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 The oil expeller should be manually operated.

 One person should be able to operate the expeller.
 No special space should be required for the oil production. The oil production should be possible in the kitchen or
on the veranda.
 The oil expeller should be cheap and repayable within 15 to 30 oil production days of 6 hours/day actual pressing,
i.e. 90 to 180 processing hours.
 The oil expeller should require almost no spare parts and no maintenance except for daily cleaning and greasing.
 The oil expeller should be easy to clean.
 The oil expeller should be fit for processing a wide variety of oilseeds.
 The oil extraction efficiency should be at least between 70 to 80% of the total oil or higher.
 The oil expeller should be low in weight to reduce transport (mailing) cost to the minimum.
 The oil expeller should be at a low cost level as related to its daily oil output.
 The oil expeller, workbench and toolbox should be integrated as one small portable unit. This enables a contractor
also to move from farm to farm rather than to bring the seed to the oilseed processor. This saves transport costs
of the crop to increase processing capacity/hour to increase extraction efficiency to adapt the expeller to
processing of a wide variety of oil seeds to facilitate easy cleaning.

Low cost Oil Expeller very useful to crush varieties of Nonedible & Edible seeds.It has many advantages the
foremost you can get a pure oil within minutes for more information please visit our website
Name Of Edible Ground Nut Groundnut
Seed Without With Husk Til Kardi Sunflower Ambadi Linseed
Oil Yield Per 100
40 –42% 25 – 32% 40 – 50% 20 - 25% 28 – 35% 20 – 22% 35 – 39%

Name Of Edible
Mustard Khopra Jagni Castor Cotton
Oil Yield Per 100
34 –39% 60 – 65% 35 – 38% 32 - 35% 14 – 16%

Name Of
Karanja Mohwa Palas Jathropha Kusum Undi Pissa Neem Seeds
Non- Edible Seed
Oil Yield Per 100
24 –28% 31 – 38% 08 – 10% 25 - 28% 30 – 34% 50 – 60% 30 – 32% 12 – 16%
1) The oil extraction percentage entirely depends on the quality and dryness of the seeds.
2) It is essential to use boiler for crushing groundnuts without husk and castor seeds.
3) Design & specification subject to change without prior notice

Groundnut Seeds Jatropha Seeds Karanj(Pongamia) Lin seed (Flax Seed)

Mustard Seeds Palm Nut Saff Flower Seeds Soya been Sunflower Seeds

Til (Seasame) Tung Seeds Almond Coconut Walnut

Oil Extracted From Hand Operated Oil Expeller

Oil Cake After Extraction of Oil From Hand Operated Oil Expeller

Kisan Tel Yantra Economy Model
Complete M .S. Channel sturdy frame bed, also provided with rails for
motor. These ensure complete mobility. No foundation required if
expeller is run directly with motor. Cost of foundation work & rail for
motor is saved.


Completely leak proof sturdy steel body in single piece can be Kisan Tel Yantra
expected to be ever lasting yet easy to open with oil bath arrangement.


Total 12 Nos. of Genuine & Standard Ball and Taper Roller Bearings
are fitted in the Expeller for smooth operation. Kisan Tel Yantra Cabinet Model

Bearing get automatically lubricated while in operation with

movements of gears. Surplus oil and grease comes in contact with
bearing, thus lubricating them for smooth working and long life
without wear & tear.
Semi – Automatic Kisan Tel Yantra
No oil or grease is wasted since oil seals are provided to prevent combined Electric panel with Filter Press
leakage of oil / grease from Body.

Main Gear & pinion are helical cut and tempered to perfect Hardening.
Long life of Gears is ensured since they are moving in mixture of oil & grease.
This results in smooth and noiseless working of the machine.
4 Bolts Export Model

Gear Box is fitted on the top of body and not sideways.


1) Weight of Gear Box is distributed on the Expeller Body & no Pressure is

4 Bolts Cabinet Model
put on the bolts.
2) Easy for fitting & maintenance.
3) There are no problems of alignment to match the Gear teeth which are
Helical cut. This result in perfect fitting and smooth operation.
4) There is a view Glass provided in Gear Box to see movement of
gears and supply of oil and grease

6 Bolts Export Model


Small Quantity

The Expeller can work even with small quantity of oil seeds says 5 to
10 kgs. and extract oil from it.


As small space as 9X9 for 4 bolts and 20X15 for 6 bolts can
accommodate the Expeller Filter Press Motor and Pump.


Any Ordinary person with a little experience can run the machine

4 Bolts Super Deluxe Model

Main Shaft
The wear and tear parts, such as worms, collars, cone, cone
bush all made of steel and are properly case hardened to make
the same.

Main Gear and Driving Pinion Gear also of steel are given high
hardness to make them last for years.

