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The cover photograph, the Gateway Of India, Mumbais most famous landmark is located at Apollo Bunder.

This triumphal archway was designed by George Wikket. The beautiful Gateway was built to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary to India in 1911.It was through this magnificent monument, numerous Viceroys, Governors and top civil servants were welcomed as they disembarked from their steamers. The old Taj Mahal Hotel on the left, where Brother Branham and company stayed during his missionary trip to India in September 1954. The new multi-storied Taj Mahal Hotel is adjacent to the old.

This Book is compiled in commemoration of 50years since Almighty God sent His Prophet William Marrion Branham to Bombay - India in September 1954.

To the chosen, predestinated, elect of God is this book dedicated.

From, Bethlehem - India

India Trip Report Golden Jubilee Memorial


1954 - 2004

(Hebrew - hdd ), which means Praise, Flee Away(Ref : Brown Driver Briggs Hebrew Lexicon), is a name familiar to the Bible readers; being found in the Book of Esther: was the Eastern limit of the territory of King Ahasuerus. It is a fairly large country situated in South East Asia, whose population is more than 1/6th of the worlds total population. Indias history goes back to many thousands of years, and has been the home land of founders of many religions; Gautam Buddha of the Buddhists, Mahavir of the Jains, Guru Nanak of the Sikhs, and many others. It has always been, and is even yet today, the centre homeland of Hinduism. Presently about 80% of the population are Hindus. Christianity made its in-roads into this country in the first century itself when Apostle Thomas arrived in Madras (now Chennai) in South India. He was martyred by enraged pagan priests in AD 53 cited under the king of Mylapore at Madras. Though few were converted through his ministry, the Holy Spirit certainly had laid the foundation for what was yet to come. As the years, decades, and even centuries rolled on, Catholic priests and monks arrived from Europe to continue the great work which Saint Thomas had begun, amidst great persecution and opposition from the native pagan rulers. The Dark Ages never really affected the Indian converts as the Reformation had not struck this country. It was only when the Wesleyan Methodist Age began, known as the Great Missionary Age, that the Protestant missionaries entered into India. William Carey of the English Baptist Missionary Society, who came to Calcutta (North- East India), in 1790s, was the most prominent. Also Great Britain had by then completely captured the entire country, and that allowed the missionaries more liberty and access to enter into various cities in Indias heartland. But as more and more denominations entered the fray, they seemingly were more interested in proselyting other converts into their own denominations, rather than converting the pagans. So we find that even after over 1,900 years since Saint Thomas landed in India, the Christian population (including all denominations) is hardly significant. On August 15th 1947, India gained its independence from Britain after a non-violent struggle; the British left this country, but not before partitioning it on religious grounds: carving out a Muslim country in the North-West and North-East called West Pakistan and East Pakistan (Bangla Desh). Bloody riots ensued the partitioning as Hindus were driven out of Pakistan, and Muslims were being thrown out of India. This enmity still exists and was evident in the two wars fought between the two countries. The newly elected politicians of Independent India were inexperienced in handling so vast a country, and were at their wits end in trying to manage a staggering 470 million population, with such a diversity of culture, language, and religion. The first President of India, Dr. S. Radhakrishnan had a slogan, Unity in diversity, and compared it to a necklace having different types and shapes of ornaments, but bound by a common string. In the minds of the politicians, that common string was to be religion, that is, Hinduism. So they were absolutely averse to the Christianization of the Indian masses.

The Indian soul has always been religious. Practically, every form of religion is practiced, and it ranges from the ridiculous to the sublime: from stark pagan idolatrous Hinduism to ..... Christianity. But having inherited financial bankruptcy from England in1947, compounded with illiteracy, starvation, poverty, and exploitation from the politicians of independent India; left a vacuum in the hearts of the masses. Ceremonial and superstitious religious beliefs on one hand, and impotent and indifferent Christian denominational systems on the other, were unable to fill the hunger in the hearts of the people; and that paved the way for the anti-god, anti-religion spirit to come in: Communism, which was already widely prevalent and powerful in Northern Asia. However, God had not forsaken this country. In 1954, seven years later, a Sabbatical year, amidst religious hatred amongst the Hindus and Muslims, and also the confusion and dissension amongst the various Christian denominations, and Communism making rapid in-roads in the NorthEast; God, true to His Divine Nature, suddenly stepped on the scene, and according to His foreordained plan, visited this country again by sending His Prophet William Marrion Branham to raise a standard against these forces of darkness. On 19th September 1954, this then was the unpleasant and hostile spiritual scenario Brother Branham had to face when he set his foot on Bombay (now Mumbai) airport tarmac.
INDIA (1953): Plagued by famine, cholera, riots, economic backwardness, Communist conspiracies, and fear of Red aggression.
Ref: World Book 2002

INDIA (1954): India improved its economic situation in 1954 and political conditions appeared stable.
Ref: World Book 2002

you read further, you will know what Brother Branham had to say about the situation, from the quotes (In Italics) taken unabridged from various Sermons he preached: a little from here and a little from there. He tells about the vision God gave him about the India trip, the preparations he made, about the meetings he had, the divine vindication of God, the after effects, and even the mistakes he made. This book is by no means an exhaustive report, but it is our sincere prayer, that it will cause you, dear reader, to dig deeper in the written Word - THE HOLY BIBLE, the Revealed Word Messages preached by Brother Branham, and maybe even history, to ascertain Gods true and final purpose and plan for India - which Brother Branham called her as The Keynote. Quote:


Brother, when I see the ensign lifted yonder in Jerusalem, when I see the Jews returning back, when I see that middle eastern problem, little old India is laid down there all these years and now shes a keynote, illiterate people, but a keynote. We failed to preach the Gospel to them. Weve done everything else.
The Handwriting On The Wall - Jeffersonville, IN. U.S.A. 56-0902

In the conclusion, we give our most humble and sincere opinion, as to how in these past fifty years, this End Time Message brought to us by Gods vindicated Prophet William Marrion Branham has spread all over India, slowly but steadily, in spite of many hindrances and opposition from the forces of evil. Finally, to the only Wise God Our Father, LORD all the honor, and all the glory, now and for all eternity. JESUS CHRIST, be all the praise,




Pen Picture Of William Marrion Branham


Marrion Branham was born in April 6th, 1909, at about five oclock in the morning in a little log cabin, way up in the mountains of Kentucky, U.S.A. to Charles and Ella Branham. The young mother wanted to see her crying baby, and asked to open the window. Mr. Charles pushed back the window, and when he did, a supernatural halo of light came whirling in and hung over the bed.


Log Cabin where William Marrion Branham was born on 6th April 1909

His parents were very poor, and not religious at all, and made their living by farming and logging. During his early years, his family moved several times, finally settling in Jeffersonville Indiana, where he attended public school through seventh grade.

