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Pledge of Loyalty

I, ________________ a Graduate of 2011 2012 do solemnly pledge that I will maintain loyalty and allegiance to my dear Alma Mater, Lauis National High School. I will perform my duties and responsibilities to the best of my ability. May the good Lord help me, fulfill this pledge, as I strive to become a worth graduate of my Alma Mater.

We, the teachers and students of Lauis National High School wish to convey our profound thanks and gratitude to those who have generously shared their financial and moral support who in one way or another have contributed to the success of this affair. Our sincerest apology for whatever error or omissions we committed.

Enrollment for School Year 2012 2013:

MAY 15, 2012 to JUNE 1, 2012. Requirements: Old Students: Form 138 Tranferees and Incoming Freshmen: Form 138 Birth Certificate Good Moral Certification