In places of bushes, taper roller bearings and ball bearings are
used. This helps the machine to run smoothly, consuming less
6 Bolts Super Deluxe Model
Job works
The Rajkumar Expeller have proved to be very useful for doing
the job works of crushing the Oil seeds of Kisans and others and
extracting the Oil in their presence, for which Filter Press is not
required. Those who having Flour Mill etc., can conveniently
install and operate this expeller, using the same motor.

Boiler and Steam Kettle

Those who wish to do the Oil business on a big scale later on,
using mainly groundnut without husk, Cotton seeds, Castor
seeds etc., Boiler and Steam Kettle can conveniently be
installed and used.

9 Bolts Super Deluxe Model


Easy to install & ideal for utmost purification of all types of oil.

These filter presses are very extensively used in oil mill, chemical works etc. our filter presses
are most suitable for cleaning oil drawn from the different expelling plants. The filtering
capacity varies with the viscosity of the oil liquids and with the amount of sediments contained
Filter press consists chiefly closed grained C.I. square plates, mounted parallel on heavy flat
M.S. bars fixed on heavy iron stand. All filter presses are supplied with brass cock, collection
tray etc.
The oil or liquid pressed by a belt driven plunger pump and passed through filter cloth fitted to
either side of each plate. The filter cloth, the filtered oil leaves the chamber through cocks fitted
to each plate and flows, retain all impurities where it is collected.

Particulars of different Filter presses Manufactured by us

Size of Filter Press No. of Plates Approx. Filtration Pressure up to lbs.

in Litres per hour per Square inch
10 X 10” 10 25 15
12 X 12” 12 75 45
12 X 12” 16 100 45
12 X 12” 18 125 45
16 X 16” 12 150 45
16 X 16” 16 200 45
18 X 18” 18 250 50
24 X 24” 24 300 50

Specifications are subject to alteration without notice


“RAJKUMAR BOILERS” are specially made for small oil mills, which are using expellers,
and for other small scale industries, which require steam for process work. Users of small quantity
steam for their process work require a small boiler in size. It serves economically and efficiently to
the small quantity steam users whose requirements are limited to a maximum of about 100-lbs. steam
per hour. The boiler is built from M.S. Plate and special boiler tubes for a working pressure of 75 lbs.
per sq. inch and will steam efficiently and economically at lower pressure. It has all welded seams and
never in contact with fire.

“RAJKUMAR BOILERS” have quick steaming capacity and simple construction. They are easy to
operate, with economy of floor space coal. Wooden chips, groundnut shell, can also be used in this

All the boilers will be supplied with complete set of mountings and fittings.


Crushing Main
Rajkumar Oil Chamber H.P. Main Shaft Machine Size Pulley Weight
Model Capacity Shaft
Expeller Size Required Size Length Width Height Dia RPM (In Kgs.)
per/hr.(Kgs.) RPM
Kisan Tel
I. 15”X2.25” 3 10-15 32MM 3.5 FT 1.5 FT 3 FT 12” 300 150 60
II. 4 - Bolts 18”X3” 5 or 7.5 30-40 1 1/2” X49 5 FT 2 FT 4 FT 16” 240 400 45-48

III. 6 - Bolts 24”X4” 10 70-80 1 7/8”X69” 7.5 FT 3 FT 5 FT 20” 180 1000 34-36

IV. 9 - Bolts 27”X5” 15 100-120 2 ½”X79” 9 FT 4 FT 6 FT 24” 180 1400 28-30



Can be operated by single person very efficiently.

Capacity : 20 to 30 Kgs. per hr.

A power operated machine is used for shelling groundnut into husks and
kernels then the husks and kernels are separated by blowers. This
equipment which is used for shelling groundnut to utilizing the seeds for
extraction of edible oil. The machine is easy to handle and simple to
operate. The breakage of seeds is controlled from 2 to 5%. This machine is
suitable for medium scale commercial units for excellent performance in
jobwork / manufacturing.
Groundnut Decorticator (without challana)
15” Model 24” Model 36” Model
100-125 250-300 600-650
Kg. Per Hour Kg. Per Hour Kg. Per Hour
Weight 75 Kgs. 140 Kgs. 250 Kgs.
1 Hp Single 2 Hp Single Phase 5 Hp Three Phase
Phase Motor Motor Motor

Groundnut Decorticator
(with challana)

24” Model
Capacity 250-300 Kgs. Per Hour
Weight 175 Kgs.
H.P. 2 Hp Single Phase Motor

Groundnut Decorticator
(with challana)

36” Model
Capacity 600-650 Kgs. Per Hour
Weight 350 Kgs.
H.P. 5 Hp Three Phase Motor