William Marrion Branham

He tells of being called by God to the ministry at the age of seven by a Voice speaking out of a whirlwind high up in a tree, which said, Do not drink or smoke or defile your body in any way, for when you get older Ill have a work for you to do. From Brother Branhams early childhood days, and even when he was growing, he would see visions, fore-telling him about events which were to take place. Nonetheless, he was not converted until the age of nineteen. There was a deep calling to the deep in his teenage heart. He went from one Church organization to the other, but they did not have the answer to the thirst in his soul. In desperation, one day he went into an isolated shed, and knelt down and began weeping whilst talking to God, confessing to Him that he was ashamed of himself for having neglected Him. Then, according to Brother Branham, about that time he looked up and felt a funny feeling sweep over him. Here came a Light moving through the room and made a Cross; and a Voice spoke in a language unknown to him. He got cold, numb and scared. He looked at the Light as It went away.

He then said, Sir, I dont understand your language, but if you have forgiven me; I know that Im supposed to be reckoned in that Cross there, somewhere that my sins are supposed to lay in there, and if You have forgiven me, just come back and talk in Your own language. No sooner he said that, the Light was there back again. That experience settled the sin question once and for all. He got his Absolute; he had contacted Him. He left the shed screaming and shouting, and felt light, as if a 40 Tons load was lifted off his shoulder. He became a member of the Missionary Baptist Church, and was ordained as a Minister by its Pastor Dr. Roy E. Davis. As his ministry grew in the 1930s, he laid the foundation of his own tabernacle, The Branham Tabernacle and was its founder Pastor. In 1933, after having a successful revival, he was baptizing about five hundred converts in the Ohio river. When baptizing the seventeenth person, a bright light appeared over him and a Voice spoke, As John the Baptist was sent to forerun the first coming of Christ, I send you with a Message to the world to forerun the second coming of Christ. Approximately five thousand people were on the river bank who witnessed this supernatural event. Many people screamed, some even fainted. A report of this incident was carried by UPI (United Press International) all over America and Canada captioned Mystic Light appears over local Baptist Minister while baptizing in the River. Brother Branham continued to see visions, and when he shared these visions with other clergy associates of his, they invariably told him not to fool with these visions, because they were of the devil. But no matter how much he tried, these visions would continue to come. Distressed, one day in May 1946, he decided to leave his wife and son home, and go into the woods to seek God to rid himself of these supernatural happenings. He went that night into a little old cabin in the woods, and was praying to God telling Him how much he loved Him, and that he did not want to be possessed of the devil, and not to allow these things to happen anymore to him. At about 3 oclock in the morning, he saw a Light flicker in the room, coming from a halo of fire, emerald color which entered the room. He heard somebody walking, and in come a bare footed Man, weighing about 200 pounds, hands folded, and stood below this halo, and these are the words He said, Do not fear, I am sent from the Presence of Almighty God; to tell you that your peculiar birth and misunderstood life has been to indicate that you are to go to all the world and pray for the sick people. If you get the people to believe you, and be sincere when you pray, nothing shall stand before your prayers, not even cancer. As the prophet Moses was given two signs to vindicate his ministry, so will you be given two gifts to vindicate your ministry. One of them will be that you take the person that youre praying for with your left hand and their right: then just stand quiet, and therell be a physical effect thatll happen on your body. Then you pray. And if it (effect) leaves, the disease is gone from the person. If it doesnt leave, just ask a blessing, and walk away. Brother Branham then said, Sir, Im afraid they wont receive me. He replied, And the next thing will be, if they wont hear that, then they will hear this. It will come to pass that youll know the very secrets of their hearts. This they will hear. He further added, that Brother Branham was born in this world for that purpose....and it was not a demon spirit, but the Holy Spirit Who was showing him those visions all through his life, and explained it plainly from the Scriptures of the Bible that just as in the days of Jesus the clergy misunderstood Him, and called Him Beelzebub (devil), so was it happening now. Brother Branham, now convinced in his heart that it was the Holy Spirit working in his life told the angel, I will go. He replied, Ill be with you. The angel then stepped into the light again that began to come around and around and around His feet, went up into the Light and went out. He narrated this Angelic visitation to his Pastor Dr. Roy Davis, who only made fun of it, and ridiculed him by saying, Billy, go on home, youve had a nightmare. Brother Branham said, "If that's the attitude of the Baptist Church, I give up my fellowship card. I don't appreciate that. If you are through, if you don't want me, all right, here's my credentials. I will follow God, led alone; I don't have to follow the Baptist church."

He said, "I don't mean it that way, Brother Branham. I guess I hurt your feeling." I said, "You never hurt my feeling, but when you tell me that that was a nightmare, when I stood and talked to an Angel face to face..." He said, "You mean you'll be going around the world, with a seventh-grade education, and winning thousands to Christ? You, with a grammar school education, is going to pray for kings and potentates?" I said, "That's what He said. And that's what I believe." That's right. He said, "How you going to do it? Who do you think would listen to you?" I said, "I don't know. No more than I know how Paul could tell out there on the ship that night, that he was going to have to come before Caesar. But he said, 'Lo, an Angel of God appeared to me last night,' and said, 'Fear not Paul, you're going to have come before Caesar. And God has give me all those that sail with me.' And he said, 'Wherefore brethren, be of a good courage, for I believe God. It'll be just like it was showed me.' And I believe Him. It's not my business to ask that. It's my business to do what He said do. It's His business to send somebody to listen at it." Brother Branham then immediately gave up his Baptist Fellowship card, and started an independent ministry not attached to any organization. However, soon after this angelic visitation and receiving his commission, he left the Pastorship of the Branham Tabernacle which he had built, and blazed out into the field of evangelism in different cities in the U.S.A. displaying the gift of healing which God had given him. Literally thousands were healed and surrendered their life to Christ. Among them was U.S. Presidential candidate, William D. Upshaw, crippled for sixty six years, raised up out of the wheel chair.

William D. Upshaw

the healing revival movement. It was at a time when the Pentecostal (Azusa Street) revival had died out, having broken up into many organized groups, and divine healing campaigns had slumped . In spite of this tremendous and constant vindication from Almighty God, Brother Branham had to face severe opposition all through his life, from an expected foe; which has been Gods enemy from the beginning - Organized Religion. However, God never ever let His Prophet down, and stood by him just as He promised. Even when it came to a showdown, during a debate with a Baptist preacher on Divine Healing in Houston, Texas, U.S.A., in 1950, the pillar of Fire came and stood over Brother Branham as he was addressing about 10,000 people who had gathered to witness the event in the Coliseum.

Brother Branhams popularity blossomed, and he became the undisputed founder - leader of

His fame spread far and wide, and went beyond the shores of U.S.A. He was called to England to pray for Sister Florence Nightingale, a Missionary nurse in South Africa, in 1950 who was dying of cancer. After Brother Branham prayed for her, she was healed and went back to South Africa (her native country) and spread the news of her healing everywhere.

Pillar of Fire in the form of a halo over William Marrion Branham


Before After Sister Florence Nightingale (South Africa)

by the power of God working through His humble servant. King George VI of England was healed of multiple sclerosis, and he prayed for other kings and potentates.

