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241207 UNIT I


LTPC 3 00 3 9

An Overview of Computer Security, Access Control Matrix, Policy - Security Policies, Confidentiality policies, Integrity policies and Hybrid policies. UNIT II 9

Cryptography- Key management Session and Interchange keys, Key exchange and generation, Cryptographic Key Infrastructure, Storing and Revoking Keys, Digital Signatures, Cipher Techniques UNIT III 9

Systems: Design Principles, Representing Identity, Access Control Mechanisms, Information Flow and Confinement Problem. UNIT IV Malicious Logic, Vulnerability Analysis, Auditing and Intrusion Detection UNIT V Network Security, System Security, User Security and Program Security TOTAL: 45 PERIODS TEXT BOOK: 9 9

1. Matt Bishop, Computer Security art and science, Second Edition, Pearson
Education. REFERENCES:

1. Mark Merkow, James Breithaupt Information Security: Principles and Practices,

First Edition, Pearson Education.

2. Whitman, Principles of Information Security, Second Edition, Pearson Education 3. William Stallings, Cryptography and Network Security: Principles and Practices,
Third Edition, Pearson Education.

4. Security in Computing, Charles P. Pfleeger and Shari Lawrence