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The HIRED! Apprenticeship Program is a workforce-preparation and apprenticeship enterprise designed to meet the employment and career-exploration needs of Army teens 15-18 years of age. The HIRED! Apprenticeship Program is designed to be a real-world workforce-preparation experience.

The “HIRED!” moniker encompasses the two main components of the program, being “HIRed” – actually working in a career path – and “EDucation” – that is, participating in workforce-preparation and Postsecondary-Education exploration classes, which prepare the participant for life after high school. HIRED! Apprenticeships offer experiences within distinct career paths designed to help participants determine whether their desired career paths are viable career choices for their future.

HOW LONG IS THE HIRED! APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM? HIRED! Apprenticeship Terms consist of four (4) twelve (12)-week terms repeated annually. Participants 15-18 years of age are able to participate in a maximum of two (2) terms per calendar year for three (3) consecutive years (total of 6 terms). Within each twelve (12)-week term, apprentices are expected to commit to fifteen (15) hours training and work in a seven (7)-day period for a total of 180 hours per term. Training is presented by the HIRED! Program Coordinator, the Placement work site, and the EDGE Program.

HIRED! Summer Term Option Apprentices may complete their authorized two (2) HIRED! Terms all at one time during the summer, meaning they would actually participate 30 hours in a seven-day period plus additional trainings. This exception can only be made in the summer.

WHAT ARE THE CRITERIA OF BECOMING PART OF THE HIRED! APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM?You must complete the application process and are only eligible to become HIRED! Apprentices upon meeting all HIRED! Apprenticeship prerequisites and completing the HIRED! Interview Process.

HIRED! Apprenticeship Candidates must:

Be U.S. Citizens, U.S. Nationals, or lawful permanent resident aliens of the United States.

Be registered with Army Child, Youth & School (CYS) Services.

Complete prerequisite trainings: Three (3) workforce-preparation trainings, two (2) Postsecondary-Education exploration trainings, and one (1) financial-management.

Provide school documentation showing a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 or higher.

Be between fifteen (15) and eighteen (18) years of age at time of entering into the program.

Work in a temporary capacity at an approved worksite participating in the HIRED! Apprenticeship Program.

All HIRED! Apprentices are required to complete CYS Services local background checks

All HIRED! Apprenticeship Program registrations are approved by the Workforce Preparation Specialist after verification the applicant meets all criteria for the program.

All youth must be registered in CYS Services to participate in the HIRED! Apprenticeship Program. You may register your youth and receive the application packet at:

Parent Central Services Pulaski Barracks Building 2898(next to Thrift Shop) DSN: (314) 493-4516/4122 Civilian: 0631-3406-4516/4122 Monday-Friday 9 a.m.- 5 p.m.

One Stop Shop (located in the Landstuhl Library) Landstuhl Post Building 3810 DSN: (314) 486-8943 Civilian: 06371-86-8943


10 a.m.- 5 p.m.

Or if you’re already a registered patron with us you can enroll on line at: Put EDGE into the key word search