Later in the same year he held healing campaigns in Europe. Thousands were healed

A small boy in Finland, killed in a car accident was raised back to life fulfilling a vision given to Brother Branham about three years before the incident.


they invited Brother Branham to have healing campaigns. From October till December 1951, many healing services were held in various cities in South Africa . So tremendous was the success of these meetings, for the sheer size of the congregation that gathered at each of the services (one hundred thousand plus), and the thousands outstanding miracles God performed through him. The effects of the meetings would be felt for years to come. Thousands raised to their feet from beds where they'd been laying crippled, and from cots, and stretchers, and clubs, and piled them up. They took seven van loads of crutches and wheelchairs, and things off the ground. Sydney Smith, the then Mayor of Durban declared to Brother Branham, This is African history. According to Brother F.F. Bosworth, a member of the Branham campaign party, estimated that twenty five thousand healings took place after one congregational prayer that Brother Branham prayed; they'd seen God, Jehovah, moving in His power. Thirty thousand recorded decisions of raw heathens that had never knowed anything about Jesus Christ, accepted Him at one time and broke their idols on the ground till it looked like a dust storm around where they had been.

The testimony of Sister Florence Nightingale spread around the South African people, and

South Africa Healing Campaigns:

back home, Brother Branham crissed crossed all over U.S.A. having healing campaigns everywhere. Meetings were held in huge tents to accommodate the massive crowds which used to attend the services. It was in 1953 that an Archbishop from India, on a visit to the U.S.A., attended one such meeting, and his heart was stirred seeing the supernatural healing power of God. He invited Brother Branham to come to newly independent India to be a blessing to his people. To Brother Branham, this was a fulfilling of the vision concerning India. As you read further, Brother Branham speaks about this India trip.



So many things that if I could stay here for a month I could half--not half enough... If I could write in books of what I have seen the Lord do, it would almost make a library in itself. Hundreds of books wouldn't write of the things that I've seen that just--just know He did in these about thirty-five years, or thirty-one years, it is, of service for Him, that I've seen Him do in the meetings that I've held, and around the world. And the great things. It was startling.
Why? - Bloomington , IL. U.S.A. 61-0413


to build, that morning about 6 oclock, the Lord woke him up and showed him a vision of the tabernacle packed with people, but He said, This is not your tabernacle...... do the work of an Evangelist. Though the tabernacle was built, Brother Branham knew that he would not be there as Pastor for very long. And the Angelic visitation in 1946 only confirmed his thoughts. Having returned from the successful European Campaigns in 1950, Brother Branham felt that some day God would send him to Africa and India. So great was the burden God placed in his heart for these countries, that, he kept making references to these impending trips in his meetings in the U.S.A. October 1951, the Lord sent him to Africa, and having passed through an outstanding revival in South Africa, Brother Branham lived daily in anticipation of the meetings he would have in India. Finally in 1952, the Lord gave him a vision concerning the Indian meetings, and he was anxious to see its fulfillment.

The day Brother Branham was to lay the cornerstone for the tabernacle he was going


Brother Braham Narrates Vision Of India Meeting:


Here It come again. I felt It come into the room again, Whew! Whew! And He said to me in the Spirit, set me down out there in the middle of that race track right in Durban where I was standing. And I seen that Durban meeting going, fading off into history to my right. Geographically, I was facing the south, just like I was in Durban. And it was going, fading to the west, going away, turning blue, that group of people. And right in front of me, the sections, just like this was sectioned off, but looked like streets. And there was great crowds of people. And then He came and He turned my head like this, back over to the east, towards the east, towards India. And there were tens of thousands with clouts on, dark-looking men. They had their hands up in the air. They were praising God. They were jumping-up-and down, and screaming, and praising God. Thousands of them was receiving Christ. And I said, Wonderful. I came to myself. I heard His number. Remember, Im going to hold a meeting somewhere east of Durban, I believe in India, thatll consist of three hundred thousand people. Thats before it comes to pass, that you might know.
Faith (Africa Trip Report) - Zion, IL. U.S.A. 52-0725

Offerings Earmarked For India Trip:

from the offerings he received, for the India trip.

The Lord having now confirmed the India trip, Brother Branham began to set aside money Now, I thank you all so much for the missionary offering for this afternoon. If our

Lord tarries and permits me, I want to go over to Africa, and then we come back to to India, and from there to Jerusalem to in this next missionary tour. And my heart is bleeding for all those countries. Sister Hall was saying; she said, None of that for me, over way in there, said, I dont think I... I said, Fleshly speaking, II dont desire it, but theres something back there thats making me go (See?), just just making me go. And with the love for those who need Christ, I want to go.
Believest Thou This? - Los Angeles, CA. U.S.A. 51-0506A


Now, and I thank you from the depths of my soul for your offering. I will do all that I can to glorify God. Im trying my best now to get back to... Im sure by... I told you the vision this afternoon, and there will be a meeting that I will hold somewhere, and I believe its in India, near Bombay, that therell be three hundred thousand people, and I dont know how many converts there will be in that meeting, probably run up to a hundred and fifty, two hundred thousand people, converted. And the little fragments thats left over this afternoon and tonight, will go for that purpose. And at that day, God reward you, each one for giving it is my prayer.
God Testifying Of His Gifts - Hammond, IN. U.S.A. 52-0713E

Whilst on one hand God was preparing His Prophet to go to India; on the other hand He was sending Archbishops Palai and J.S. Williams from Bombay on a U.S.A. tour. By no strange coincidence, but by Gods fore ordained plan, both these men are at a Branham Healing Campaign in America. (We regret our inability to gather any information concerning Archbishop Palai)

God Works On Both Ends Of The Line:

Archbishop Rev. J. S. Williams

the Holy Ghost, Archbishop Palai, he said, "Brother Branham, the way they're looking for you there, so that meant converts." Said, "I'll assure you, there'll be anywhere from a half to a million people in your congregation." He said, "All India's awaiting." And with this vision to back it up, watch what our Lord will do. See? I'm expecting a half a million converts in my journey. We go to Africa, to India...
Do you now Believe? - Phoenix, AZ. U.S.A. 54-0307E

When the archbishop of India came to my place, recently, and received the Baptism of

and Methodist is sponsoring here in Florida, Dr...?... Lee of the big Baptist school there. Theyre sponsoring this meeting at West Palm Beach, just the fundamental churches alone. And the archbishop of India come over here to find out a lot of Indians was converted and healed there. He come over to find out whether it was true, and he receive the Holy Ghost himself.
Africa Trip Report - Owensboro, KY. U.S.A. 53-1109

The archbishop, which is to be with us in this next meeting, down here the Baptist

Baron Frary Von Blomberg

and didnt even want their religion. So steps were been taken to control the spread of Christianity. But then who can resist the plan of God? From out of nowhere, Baron Von Blomberg, an internationally known Crusader against racial discrimination is brought in contact with Brother Branham. The Baron was of the idea that the present day ills of the world needed a spiritual cure. So he willingly agreed to be the Manager for the India Campaign.

Indian political leaders of Independent India were so glad to see the British leave,


Baron Von Blomberg was the son of an Irish American shoe maker. He was later adopted by the late Baroness Adelheid Maria Von Blomberg. He travelled widely and had met more royalty than any other person in the U.S.A. and had worked as the official spokesman of several million refuges in Europe after World War II.


