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become versatile in this era of health care, knowledge, skill and

attitude should be trusted beyond what is expected. Questions raised through the years after SPUP produced competent nurses like, how do these Paulinian nurses perform in the clinical area? How these Paulinian nurses carry St. Pauls spirit in guiding the souls of people especially of the sick? The College of Nursing in SPUP has a curriculum which is within the period of 4 and half years, in particular, 5th year students usually have their clinical duty or staffing in St. Paul Hospital. At that point in time, it is also a great opportunity of the

students to conduct research, which can be used to promote care and strengthen by clinical 5th performances students of in nurses. the The research 2011






probed on the question, how does Paulinian nurses lived out the five core values of St. Paul University which is imbedded in them for 4 and a half years of stay in the institution? These core values namely compassion, charism, charity, community and Christ guided the College of Nursing to promote care in all aspects of life, from conception to death of a person. As a 5th year Nursing student, one key area to develop is research, a way

to develop critical level of assessment and finding answers to critical questions. Students rotated in the Padre Pio Unit of St. Paul Hospital also known as the Medical Intensive Care Unit decided to have a study which is focused in answering the

question on to how these Paulinian Nurses lived-out the 5 core values they have acquired in the institution, and on how these Paulinian Nurses use these 5 core values in delivering holistic care to critically ill patients.In a critical care unit of a hospital, patients have to be brought to a stage of

enlightenment in which in the mere presence of the health care provider, their souls is replenished by hope and love and faith so strengthened. Padre Pio, a healer and a mark of hope to the people, as the unit carries his name, critical care is rendered with pure love and devotion. The five core values Community, Charism, Charity, Compassion and Christ is the conduit to the patients healing, that every touch and care served to them, they were accompanied by whom their faith lean on. The school is the best avenue of formation of values. A unique characteristic of being a Paulinian is integrating into ones system the five Paulinian core values. USSC (1972)

emphasized that the Catholic school is within which this unique setting is the ideal that can be realized in the lives of the catholic children on and yoiyong people. (1967) (Caparanga, states that 2004) the




Catholic schools proper function is to create for the school community special atmosphere animated by the Gospel spirit of freedom and charity, to help the youth grow according to the new creatures they were made through baptism as they develop their own personalities, and finally to order the whole of human

culture to news of human salvation so that the knowledge the students gradually acquire the world, life and man is

illuminated in faith. (Caparanga, 2004) As stated in the handbook of St. Paul University

Philippines (2007), the Paulinian 5 Core Values are defined as follows: (a.) CHRIST. Christ is the CENTER of Paulinian life; he/she follows and imitates Christ, doing everything in

reference to Him. (b.) COMMISSION: The Paulinian has a mission a LIFE PURPOSE to spread the Good News; like Christ, he/she actively works to save this world, to make it a better place. (c.) COMMUNITY: The Paulinian is a RESPONSIBLE FAMILY MEMBER and CITIZEN, peoples, concerned justice with and building peace, and communities, the promotion of of the


environment. (d.) CHARISM: The Paulinian develops his/her GIFTS and TALENTS to be put in the service of the community, he/she strives to grow and improve daily, always seeking the better and finer things, and the Final Good. (e.) CHARITY: Urged on by the LOVE OF CHRIST, the Paulinian is warm, loving, hospitable and all to all, especially to the underprivileged.

This study aimed to assess how the staff nurses in an SPCManaged institution (St. Paul Hospital-Tuguegarao) lived out the Paulinian Core Values which are Christ, Commission, Community, Charism and Caritas. The study also covered the identification of concrete ways on how they lived out the said core values. The researchers conducted the study at St. Paul Hospital-Tuguegarao in the Padre Pio Medical Intensive Care Unit during the first trimester of academic year 2011-2012. METHODS The qualitative research method was used in the study. This design is primarily directed toward determining how Paulinian Nursing graduates live out the Paulinian core values in an SPC managed institution like Saint Paul Hospital Tuguegarao City. The respondents of the study were the staff nurses of Medical Intensive researchers Care used Unit of batch Benedicti sampling Pauci 2007. The the



purposive sampling taking into consideration the availability of the respondents were with the researchers In the time. A the total of 4





prepared a set of guide questions for the interview which was used to ask the intended respondents. Each statement coming from the respondents were recorded then, back translated to ensure that the data gathered is consistent.

