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LESSON PLAN IN ENGLISH I. OBJECTIVES The students should be able to A. Define prefixes and suffixes B.

Identify prefix and suffix in a given word II. SUBJECT MATTER Topic: Prefixes and Suffixes Reference: Skill Book in English IV Material: Microsoft Power Point III. PROCEDURE A. Daily routine -Checking of attendance B. Motivation Show the picture of a hen and an egg in the whole class. Which comes first, the hen or the egg? Why? Encourage students to give their opinions. C. Springboard Our water activities in Puerto Galera are one of my unforgettable experiences. Guide Questions: What is the root word of the underlined word? Correct, forget. What do we call with the un- written before the word forget? Correct, it is called prefix. What do we call with able written after the word forget? Correct, it is called suffix. D. Presentation Guide Questions: 1. What is a prefix? Prefix is added to the beginning/front of a word to make a new word.

2. What are some examples of prefixes? mis, dis re, for, anti, ante, sub, un, in, pre, inter, and semi. 3. What are the common prefixes added to the beginning of the words to make them negative? im, ir, il, in, un 4. What is a suffix? Suffix is letters added to the end of a word. 5. What are some examples of suffixes? ed, ful, ly, ing, able, ance,ence, ness, less Rule: When full is added to a word you drop the final l. If you add ly to any word ending with ful you keep the existing l. Example: rest + full = restful restful + ly = restfully beautiful + ly = beautifully E. Application Direction: Identify the prefix and suffix from the following words. Fill in the columns prefix, suffix and root word. WORD 1. Inhuman 2. Violated 3. Meaningless 4. Illiterate 5. Undoubtedly 6. Misunderstood 7. Unknown 8. Irrelevant 9. Happiness 10. Disoriented F. Generalization Guide Questions: What are prefixes and common examples? What are suffixes and common examples? What is the rule if we add suffix full in a word? What is the rule if we add suffix ly in a word ending with ful? PREFIX SUFFIX ROOT WORD

G. Evaluation In a 1/4 sheet of paper, fill in the blanks with the correct prefix or suffix in a given word.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

____connect ____mature ____send ____believe___ adore___

6. ___legitimate 7. wonder___ 8. ___fortunate__ 9. exist___ 10. appear____

IV. ASSIGNMENT Look for a song that started with an If and write the lyrics in your notebook.

Prepared by: Michelle M. Cruz BSED-English