Then were going to India, Baron Von Blomberg, a baron of Germany, which is one of our managers, leaves the fifteenth to go to make a dinner with Nehru in India. I have a little dinner with Nehru, then we come back to have a dinner with the king of Trans-Jordan. And we go into the Mohammedans.
Speak To The Rock - Jonesboro, AR. U.S.A. 53-0512

set by Archbishop J. S. Williams who was to sponsor the meetings.

Now as the India meetings were shaping up, the date for the meetings were also being

Archbishop Of India Sets India Meetings:

Man Proposes But God Disposes: Dates Changed From February To September Quote:

When the archbishop of India came over here and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, of the Eastern Orthodox Church... Thats the next church to the Catholic. Our meeting supposed to be over there, going to be politically sponsored. I have a dinner set with Nehru. Were to meet with the king of Spain, and the king ofPrince Jordan, Prime Minister Krugar in South Africa, and politics sponsored to give it a nationwide publicity, and in Jerusalem to let us in.
And now, Im just positive that this is going to be the greatest meeting that was ever heard. And then, when the archbishop said, Brother Branham, lets set the meeting in order. He said, Have you got the money yet? I said, Ive got pretty near five thousand dollars. I think thatll take us. Course, in India you cant spend a penny; you got to send the money ahead. Theyve got to have our money for everything. And none of those other countries, their moneys no good here. You see? So we have to send the money. And I said, I think thatll, maybe, buy our tickets to go over. And he said, Well, lets set the meeting for February, he said, the 23rd. Ill have Mr. Nehru to have a dinner for you that afternoon on the 23rd, thatll give me a chance to go into Africa and have this meeting and all over. I said, Thats sounds good to me. Called Mr. Baxter, we got it set. And that night, my wife, which is present now, setting back here, Ithere was people in the den room, and people in the other room, was ministering to the sick, and Id had a long distant call, of emergency, a man was going to commit suicide. He said, I just want to call you preacher and tell you that Im no good, and Im fixing youll hear the gun fire, just in a minute. And I said, Now, justjust a moment. Lay the gun down; let the hammer down. I kept on till I hearheard it lay down, and led him to Christ. And he got saved right there. So I was on my road back to go in to minister to the people again, and standing in the door stood a odd dressed man. I never noticed how he was dressed down this way, but he had like a towel laying over his head. His nose was kinda pushed up, in that manner. And he said to me. I said, How do you do, sir? I thought he was justsome of them had just let him in. He was in there to be prayed for. And he said, looked up like that, said, Brother Branham, dont go overseas till September. Why, I said, Why? And the man was gone. And I went into the other room, and asked if they had seen anything like it; wife hadnt let him into the house; he... No one knowed nothing about him. And then that night, after the house was empty, I went in and was laying down along about one oclock in the morning, and I dreamed that I shouldnt go over to Africa tillor India until September. I come in, woke up my wife, and told her. We set there a little while, I went back in again and dreamed the same dream again. And we said, Maybe its the Lord, dont want me to go over. And I went in, I said, Lord, then I accept the vision as being You warning me, and the two dreams


also not to go till September. I went to sleep and slept like a baby. So we go in September in the Name of Jesus Christ. Watch what happens. I know our Lord will be good to us. He promised it.
Divine Healing - Des Moines, IA. U.S.A. 54-0620E

Lord having now confirmed even the month of the India meetings, Brother Branhams anticipation and expectation runs high.



Brother Branham Anticipates Great Meetings In India:

But II have three more American meetings. And that is this, and California, and

then New York. And I leave this meeting to go to California, and then leave California, immediately, go to New York, and then we go overseas. And I am all happy in my heart because I am going overseas under theunder a vision, that the Lord has promised these things. And to you people who Im speaking to, this afternoon as I have, for thousands of others throughout and around the nation, knows that, what He says HeHe performs, He keeps. And I believe it will be the most marvelous meeting that the Lord has ever let me have since I have been in His service. And that will take place in India, of course.
The Great Coming Revival - Chicago, IL.U.S.A. 54-0718A


And Im trusting, and know that in India this time, will be the greatest meeting that the Lord has ever let me minister in all my life, for this time. And I have the vision wrote out here; I believe, which most of the people has it wrote in your own Bibles. And you can see whether it will be that way or not after its over. And if its not that way, then you can say I didnt speak to the Lord, or He didnt speak to me, rather. But if it does, then you remember thatthat He talked with me.
To See Jesus - Chicago, IL.U.S.A. 54-0718E

Gearing himself for the India trip, Brother Branham begins to study Indian History.

Brother Branham Makes Study Before He Arrives:


had the privilege just the last couple years of having one of the greatest meetings the Lord ever let me have in Bombay, India. And just before getting there, Id studied much of their nation, found out that the Medes-o-Persians that took Babylon from Belteshazzar, their tribe settled up there, and its called the Hindus today.
The Called Out - Chicago, IL. U.S.A. 58-0109

Communism having become a formidable force in Northern Asia, was making rapid inroads into poverty stricken India. The Prophet of God knew that he was being sent to stem this anti God move.
Meetings Will Be The Only Thing To Curb Communism In India:


Branham Says:-

India, therell be three hundred thousand people attend the meeting there at one time. I look for a hundred thousand conversions at one time. See? Its the only thing thatll stem the tide of Communism now, when forty percent of India has already turned Communist.
Israel And The Church - Jeffersonville, IN. U.S.A.53-0329

Now, you mark it in your Bible, and watch what the report is. When I return from


And look here. Id like to say something to you with reverence and respect. What may... Indias going to turn communism pretty soon if you dont watch. Why is it? Because that we have put the penny march for the missionary to go over, and give our money to the bureaucrats and so forth like that, in the guise and things in this nation. And we have been weighed in the balance and found wanting.
India Trip Report - Lima, OH. U.S.A. 57-0126B




Lord having now, by a vision, fixed the month of September for Brother Branham to go to India, Brother Branham was anxiously waiting for the day to come. He was under great anticipations, knowing that he would be used mightily by the Lord in bringing thousands of souls to Christ. The 17th of September 1954 was the day Brother Branham left U.S.A., and landed in Bombay - India along with his son Billy Paul, U.S.A. manager - Bro. W. J. Ern Baxter, and campaign manager - Baron Frary Von Blomberg. According to Brother Billy Paul Branham, the moment Brother Branham stepped off the airplane, the first thing he did was he prayed, I claim everyone You sent me here for Father.



