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(Chuyen vieng tham cua mot ngi ban qua th)

1. pen pal 2. to correspond (with sb) -> correspondence 3. to impress -> impressive -> impression 4. friendliness -> friendly 5. mausoleum Ho Chi Minhs Mausoleum 6. mosque 7. atmosphere peacefull atmosphere 8. to pray prayer 9. abroad 10. to depend (on/upon sb/st) dependent Dependence # independence 11. in touch (with sb) -> # out of touch (with sb) -> keep/stay in touch 12. worship -> to worship 13. ASEAN 14. to divide ( into ) -> division 15. region -> regional 16. to separate -> separate -> separation 17. to comprise 18. tropical 19. climate tropical climate 20. currency -> unit of currency 21. islam 22. religion -> religious 23. official 24. Buddhism N V N V Adj N N Adj N N N V n Ad v V adj n
Ban qua th (cha gap mat) Trao oi th t Viec trao oi th, th t Gay an tng Gay an tng manh me An tng, cam giac S than thien Than thien, than mat Lang lang tam, lang mo Lang Bac Nha th hoi giao Bau khong kh, khong kh, kh quyen Bau khong kh yen bnh/ yen tnh Cau nguyen, cau khan Li cau nguyen, le cau kinh hoac ti nc ngoai Phu thuoc, tuy thuoc Phu thuoc, le thuoc S phu thuoc # oc lap Con lien lac (vi ai) Mat lien lac (vi ai)

Ex p N V v N N Adj V Adj N V Adj N N N N Adj Adj N

Gi lien lac (vi ai) S th phng, ton knh Th, ton th Hiep hoi cac nc NA Chia, chia ra Phep chia, s phan chia Vung, mien Thuoc mot vung, a phng Ngan cach Rieng biet, khac nhau S tach chia, s ngan cach Bao gom, tao thanh Thuoc hoac t vung nhiet i Kh hau, thi tiet Kh hu nhit i Tien te n v tien te ao hoi Ton giao Thuoc ve ton giao Chnh thc ao phat

-> Buddhist 25. Hinduism 26. instruction -> to instruct 27. primary school 28. secondary school 29. primary 30. compulsory -> compulsion 31. ghost 32. monster 33. to hold-held-held 34. farewell party 35. to wish

Adj N N V N N Adj Adj N N N v N V

Thuoc ve ao phat ao Hinu, An o giao Q trnh g day, kthc, li ch dan Day, ch dan Trng tieu hoc Trng trung hoc Chnh, qtrong 1, hang au, can ban Bat buoc, cng bach S ep buoc, s cng bach Ma, bong ma Quai vat, yeu quai To chc Tiec, cuoc lien hoan chia tay c, mong c

(Y phuc)
N n N N N n V V N V N Adj Adj V N N N N Adj n N adj V Adj V 2 1. 2. 3. clothing modern clothing tradictional dress poet
Quan ao, y phuc Trang phuc truyen thong Nha th Th, th ca Bai th Nhac s Noi en , e cap en Gom, bao gom Ao dai va rong (cua phu n) Xe, cat, roc ng xe, khe h Rong Chat Thiet ke Kieu dang thiet ke, hoa tiet Nha thiet ke Vai, chat lieu, nguyen lieu Dp, c hoi Tien li, thch hp Thi trang, mot Hp thi trang In Hien ai Hien ai hoa

-> poetry -> line(s) of poetry -> poem 4. musician 5. to mention 6. to consist (of st) 7. tunic -> a long silk tunic 8. to slit slit slit -> slit 9. loose -> # tight 10. to design -> design -> designer 11. material 12. occasion 13. convenient # inconvenient convenience 14. fashion fashionable 15. to print 16. modern -> modernize

17. inspiration -> to inspire 18. minority -> ethnic minority 19. symbol -> symbolic -> to symbolize 20. cross 21. stripe striped 22. pattern 23. unique unique dress 24. plaid -> plaid skirt 25. plain 26. sleeve sleeveless sleeved short-sleeved long-sleeved 27. baggy 28. to fade faded jeans 29. to be named after s.b 30. sailor 31. to wear out Hardly wear out 32. style 33. to match 34. to embroider embroidery embroidered jeans 35. label 36. to go up -> # to go down 37. worldwide 38. economic -> economy 39. to grow grew grown

