well. Most of us leave the tap running when brushing our teeth or when shaving. Indeed, this is an unnecessary waste of water. Instead, use water from a glass to rinse your mouth. Additionally, do not use water from a hose when washing your car or watering plants. Again, this is sheer waste of precious water. Alternatively, use a pail when washing your car and a watering can when watering the plants. You have to bear in mind that excessive water is detrimental to the root of the plant as it can decay easily. Moreover, we can reduce global warming by reducing our dependency on vehicles. This is because the fumes from the exhaust vehicles is damaging to the ozone layer in the atmosphere. As an alternative to vehicles, we can ride bicycles or walk to school. In fact, these are highly recommended activities to reduce obesity and to keep fit. By walking or riding a bicycle to school, you are indeed killing two birds with a stone. This is because these activities are environmental friendly as well as healthy. For those who have to use a vehicle for transport purpose, they may opt to car pool or rely on public transport such as buses, taxis, commuters, LRTs and monorails. Besides saving the environment, car-pooling and using public transport are friendly to the pocket. This is because we save on petrol as well as on the wear and tear of our private vehicles. Whats more, we reduce pollution which is a major source of global warming by reducing the emission of carbon monoxide into the atmosphere. So, let us pledge to work hand in hand to save Mother Earth as this is the only home we have. We do not need to make drastic changes in our lifestyles. Instead, the small steps we take will ensure a more conducive environment for the survival of living things in the planet. Section B 1. Describe an unforgettable incident in your life. Our lives are filled with memories, sweet and bitter ones. Most people tend to avoid remembering bitter memories but hold on to sweet ones. However, there is one bitter memory that will remain with me forever. It is an unforgettable incident that will stay fresh in my mind forever. Rover was my pet dog. I still remember vividly when we bought this terrier. It was a Saturday and it was my fifteenth birthday. I had pestered my father to buy me a dog. So, on my birthday, he took me to the pet shop in a mall to buy the dog. I looked around the pet shop. There were a variety of different breeds and sizes. My eyes looked around the cages of different sizes housing the different dogs. Suddenly, I noticed a cage towards the end of

the room where a puppy was busy chasing its tail. It looked puzzled as it was unable to bite its tail. I thought that was funny and I walked quickly towards the terrier. It looked up at me and wagged its tail excitedly. I looked into its adorable and large eyes. They were full of life and zest. I fell in love with that bundle of joy instantly. It yelped at me and I swiftly extended my right palm to it. The terrier licked it with great enthusiasm. Hi, Rover, would you like to be my pet? I asked. The look on its face was enough to tug at my hearts strings. Gingerly, I held it in my arms. The thrilled animal began to lick my face tenderly. I felt ticklish as the warm tongue kept licking my face eagerly. I carried Rover to where my father was standing. He had witnessed the whole episode and gave Rover the thumbs-up. Together, we went to the cashier to pay for Rover. We also bought some pedigree food and some dog biscuits. I have decided to get a tailor-made kennel for my charming and precious pet. As soon as we reached home, my younger brother came running towards the garage. He was delighted to see Rover. His eyes shone with excitement as he cuddled and hugged Rover. I quickly sprang out of the car and wanted to take Rover in my own arms. However, watching my brothers excitement, I decided to let him revel in the endearing creature. My every waking moment was delightful with Rover. I taught him how to sit, roll over and fetch a stick. Not wanting to be left out, my father taught it to fetch the morning paper from the gate. However, this was disastrous as Rover will tear the paper into pieces. Luckily, Dad was not annoyed but he gave up on his efforts to tutor Rover. He was glad that his children were attached to Rover. All went well for the first six months. Rover grew to be healthy and a handsome dog. My friends loved him and would come home every evening to play with it. Of course, realising that he was the centre of attraction, Rover would prance and strut majestically to woo my friends. I simply loved him. Amidst all the excitement, I failed to notice a storm that was slowly brewing and began to grow in momentum as days passed. My neighbour detested dogs and he was not pleased with the idea of having a dog next door. Being the wonderful dog he was, Rover would keep a watchful eye for strangers. He would bark incessantly to draw the strangers away from the house. Rovers incessant barking added fuel to the smoldering flames of hatred that grew steadily in my neighbors heart. The hatred for Rover grew stronger day by day and one night it erupted. My neighbour went over to the local druggist to buy some arsenic on the pretext of killing some rats. He added the arsenic to some chunky meat pieces and threw it in our house compound when we were all asleep. Obviously, he slept well that night as Rover did not bark. The poor beast was struggling to live. However, the high level of arsenic in the meat chunks was slowly but surely killing him. The next morning, as usual, my younger brother went out of the house to greet Rover. He screamed loudly. I sprang out of bed and ran towards the porch. I stood still as I saw my beautiful dog lying motionless on the coarse tiles. Its mouth was frothy. I blinked back my tears that flowed steadily from my eyes. My brother was howling as he held the motionless animal that we all loved. I quickly went over to him. I sat beside him and hugged him. We both began to cry loudly and this commotion brought my parents to the porch. My mum swiftly pulled us away from Rover while dad quickly placed the dead dog in the car boot. He also took the pieces of meat near it and placed them in a plastic bag. Then, he drove to the veterinary clinic in town. The veterinarian confirmed that Rover died of arsenic poisoning. Dad paid the veterinarian to arrange for a simple funeral for Rover that evening. At 5.00 pm, we were at the clinic. We saw Rovers dead body wrapped in plastic on a stretcher. My brother and I placed some roses on its body and watched the male assistant push the stretcher into a small room with an incinerator in it. We saw him lifting the motionless creature that we so loved into the incinerator. Suddenly, the room lit brightly from the flames of the incinerator. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I realised that was the end of Rover. Images of the excited dog running around my legs filled my memories. I will never forget this incident for the rest of my life. 2 Teenagers should be allowed to stay out late at night. Do you agree? I totally disagree that teenagers should be allowed to stay out late at night. This is because nocturnal activities are linked to vices and teenagers are easily influenced and swayed into all sorts of vice and immoral activities. If you read the newspapers daily, you will realise that most drug deals, rape cases, gang fights, and murders take place at night. Thus, I strongly disagree that teenagers should be allowed to stay out late at night. When teenagers go out at night especially late nights, they tend to go out in groups and not with their families. As we all know, when they are in groups they have a tendency to misbehave. The otherwise quiet and docile boy will become a roaring lion in his group and that is when he is most likely to indulge in vices. They vandalise public property and they derive great pleasure in doing activities that they are barred from doing. Teenagers derive immense pleasure in flaunting rules. There is a Mr Hyde in all of us. As it is dark and there are fewer people on the road at nights especially late nights, the teenagers commit crime easily and get away with it.