Initially, the researchers checked for the availability of resources. They consulted the Research Adviser of St. Paul

University Philippines for confirmation of the research title. Then, researchers gave the letter and requested the permission of Nursing Service Director in Saint Paul Hospital, Tuguegarao Cagayan. After the permission to conduct a research in the said

hospital, the researchers asked the Nursing Service Office the schedule of the respondents in the hospital. After which, they started making the draft of the first three chapters. Then, the respondents were informed about the objectives of the interview. One of the researchers defined some related terms prior to

conducting the interview. After the interview, the researchers transcribed the answers from the recorder. The researchers also tabulated the answers prior to compiling the answers of the respondents. For the analysis of the data, the researchers utilize the tabulation method to arrange the data in concise and logical order. After the classification system has been determined, the items in the assembled data were sorted according to the various categories in the classification and then counted. The results were tallied and presented in table form. RESULTS The research conducted by the 5th year students in the school year 2011 probed on the question, how does Paulinian nurses live



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charity, community and Christ guided the College of Nursing to promote care in all aspects of life, from conception to death of a person. The results are as follows: A. The value of Christ is being manifested through spreading the words of Christ, giving patients a healing hands as well as healing by giving compassionate care, giving comfort

measures, rendering selfless care and quality care through prayers. B. The value of Commission is being manifested as being prolife, encouraging patients to be strong, telling patient that they can make it through the help of Christ and with faith, love for work and love for patient, encouraging patient to pray and praying with them. Other ways are informing patient that there is anointing by the priest and encouraging to attend mass. They are also considering patients to bring

bibles and Christian books, respecting the faith of patient, relating what God has done for us, being there for the

patient and their family, putting ourselves unto their shoes as well as giving support to SOs.











advocate to their rights as a citizen, respecting decisions of patient and family, giving counsel and information,

lengthening of patience, helping other staff nurses in giving care for the patients, oneness in giving care. They also consider ethico-legal aspects, giving holistic care and costeffective care, and assuring right medications and right

intervention given. D. The value of Charity is being manifested through

establishing rapport with the SOs, giving a helping hand in caring, equal care regardless of status and accordance to their needs, tender loving care and grace under toxicity. Never show looseness to patient. Some other ways are offering prayers and talking to the SOs regarding their observations to the health personnel. They work independently and

collaboratively. E. The value of Charism is being manifested through sharing and gifts through care, improving becoming skills during and







intimidating, considering the case of patients, giving care in our own way, presenting case presentations, reading about new cases and procedures, learning from other people and

learning from doing it as well as listen to senior nurses. DISCUSSION

The Benedicti Pauci Class of 2007 assigned in the Padre Pio Unit were interviewed of how they live out the life of St.Paul when delivering care to their patient and living out the five core values: Compassion, Charism, Charity, Community and Christ Majority selfless and of the respondents care. In give the emphasis on giving the all

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mentioned as being an advocate to the patients rights carrying out the community value. In the value of Charism, majority tells of the sharing and giving of the skills that are acquired.

Nevertheless, they speak of the equality of care given to the patients that is in line with the value of charity. Differences can be cited upon reviewing the statements of the respondents leading to the idea that the respondents implement the five core values in their own unique manners. The Catholic school had done their part in helping these youth grow according to the new creatures they were made through

baptism as they develop their own personalities, and finally to order the whole of human culture to news of human salvation so that the knowledge Indeed, these Paulinian graduates performed and rendered critical care with pure love and devotion

integrating in their work the five core values in every aspect of performing their duties and responsibilities to their

patients as well as to the support persons of their patients.

With the study, the researchers suggest more key informants and also it should not just be confined to the staff nurses of Padre Pio Medical Intensive Care Unit instead other units could also be included since a larger scope of informants will gather more concrete data compared to a small scope.