At Airport:

I landed in Bombay, India, where I had the largest crowd of five hundred thousand people, I... The largest crowd I ever preached to at one time in my life was in Bombay. When I met there, here come the bishop of the Methodist church, and many of the great churches, there come the archbishop, the Hindu, Hinduist church there, and many other of the great outstanding churches. They met me out there where thousands of people come to the airport. And when they come and they put me to the Taj Majah Hotel, and they met in a room similar to this with all the celebrity of the city and the Rajahs and everything.
Contending For The Faith - Georgetown, IN. U.S.A. 56-0200

Brother Branham Garlanded On Arrival At The Bombay Airport





Indian Welcome:

In Bombay, India, when we got there, many of the bishops and so forth come out to the airport to greet us and piles of garlands (you know how they do) as a salute.
Sirs, We Would See Jesus - Trifton GA. U.S.A.60-0109

R -L: Ern Baxter, Billy Paul, William Branham, Baron F.V. Blomberg


Branham And Party Stay At The Taj Mahal Hotel: And the people knowed where we were staying there, that Taj Mahal Hotel.
Blind Bartimaeus - San Fernando, CA. U.S.A. 55-1115


When I got off the airplane at Bombay, India, where we had our largest gathering, estimated some five hundred thousand to be in a meeting, the first one I met at the Taj Hotel where maybe four hundred or better missionaries had gathered together, was the bishop of the Methodist church there.
Hear Ye Him - Phoenix, AZ. U.S.A. 60-0313

Taj Mahal Hotel


the Indian National Hindustani church. This denomination is very small, and just has few Churches sprinkled all over India. It caters mostly to the North Indian Christians and at their Church services, the language used is Hindustani, which is a mix of Hindi and Urdu. Now satan, the adversary and opposer of all Gods plan was going to make sure that the India meetings would not be a success. The first thing Brother Branham faced when he met the delegates of various denominations at the Taj Mahal Hotel was, that there was going to be no co-operation from the other denominations unless he changed sponsorship.

Brother Branham was invited to India supposedly by Archbishop J. S. Williams of


Branham Runs Into Difficults:


Asked To Change

When we landed in India, under difficults, the bishop of the Methodist church come to meet me and many others. And they told me that my set up was wrong, coming in, that the wrong group had sponsored me and so forth, and wanted me to turn my sponsorship from them over to this other group. And I said, Brethren, as a man of honor, I must keep my word. Thats right.
So then, in here, when we hit the place, they said, Drop your sponsorship. And I said, No. As a man of honor, I must keep my word. Well, they said, youre going to do a lot of harm in India. I said, But look... Said, Turn and go back. And they begin to tell me, oh, about how it would do hindrance and so forth. But I said, Look, wash women, washing over a washboard has sent me over here. Men whos worked in the factory with their dirty greasy hands has went down in their pockets and took a dollar out to send me over here. And fathers with little children, maybe, that needed shoes, took the dollar that wouldve bought the shoe for the baby and sent me over here. I said, Gentlemen, IIm... In my Christian heart, I couldnt look them in the face again, to know that I had misused the money that was sent over here to come preach the Gospel to these people. I said, You forgive me if in some of your politics and so forth, if Ive got mixed up. That I didnt know. That was the manager. I had nothing to do with it. I just come. I said, But I come to preach the Gospel and to help the needy. I said, I have some money here in my pocket that I must give personally to the poor, cause people has give it to me to give to the poor personally, and I must do it.
India Trip Report - Lima, OH. U.S.A. 57-0126B


When I went over there, the Methodist bishop said to me, he said, Youre coming under the wrong denomination; we cant have nothing to do with it.
Faith - Harrisonburg, VA. U.S.A. 58-0315


In India, Id like to quote the meeting though, just how what taken place. When we went in there, there was no unity, brethren all separated. One church had sponsored me, and the rest of them wouldnt come in with it cause they didnt like that church. See, there you are.
When I got there, because this one church, their principle was, Sell India to India; we need not the missionary; we need not the Americans. When I landed at Bombay, there stood the Methodist bishop and many of thethe great men standing there. Said, Mr. Branham, you coming to India; dont you come here as a missionary. Said, We know more about the Bible than you Yankees ever did know. Now no critical, not critical, but thats the truth.
The Great Commission - Chattanooga, TN. U.S.A.58-0301B

in the open air, and as no Church would be large enough to hold the massive crowds, there was going to be disorder and confusion.

The next thing satan did was, that he was not going to allow the meetings to be held



To Open Air Meeting:

There's a woman, went over there, Mrs. Dowd. I don't know whether you ever heard of her or not. Oh, such a disgrace that was in India. That's the reason we couldn't even have our meetings in the open air. She got over there and tried to take offerings from them people. And--and--and because they wouldn't give their little rupee's...
A poor little woman that's got a job, packing mortar on top of her head, up steps and things like that, from five o'clock to ten o'clock, gets a rupee a day, at twenty-one cents. See? She has to work hard to keep that job. A woman wading in mud to their knees, and so forth, poor little old things, take care of her little babies and so forth: a rupee, twenty-one cents. And there fussing at them people, and taking those rupee's and turning them back into American money... And they said, "You come to take what we got, not to help us." Now but, now, my brother, sister, this woman started taking up offerings and fussing at them. They said, "You come to take what we got, not to help us. I thought you come to help us." She was supposed to be a Divine healer. She was angry with me, when I was over on the West Coast. "Howard," she said, "I want to see your daddy." She had married some man from down there in Egypt or something. Said, "I'm going to India, too." Said, "Well, madam, when that Anointing is on him, we--the people just don't come around." Said, she said, "You tell him that I'm Mrs. Dowd." And said, "When I'm going to India before him, I will have the situation under control time he gets there." Said, "My meetings is greater than he ever had anyhow." Well, that's true, might been. See? I don't know. But to think, she had it under control to a place till you couldn't even have a meeting in the open air. That's what it was. And they--they started a riot, and she stood there and said, "You black devils, you." Said on like that. And they tried to get her to get out, and she wouldn't do it. And somebody hit her on the head with a brick, and they packed her out. So they, then they rushed her out of the country.
The Word Became Flesh (India Trip Report) - Jeffersonville, IN. U.S.A. 54-1003M

meet important political leaders in India, and even get their co-operation.

Through the connection of Baron Frary Von Blomberg; Brother Branham was able to


By Celebrities:

Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru 1947 1964


I was entertained there by, well, the celebrity, thats true, from Mr. Nehru, and the president, and the parliament and all of them. I got their tickets and things, right here in my

pocket, their little cards, and so forth. They were nice. Couldnt be any nicer. Treat you nice. But I went to the mayor of Bombay, to his office. And Nehru and them was talking to us, said, We would like to have your alls way of how... and your democracy, and so forth like that, but we dont want your spirit. Thats right. We dont want the heady, high feeling that you all have in America. We dont want it. See? They didnt pull no bones about telling us either. Said, We dont want that.
The Word Became Flesh (India Trip Report) Jeffersonville IN U.S.A. 54-1003M



Bishop Speaks To Brother Branham:

When I got off in India with the great Bishops that met me there, he said, Brother Branham, weve heard much of your work. Said, Now, dont come here and try to be a missionary. Said, Dont come here and try to teach us the Word, because we know more about it. We had the Word when Thomas come down here two thousand years ago. And I preached at Saint Thomas Church. Said, I... Said, Thomas came down here and brought us the Gospel two thousand years, said, we had it eight hundred years before you was a nation. So dont try to come tell us about the Word. We know more about the Word. But what we want to know, has God blessed you, with the return of the Holy Spirit to make the Word live again? I said, Jesus raised from the dead, sir.
Jesus Christ The Same Yesterday, Today, And Forever - Campbellsville, KY. U.S.A. 55-0806

The then Mayor of Bombay, Mr. D.V. Patel, a Hindu, opened the meeting at the St. Pauls Indian National Hindustani Church.