N V N N N Adj V N N adj N Adj

Cam hng, hng khi Truyen cam hng, gay cam hng Thieu so Dan toc thieu so Bieu tng Co tnh chat tng trng La btng cua, co tc tng trng Dau ch thap, dau gach ngang Soc, van, vien Co soc Hoa van, mau ve oc ao, rat ac biet, duy nhat Trang phuc oc ao Loai vai caro (vai co hnh o vuong Vay caro Trn (Khong co hoa van) Tay ao (ao ) (ao ) (ao) (ao ) khong co tay co tay tay ngan tay dai

N N Adj N Adj

Adj V

(quan ao) rong thung thnh Bac mau, phai mau c at theo ten cua ai


Thuy thu Lam mon, lam rach (quan ao) Kho mon, rach Kieu, kieu dang Hp vi, xng vi Theu S theu thua, vai theu Qun jean theu Nhan, nhan hieu / dan nhan Tang, tang len Ha, ha xuong Khap ni, khap the gii Thuoc kinh te Nen kinh te Tang len, ln len, phat trien

N V V N N/v V v Adj/adv Adj N V

40. to encourage -> encouragement 41. proud of (sb/st) -> pride 42. to bear bore born 43. equal 44. practical 45. casual -> casual clothes 46. to constrain -> feel constrained to do st 47. freedom -> free 48. self-confident -> selt-confidence

V N Adj N V Adj Adj Adj N V

ong vien, khuyen khch S ong vien, s khch le T hao, hanh dien Niem t hao, s hanh dien Mang, co Bnh ang, bang nhau Thiet thc (trang phuc) khong trang trong Thng phuc Bat ep, ep buoc B buoc phai lam ieu g o

N Adj Adj N

S t do, quyen t do T do, ranh roi T tin S t tin


(Mot chuyen ve que)
V N V N V V N V N V N N N N N Adj V N V N N 4 1. to plow -> plow 2. to harvest 3. crop 4. to join 5. to lie lay lain 6. rest -> to rest 7. journey -> to journey 8. banyan (tree) 9. entrance 10. snack 11. shrine 12. hero(es) heroine 13. enjoyable -> to enjoy -> enjoyment 14. to flow -> flow 15. highway
Cay, xi Cai cay Gat hai, thu hoach (mua mang) Vu mua, mua mang Gia nhap, tham gia Nam, v tr S ngh ngi Ngh, ngh ngi Chuyen i, cuoc hanh trnh i du lch Cay a Loi vao Ba an nhe en th, mieu th, ien th Anh hung ( nam ) N anh hung Thu v Thch, thng thc S thch thu Chay, lu thong Dong lu thong Xa lo, quoc lo

highway No 1 16. exchange -> exchange student -> to exchange 17. maize = corn 18. part-time : shorter or less than stadard time -> # full time 19. grocery store: where people buy food and small things -> groceries -> grocer 20. hamburger 21. hot dog 22. picnic 23. blanket 24. to lay laid laid -> to lay out 25. itinerary 26. business trip

N N V N Adj Adj N N N N N N N V V N N

S trao oi Hoc sinh/sinh vien trong chng trnh trao oi du hoc sinh oi, trao oi Ngo, bap (lam viec) ban thi gian Toan thi gian Ca hang tap hoa Hang tap pham , tap hoa Ngi ban hang tap pham Banh ham-b-g Banh m kep xuc xch Ba an Men, chan at, e, trai Bay, phi bay, trnh bay Nhat ky i ng, hanh trnh Chuyen cong tac


(Hoc ngoai ng)
adj N V N N V N V Adj Adv Adj N V N V N adj N 5 1. foreign Foreign language foreigner 2. to examine -> examiner -> examinee = candidate 3. to go on = continue 4. aspect 5. to attend 6. terrible -> terribly 7. oral -> oral examination -> written examination 8. to award 9. scholarship 10. to persuade -> persuasion -> persuasive 11. dormitory
(thuoc ve) nc ngoai Ngoai ng Ngi nc ngoai Kiem tra, hoi thi Giam khao Th sinh Tiep tuc Mat, kha canh Tham gia, tham d Khung khiep, ghe tm Rat, rat te Noi mieng (khong viet) Ky thi van ap Ky thi viet Thng, tang Hoc bong Thuyet phuc S thuyet phuc hoac b thuyet phuc Co sc thuyet phuc Ky tuc xa, nha tap the

