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6th Grade: The Things that you need to know!

Mr. Thompson Rehoboth Road

Why am I here? Do I really need this?

Everyone has to take math. The state requires you to have Math from K-12. That means that after this year you are half way through your math career! Of course, there will be more in technical school or college.

Math is all around us, and most of the time we are just so used to it that we dont call it math!

To be honest the things that you learn every day in this class will be with you for the rest of your life. You need this class to be successful in life.

Success is defined as: the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors, according to Websters Dictionary.

For me success means you accomplish the goals you set out to accomplish
You go to technical school or college You get the job that you want You get the career you want

What does life look life for me? (A road map)

Middle School 3yrs. High School 4yrs.

Technical School

Your Choice :


Technical School
Technical school is a general term used for two-year college which provide mostly employment-preparation skills for trained labor, such as welding, culinary arts and office management. Degree is a 2 yr. Associate Degree

4 year degree More traditional training. Leads to a Bachelors degree Some offer Graduate and/or Professional Degrees

Bachelors Degree

Masters Degree

Specialist (Some Jobs)

Doctorate and

Is it worth it? Let the data speak for itself!

So Math.
We have a total of 7 units that we are going to cover over the whole year.
Number System Fluency Rate, Ration and Proportional Reasoning Using Equivalent Fractions Expressions One Step Equations and Inequalities Area and Volume Statistics Rational Explorations: Number and their Opposites

What do I need to be successful?

1. Bring necessary materials to class, a pencil, paper, ect. 2. Be an active participant in class. Ask questions, explore, dont be afraid to be wrong 3. Be Respectful!

Classroom Rules
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Be polite and kind. Come to class prepared Give your best effort Stay in your seat Dont Talk out of Turn

Be polite and kind

Do onto as you would have done onto you! We are a family in this class. We all come from different walks of life, and bring different skills and thoughts to the table. We will be respectful to all students in the classroom. Other peoples thoughts and ideas are valid and will be respected. You dont have to agree, but you have to be respectful. The

I do not take bullying, harassment, making fun of, physical aggression, etc.

Come to class prepared!

Come to class everyday with pencil, paper, notebook. I am expected to come to class ready to teach you I expect you to come to class ready to learn! I am not the store, I have my personal materials. You need to make sure that nightly you have replenished all necessary school supplies. If you need some make sure you let your parent or guardian know. We have to learn to be an adult.

Give your best effort!

Math is hard but hard is necessary! We are going to be doing things that you have never done before. Believe in yourself. I believe in you! If you need help, ask! Try first, and make sure that you read all directions! ( Most people figure out the answer to their problem by reading and re-reading directions)

Stay in your seat!

You have the first few minuets to get your pencil sharpened if you need to. After class has begun you must stay in your seat! If something happens that you need to get up you need to ask permission to do so. Being up and about is distracting not only to me but all learners in the classroom. We will try to make minimal movement once we begin class.

Dont talk out of turn

We will have lots of classroom discussions. A discussion is used to help discover how we do problems. If everyone is talking at once nothing is accomplished but a lot of loud noise. Please raise you hand and wait to be called upon unless directed otherwise.

1st - Warning and reminder of expectations 2nd- Silent Lunch and a Phone Call home 3rd- Silent Lunch and Phone Call home 4th - Teachers Option (In Team, Referral, etc.)

** Please note if we can not reach a parent/guardian on the phone, we will request the Social Worker to do a visit)**

Strikes are on a 5 day period, starting from the time that you receive your first strike. They will continue. If you accumulate 4 you will receive an office referral. More serious offenses will result in immediate office referral.

When you come in you need to get your bell work folder from the front, and immediately start on bell work. All bell work will be posted or noted as to the expectation. Have out all your materials and be ready for class to begin. That means pencil, paper, and pencil sharpener. Once we begin class we will not be getting up to sharpen our pencils.

If we need seats to be changed there will be a new seating chart on the board, please make your way to that seat and begin your bell work. Be ready for opening activity once I walk into the room. We will have a weekly helper, their names will be posted by the door. Everyone will have the chance to be the helper, the helper will pass out papers, take up materials if necessary, etc.

This is your classroom too! I know that you are only in here for an hour but I am here for my whole day. Please take time to straighten up your personal area, including picking up trash on the floor(even if its not yours). If you have trash to through away, wait until the end of class to do so, getting up in the middle of class is against the rules Please do not come in and spray anything in the room, AXE, perfume, lotions, etc. People are allergic to these scents and it can cause severe reactions!

Where will I turn in my work?

All your work will be turned into your classes drawer. You are expected to turn in the work. Do not turn stuff into my desk, or give it to me. I am not responsible for assignments turned in this way! If we have not finished an assignment, please put it in your daily folder for completion the following day.

What if I have missing work?

If is the students responsibility to get makeup work. When you complete the make up work/late work turn into the basket. If you see missing grades in the grade book, you should check the NO NAME basket. Chances are it is there. Next check your binder, locker, folder, home. Then come ask me. Make up work/ Missing will not be graded immediately but in an appropriate amount of time.

Grading Weights
Homework- 10% Midterm/Final- 15% Test/Projects/Quizes-25% Classwork-50%

A- 100-90 B-89-80 C-79-75 D-74-70 F- 69 and below There are no 1,2,3 in middle school If you want to play sports next year you must pass 6 out of 7 classes.

Grading Periods
Grading in middle school is based off of 18 weeks. This can be beneficial or harmful. You will receive a progress report every 4.5 weeks. At the end of the 18 week semester, the grade will start over. You start my class with a 100. Lets keep it that way. I do not give grades, you earn them.

School Life by Cheryl Theseira

School is a daily routine for us In the morning, we're sure to make a fuss Even when the sun is still not up, Here we are, awake at 6am sharp

We feel that school is such a bore We feel that school is such a chore Parents say, Schools great! Now, go! We say, Well, what do you know?
Late a minute and we have to run Eyes half open, shoelaces undone We reach school and we see our friends, Immediately, the torture ends We have a chat and go with the flow Then the bell rings, it is time to go We may at times find school stressful To have some fun, we have to bend some rules

Over the years of education, Never have we had so much learning with action Such as camps, experiments, concerts and activities Weve learnt so much and even saved the trees A wise teacher once said aloud Success is failure turned inside out So stick to the fight when youre hardest hit Rest if you must, but dont you quit Some may see school as a torture chamber Some cannot wait for the holidays in December But it depends on how we look at school Honestly, positively, school is cool! Source: School Life, School Poem Best Teen Poems

Talk back to teachers, and detention we serve No doubt, it is sometimes what we deserve Sometimes they are as cold as ice And other times they're actually really nice
They teach us and give us a helping hand Theyre forever ready to listen and be a friend They have built much confidence in us Just not when they are being really harsh