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1. Cut of Pile Head After finished of driving pile down to design level accordance with the specifications anddrawings, cutting of pile will be execute. 2. Form Works and Concreting Works 2.1. Form Work The construction of form work will be made by timber structure and it could be support the load of pile cap concrete, beam concrete and slab concrete. The form work installation of wood and plywood must be support by tie rod to maintain the verticality of the surface beam. Form Work Material : Steel Bracket Wood & Plywood 9 mm Tie Rod Tools Set

2.2. Concreting Work Concreting Tools : Pot Mixer Concrete bucket Pouring tools & support Concrete Vibrator Curing compound sprayer

3. Concreting Work Pile cap, beam and slab will be cast in situ concrete, concrete grade as per specification. Concreting works will be execute on 2 (two) stage, low level and high level (as shown on attached drawing). Bracket structure will be fixing on steel pile as a base of form work. After installation of bracket done, laying of timber installation will be execute as a frame for form work for pile cap, beam and slab. Scheme of bracket, timber staging installation and form work as shown on attached drawing. The pouring work will be done ect.: Stage 1 : Concrete pouring of Pile Cap & Beam Stage 2 : Concrete pouring of Slab

A. Concreting Scheme for Pile Cap & Beam

B. Bracket and Timber Staging Installation

C. Flowchart for Formwork

Marking Dimension ofDrawing


Fix ofStandarforErection


CleaningforTieBeam&Plat Slab

FormworkforColumn&TieBeam ThatwillBeErected