Also, at night, teenagers haunt entertainment hubs such as karaoke, pubs and discotheques. Most vices lurk in these places. Drug abuse, alcohol consumption and free sex are rampant here. Although the teenagers are underaged, the shrewd entrepreneurs allow them in for brisk business. The temptation to go astray and to indulge in vices is great as there is neither parental control nor self-control. Consequently, the sweet taste of these sleazy nocturnal activities lure them deeper and deeper into the world of corrupt, deceit and fraud. These teenagers then become easy targets. They fall prey to drug peddlers and pimps. In fact, police raids have shown repeatedly that these sleazy joints are the centres of operations for drug peddlers and pimps. With the lure of money, drugs and sex, these teenagers abandon their morality and religious values for fast bucks and pleasure of the flesh. Hence, I think teenagers should be barred from leaving the house at night. Parents should monitor their teenagers movements and impose curfew hours to prevent their teenagers from getting involved in immoral activities. Finally, staying out late at nights will eventually affect the health and education of the teenagers. If the teenagers stay out late at nights on a regular basis, they will have insufficient sleep. They will feel drowsy and grumpy the following day. This will inevitably affect their performance in school as they will not be able to concentrate on their lessons in class and will ultimately lose interest in their lessons. This is because once they get home, they spend the whole afternoon and evening catching up on sleep to enable them to stay up late at night. If no action is taken, the vicious cycle will continue resulting in disastrous academic results. Also, staying up late will take its toll on their health. We know that sufficient sleep is necessary for a human being to keep healthy and to carry out daily functions effectively. However, if one lacks sleep, ones immune system drops and the stress level increases. In due course, this will have an effect on the body. What is worse is teenagers will resort to drugs to keep them going. If unchecked, we will have a generation of teenagers who are sick, morally and physically. Therefore, I reiterate that teenagers should not be allowed to stay out late at nights. 3 My favourite food I love to eat! Food is my passion and so I spend my waking moments eating and mostly bingeing on my favourite food which comprises foods that are high in calories, sodium, fat and sugar. As you may have already guessed, I am talking about fast food such as burgers, french fries, pizzas, fried chicken, and cheesecakes. No doubt, the list of my favourite food is a dieticians nightmare as this is the perfect recipe for obesity, diabetes, cardiac diseases and hypertension. Still, I will not budge from my favourite food even when the number of fatalities due to these diseases that I have mentioned earlier is placed beside my precious food. I cannot imagine why people would give up on indulging in food. I simply love food. My principle in life is live to eat and not eat to live. In fact, the image of pencil-thin models draped in sexy lingerie and clothes has never motivated me to lose weight although I weighed almost two hundred pounds. I have always been happily dressed in an oversized T-shirt and jeans. I refuse to listen to any negative remarks or advice on losing weight. In short, I have been happy being obese as I can continue eating the food I love. In addition, I have a cousin who is akin to me. We both love food and we are both obese. Although, he is ten years older, I get on clicked very well with him as he would never advise me to control my food. In fact, we often go together to fast food restaurants and binge on the rich food. However, things did not remain the same. An incident rang the panic alarm in me and I was rudely wrenched from my world of rich and sinful gourmet. The incident happened two years ago to my best buddy, my cousin. He had a cardiac arrest at work and although he received immediate medical help, he died in a couple of minutes. The postmortem revealed that he had eight blockages in his arteries and this resulted in the cardiac arrest. My world came crumbling down as not only did I lose a great friend but also the stark reality of the nature of the cardiac arrest loomed large in my mind. I knew that this could happen to me. My cousin had contributed yet another number to the list of fatalities due to his passion for food. It was then that I made up my mind that my favourite food had to go. I was not willing to be another number in that list of fatality. I psyched myself up to change my dietary habits. I realised that I had to pull up my socks to ensure a healthy life. I stuck to a diet of healthy food comprising vegetables and fruits. I totally eliminated fast food from my current list of favourite food. The current food tasted bland compared to the rich and delicious fast food. Yet, I stuck to my decision. Each time, my mind roamed to the delicious fast food, I reminded myself of my cousins fate. That acted as a catalyst to my intention of losing weight. It was a difficult and rocky path and one that I had to travel alone. No doubt, I had the moral support of loved ones, but the sole motivator was my late cousin. Slowly, the pounds started dropping and I began to feel lighter and better. I even signed up at a gymnasium to aid the weight loss a ray of hope shone brightly through as the weight dropped consistently. It has been two years now since my cousins death. I look at myself in the mirror. I am not dressed in an oversized T-shirt or jeans. In fact, the image that I see is one of a pretty girl dressed in a fitting T-shirt and jeans. She looks healthy and energetic. She has made the right choice in changing her favourite food from food high in calories to