Mr. D. V. Patel - Mayor Of Bombay 1954 1955

Mayor Of Bombay Opens Meeting:


In Bombay, India... And when the mayor of the city opened the meeting...
The Infallible Proof Of The Resurrection - Sturgis, MI. U.S.A. 57-0114

According to the reports from witnesses, the meetings were first held at St. Pauls Church but because of the crowds the venue was shifted to the Hume Memorial National Church, close by. Even though this Church is not very big, but there was lots of open space all around the Church, and crowds estimated to be from about three lakhs to five lakhs had gathered there from all over India.
(Refer to chapter Testimonies below for further details.)


St. Pauls National Hindustani Church


Hume Memorial Congregational Church

On the last day Brother Branham was invited to meet Acharya Tulsi, ninth Pontiff of the Jain Terapanth Sect and leaders of other religions as well.

Mr. Jethalal Zaveri

Mr. Rashmibhai Zaveri

had a video interview with Mr. Rashmibhai Zaveri, who was 22 years old when he attended this meeting with Brother Branham, along with his father late Mr. Jethalal Zaveri.

If you will notice, the invitation by the Anuvrat Samiti is signed by Mr. Jethalal Zaveri. We This is what Mr. Rashmibhai had to say:(Refer handbill on the next page)

1]. 2]. a) b) c) d) 3]. 4].

The meeting was organized by my late father at the behest of the late Shri. Acharya Tulsi. This was a special meeting. Definition of words on the invitation.(next page) Acharya: Head of one particular Jain Sect. Samiti: Committee. Anuvrat: Small Vows. Terapanth: Name of last Jain sect. It means your path. Udhyognagar: Place where late Mr. Jethalal Zaveri had his factory. Why was the meeting held in Sicka Nagar? It is necessary for the Jain monks and nuns to stay at one place during the rainy season ie. for four months. The rest of the months they travel. Acharya Tulsi had come to Bombay in the rainy season, and was passing the four months at Sicka Nagar, at the invitation of the owners of Sicka Nagar. He never returned to Sicka Nagar after that. Is there a temple in Sicka Nagar? We have no temple in Sicka Nagar. Infact Terapanth Sect has no temple at all. We dont believe in idol worship. Our monks and nuns move on foot and where ever they stay, becomes a temple. Were there any other religious leaders present?






The invitation was sent to various faiths - Islam, Hindus, Parsis, etc. Predominantly Christians Priests, other religious leaders, together with the followers of Acharya Tulsi were present. Comments on Sickanagar meeting: I distinctly remember the whole atmosphere was charged with feeling from heads of faith including Acharya Tulsi, Rev. Branham, and other religious heads. Atmosphere of harmony, nobody talked about differences and tried to make an issue of it. Brother Branham said he invited the people to attend his meeting that night. Did they go? Acharya Tulsi didnt go; as the meeting was in the evening and they dont travel after sunset. I am very sure that my father late Mr. Jethalal Zaveri did attend that meeting along with certain other community people from our sect.

Invitation By Anvrati Samiti Jain Community (Terapanth)


with Archbishop J. S. Williams), who organized this meeting between Acharya Tulsi and Brother Branham; we are of a different opinion. According to our humble opinion, it was at the behest of Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru (the then Prime Minister of India), who was well acquainted with Acharya Tulsi, and Baron F. V. Blomberg, that this meeting was arranged . Knowing that Baron F. Von Blomberg was coming to India with a Christian Evangelist, Mr. Nehru may have thought it best to send Acharya Tulsi, his spiritual guru, to confront Brother Branham. Brother Branham speaks of what happened at that meeting.

Though Mr. Reshmibhai says it was his father, the late Mr. Jethalal Zaveri (who was friendly

Quote: Quote:


In Jain Temple And What Took Place:

The Great Commission - Chattanooga, TN. U.S.A.58-0301B

That day the mayor of the city took me down to the temple of the Jain. I was entertained here not long ago, where I had my largest gathering I ever had (a

half a million people) at Bombay, India, five hundred thousand people in the meeting. And there, that afternoon, they entertained me by seventeen different religions, and every one of them denied Christianity. And you can imagine how welcome I was there.
Fellowship With God Through Reconciliation - Sturgis, MI. U.S.A 56-0120


And then in the meetings as they come, that afternoon they asked me if I would come to a rep... to represent the Christian religion before a gathering in the Temple of the Jain. I... Some of you missionaries, I may not pronounce that right. I forget how its spelled, J-e-i-n, double n or something like that. Jans or Jens, its a religion. And that afternoon, many different religions had gathered there, cause they knew I was coming. And there they taken their shoes off and walked into this heathen temple. And as I walked in there, and they set on their pillows; and there set their pope or their big man with his feet pulled up, and the monks there with their whiskers pulled out and pulling the hairs from their head. Little mops they were making, because they mop the street. Afraid theyd step on a ant, or a little bug, and it might be their papa or mama or their uncle or aunt, and... Reincarnation, they believe in. And I looked all over that place, and I seen their different peculiar dresses that represented their different religions. And I thought, Oh, Jesus. What would you do if You walked in here?
India Trip Report - Lima, OH. U.S.A. 57-0126B

The Jains:


Acharya Tulsi Spiritual head of the Jain Community (Terapanth) through out the world Acharya Tulsi was a synonym of Jainism, even though his Terapanth (your path), founded about 178 years ago, is the smallest and the newest Jain sect. Tulsi hailed from a devout family of Jain traders in Ladnun and showed early leadership qualities and a spiritual bent of mind. He took his monks vows at the age of 11, and by the time he was 16, he had already started attracting acolytes. Kalugani appointed him Terapanths ninth acharya when he was just 22. Tulsi had since shown great organizational ability and the mind of a progressive man. He started the Anuvrat (small vows) movement in 1950. Anuvrat instantly brought Tulsi into the limelight. In the first flush of Indias Independence, the need of the hour was felt to be nation rebuilding and eradicating social evils. Tulsis crusade was seen to dovetail with those aims and the he struck a chord among the towering statesmen of the times, Gandhians and social reformers including Jawaharlal Nehru, Dr S. Radhakrishnan, and others. (Extracts: Acharya Tulsi Peace And Austerity By Parveen Chopra)


