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18 APRIL, 2012

Ite m #
15 .2

Particulars of Items of work

13mm(1/2) thick Cement Plaster on walls and columns in basement, plinth and ground floor including making edges, corners and curing. 1:4





Amount (Rs)

Sq.m 70,55 PSq.m %Sft 655.45 Per %Sft

Ite Particulars of Items m # of work




Amount (Rs)

14. 1

Providing and laying hand mixed cement concrete bed under floors
using graded shingle or Bajri 50 mm and down gauge complete with leveling, ramming, water and curing 1:4:8

Cu. M 1612.1 %Cft 4565.5

S. No 14.2

Description P/L 1:2:4 cement concrete floor using graded screened shingle/bajri 19mm and down gauge in ground floor laid in panels (without glass strip) including formwork, consolidation, finishing and curing. i)-50mm (2) nominal thick flooring

Quantity Unit Rate


Sq.m 146.45 %Sft 1380.55


Painting in ground floor or basement with paint mixed at site using ingredients and pigment to produce required texture and shade in two or more coats on plastered , rendered and or concrete surface over and including the cost of priming coat, surface preparation, rubbing down smooth, knotted filling cracks, holes, removing blisters and other imperfections.

Sq.m 92.05 %Sft 855.15


Painting in ground floor or basement with Robbialac (VIP) or equivalent plastic emulsion paint in two or more coats as per manufacturers instructions on plastered , rendered and or concrete surface over and including the cost of priming coat, surface preparation, rubbing down smooth, knotted filling cracks, holes, removing blisters and other imperfections.

Sq.m 119.15 1108.95 %Sft

Rate Analysis for Cement Plaster. Detail of cost for 10 Sq.m. Mortar 107.6 x13/304.8 = 4.589 Cft Wastage 10% = 0.459 Cft. Total = 5.048 Cft. 1:4 1. Material Mortar 0.143 Cu.m 661.00 Water Charges 1.5%

94.52 1.42

2. Labour Plasterer 6.50 hours

Rs. 8/-per hour Rs. 52.00

Cooly 4.50 hours Rs. 3/75-per hour Rs. 16.88 Bhishti 0.75 hours Rs. 4.38/p hour Rs. 3.29 Total labour Rs. 72.17 1:4 Material Mortar 0.143 cu.m Rs. 661.00 Rs. 94.52 Water Charges 1.5% Rs. 1.42 Labour Rs. 72.17 Scaffolding 5% Rs. 3.61 Total Rs. 171.72 Contractors Profit & Overhead 30% Rs. 51.51 Rs. 223.23 Rate per sq. m 223.23/10 Rs. 22.32



work (9x4-1/2 x3)

1350 nos. for 100 cu ft.

mortar for Brickwork 30% 30 cu ft for 100 Cu ft. Material for cement concrete 1:2:4
Coarse aggregate Sand Cement 88 cu ft for 100 cu ft. 41 Cu ft for 100 Cu ft. 22 Cu ft for 100 Cu ft (18 bags)

Dry mortar for plaster 6 Cu ft per 100 sft. Timber for panelled door shutter (1-1/2) thick 15 Cu ft/100sft.

Earthwork for 1000 cu ft. 1. Excavation in foundation, trenches etc. in ordinary soil including disposal up 100 ft & lift of 5ft.{ 5 Beldars and 4 Mazdoors}/day. 2. Refelling excavated earth in foundation, plinth etc. including consolidation in 6 layer {3 Beldars, 2 Mazdoors and Bhisti (1000 cu ft)/day. 3. Disposal of surplus earth within a lead of 100 ft { 1Mazdoor {100 Cu ft}/day. Cement Concrete work per 100 Cu ft: Laying cement concre-2 Beldars, 3 Mazdoors, Bhisti and Mason can do 100 Cu ft/day

R. C. C work:1. Laying reinforced concrete-3 Beldars, 3 Mazdoors, 1-1/2 Bhisti and Mason can do 100 Cu ft/day. 2. Centering and shuttering for flat surfaces-4 Beldars and 4 Carpenters (II class) can do 96 Sq ft/day. 3. Reinforcement work for R.C.C- 1 Blacksmith or fitter and 1 Beldar can bend and place in position 2 cwt of steel per day. 1 cwt = 50.802 kg.cwt stands for cent(100)wt. length of one hook=8 to9 time the D. Additional length for two bent up = 2x .42d=.84d. Brick work per 100 Cu ft. First class brickwork in 1:4 cement mortar in superstructure, partition walls, and parapet wall-2-1/4 Mason, 4-1/2 Mazdoor and Bhisti can do 100 cft/day.

Properties of Round Bars

Diameter in inch

Area in Sq. inch

Weight in lbs per rft.

0.049 0.167 3/8 0.110 0.376 0.196 0.667 5/8 0.307 1.043 1 0.786 2.670 The length of one hook may be taken as 9 Dia. Of bar. For two bent ups additional length is equal to 2x.45d=.9d where d is equal to depth of bean or slab minus bottom and top covers.



B.N. DUTTA Specifications of Brickwork I Class: Should be thoroughly burnt, regular in shape and their edges should be sharp and square, and shall emit clear ringing sound on being struck, and shall be free from cracks. Bricks shall not absorb water more than 1/6th of their weight, after one hour of soaking by immersing in water. Minimum crushing strength of 1500 lbs per sq inch. Soaking for 12 hours before use. Continue till air bubbling ceases. Mortar joint shall not exceed in thickness. Laid with frogs upward. Brick work shall be carried out not more than 3 ft height at a time. Curing for 12 days.

D.D kohli, Estimating, Costing and Accounts, 9th Ed. S.Chand & Co. Pvt. Ltd. S. Dutta, Estimating and Costing in Civil Engineering 22nd Edn. S. Dutta & Co. E.w. Steel and Terene J. MC GHEE, Estimating & Costing.

Total quantity of ingredient materials of cement concrete may be taken as 152 Cu m for 100 cu m. Approximate method of determining the quantity of materials for 10 cu m concrete is to divide 15.2 by the sum of the numerals of the proportion of the materials which gives the quantity of cement in Cu m. To find the materials for 10 Cu m of cement concrete of 1:4:8 proportion, Cement = 15.2/1+4+8=15.2/13= 1.17 cu m=say 1.15 cu m. Sand = 1.15x4=4.60 Bajri= 1.15x8-9.20 cu m.