vegetables and fruits. Slowly, my eyes roamed around the room and settled on a photograph of my late cousin. We had the wrong kind of favourite food, I said to him. However, I was lucky as fate gave me a second chance to change my favourite food. 4 Money Money is a necessity as without money it would be impossible to live in this material world. If we do not have money, we would not be able to survive well especially with the current situation where the cost of living is soaring. In recent years, we have experienced the food crisis as well as the oil crisis. As a result, the price of food and petrol has skyrocketed. This makes it difficult for the average man to make ends meet. Consequently, families resort to eating simple home-cooked food and relying on the public transport to cushion the impact of the food and oil crisis. Sadly, unscrupulous businessmen seize this opportunity to increase the prices of daily commodities. Hence, we see the price of rice, sugar and other basic necessities go sky-high. The crises had taught all of us a good lesson, namely the importance of money and the virtues of saving money. Although money is a necessity, yet it is also the root of all evils. Prostitution is a trade of the flesh that is as old as the hills. In yesteryears, when there was no money to put food on the table and clothes on the back, women were forced into prostitution. The money was used to sustain the existence of the money. Today, we still find prostitution at large. However, the reason for prostitution has changed from one of sustenance to material gains. In the present day, the trade of the flesh has become a lucrative source of income. Thailand, for example, lures tourists from all over the world via sexual packages. The hotels, massage parlors and night clubs offer the service that has been promised. The tourists pay a hefty sum for the service. So, the business is brisk and lucrative but the aim is not for sustenance but for profitable gains. The sinful trade is due simply to make money and more money. Thus, money is indeed the root of all evil. Hacking, slander and blackmail are crimes that are gaining momentum today. These white collar crimes are on the rise in the present day due to the advancement of technology. What is the motive of these white collar crimes? The answer, undoubtedly, is money. Money is indeed the root of all evils as the perpetrators who are ruthless and heartless rob the poor victims in style and without even confronting their victims. A hacker, who has to be highly intelligent, breaks into the computer system to attain personal details of a persons bank account and then transfers the money into his or her own bank account. The poor victim who does not suspect anything will have the greatest and rudest shock to find the hard-earned money missing from the account! Similarly, the high-technology tools invented for the leisure and pleasure of mankind is today used to drop bombshells as well. Mobile phones and hidden video cameras can easily be used to record an act of infidelity. Then, the video clip depicting the scandalous affair of a married man or woman can easily be uploaded to the Internet for public viewing that will eventually mar the marital relationship. In fact, the video clip is often used to blackmail those concerned in the clip and extort money. This shows that blackmail is an easy way to make large sums of money as the victim is vulnerable and will comply so as to ensure the video clip does not reach the public. This just goes to show how low man will stoop to make a fast buck! We have often heard and read about embezzlement, fraud and misuse of funds amongst high ranking officers. They have been entrusted to handle the funds efficiently yet they are the ones who abuse their positions and misuse the money. We have heard about politicians abusing the money meant to help the less fortunate by instead using them for personal gains. The money has corrupted them to the stage where they lose their conscience and morality. Hence, the poor remain poor and helpless whereas the rich become richer. It is indeed very sad to learn that money can shake ones principles to the core and that the perpetrators have no remorse in embezzling the money. Therefore, it is indeed true that money is the root of all evil. 5 End a story with the following line: Indeed, neighbours are a blessing. Its been ages since Ive been home. I really feel selfish as I have not met my parents for over a year now. Ive been drowned in work that I have had no time to attend to filial ties. This has occasionally pricked my conscience. So, to console myself I would give them the occasional call which was very brief. The last I visited my parents was during Hari Raya Aidilfitri last year and that was only on the eve. The following day I left for the city as I was working the following day. I rationalised I had been working extremely hard to save enough money for my parents to perform the Haj or pilgrimage to Mecca. With that thought firmly in my mind, I erased any conscience pricks that appeared from time to time Then, tragedy struck! I remember vividly that night when I was busy preparing for a presentation the following day. My latest Nokia model phone blared through the night piercing into the silence that I was so accustomed to. My initial thought was to ignore it as my creative juices were flowing swiftly. However, the person on the other hand

was persistent. Swearing under my breath, I stared at the name of the caller on the phone. Mak, I whispered. My heart raced as disconcerting thoughts passed through my mind. With trembling fingers, I pressed the button. Time stood still. Oh, Mak, I gasped. It was my mothers neighbours frantic call. My mother had had a cardiac arrest and she was calling out for me. The phone fell from my hand onto the floor. I felt guilty, angry, terrified and worried. I collapsed to the floor and began sobbing loudly. This couldnt be helping me, I thought. I saw my mothers face. Slowly, the sobbing receded. My clouded mind began to clear and I began to think rationally. I had to get to my mother. I quickly threw a few pieces of my clothes into an overnight bag followed by some necessary toiletries. Then, I picked up my pet cat, Sayang, in my arms and went to the fridge. I took out a carton of milk and placed it in a bottle. Then, I went to the cupboard and took out her bag of pedigree food followed by her food and drink bowl. I placed all these items in the bag and went over to my neighbours house. Luckily, Mary was still awake. In between tears I narrated the whole incident to my neighbour. I also requested her to take care of Sayang in my absence. Mary hugged me and reassured me that my mother would be okay. She took Sayang and promised to take good care of her. Sayang mewed slowly as if she understood my predicament. I thank God for a kind neighbour like Mary. Then, I threw my overnight bag in the back seat and sped through the lonely streets. My mind was a mess throughout the three-hour journey. Happy memories of my time with my mother flitted repeatedly in my mind. I could feel warm tears flowing steadily down my cheeks. I wiped them away with the back of my hand. I tried to concentrate on my driving as I seriously did not want to get involved in an accident. After three-hours of driving, I reached my village. It was in total darkness. My heart leapt to my mouth. A thousand worrying thoughts clouded my mind. I was on the verge of breaking down. However, I psyched myself up with positive thoughts and made my way up to the wooden house. I ran up the stairs and knocked loudly. There was no response. My heart began to race. I started calling for my mother loudly. My voice rang out loudly yet there was no response. Fearing the worst, I broke down and cried bitterly. Then, I felt a warm hand on my cold shoulder. Quickly, I turned around and saw my neighbour, Mak Timah. She bent down and consoled me. Although, I tried to hold back my tears, they came pouring down. Mak Timah hugged me in her flabby arms and whispered comforting words in my ears. Slowly, the tears began to subside. When I felt a bit better, I asked her about my mothers condition. She said that my mothers condition was slightly better and that she had been admitted to the private hospital in the neighbouring town. She also told me that it was already late and that I should stay at her house as there was no one in my house. Slowly, I stood up and I felt weak as my knees were wobbly. Mak Timah held on to my arm and slowly led me to her house. I slowly ascended the short flight of wooden stairs. Mak Timah led me into her kitchen and made me a cup of strong, black coffee. The aroma was comforting as I recalled happy moments when my mother and I would sit together sipping hot, black coffee when I was feeling down. Again, I could not control my tears from flowing. Mak Timah comforted me again and assured me that all is well. After drinking the coffee, I felt better. I followed Mak Timah as she led me to a bedroom. The bedroom was simple with a wooden single bed in one corner and a wooden cupboard opposite. Although it was not impressive, it was most welcome. Mak Timah left me alone in the bedroom. I sank into the comfortable bed. Now, I realised I was extremely exhausted. I looked at my Gucci watch. It was almost 3 am. I quickly went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face. I stared at the mirror. My eyes were red and puffy due to the excessive crying. I shrugged my shoulders and continued my task of cleaning myself. Then, I flopped on the comfortable bed. I tried to sleep but my eyes refused to close and my mind was racing. In between sobs, I managed to sleep but it was only for an hour or so. The crowing of a few cockerels woke me up the next morning. I quickly went to the window. The sun was up and it was a beautiful day. There was neither honking nor polluted air. I quickly went to the bathroom and had a much needed bath to freshen myself. After wearing a loose T-shirt and a pair of faded jeans, I went to the kitchen. Mak Timah had made some creamy nasi lemak for me. Although the rice was aromatic and tempting, I refused as I had no appetite. I settled for a cup of coffee and some banana fritters. Half an hour later, Mak Timah and I were on the way to the hospital. As soon as I parked my brand new Audi in the parking bay, I leapt out of the car. I rushed to the ward where my mother was. I saw her sitting comfortably on the bed and sipping some hot coffee and eating a slice of toast. The mere sight of her melted my heart and reduced me to tears. I rushed over to her and hugged her tightly. I was so relieved that she was okay and recuperating well. My mother told me if it had not been for Mak Timah, she would probably not be alive. That statement made me realise how selfish I had been. Tears gushed out yet again. I ran over to Mak Timah and hugged her. I owed my mothers life to her. Indeed, neighbours are a blessing. PAPER 2 Section A

