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21 PRAYER POINTS FOR PROMOTION 21 PRAYER POINTS FOR PROMOTION Scriptural facts about promotion: Promotion comes from

m God. Psalm 75:6-7 Promotion does not discriminate against the poor. Psalm 78:70-71; 113:7-8 Whereas, we cannot rule out the role of mercy, even so, promotion is a reward of merit. I Chron. 11:6 1. I come humbly before the throne of grace, knowing fully well that nobody can receive anything except it is ordained by God. 2. Oh Lord! I have compassed this mountain (stayed in this level or cadre) long enough, use your mighty hand of promotion to move me to the next level in Jesus name. 3. Oh Lord! Let your countenance of favour smile on me and \favour my righteous aspiration to move forward in Jesus name. 4. Oh Lord! Touch the heart of all authorities above me to favour my righteous cause and support my -aspiration for promotion in Jesus name. 5. Prepare me Lord for the challenges and responsibilities associated with the higher office you have ordained for me in Jesus name. 6. Equip me Lord with spiritual, moral and intellectual virtues required to rise and excel in higher office of responsibility in Jesus name. 7. Oh Lord! Endow me with the required mental / professional skill to demonstrate competence before authorities put in place to access and recommend my promotion in Jesus name. 8. In accordance to your word, I receive a tongue of accuracy of speech that cannot be controverted as I face the interview panel in charge of my promotion in Jesus name. 9. Both the good countenance of God and the favourable disposition of higher authorities will agree to support my aspiration for elevation in Jesus name. 10. From this moment on, all my sacrificial commitment to my career and my employers and leaders will be adequately rewarded in Jesus name. 11. This year my faithful commitment to my career and vocation will spring-forth a pleasant surprise of unprecedented promotion in Jesus name. 12. I will be remembered and honor like Modecai, I will be elevated from the low status of a servant to that of a leader in Jesus name. 13. My enemies will not enjoy the authority or audience required to demote or abort my career in Jesus name. 14. Those who gather to frustrate my recommendation for elevation will beg to be part of my celebration of promotion in Jesus name. 15. I command all oppositions against my promotion to loose their position of influence in Jesus name. 16. Those laughing at me today will soon laugh with me and regret their folly of looking down on me in Jesus name. 17. Those who underrate me and ridicule me because of my giant aspiration will lobby to celebrate with me at last in Jesus name. 18. I refuse to submit my courage to past frustration. Whatever attempt I make towards promotion this year will receive the endorsement of God and all relevant earthly authorities in Jesus name. 19. Expansion and connections that call for promotion of staff will visit my organization this year in Jesus name. 20. I receive the meek mind of Christ to handle higher office with humility in Jesus name. 21. I pledge my loyalty and faithfulness to God, I will not receive elevation and turn my back against God who has elevated me in Jesus name.