Themthem are men. They they eat like we do. They have wives like we have. They had blood like we have. They might could save our life with a blood transfusion, as Christ saved all our lives by His Blood transfusion. They have children. Theyre products of God. Their just... They just got all mixed up because of false teaching, because we failed with the Gospel. See? Now, we go over and pass out tracts. Tracts is wonderful. I have nothing against it, and Im for it. But that aint what Christ said. If we go over and teach theology, thats wonderful, nothing against it. Thats what we should do. But we got to have more than that for the heathen, going to take more than that. We sent missionaries in there for years. Thats right. And what have we gotten? Nothing to count for. Now, watch. And in India that day, when they went into the temple, and they got up to... They begin to speak, the different ones, and they begin to belittle Christianity. How they said... Now, they had a lot of good points. Certainly they do. They had a good point. One of them said, How do you, who call yourself religious, Christian, that believe in a God; and all your science is used to create atomic bombs to blow one another up. And then call yourself religious. I said, You have a point there. Thats right. But all that create atomic bombs are not Christians. Thats right. I said, That is right. We Christians would never blow one another up, borned again Christians. But you can see their points. Thats just one of them (You see?), what their points are. But they kept saying, Our religion was before this, and your Christ... Said, Christ come over... The Indian belief, that Christ leaned his philosophy from a Buddha priest (See?) and all that... So I had to stand up. Id have been a traitor to Christ if I hadnt. I dont care what kind of a temple I was in. I raised up and I said, Youre in error. And how could you evercould I ever teach to you a blood sacrifice, when you wont even kill a gnat? I said, How could you ever accept a blood sacrifice? I said, I ask you to be at the service this evening.
India Trip Report - Lima, OH. U.S.A. 57-0126B


Service That Evening....... :


Brother Branham Preaching in Bombay India


So then that night at the gathering, we could not go outside the city, because it had a law that to have police protection, we had to remain in the city. And the mayor of the city had come out; he was with me that afternoon, and many of the great leaders, the bishop of the Methodist church, and many other Christian leaders, where we meet at the Taj Hotel.
And so they said I had to have it in the city. And they were hundreds of thousands at the meeting toto attend. Theres no way of estimating how many would be there, because just as far as you could see was one mass of people. And theres two hours and something, with guards on the side of the car to get to where the meeting started, pulled through with the car to get up to the place to speak. You can imagine how long that would take. They was just jamming, and pushing, and climbing on the cars. Move a few feet, and then the guards and things to make them move... But when we got into the pulpit, to start speaking, I spoke on the subject of Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever. And they... What He was yesterday... And that what we could expect the same today if He is the same, that Hes not dead, but He has risen from the dead... And so, when we could have no prayer cards give out, we just had to let them jamb up the best they could. And the guards would bring up people. Well, after a few had past, and they had begin to see how the Holy Spirit would make known the conditions and what they had did, then... Course, under the anointing, you could tell that the people were thinking it was a telepathy or something, because they have a lot of witchcraft and everything in India. You just get ready to believe anything, things that you didnt think you would believe when you get there, cause everything is a religion of its own. Theyll walk through fire; theyll take a lance and run up through their mouth, take a sword and place it right through their heart and pour water right through it, and run out on their back side, and pull it out and dont even bleed, and... Oh, you can run up a tree and take a little boy and a sack, father run up there and cut him to pieces limb by limb, and dropped it off, and put it in a sack, and hes kick and holler, Let me out of here, daddy. Just get ready be believe anything when you hit India. Devil workers, and dont you think they wont challenge you; they will. And you had better know what youre talking about. Theres where youyou... You cant do as you can in the United States, just get by with anything. Youve got be sure that its right, or dont say nothing at all. So tonight on the platform, you could begin to feel that the Rajas and those setting out there believed that that was a telepathy. And after awhile, a...


There was a leper came by. And I didnt know too much about dealing with lepers. See, only in Africa that I had some experience... This little leper with just stubs of arms, his face all eat off of him, just come threw his arms around me. I prayed with him. And as he left the platform... Then the next come up was a blind man. And the Holy Spirit told him who he was. I couldnt speak his name, just had to spell out the letters for his name. Told him how he had been in this condition for twenty years, and was a worshiper of the sun; and hed went blind worshipping the sunlooking at it, and then that he was a beggar, had two children. All that was true. And then, I said, You see, I cannot heal him, because I cannot do what God has already done, for He was wounded for our transgressions, and with His stripes we were healed. Divine healing is not something of a hocus pocus, oror some little move, or some little blessing that people pack in their hands, but it is a undoubting faith that you have in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Its a finished work that was done by Christ at Calvary. I might ask tonight, how many got saved during this revival youve had here? Some of you raise your hand. Id say, how manys been saved ten years ago, youd raise your hands. But that in one way is right and another way it isnt right. You wasnt saved a week ago or ten years ago, you were saved nineteen hundred years ago. When Jesus died at Calvary, He expelled the sin of the world. But itll never do you no good until you accept it. You just accepted it last night or ten years ago. And thats the same time that He was wounded for our transgressions, with His stripes we are healed. Its your faith in a work thats finished, that God did through Christ for you at Calvary. Its completely. Theres not a sinner here tonight but whats been saved. And youre still under the mercies of God, as long as youre living and Gods dealing with you. But when you die, and you go beyond that, then youreyoure in judgment. You done judged yourself. And healing... Theres not a person here... If theres anyone here sick... Every one of you is healed now. Its just as much as youll ever could be healed. But its your faith to believe and accept your healing that Jesus was wounded for your transgressions, with His stripes you were healed. So no one can heal. I never healed anyone in my Life, and never will. But Ive had some direct answers to prayer a lot of times when I prayed for people. Its a prayer that... The prayer of faith shall save the sick. So theres no way for me to heal the man. And he was been blind twenty years. A Methodist doctor was present which examined him. His eyes were white from being blind. And then as I offered the prayer for the brother and started him off the platform, it was the sovereign grace of God... There come a little shadow right over him. And I watched it, and it was a vision. There stood the man with his normal sight just like anyone else. Now, see it was... It was the grace of God that did it. Then it was the opportunity. There was my opportunity to speak to the people then. And I said, I was entertained today at the temple of the Jains, and seventeen different religions there downing our Christianity... And I said, Now, tonight, here is a man whos a worshiper of the sun, thats blind. And you say that, the Mohammedan religion is three times the size of Christianity... which is true. The Buddhas are far beyond Christianity, and Christianity ranks third or fourth place in the religions of the World thats numberly. Thats including Catholic and Protestant together. And I said, Surely, somebodys right and somebodys wrong. Its got to be. There is a true and living God. Hes got a salvation for His people. And here is a man who has worshipped thethe creation instead of the Creator, we believe that. But hes blind, and he wants to come to the real true God. I said, Now, I asked the Mohammedan priest to come here and to restore the sight of this blind man. And If he can do it, then this blind man will become a Mohammedan, and I will alsoif he can restore the sight to this blind man. And I said, I also challenge the priest of Buddha, all of Jains, or any of the rest of the religions here, any of you leaders, come here you holy men, and restore the sight to this man. For if