1 B 6 B 11 B

2 C 7 A 12 A

3 D 8 D 13 C

4 D 9 A 14 B

5 B 10 B 15 A

Section B 16 Sapphire Hotel 17 Jade Hotel 18 Crystal Hotel 19 Ruby Hotel 20 Diamond Hotel 21 This is because the check out time at the Sapphire Hotel is at 2.00 pm. 22 This is due to the free passes to Kids Wonderland Theme Park. 23 Jade Hotel 24 He does not have to pay for the newspaper and he is able to make 1 free national call. 25 A free fruit basket Section C 26 (a) A dwarf Dutch (b) He kicked when the rabbit smacked with his hind legs. 27 (a) He liked to gnaw. (b) He liked to gnaw at carpets, furniture and books. 28 The writer found Binky difficult. This was seen when Binky shoved the new floor lamp as a show of protest for moving the couch. 29 After two years, Binky did not become more domesticated; if anything, he became wilder. 30 (a) He made a tunnel through the grass. (b) The writer was amazed as Binky intelligently excavated a hole through the grass. 31 The writer knew Binky was a handful right from the start. It kicked them when they first attempted to cuddle it. Then, it would gnaw at the furniture and hide in holes to avoid being punished. He would also show his annoyance by banging the water dish against the cage when he was kept in the cage and toppled the new floor lamp as a protest for moving the couch. The biggest challenge was when he was kept outdoors in a pen. Firstly, he escaped by scrambling on a leaning post of the pen. Then, he ran in circles to build enough momentum to jump over the fence. The final straw was when he escaped the two metre pen by excavating a tunnel from the grass near the pen. (126 words) Section D 32 (a) Bloated carcasses and chips of tree barks. (b) Looking for their sons albino buffalo. (c) The word desperately looking. (d) No, although the buffalo is a bit different from the other buffaloes, he still loves it as it was the only buffalo that he has. 33 (a) Rose needs an operation because she is blind and she wants to see again. (b) Because she really needs money for her mom and herself. (c) Because it is a cold and foggy dark night so there is nothing good to see. (d) He is a nasty man with no compassion or kindness. He has no sympathy for Rose at all although she is poor and blind. Monthtly Test 2 PAPER 1
Section A

34A, Pangsapuri Mewah, Taman Muhibbah, 31000 Ipoh, Perak.

12 May 2010 Dear Sabrina, Ive received your letter. I felt sorry for you when I read it. yesterday. I understand that you are under a lot of stress due to your hectic school life. However, you can cope well in school despite the stress by adhering to some logical measures. You must give prominence to your health and never neglect it. Eat a well-balanced meal which should be high in fiber. To do this, consume more vegetables and fruits. Avoid processed and refined food which is easily obtainable such as fast food. This will make you lethargic and you will feel unwell. Remember to do exercise regularly as this will keep you fit and keep diseases at bay. Since you are staying in the apartment, taking a few rounds around the block should suffice. No to forget, exercise 30 minutes daily. In fact, you can rope in a few friends to walk with you. You will not find this strenuous at all as you are having a jolly time chatting. Also, check with your practitioner, if you have any vitamin deficiency so you can make up for the deficiency by having some supplements. It is important to have the necessary nutrients for your body to function normally. Since you enjoy ballet dancing, you should seriously think about resuming the classes. I knew you stopped it as you are unable to cope with your studies. However, ballet dancing is what you love most and you are happy when you are doing it. I strongly propose you continue with the ballet classes. It will help you lessen your stress. Most of all you must have sufficient sleep as adequate rest is essential to beat stress. When one is stressed, the mind and body is under duress. So, by sleeping well, both mind and body are able to relax. Undoubtedly, sleep is the best approach to combat stress. Besides taking care of yourself physically, you need to also learn some sound time management skills. Its true that, you have a lot of work to accomplish but remember, Rome is not built in a day. This means you can manage the pile of work with little or no stress if you learn how to prioritize. So, what you should do is to complete the most important work first and then accomplish the other tasks that are not-so-urgent. In simple words, complete your tasks according to importance so as not to be overwhelmed with work. To do this, first you need to make a check list of all the work that you need to do. Then, state the deadline of each task so that you are aware of the date of submission. Now that you are aware when each task is due, you can begin completing them. Most importantly, do not procrastinate as work will keep piling up. So, complete the work as it comes. Now that you have found a sensible solution in dealing with the massive homework you have, we ought to discuss how you can study well to achieve good grades. To achieve this, you need to acquire effective study skills. In simple words, you need to draw out a study schedule. Now, according to sound researches, to utilize our mind optimally, we should study early in the morning after we have had a good rest. So, always study in the early hours of the morning. Then, analyse your ability in each subject. This means you need to identify the subjects you are good in as well as the subjects you are weak in. After that, draw out your timetable carefully by focusing on the weaker subjects early in the morning. Bear in mind that studying continuously will only add on to your stress. So, remember to take a break in between your revision. This is essential to reduce stress. Also, if you feel that you need extra guidance for your weaker subjects, I would strongly advice you to attend tuition. Again, practise caution. Please do your homework by finding a tuition teacher that you feel will help you. Keep in mind that the tuition class should be a boon to you and not a bane. We do not want you to be further stressed with tuition. The best cure for a stressed mind is undoubtedly relaxation. This means you should allocate time for relaxation. Spend half an hour to an hour doing what you really like best. I would suggest you listen to music as you love music. In fact, you should play the music of your favourite artistes. In addition, you can also get involved with outdoor activities such as badminton or gardening. I am sure that your stress level can be reduced and even diminished if you adhere closely to the tips given above. It is good to be successful in life but health should always be your top priority because wealth can never replace good health. Take care and hope to hear from you soon. Your friend, Alicia Section B 1. A Landslide I quickly helped my father to put the entire luggage in the car boot. Waves of excitement overtook me as I hurriedly tossed the luggage. My father who was watching me reprimanded me for being lackadaisical and made me rearrange the luggage neatly so as not to be destroyed as we drive through the narrow roads. Yes, we are going to Cameron Highlands, to the land of hills and honey. As you may have already guessed, Cameron Highlands is surrounded by hills and there are many apiaries that produce high quality honey. Why do women have to take so long to get ready when it only took me five minutes to put on a pair of faded jeans and a black and white striped T-shirt? Losing my patience, I went to the drivers seat and honked loudly reminding them to hurry up. Again, this behavior met my fathers disapproval and I was once again reminded of the virtue of

