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I WISH If only I had my family around me (I wish alone right now) If only this job paid more (I wish

h I ) I wish I looked better (If only . such a mess) It is a pity you are not here (If only you .) I really want him to stop gambling (I wish ) Im sorry, but I cant help you now (I wish ..) Im sorry that we dont know each other better (I wish) She is unhappy because she is ill (She wishes ..) Im too young to vote (I wish) Ana doesnt understand how I feel (I wish .) You never brush your teeth after meals (I wish)

Im sorry I argued with my friend yesterday (I wish ..) Im sorry that I didnt finish my homework last night (I wish) We are sorry we didnt know about your accident before (We wish) What a pity I broke the vase (I wish) I would have gone to the concert, but I didnt have a ticket (I wish) It was a pity she didnt insure the radio (She wishes) She should have called her parents earlier (I wish ) I should have learnt French at school (I wish) She knows it was a mistake to take drugs (She wishes ...) Don didnt remember our anniversary (Don wishes) I would like to be a hero in the future (I wish) People like Torrente shouldnt exist (We wish people like Torrente)

CONDITIONAL SENTENCES: If they are not protected, the gorillas will soon disappear (Unless) If he doesnt work harder, he will lose his job (Unless) If you dont invite them, they wont come (Unless...) If you dont study harder, you will fail in English (Unless) Well miss the train if we dont hurry (Unless) You will be ill if you continue to smoke (Unless) If you keep on coming late to work, well have to sack you (Unless) Unless he tries harder, he wont pass (If he) I will lend you the money only if you promise to pay me back (I wont) Im going to the party only if you go too (Im not going) I need a grant in order to study at university (I wont) We must go or well be late (If we) You can get help by calling the emergency number (If) People burn coal in their homes, so the air is polluted (If ) He doesnt like his job, so he isnt happy (If) She doesnt do her homework, so she doesnt get good marks (If) I cant speak French, so Im not going to live in France (If) We didnt choose a book, so we didnt have any problems (If we...) He didnt wear gloves, so the police caught him (If he) They didnt follow the maps, so they got lost (If) I tore up the letter into pieces. Therefore, I couldnt read it (If I) If I had known all the facts, I wouldnt have rung the police (As I) He was planning to go to university, but his father died (If) In my opinion, you should join a gym (If I ) In my opinion, you ought to rest for a few days (If I) I advise you to look him straight in the eye (If I)

My advice to you is to call the police (If I) My advice is: Take the train (If I) Youd better not touch that button (If I) He was so pushy that he didnt get the job (If) He is exhausted because he keeps training for so many hours (If he) You cant drive because you are not 18 yet (If you were) I cant write to her because I dont have her address (If I) I got wet because I forgot my umbrella (If I) SS is a star because he didnt listen to the critics (If SS ) I couldnt get in touch because you didnt tell me where you were (If you) We didnt go on holiday because we didnt have enough money (If we) I didnt know the answer because I hadnt read the book (If I) The Indian will probably die if he catches a Western disease (The Indian would die) If you had a haircut, youd look much better (If your hair) We called the station; otherwise, we wouldnt have known the time of your train (If) She would have come to the party, but she had to work (If she) III