12. campus 13. reputation 14. scenery 15. intermediate ( level) 16. advanced (level) 17. well-qualified 18. course 19. advertisement -> to advertise 20. tuition 21. edition 22. detail -> to detail 23. fee 24. institute -> institution 25. look forward to + n / V-ing 26. to state 27. to supply -> supply 28. polite # impolite -> politely -> politeness

N N N adj adj adj N N V N N N V N N N V V N Adj Adv N

Khuon vien (trng ai hoc) S noi danh, danh tieng Phong canh, canh vat Trnh o trung cap Trnh o nang cao, cao cp u trnh o chuyen mon Khoa hoc S quang cao, mau quang cao Thong bao, quang cao Hoc ph, s day kem Lan xuat ban, ban in Chi tiet Mo ta ay u, chi tiet Le ph, hoc ph Vien, hoc vien C quan, tru s Trong ch, mong i Noi ro, phat bieu, tuyen bo Cung cap, tiep te, ap ng Nguon cung cap, s tiep te Lch s, le phep # Bat lch s, vo le Mot cach lch s C ch lch s, hanh ong le phep


(Phng tien truyen thong ai chung)
1. (the) media 2. (the) internet 3. to guess 4. to cry -> crier = town crier 5. to shout -> shout 6. widely 7. teenager 8. adult 9. variety 10. channels N N V V N V N Adv N N N N 6
Phng tien tr. thong ai chung Mang internet oan, phong oan Keu to, rao Ngi rao tin Keu to, la to, het to Tieng goi ln, tieng keu thet Rong ln, tren pham vi rong Thanh thieu nien (13-19 tuoi) Ngi ln, ngi trng thanh Nhieu, u loai Kenh truyen hnh

11. stage 12. interactive -> interaction -> to interact 13. to be able to do st 14. remote -> remote control 15. source -> source of income 16. violent -> violence 17. documentary 18. informative -> information -> to inform 19. telegraph -> to telegraph 20. journalism journalist

N Adj N V Adj N N N Adj N N Adj N V N V N N

Giai oan Tng tac, trao oi th. tin qua lai S tng tac, hp tac Tng tac Co the lam viec g T xa, xa xoi Thiet b ieu khien t xa Nguon Nguon thu nhap Co tnh bao lc, d oi, hung bao Bao lc, s ac liet, d doi Phim tai lieu Cung cap nhieu thong tin bo ch Tin tc, thong tin Bao, khai bao ien bao, may ien bao anh ien, gi ien bao Nghe lam bao, nganh bao ch Nha bao

21. forum 22. to post 23. to surf -> to surf the Net/web 24. to respond response(s) 25. to communicate Communication communicative 26. wonderful 27. to deny denial 28. benefit 29. pity -> pitiful -> pitifully 30. access accessible to access

N V V V n V N adj Adj V n N N Adj N N adj V 7

Dien an a thong tin len mang internet Lt (internet, TV) Lt mang/web Tra li, ap lai S ap lai, s phan hoi Lien lac, trao oi thong tin S lien lac, s giao tiep Ci m Tuyet vi Phu nhan S choi bo Li ch, phuc li Long thng hai, long thng xot Gi len s thng xot, ang thng Mot cach ang thng S tiep can, quyen c s dung Co the tiep can c Truy cap thong tin

get access to 31. to explore exploration explorer 32. to wander 33. purpose 34. limitation to limit 35. time-consuming consume consumer consumption 36. costly 37. to suffer 38. disadvantage # advantage 39. Spam Electronic junk mail 40. To be alert 41. Usefull # useless Usefully # uselessly 42. on-line school On-line lesson

V N n V N N V Adj v N n adj V N N n

Tham hiem, tham do Hoat ong tham do, tham hiem Nha tham hiem i lang thang Muc ch S han che, gii han Gii han, han che Ton nhieu thi gian Tieu thu Ngi tieu dung, ngi tieu thu S tieu thu Ton tien Chu, chu ng S bat li, iem bat li Tien li, li the Th rac Th ien t tap nhap Canh giac Hu ch # vo ch 1 cach hu ch # 1 cach vo ch Trng hoc trc tuyen (tren mang) Bai hoc trc tuyen

