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STUDENT REFERENCE FOR QUESTION OF NAVAL ARC 3 TOPIC 1 EXAMPLE 1 If I = 588,541, A = 984.66 and y = 1.97, calculate BML. EXAMPLE 2 Find the MCT 1 cm. Given: = displacement of ship in tonnes = 14,300T GM L = longitudinal metacentric height = 105.6m L = L BP = 96m

EXAMPLE 3 Find the MCT 1 cm. Given T = TPC = 20.11 t/cm B = Beam in m = 18m

EXAMPLE 4 Calculate the TPC. When A w = 2011 Density fresh water = 1, 1/100 = 0.01 EXERCISE 1 Given: L BP= 132m = 15,500t (SW) T LCF= 7.21m LCG from midships = 2.58m aft The following information is then assumed to be taken from the hydrostatic curves: At 7.21m draft: LCB from midships = -1.67m LCF from midships = -4.65m


M T= 196 t-m EXERCISE 2 A vessel has the following particulars: L = 120m B = 15m C WP = 0.76 at load waterplane T = 7.5m = T A = T F LCF = 1.8m aft of amidships

If the vessels longitudinal moment of inertia of load waterplane about midship is 1,350,800m 4 , then determine the new draft at FP & AP if 80t of load is moved through a distance of 60m from aft to fwd. EXERCISE A ship 125 m long displaces 12,000 tonne. When a mass of 100 tonne is moved 75 m from forward to aft there is a change in trim of 65 cm by the stern. Calculate: MCT 1 cm (Moment to change trim 1 cm); The longitudinal metacentric height; The distance moved by the centre of gravity of the ship.


TOPIC 2 EXAMPLE 1 Calculate the singkage. Given : TPC = 14.2 t/cm Mass added = 220 t

EXAMPLE 2 A weight of 220t is added to a ship 120m long at a point 20m aft of midships. If the drafts forward and aft were originally 5m and 6m respectively, find the new drafts. The following information is known. TPC = 14.2 t/cm MCT1cm = 116 t-m LCF = 1.0m forward of midships

EXAMPLE 3 A ship 70m in length had a displacement of 1100t, and the LCG is 2.40m aft of amidships. Find the drafts forward and aft given the following information: For a displacement of 1100t, mean draft = 2.06m (read from curves) From this draft, the curves provide: F = 1.25m forward of amidships LCB = 1.65m forward of amidships MCT1cm = 25.0t-m

EXERCISE 1 A ship 55m long floats with drafts 3.65m aft and 2.75m forward. Two loads are added, one of 27t at a point 18m aft of amidships, and the other 70t at a point 19m forward of amidships. Find the new drafts forward and aft if the hydrostatics particulars are as follows: at 4.65m mean draft = 2351t F at 4.65m mean draft = 1.46m forward of midships TPC = 6.12t/cm


EXERCISE2 A vessel of 150m length, 18m breadth, MCT1cm 150tm, TPC = 25t/cm, T A = 6.65m, T F = 6.35m and loads

the following: 230t in No. 1 at 50m fwd of LCF 800t in No. 3 at 20m fwd of LCF 500t in No. 4 at 21m Aft of LCF Then Discharges: 200t from No. 2 at 36m fwd of LCF. 105t from FP tank 60m fwd of LCF. The LCF is 5m Aft of midships. Calculate the new drafts. EXERCISE 3 A ship 75m long floats in fresh water (SG = 1.000) with drafts forward and aft of 3.97m and 5.33m respectively. Calculate the displacement of the ship in tonnes, using the following hydrostatic information derived for salt water conditions (SG = 1.025): Displacement at 4.65m mean draft = 2351 t Corresponding F forward of amidships = 1.46 m Ccorresponding TPC = 6.12 t/cm

EXERCISE 4 A ship has a displacement of 2680t in SW and passes from FW to SW. What is the change of trim? The following hydrostatic particulars are known: MCT1cm = 20.5 t-m F = 1.64m forward of amidships LCB = 1.00m forward of amidships


TOPIC 3 EXAMPLE 1 = 5000t t = 0.2m by stern KM = 7.5m MCT1cm = 100 t-m KG = 6m LCF is 50m fwd of AP Find the effect of GM at the critical instant.


TOPIC4 EXAMPLE 1 A box shaped vessel 100m long and 25m wide floats at an even draft of 8m, and has a watertight deck 8.5m above the keel. If a central compartment, 30m long, bounded by two transverse bulkheads extending up to the deck is bilged, what will be the new draft of the vessel, and what will be the change in metacentric height if the water admitted is regarded as lost buoyancy. EXAMPLE 2 A vessel of constant rectangular cross-section is 170m long, 15m broad, floating at even keel draft of 4m. An end compartment forward 10m long, full breadth of ship is bilged. Calculate new drafts if: MCT1cm = 100tm = 1.025 tm3

EXAMPLE 3 A rectangular pontoon 42.5m in length and 3.65m beam floats at a level draft of 1m in SW. The pontoon is divided by a longitudinal bulkhead on the centreline and by three equally spaced transverse bulkheads. The foremost compartment on one side is bilged. Find the new drafts at each of the four corners if the initial GM was 0.75m