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18 th /May/2012

Umayya for Researches and Strategic Studies

The Daily Monitoring Report

The Field Situation

- Massive demonstrations are being staged coun-

trywide in a Friday entitled "Heroes of Aleppo University". (1)

- Hundreds of students organized a demonstration

at the University of Aleppo in the presence of the UN observers, who prevented security forces and Shabiha (militia affiliated to Syrian regime) from attacking protesters. The security forces kept be- sieging the campus amid a state of high alert. (1)(3)(8)


- An all-out strike is staged in the neighborhoods

of Daraa Al-Mahata in solidarity with the detained 16-year-old schoolgirl Rita Jahamani. (9)

- Students at the University of Damascus staged a

sit-in to demand the release of their female col- league. During the sit-in, the protesters clashed with pro-regime supporters before the arrival of security forces in the place of the sit-in to arrest a big num- ber of students. (1)

The Military Situation

- The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights calls

on the UN observers to visit Homs's Al-Rastan, which is bombed at rate of three shells per minute by Al-Assad's forces. The Observatory said the Syrian Army is trying to gradually destroy Al- Rastan to frustrate its inhabitants, as well as the

revolutionaries. (1)(2)(3)(4)(8)(10)(16)

- For the first time, Al-Assad's forces bombed the

village of Al-Damina, which have Christian majori-

ty, in Homs's countryside. (9)

- Security forces stormed the state-run Daraa Na-

tional Hospital, and made off with the bodies of martyrs killed in the bombing of a refugee camp in the same city. (9)

- The Free Syrian Army (FSA) repelled an attack

by Al-Assad's forces, which tried to storm a refugee

camp in Daraa Al-Mahata. During the clash, the FSA managed to damage an Assad tank. (1)

- Two blasts rocked the neighborhoods of Al-

Jamila and Al-Furqan in Aleppo, while other explo-

sions were heard the Aleppo neighborhoods of Al- Sukari, Al-Sakhour, Al-Kalasa and Bab Al-Nairab.


- Explosions were heard in coastal city of Latakia.


The Political Mobility

- Burhan Ghalioun, head of the Syrian National

Council (SNC), announced his intention to resign his post immediately after a new SNC head is chosen

through consensus among the SNC members of via

elections. (1)(2)(3)(4)(9)(10)(12)(14)(15)(16)(17)

- The Local Coordination Committees, which have

previously threatened to withdraw from the SNC, described Ghalioun's step as positive. (1)(2)(3)(4)(8)(9)(14)


- Rima Fuleihan, spokeswoman for the Local Coor-

dination Committees, says, "The Syrian National Council (SNC) did not meet aspirations of the Syri-

an people, nor did it serve the revolution because of flabbiness of its work mechanisms and weakness of its head. (1)

- Samir Nashar, member of the Syrian National

Council (SNC)'s executive bureau, said that the nomination of George Sabra as the SNC head was meant to promote the principle of rotation of power, as Sabar enjoys certain abilities and has a record of

positive political stances, which make him more qualified to be at the top of the SNC. Nashar pointed out that chief blocs in the SNC have made up their minds concerning the election of the new SNC head.


- Commenting on current differences inside the

Syrian National Council (SNC), the Syrian Revolu-

tion General Commission said that it is not con-

cerned with the SNC, and respect all Syrian political forces. (9)

- Melhem Al-Droubi, the Syrian Muslim Brother-

hood member of the SNC, calls for restructuring of

the SNC so as to ensure it contains all parties of the Syrian opposition. (12)

- Abu Amjad Al-Sori, member of the Syrian Parlia-

ment established by the revolution councils, pointed out that consultations and discussions would contin- ue over the establishment of a "National Liberation Army" within what he called "Project of building the Second Independent State". (1)

Statistics 17 th /May death toll: 37
17 th /May death toll: 37


Umayya for Researches and Strategic Studies

The Internal Situation

- A UN observer said that the Al-Assad's forces

opened fire on the civilians, who were mourning the martyrs in Khan Shaykhoun two days ago, killing over thirty people and sabotaging a UN vehicle. (9) - The Local Coordination Committees expressed their concerns about the fate of the detained journalist Jihad Jamal, amid reports about deterioration in his health conditions due to his continuation in the hunger strike.


- The state-run Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA)

reported that the UN observers have visited the Da- mascus countryside towns of Al-Zabadani, Darya and Douma, Homs's Al-Khalidiya, Ikrimah and Al-Hadara St., as well as Janub Al-Malaab, Dawar Al-Jub and the National Hospital in Hama, in addition to the Universi- ty of Aleppo. (1)(6)(9)

Political Stances


- Bashar Al-Assad issued a decree on names of new

members of the Syrian People's Council, who won the recent legislative elections. (2)


- Qatar's foreign minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim

Al Thani calls on the Assad regime to stop the blood-

shed, demanding the UN-Arabi envoy Kofi Annan's plan be carried out. (8)

- Mazen Shahud, one of the Lebanese Bab Al-

Tabana's senior inhabitants, said that the number of people, who were injured during the clashes erupted between the pro-Syrian regime Alawites and Sunnis, reached 70. (1)

- The Alawite Rifaat Ali Eid, leader of the Lebanese

Arab Democratic Party, calls on the Syrian army to enter Lebanon to calm down situation! (1)

- MP Mohammed Kabbara, member of the Future

Movement's bloc in the Lebanese parliament, believes

that there is a Syrian-Lebanese conspiracy against

Tripoli, which was clearly shown in the recent clashes in Bab Al-Tabana. (17)

- Mufti of Tripoli and North Lebanon Sheikh Malek

Al-Shaar calls on the Lebanese people to "content themselves with the humanitarian aid they offer to our Syrian refugee people," adding that it is not in the

interest of the Lebanese people to side with neither the Syrian regime nor the revolution. (5)

- An Iraqi informed source uncover that the Prime

Minister Nuri Al-Maliki has held an urgent meeting last Monday with military and security officials to discuss precautionary measures to confront the impli- cations of the fall of the Assad regime. (3)


- The US Ambassador to Lebanon Maura Connelly

expresses its country's concern that developments in Syria might destabilize Lebanon. (5)

- In his last statements on Syria late April, France's

new Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius expressed his

hope that a change might occur in stances of Russia and China towards the Syrian crisis, adding that Bashar al-Assad has been killing his people over a year ago, which is totally unacceptable and very repugnant. (5)

- A European high-ranking diplomatic source said

that the Russian leadership admitted, during closed meetings with European officials, that Al-Assad has committed several mistakes, which cannot be rectified, for the forefront of which is excessive use of military force against civilians. This is in spite of the fact that Russia refused to publicly abandon Al-Assad. (3)

- Ban Ki-moon, the UN secretary-general, has said

that he believes al-Qaeda was responsible for last week’s bombings in Damascus, saying that at least 10,000 people had been killed in the Syrian conflict. (7)


- Ahmad Fawzi, spokesman for the United Nations

(UN) and Arab League's Joint Special Envoy for Syria

Kofi Annan, expressed his concern over the problems faced by the Syrian opposition. (12)

- An expert panel monitoring the UN sanctions on

Iran has reported that Syria continues to be the main destination of illicit Iranian weapons, but Security Council sources ruled out imposing new punitive sanc-

tions against it. (2)

- Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev warned

on Thursday that military action against sovereign states could lead to a regional nuclear war, starkly voicing Moscow's opposition to Western intervention ahead of a G8 summit at which Syria and Iran will be


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This Report was issued by Umayya for Researches and Strategic Studies, and it contains pure news that do not reflect an opinion.