Adj adv


(Moi trng)
1. environment -> environmental 2. dump -> garbage dump 3. deforestation -> to deforest 4. pollution -> air pollution -> to pollute 5. dynamite -> to dynamite 6. to spray 7. pesticide 8. to conserve N Adj N N N N N N V N V V N V 8
Moi trng, moi sinh Thuoc ve moi trng Bai o, ni cha Bai rac, ni o rac S tan pha rng, nan pha rng Pha rng, phat quang S o nhiem S o nhiem khong kh Gay o nhiem, lam o nhiem Thuoc no Pha huy bang thuoc no Phun, xt Thuoc tr sau Gi g, bao ton

-> conservation -> conservationist 9. shore 10. to check -> check 11. sand 12. disappointed To disappoint 13. to spoil 14. to give out 15. to achieve -> achievement 16. to wrap 17. to turn off -> # to turn on 18. garbage = rubbish 19. to protect -> protection 20. to prevent -> prevention 21. to save 22. to reduce 23. amount 24. to recycle 25. ocean 26. sewage 27. to end up 28. second-hand 29. junk-yard 30. treasure 31. to litter -> litter 32. hedge 33. wood -> the woods 34. silly 35. folk 36. unpolluted 37. to minimize 38. complaint -> to complaint

N N N V N N Adj V V V V N V V V N V N V N V V N V N N V Adj N N V N N N N Adj N Adj V N V 9

S bao ton Ngi lam viec e bao ve m trng B bien, b ho, b song Kiem tra, xem xet Cuoc kiem tra Cat That vong Lam (ai) that vong, lam nan long Lam h, lam hong, pha hong Phat, phan phoi at c, gianh c Thanh tu Goi, boc lai Tat M Rac, rac thay Bao ve, che ch S bao ve, s che ch Ngan can, ngan nga S ngan nga, s can tr Danh dum, tiet kiem Lam giam, giam So lng (+ DT khong em c) Tai sinh, tai che ai dng Nc thay, chat thay at ti, i ti tnh trang (o vat) cu, dung roi Bai phe lieu Chau bau, kho bau Vt ba bai, bay ba bai S ba bon Hang rao Go Rng Ngu ngoc, kh dai, ng ngan Ngi (noi chung) Khong b o nhiem Giam thieu, giam en mc thap 1 Loi than phien, li phan nan Phan nan, than phien

39. to clear up 40. trash 41. refreshment 42. smell -> to smell 43. fly 44. to float 45. frog 46. toad 47. to prohibit -> prohibition 48. to fine -> fine


Thu don, lam sach Rac ri o an thc uong, mon an nhe Mui, mui hoi, mui kho chu Ngi, ngi thay Con ruoi Noi, troi lenh benh Con ech Con coc Cam, ngan cam S ngan cam Phat tien Tien phat



(Tiet kiem nang lng)
1. energy 2. recent -> recently 3. bill 4. enormous -> enormously 5. plumber 6. crack -> to crack 7. pipe 8. to drip -> dripping 9. to waste 10. solar -> solar energy 11. nuclear -> nuclear power 12. source -> a source of power -> a power source 13. to intaall -> installation 14. resource -> resources -> natural resources 15. luxury 16. consumer -> to consume 17. effectively -> effective 18. household 19. account for st 20. bulb 21. standard -> standard 22. scheme -> to scheme 23. to label -> label 24. tumble dryer N Adj Adv N Adj Adv N N V N V N V Adj N Adj N N
Nang lng Gan ay Gan ay, mi ay Hoa n thanh toan Rat, vo cung Rat, vo cung Th sa ong nc Vet nt, vet ran Lam nt Ong nc Nho giot, chay nho giot Voi r nc Lang ph, uong ph Thuoc mat tri Nang lng mat tri Thuoc hat nhan Nang lng hat nhan Nguon Ngon nang lng Nguon nang lng

V N N N N N N V Adv Adj N V N Adj N N V V N N 11

Lap at, cai at Viec lap at Nguon, nguon lc Tai nguyen Tai nguyen thien nhien Vat xa x, o xa x Ngi tieu thu, ngi tieu dung Dung, tieu thu Mot cach co hieu qua Co hieu qua Ho gia nh Chiem, la nguyen nhan cua (g) Bong en tron Chuan, phu hp vi tieu chuan Chuan, tieu chuan Ke hoach, am mu Lap ke hoach, am mu Dan nhan Nhan, nhan hieu May say quan ao

25. efficient -> efficiency -> efficiently 26. to compare -> comparison 27. category 28. ultimately -> ultimate 29. innovation 30. to sum up 31. solid 32. separate -> to separate 33. to draft -> draft