patience. With a scowl on my face, I retired to the back seat waiting for what seemed like ages. Finally, I saw the front door opening and out came my down-to-earth mother dressed in a sober coloured blouse and a pair of black slacks. Behind her was my obnoxious sister dressed, as usual, in a silky and floral blouse with a pair of trendy jeans. If thats not enough, she held a dainty tote bag in her well-manicured left hand. I guess shes dressed as a supermodel as that is her ambition, to be like Tyra Banks. Just then, the door opened again and soon the maid came running out of the house holding a large bag. With a broad smile that showed off her three rotten teeth, she handed me the bag. There was a delectable aroma from the bag that drifted into my nostrils. I knew at once that she had made my special chicken fried rice. I looked at her gratefully and gave her one of my dazzling smile. She was indeed so thoughtful. I was indeed grateful to her. She quickly waved and ran back into the house. She was not going with us as she had to keep an eye on my aging but bubbly grandparents who would not be able to endure the rugged journey. Finally, after waiting intolerantly for almost two hours, we left. The drive in my fathers brand new Audi was indeed very comfortable and cozy. The powerful engine purred smoothly on the broad highway roads. It was no doubt a relaxing drive. After an hour of maintaining a speed of 120 km per hour, we reached Tapah. I was excited as we were embarking on the rugged road that led to Cameron Highlands. I glanced upwards towards the sky. It was beginning to get dark as we ascended the narrow and winding roads. The powerful Audi roared effortlessly as it made its way higher and higher into the hills. The weather turned for the worse as it began to pour torrentially. I looked out of the window as the rain thrashed mercilessly on the bountiful trees and lush vegetation that adorned the hills. I saw some animals and the members of the indigenous tribe running helter-skelter for protection against the heartless rain. I must say that I have never seen such a heavy downpour before in my life. As I continued my observation, I began to realise that my father was slowing down and soon came to a complete halt. Swiftly, I gazed out of the window and saw a fleet of cars ahead of our car. It was still drizzling heavily. My father decided to investigate as the traffic on both sides of the road came to a complete standstill. Armed with an umbrella, my father stepped out from the serenity of the car into the stormy and cold atmosphere outside. Not wanting to be left alone, I lunged out of the car. The rain was indeed merciless! Within seconds, I was soaked to the skin. I ducked swiftly under the umbrella. My father gently reminded me to go back to the car but I refused. At first, he was adamant but later on he relented. He clutched onto my hand tightly and we braved the treacherous rain. My father gripped the handle of the umbrella tightly as the strong winds blew menacingly. I hurdled closer to my father. It took us a good ten minutes walk before we reached the source of the help. What I saw was astonishing! A pile of rubble laid in the middle of the road blocking access on both sides of the road. There was fresh earth with broken rocks and huge boulders as well as uprooted trees on the road. What a mess! A huge crowd gathered at the scene as they watched hopelessly at the landslide. Luckily, no car was trapped under the pile of earth. According to the driver of the first car, he was driving slowly along the bend as visibility was poor due to the heavy downpour. Just then he heard a loud deafening sound. He became scared and slammed on the emergency brakes quickly. What happened next baffled him! A large boulder came rolling down the road and landed right in front of his car. Quickly, he turned back and saw that there was no car tailing him. He reversed back as fast as he could. Just then, a lump of fresh earth slid down followed by huge boulders and uprooted trees. The incident had taken place almost an hour ago. However, he could not contact the authorities as there was no mobile coverage in the area. As there was nothing we could do except wait, my father nudged and we turned back towards our car. We me walked carefully as the road was wet and there were large puddles of water on the road. I was glad to see the car as I wanted to be out of this wet and cold weather. As soon as we reached the car, I quickly pulled the rear door open and clambered into the car. It was heavenly! Although the interior of the car was cold, it was definitely not wet compared to the outside weather. I quickly took out the bag of food that my adorable maid had packed. I smiled broadly as there was a flask in it. I pulled it out and the familiar aroma of my favourite teh tarik wafted into my nostrils. I quickly grabbed one of the mugs and poured out some hot teh tarik and slowly began to sip it. Mm it was delicious and hot! Being the gentleman that I am, I poured some tea for my father. He was only too happy with my kind gesture. My anxious sister pulled out a plate and the food flask containing the yummy chicken fried rice. She put some on the plate for herself and ate. My mother was annoyed and reminded her not to be selfish. I burst out laughing and my sister pulled her face showing her annoyance. She mumbled an apology. Then donning on her mask of a perfect hostess, she placed some fried chicken rice for each of us. As we were savoring our meal, a police patrol car, a van containing some men and two tractors passed us by. I knew that help was here. I sought permission from my father to watch the men at work. As usual, my father said no but later on he agreed as he wanted to witness the clearance work himself, too. Again, we dashed out of the car under the umbrella and made our way to the scene.