Adj N Adv V N N Adv Adj N V Adj Adj V V N

Co nang suat, co hieu qua Tnh hieu qua Mot cach hieu qua So sanh S so sanh Loai, hang Cuoi cung, rot cuc Cuoi cung, sau cung S oi mi, s cach tan Tom tat, tong ket Ran, the ran Rieng, rieng biet, khac nhau Tach ra, chia ra Viet nhap, ve phat thao Ban nhap, ban phat thao

(Cac ngay le)
N V N N N V N V N Adj N N Adv N Adj N N Adj V N Adj 12 1. celebration -> to celebrate 2. Easter 3. Lunar New Year 4. Mid-Fall Festival 5. to occur -> occurrence 6. to decorate -> decoration -> decorative 7. sticky rice -> sticky rice cake 8. apart 9. Passover 10. Jewish -> Jew = Jewish people 11. freedom -> free -> free 12. slavery 13. ancient
Le ky niem, s ky niem Lam le ky niem Le Phuc Sinh Tet, Tet nguyen an Tet Trung Thu Xay ra Chuyen xay ra, s kien, s co Trang tr, trang hoang Viec trang tr, vat dung e Trang tr Gao nep Banh chng, banh tet Cach nhau, cach xa, rieng ra Le vt qua (cua ngi Do Thai) Thuoc Ngi Do Thai Ngi Do Thai T do, s t do T do Tra t do, giai thoat S no le, canh no le, che o no le Co, co xa

14. joyful -> joy 15. to receive 16. to crowd -> crowd 17. parade 18. compliment -> compliment 19. to congratulate -> Congratulation 20. active -> activist 21. charity -> charitable 22. to nominate 23. Auld Lang Syne 24. acquaintance 25. memory -> to memorize 26. to lose heart 27. to describe 28. towards 29. groom = bridegroom 30. hug -> to hug 31. forever 32. considerate -> consideration 33. generous -> generosity 34. priority 35. humor -> sense of humor 36. to distinguish 37. in a word 38. image 39. to enhance -> enhancement 40. to support -> support 41. nationwide

Adj N V V N N N V V N Adj N N Adj V

Vui mng, han hoan Niem han hoan Nhan Tu tap ong uc, chen chuc am ong Cuoc dieu hanh, cuoc dieu binh Li khen, li chuc mng Khen ngi, ca tung Chuc mng Li chuc mng Tch cc, lanh li Nha hoat ong Long t thien, hong t thien, hoi tt Nhan c, t thien e c, ch nh, chon Ngay xa ti ep (ten bai hat)

N N V Exp V Pre N N V Adv Adj N Adj N N N V Exp N V N V N Adj 13

Ngi quen, s quen biet Ky c, tr nh Ghi nh Nan long, thoai ch Dien ta, mo ta Ve pha, ve hng Chu re S om chat, s gh chat Om ap, om chat Mai mai, luon luon Chu ao, an can, hay quan tam S an can, s quen tam Rong lng, rong rai Long tot, tnh hao hiep S u the, quyen u tien S hai hc Khieu hai hc Phan biet, lam cho khac biet Noi tom lai Hnh tng, hnh anh Ton len, nang cao S nang cao Ung ho S ung ho Toan quoc, tren khap ca



(Thien tai)
N N Adj N N N N Adj N V N V V N V N N N Adj N V N V N Exp V N Adj V N V N N N N N N 14 1. disaster -> natural disaster -> disastrous 2. storm -> snowstorm 3. earthquake 4. volcano(es) -> volcanic 5. typhoon 6. to forecast -> forecast 7. to turn up -> # to turn down 8. coast 9. to expect -> expectation 10. thunderstorm 11. high lands -> highlands 12. delta 13. to prepare -> preparation 14. to trust -> trust 15. (just) in case 16. to predict -> prediction -> predictable 17. to can -> canned food 18. to damage -> damage 19. leak -> a leak in the roof 20. power cut -> = power failure 21. fixture 22. appliance
Tham hoa, thien tai Thien tai Tham khoc, tai hai Bao, cn bao Bao tuyet ong at Nui la Thuoc nui la Bao nhien i (co gio xoay manh) D bao, d oan Li d bao, bang d bao Van to len (am thanh) Van nho lai B bien Trong ch, mong i S trong ch, s mong i Bao ln (co sam set va ma to) Vung cao, vung cao nguyen Thuoc cao nguyen Chau tho, ong bang Chuan b S chuan b Tin, tin tng, tin cay Long tin, s tin cay Phong khi, phong h D bao, d oan S d bao, li d bao Co the oan trc c ong hop Thc pham/thc an ong hop Lam h hai, lam hong S h hai Lo tron, khe h Cho dot tren mai nha Tnh trang mat ien Tnh trang mat ien o ac co nh Thiet b, dung cu