As expected, a large crowd had gathered. Obviously, they were as curious as us. The men on the tractors were busy clearing the road. They pushed the rubble into the deep valley. Slowly but surely the earth, boulders and uprooted trees began to disappear into the valley. The policemen were equally busy. When one lane was cleared, they directed the crowd to get back into their cars. Then, they directed the traffic to ease the congestion. As the road was slippery and narrow, my father drove carefully and soon we were speeding along the rugged road leading to Cameron Highlands. I glanced at my watch. We were trapped for almost three hours at site of the landslide. I kept my fingers crossed the and hoped for a thrilling holiday in Cameron Highlands. 2 Girls should not be taught martial arts. Do you agree? Last Monday, Joanne was walking home after school. A group of men dressed in dirty shirts and tattered clothes approached her. Sensing trouble, she walked at a very fast pace. She glanced over her shoulder and saw the men behind her, walking at an even faster pace. Realising that the men are indeed after her, she began to run. The men soon caught up with her and they formed a circle around her. They began to laugh loudly and started touching her with their dirty hands. Joanne tried to run by pushing them but they were quicker than her. One of the men grabbed hold of her arm and twisted it. The poor girl began to cry loudly and screamed for help. Just then, she heard a female voice demanding the man to let her go. Joanne was relieved that someone was there to help her. The men laughed louder still as Joannes good Samaritan was just another female. However, the men did not realise the girl, Sarah, was a black belt taekwando expert. Realising the men will not let go off Joanne, Sarah attacked the men. The men were not prepared for Sarahs solid blows and painful flying kicks. By this time a crowd had formed at the scene of the incident. Fearing the worst, the men let go off Joanne and fled. Joanne fell on her knees and thanked Sarah for saving her life and dignity. However, not every woman is as lucky as Joanne. This story stresses on the importance of girls learning martial arts. I personally think everyone should learn martial arts regardless of gender. The art of self-defence is so crucial especially today with the ever increasing rate of crimes. Neither men nor women are spared from being victims of crime. I think girls especially need to be taught martial arts as they are more vulnerable to becoming preys than males. Most of the snatch thefts and rape victims are females. These are sound reasons for girls to learn martial arts. As we all know, women are the weaker sex when it comes to physical strength compared to men. Thus when confronted with a man, chances are the woman will be an easy prey. However, this need not be so if the woman has knowledge of martial arts. At least she will be able to put up a struggle and maybe by this time passers-by may come to her aid. So, by learning martial arts a woman has some knowledge and techniques of self-defence. Also, martial art is a good form of exercise for both genders. Through martial arts, a woman or man keeps fit and increases the stamina. The intense movements help develop strong muscles and strength. In fact, they become so strong that they can even crush a pile of bricks with their bare hands! Amazing, isnt it? It is true that martial arts helps amplify ones endurance as can be seen in the example of crushing the pile of bricks with ones bare hands. In addition, when one has acquired the physical strength, confidence comes naturally. So, not only does the girl who has learnt martial arts become confident of attacking her assailants and protecting herself but she also boosts her self-esteem. This is inevitably the by-product of learning martial arts. In view of the fact that martial arts equip oneself to protect oneself from assailants, I would strongly urge all parents to ensure their children are taught martial arts. As parents, we can never be there to help our children from danger. So, the best bet would be to learn martial arts. 3 My Ideal Spouse The tall, dark and handsome man in a shining armour rode a handsome black stallion and swiftly scooped me into his muscular arms and we rode gallantly into the magnificent sunset. I closed my eyes tightly as I wanted to savour this moment forever. Just then, I felt a nudge on my shoulder. I smiled broadly as I opened my eyes flittingly. Oh no it was not my hero but my troublesome brother who was trying to wake me up! Go away, I shouted angrily. I quickly closed my eyes trying to recapture my sweet moments with my dream man. Sadly, I could not recapture that moment again. Ah I gave up on seizing that mesmerizing moment! I got into the bathroom and cleaned myself meticulously before going down for breakfast. As I was drinking my strong black coffee, my thoughts flitted back to the man in my dream. He fitted well into my template of an ideal spouse. He is physically magnificent, a Greek God so to speak. He is tall, almost a sixfooter, with powerful biceps and triceps, probably due to his interest in weight lifting. He has a dark complexion, okay not so dark, as I am fair so he needs to complement my rosy complexion. He has sharp features, beautiful brown almond eyes with a sharp nose that flatters his angular face. His lips are so kissable and he has high cheekbones. His brownish hair is short with soft bangs that curl lovingly around the nape of his neck. I clicked the

perfect image of this guy and exported it to my heart to be kept locked forever. Alas its just a wish and desire that may never materialise. I shook my head violently to remove the image of my dream man. Its time for reality check! Although it was a wonderful vision, stark reality stares hard at me. Do I really want a man that all the girls in the world would go gaga over? If I had such a guy, I know I would be having eye bags and dark rings under my eyes due to lack of sleep as I would be wondering who is after my man now! Its not such a sweet dream after all, is it? I slouched in my chair thinking about my ideal spouse. What would he be like? Handsome? Imagine walking down a road, locking arm in arm with a handsome man. Wow, I would indeed be the envy of every woman! Now, that spells trouble, doesnt it? Instead of gazing lovingly into his sexy eyes, I would be looking at every woman trying to wonder if Mr Right is being seduced by these sexy women? I do need my sanity! So, I do not need a man as handsome as a Greek God but he should be pleasant looking. I think I am quite an attractive person so it is only fair to visualise an equally attractive guy beside me. I do seriously hope he is not a six-footer as I am petite. I do not want to be looking up all the time as I do not want to end up with a stiff neck. He should be about five feet seven inches. Mm that would be perfect! In addition, he has to have a good physique as I admire men with broad chest, oh, yeah and a hairy one too, as well as a tapering waist. Now, dont you think we would make a handsome couple? A handsome husband is indeed a boon to every woman. However, I need a man who is not just physically handsome but also one who has an equally beautiful nature. Most importantly, he should be partially blind, and dumb. This is because I am not a perfect angel myself. I know I have maybe one or two shortcomings, okay, so, I have a few shortcomings that may irritate him and cause him to blow his top. However, he should be blind to the wrong things I do for example burning that big hole in his pocket due to overspending or keeping mum in an argument so as to let me win every argument hands down. Jokes aside, I need a man who is understanding and caring and who is able to make allowances for my mistakes. I am but a mere human so that gives me the licence to err. So, my dream man should forgive me for all the wrong I have done and the ones that are hatching in my mind, even as I write! I basically feel that a husband should be very tolerant and allow some mischief from his dearly beloved. Finally, I want a husband to compensate for my weak areas which means the areas that I refuse to work on for example, cooking. I just detest cooking. The mere thought of sweat pouring down my heart-shaped face as I slog in front of the flame cooking up a burnt meal or as I wrestle the stained dishes, pots and pans with a sponge filled with soap that coarsens my silky and smooth hands, just makes my skin crawl. Moreover, I cannot imagine myself draped in an old overall armed with a mop and a pail filled with soapy water to mop the floor and having my hair messed up with cobwebs due to the never-ending dusting around the house. Ugh my husband should be doing all that! Well, if my dearly beloved does not want to do it, he should be able to hire a maid. I just want to be dressed up immaculately with perfectly manicured finger nails and toenails. Obviously, household chores are not my cup of tea. Therefore, another quality I look forward in my dearly beloved husband is hard cash. Well, at least he must be making enough money for me to go for my annual cruise around Europe and shopping at Marks and Spencer as well as pay for a maid to do the household chores around our mega bungalow. In short, I want a husband who is physically good-looking, emotionally strong and financially sound. 4 Mathematics Mathematics has always been one of my dreaded subjects. This was made worse by the fact that the teachers had never ignited the flame for this subject in me. I never looked forward to this subject and I waited impatiently for the bell to ring each time to mark the end of the lesson and my sufferings as well. However, my passion for Mathematics grew when I was in Form 3. This was attributed to the Mathematics teacher, then. Her loving and caring nature attracted me to her like a strong magnet. The person to whom I owe my deep interest in Mathematics during my adolescence was Miss Suzanne. She was a young Indian lady, in her late twenties. I felt a physical attraction the moment she walked through the door. She was as graceful as a swan as she walked elegantly through the door. Then, she stopped and turned around to face the class. She looked around the class and gave a bright smile. It must have been a very high voltage smile as it lit up the whole room. I responded to her smile with an equally bright grin. I was sure from that moment that my favourite subject was going to be Mathematics. When she opened her dainty mouth to speak, the words fell like jewels. There were rubies, sapphires, emeralds, diamonds, garnets, amethysts, topaz and what have you! I was taken in by this petite woman dressed in a fitting Punjabi suit. She was as vibrant as the colours of her outfit, a multiple shade of gold, red and yellow. Undeniably, magnificent! To complement her attire, she wore a matching pair of exquisite golden high-heeled shoes, as well as a stylish leather handbag. She had made a massive impression, not only on me, but my classmates as well. After a brief introduction, she began the lesson. She was so crystal clear in her explanation that I was soon immersed in the lesson. The dark clouds that always seemed to shroud my head during Mathematics lesson slowly