23. roller -> to roll 24. drill -> to drill 25. rim -> Pacific Rim 26. to strike struck struck 27. to collapse -> collapse 28. tide -> tidal -> tidal wave = Tsunami 29. abrupt -> abruptly 30. shift -> to shift 31. to hit hit hit 32. hurricane -> = cyclone = typhoon 33. to erupt -> eruption 34. to save 35. to warn -> warning 36. tornado(es) 37. funnel -> funnel-shaped 38. overland 39. to suck 40. baby carriage 41. severe 42. to behave -> behavior 43. shelter 44. to destroy -> destruction 45. to border -> border

N V N V N N V V N N Adj N Adj Adv N V V N N V N V V N N N Adj Adj V N Adj V N V V N V N 15

Con lan, truc lan Lan, cuon S tap luyen , s ren luyen Tap luyen, ren luyen Mep, vanh, mieng (vat the) Vung long chao/vanh ai TBD (gom cac Quoc gia ong Nam A) Xay ra ot ngot, ap, tan cong o, sap, sup S sup o Thuy trieu (thuoc) thuy trieu, do thuy trieu Song than Bat ng, ot ngot Mot cach bat ng, ot ngot S chuyen dch, s thay oi Chuyen, chuyen oi anh, ung Bao ln (co gio giat manh & ma) Bao ln Phun, phun trao S phun (nui la) Cu, cu vt Bao trc, canh bao Li canh bao Loc xoay Cai pheu Co hnh pheu Qua at lien, bang ng bo Hut, cuon Xe ay (cua tre con) Nghiem trong, d doi C x, oi x Hanh vi, cach s x Tru, an nau Pha huy, pha hong, tan pha S tan pha, s huy diet Giap vi, tiep giap Bien gii


(S song tren hanh tinh khac)
1. planet 2. UFO Unidentified Flying Object 3. spacecraft 4. Object 5. aircraft 6. balloon 7. meteor 8. evidence -> to evidence 9. existence -> to exist 10. experienced -> experience 11. sighting -> to sight -> sight 12. alien -> alien 13. to claim -> claim 14. sample -> soil sample 15. to capture -> capture 16. aboard 17. to disappear -> disappearance 18. device 19. treetop 20. creature 21. Mars 22. mineral 23. microorganism 24. gemstone 25. (outer) space 26. push-up 27. to orbit N N N N N N N N V N V Adj N N V N N Adj V N N N V N Adv V N N N N N N N N N N V 16
Hanh tinh Vat the bay khong xac nh, a bay Tau vu tru Vat the, o vat May bay Kinh kh cau Sao bang Bang chng, chng c Chng to, chng minh S ton tai Ton tai Co kinh nghiem Kinh nghiem S trong thay, s b trong thay Thay, nhn thay, trong thay Tam nhn, sc nhn Ngoai kieu, ngi ngoai hanh tinh Thuoc nc ngoai, xa la Tuyen bo, khang nh, qua quyet Li tuyen bo Mau, vat mau Mau at Bat, bat gi S bat gi, s b bat gi trong/ tren (tau/xe/may bay) Bien mat S bien mat, s mat tch Thiet b, dung cu Ngon cay Sinh vat, loai vat Sao hoa Khoang san, khoang chat Vi sinh vat a quy Khong gian, vu tru Mon the duc ht at Di chuyen theo quy ao quanh (g)

-> orbit 28. marvelous -> marvelously 29. flying saucer 30. trick -> a trick of light 31. shape 32. trace -> to trace 33. mysterious -> mystery

N Adj Adv N N N N V Adj N

Quy ao Tuyet vi, ky dieu Mot cach tuyet vi a bay Tro bp, meo, thu tuat Ao anh cua anh sang Hnh, hnh dang Dau vet Theo, lan theo dau (ai/g) B an, ky la, huyen b ieu b an, ieu huyen b