began to lift. I was beginning to understand Mathematics due to her crystal clear explanation. She took great pain to explain each step and showed how any Mathematical sum can be solved in simple ways. By now, the cloud had completely lifted and I was being blinded by the strong rays from the bright Mathematical sun. If only someone in the past had taken the care and pain to teach me in this a manner, I would have long developed a great love for Mathematics. I began to take Mathematics very seriously and began to complete my homework on time. I was very meticulous in my work as I wanted to impress the beautiful, Miss Suzanne. She too, being an observant and dedicated teacher noticed my diligence. She praised me for my amazing work and progress. I have undoubtedly progressed by leaps and bounds! In the past, I feared a Mathematics test but now I was raring to go! I had so much confidence in myself that I knew I would pass the test with flying colours. On the day of the test, I was the first to reach the classroom. I had this unusual excitement in me that I had never experienced before! Why was I so excited? I did not have the faintest idea. The question was soon answered with the appearance of Miss Suzanne. She was clutching on tightly to a bundle containing the Maths question papers. I was excited about the test. As usual, she greeted the class with her contagious smile and the dreary class lit up with her dazzling smile. Then, she did the mundane task of distributing the question papers. My heart thumped recklessly as the question booklet was placed on my table. I took in a few deep breaths to pacify my wrought nerves as I wanted to have a clear mind when I tackle the Maths sums. When she told us to begin the test, I flipped open the question booklet and tears rolled down my eyes. No, do not get me wrong, I was not frustrated! These were tears of joy! For once in my life, I was not hysterical! I felt a new confidence surging in me and soon a volcano of jubilance erupted in me! I was so ignited that I thought I would burst into flames! Without any delay, I proceeded with the test. The Mathematical sums seemed so easy and manageable. I kept at my task and soon I was so immersed that I did not hear Miss Suzanne reminding us gently that the test is over. I looked at my complete test paper. This was a far cry from my previous Mathematics test paper where empty spaces abound due to my inability and disinterest to answer the questions. As I handed in my paper, Miss Suzanne patted me on my shoulder as a show of encouragement as she knew I had always struggled with Mathematics. In fact, it had always been an uphill task with a very slim chance of passing the test! The next day, my heart beat erratically as I waited impatiently for the Mathematics period. When the bell rang signaling the beginning of the Mathematics period, I got up and paced the classroom as I was very nervous. Just then, Miss Suzanne walked in and said Congratulations, Vickram! You are the top seed for this test! You have answered all the questions correctly! This compliment was music to my ears! I was so elated that I jumped repeatedly with excitement. Miss Suzanne smiled encouragingly as she went on distributing the answer scripts to the respective students. Then, she came over to me and asserted her satisfaction in my progress. That was twenty years ago when I overcame the biggest hurdle in my adolescence Mathematics. Today, I am an accomplished accountant and I am heading my own established and renowned accountancy firm in not just Malaysia but in the Asia Pacific Region. I owe my success to Miss Suzanne who helped me discover the love for Mathematics that was buried deep within me. She helped unearth the massive rubble that buried my burning desire for Mathematics! I glanced at the calendar, 16th May! I took out my latest model of mobile phone and dialled the number that I have kept for twenty years. Someone on the other end picked up the phone and I said, Happy Teachers Day, Madam Suzanne! 5 Begin a story with the following line: Pak Ahmad felt the heavy raindrop on his face. Pak Ahmad felt the heavy raindrop on his face. He looked up at the clear blue sky. Would it rain today? This question had been plaguing him and the rest of the villagers for the last three months. The dry spell never seemed to end. He looked at the paddy field he was standing on. It was as dray as bone! The earth was cracking and the dust swiveled as the dry wind blew weakly. Even, the wind could not cool down the intense heat. As the other days, today will be yet another dry day without any rain. Pak Ahmad was very disturbed. Last year, at this time, the paddy field was in green hue as the paddy seedlings were taking root and the shoots were sprouting eagerly. The good weather also helped yield a good harvest. He was able to settle all his debts including the loan to pay off the fertilizer and seedlings. In fact, there was even a surplus that he could use to repair the leaking roof and extend the wooden house to enable his eldest son and his new bride to live in. This year he had no money to even afford a decent meal for a day. They have been surviving on rice, soy sauce and salted fish for the past three months. In fact, he had no money to pay his utility bills for the past six months. To add on to his burden, he had borrowed a large amount of money from the village headman to finance his

youngest sons education in the university. If the drought continues, there will be no income and he would be drowning in debts. Pak Ahmad shooked his head vigorously as if this action would relieve him off his worries. His head was so muddled as he kept pondering on his financial situation as there would be no income for the coming months due to the drought. Pak Ahmad heaved a deep sigh as he realised the future looked bleak. Realising there was nothing he could do at the paddy field, he decided to walk back to the house. However, as he was in no mood to hear the moaning of his wife on their current financial situation, he thought he would spend some time with his friends at the villages only coffee stall. He quickened his pace towards the coffee stall as he wanted to forget his financial woes temporarily by chatting with his group of merry friends. As usual, a big crowd of men had gathered around a round wooden table sipping their cold coffee. They normally order only one cup of coffee throughout their chat so that they could save some money. Likewise, Pak Ahmad ordered his cup of coffee and sat amidst the burly men. Pak Ahmad noticed that the men were so engrossed in their conversation that they did not return his greeting. He realised that the gathering must be of utmost importance as they have never ignored him before this. If you cant beat them, join them, thought Pak Ahmad. He pricked his ears and listened intently to the topic of conversation. He soon realised that they were talking of the get rich quick scheme. Evidently, an acquaintance of theirs, Pak Leman, from the neighbouring village who was a pauper is now a millionaire! He resides in a magnificent bungalow and has a fleet of luxury cars. The men were awed with his success. Innately, they were all reflecting on the opportunity to be in a similar boat! After talking for another hour or so, the crowd dispersed. As soon as Pak Ahmad reached home, his wife began her usual nagging. She reprimanded him for being irresponsible and lazy. Pak Ahmad who was immune to these daily naggings, shrugged his shoulders and sank into his thin and lumpy mattress. He tried to grab forty winks but he could not due to two reasons. Firstly, he was bitten mercilessly by the angry bedbugs and secondly, his mind kept flitting to the conversation that he had with his friends. He, too, desired to have a luxurious life without worrying about his financial woes every waking and sleeping moment. His thoughts were disturbed by his rumbling thin belly. He was surprised that his wife had not called him for lunch. Slowly, he got up from the creaking bed and walked in daze towards the wooden kitchen. He lifted the food cover where the food was normally kept expecting to see his usual meal comprising rice, soy sauce and salted fish. However, he was in for a surprise as there was no food at all under the food cover! A feeling of anger came over him and he stormed out of the kitchen in search of his wife. He found her crying at the foot of the wooden staircase leading to their house. She was holding a letter in her hand and was wailing loudly. When asked why she was crying, she turned around and hurled strings of abusive words to her husband. This angered him further and he nearly hit her in anger. The angry woman retorted by throwing the letter on his face. Then she stormed into the house. Pak Ahmad picked the crumpled letter from the dusty ground and read its content. A sense of disbelief crossed his face. It was a notice from the bank reminding him to pay up his debts or his house will be auctioned. Tears welled up his eyes as the house belonged to his father-in-law. Now, he knew why his wife was furious. Pak Ahmad went over to his room and put on his only decent pair of dark trousers and a light blue baju Melayu. He then sat on his bicycle and rode off. After half an hour, he reached the neighbouring village. As his friends have stated, Pak Ahmad found Pak Lemans house easily. He was the only one who owned a magnificent bungalow and a fleet of luxury cars. He made a beeline towards the bungalow and saw a smartly dressed man coming out of the latest BMW. Pak Ahmad greeted him and told him the reason for his visit. Pak Leman smiled broadly and invited him in. Pak Ahmad was impressed with the interior of the bungalow with fine furniture imported from Italy. Pak Leman told Pak Ahmad to invest as much money as he can to get as much return as possible. As Pak Ahmad had no money, he took out the house grant and gave it to Pak Leman who smiled broadly. Pak Leman assured Pak Ahmad that he would receive his returns as early as next week. The elated Pak Ahmad rode home happily grinning from ear to ear. Finally, he had found a way to come out of his poverty that had been crushing his entire life. The following week passed too slowly for Pak Ahmad. He was always in a good mood and endured his wifes constant naggings and bickering. He was not going to be deterred by her pessimistic view towards life. A week had passed and Pak Ahmad was unable to contain his excitement. He kept looking out of the window for the arrival of the good news that will end the chapter of poverty in his life. His prayers were soon answered as the following day a huge car came to their doorstep. A well-dressed man came out of the car and walked up the staircase. After greeting Pak Ahmad and his wife, he came into the house and sat down. He took out a white envelope from his attach case and passed it to Pak Ahmad. At last, what he had waited for! His days of being enveloped with poverty will change with the content of the envelope in his hand!

With trembling hands, he took the letter out of the envelope. He could not believe his eyes! This could not be true! His hopes and dreams were dashed! He had lost the house to Pak Leman who was now the legal owner of the house! His dreams of living a good life ended with the content of the letter. Undoubtedly, he had been yet another victim of the get rich quick scheme! PAPER 2 Section A 1 B 6 B 11 B

2 A 7 A 12 A

3 A 8 A 13 D

4 A 9 C 14 B

5 B 10 C 15 D

Section B 16 Intensive Smoothing Serum 17 Intensive Tonic 18 Anti-Dandruff Shampoo 19 Styling Gel 20 Intensive Repair Conditioner Rinse Off 21 Polypeptides and ceramides 22 This is because she did not buy the Intensive Shampoo for Dry Hair. 23 You can buy a second bottle at RM11.90. 24 She did not have the coupon that is available in the catalogue to enable her to get a discount. 25 Unisex Section C 26 (a) He told Tony to keep giving him artificial respiration till the paramedics arrived. (b) The word is shaken. 27 I do not think she was excited about a wild boar as she loves cuddly animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs. 28 Vardys work was always his priority as even when he had no anti-venom to treat the venomous bite of a viper, he completed his assignment first before seeking treatment. 29 (a) He takes the village children for a tour of his beasty friends. (b) He takes his beasty friends to neighbouring schools on a regular basis. 30 This is because he could not bear cruelty against animals. This is shown in the sentence, He tried being a gamekeeper but couldnt bear the slaughter of the pheasants he raised. 31 Vardy is an animal lover and loves being with wild animals. So, he rears various venomous reptiles and bugs. His love for animals grew from young where he used to play truant in search of worms. His adoration is so great that he doesnt mind even when he was bitten by a vicious viper. Even then, he completed his assignment first before seeking treatment. His other interest lies in experimenting with creatures where he mutates cells to derive breeds that defy the norm. He is also against animal cruelty and so he gave up being a gamekeeper. In fact, he enjoys being with creatures more than with human beings. This can be seen when he remembers which creatures are needed for an assignment but forgets who needs them. (129 words) Section D 32 (a) It suggests that the eyes did not show his wicked nature. (b) The phrase pleasure-seeking. (c) Yes, because it recommends people to look after oneself carefully as one will be easily influenced and its too late to regret when it comes to the end. (d) Yes, there is a similarity. In the beginning, you are not able to know what will you get. But once you played the game, you will know whether youve won or lost the game. 33 (a) Secretarial field. (b) She is irritated because Mr Darke thinks that she cannot even recognise an electric typewriter although she has just graduated from a secretarial college. (c) The late former secretary, Miss Broome. (d) The electric typewriter always goes wrong now and then.

Mr Darke suggests Lucy not to bother retyping letters and use the correcting fluid when it goes wrong.