there is a God Who created him, and he wants to come back with a true heart to worship that God, surely that God will restore his sight and put him back in conditions to worship Him. Now, I would no need to said that if there hadnt been a vision and I knowed what I was speaking of. Thats the way our Lord did. He said, I do nothing until the Father shows Me first what to do, Saint John 5:19. No prophet, or neither the Lord Jesus, ever went about doing things just at random. Jesus could not lie, because He was God. And He said, Verily, verily, I say unto you, the Son can do nothing in Himself, but what He sees the Father doing (not hears the Father doing), but sees the Father doing. Elijah on Mount Carmel, when he laid the bullock and everything, he come out before the people, and said, Lord God, I did this all at Your command. Always God, flesh cant glory nowhere. And it was a vision. And thats the reason he could speak boldly, cause God had said so. That settles it. So then when all of them was real quiet. I said, This is an awful quiet group of people. And I said, Now today, you Mohammedans was trying to tell me how much greater the Mohammedan religion was than Christianity. Now, let the priests come forth and do it, or any of the rest. I said, The reason they cant do it, the reason theyre not coming is because they cant do it. And I said, Neither can I do it. But the God of heaven that raised up His Son, Christ Jesus, Who is alive today, and Who Im representing, has showed me a vision that the mans going to receive his sight. Now, if He doesnt do it, then Im a false leader and should be run out of India. But I said, If He does do it, and all of you people seen how that your priests andand your holy men are sitting quiet. I said, I I want to see the man receive his sight. I dont want to argue your textbooks and your religion. I just want thethe man to be given his sight. And let the God that be God of creation, Who made the human race restore back his sight, because it wont take a hoax. Itll have to be real, cause itll have to be created, because he has no eyes. Dont be afraid. Our God is God. If He ever was God, Hes God yet. And if Hes God at all, Hes God of the whole creation. And so when saying that, then I said, They wont say nothing. And I cant but God has chose that this would be. Now, well see if it happens. And they bowed their heads. And when we prayed, the mans eyes come open, could see as good as any person in here. Oh, I said, How many of you will receive Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour if this mans eyes come open. And just as far as you could see, tens of thousands of hands up in the air.
Thirsting For Life Chicago IL. U.S.A. 59-0613

After the blind man received his sight, the crowds became restless and couldnt be managed by the Bombay Police. Brother Branham and party had to be whisked away, and though Brother Branham wanted to stay longer, permission was not granted by the authorities, and he was forced to leave the next day.
push them back. I had no pockets in my coats. My shoes was gone. Theyd pulled every clothes off of me, nearly stripping me, screaming and crying. And the next day with sorrow. I had to leave India with a promise that Id be back again.
India Trip Report Lima OH. U.S.A. 57-0126B

Two or three hours later, they got me through the crowd with a army there trying to


Then I said, How many of you here will receive Jesus as personal Saviour, you Mohammedans and Buddhas and so forth? Their hands went up everywhere, everywhere. And they made a rush; they tookpulled my shoes off. They tore my... I was over an hour getting out of it, shredded clothes, five or six lines, could not hold them back. Theyd run under their legs and

everything. Indians are superstitious; they want to touch you or something like that, a trying to get in. Mothers even throwing their babies to try to get through to touch. I had to leave the city the next day because they couldnt hold them any longer, was no place to put them.
The Great Commission - Chattanooga, TN. U.S.A.58-0301B

Plans To Return

Having left India in a hurry and making absolutely no arrangements whatsoever for the new converts to Christ, Brother Branham felt his India trip was incomplete and had a great desire to return. Expecting to go back soon where we go up to New Delhi, where thethe President
Speak To The Rock - Lake Port, CA. U.S.A. 60-0723

give us the amphitheater that we can put a million people in it, a outdoor amphitheater, panoramic of mountains. Were expecting great things there.

where they got a amphitheater there they can put a million people in it. So Im hoping to go back. Hes still God. Amen. He never changes. The hour is coming.
Abraham - Long Beach, CA. U.S.A. 61-0211

And they invited me back up to what, New Delhi? New Delhi? New Delhi, I think it is,



restless crowd of about 5,00,000 people to get close to where Brother Branham was and even to touch him. Brother Branham had to be immediately whisked away by the police back to his hotel. Government officials met Brother Branham and requested him not to have anymore meetings as the Bombay Police were unable to handle effectively such a massive crowd. The next day September 24th, Brother Branham and party left India. Though the meetings were tremendous, thousands were healed of their various ailments, and lakhs of people had attended the services; yet in the most famous Newspaper in Bombay Times Of India (which is owned by the Jains), after going through their Micro-film from 18th September to 25th September 1954, we could not find any photograph or article written concerning the meetings, except one; in which Baron Von Blomberg addressed the weekly meeting of the Rotary Club at the Taj Mahal Hotel; captioned Spiritual Cure For World Ills. (Refer next page). Whereas in South Africa daily articles were written and photographs shown concerning the meetings, the Bombay News paper were certainly biased and missed the opportunity to present Truth. The visit to India had such a deep impact on Brother Branham, that he could never get over it, and referred to it as The Greatest Meeting with the largest audience he ever had at one time. As you read further, Brother Branham speaks about the after-effects of his visit to India.

The night the blind man received his sight, there was a stampede from the

Brother Branham Affected By The Poverty In India:


In India theyre very poor. I believe the most poverty-stricken place I was ever in in my life was in India. You people just dont realize till you happen to go there once, see little mothers laying on the street, and their little babies with no flesh on their face, little bellies swelled up. Theyre dying from hunger, begging for something to eat. Ask you to take the baby: let her die, but try to save her baby. If you take this one, what about that one, this one, that one, that one? Just everywhere. Its certainly a pathetic thing, andand my heart broke to see India. I hope to go back again this fall.
As The Eagle Stirreth Up Her Nest - Yakima, WA. U.S.A. 60-0804



There is no poor people in America. I dont care where he is, and how hard he has to live, theres nenot one poor person in America. If you find him in an alley, eating out of a garbage can, his clothes all off of him, and everything else, hes a millionaire. Dont never think hes poor, cause hes not; after you once visit India, you see the poor people there. Why, I tell you, a hard... Im hard-hearted. Ive seen so much and had to go through so much. Many of you might not understand how it, effect it has on a human being, when you see so many things, and you have to ride over the top of it all the time, like that, make yourself feel different. After while, you get into that kind of an atmosphere, until you look at things and just dont notice it, cause you youveyouve got yourself to that place. And then in there, I tell you, when we went into India, and to see those poor people laying on the streets, and starving to death, and little mothers with their babies, and begging for something, and them dying themself, from starvation, but dont let their baby die... And for just little, quarter, pennies, or anything, if they can get that much food every three days, they can make it. They dont have no home to go to. Just when they get sleepy, they lay on the street. And they... old razorback hog, maybe dont get over about that big, and his sides pulled together from starvation, walking around over the people. And old goat, and him about to reel to pieces, too, walking over the people. And they stink.

And, oh, you never seen such a conglomeration as India is in. Course, its practically always been that way. Its nothing new. They just got their independence about six years ago on bankruptcy from England, as you know. And theyretheyre a very odd people. I never seen a man in all India, with the millions that I got to see, that had limbs, up above anywhere in their thigh, up here, that big around: all real skinny, bony people. And at my window, it would break the heart of a man, as my son sitting back there, listening. And he sit at the window and watched as people sitting on the streets. When they found out where I was at, and lepers with no hands on, things like little stubs raising up in the air, begging for something to eat, or anything; and no feet, and white over with leprosy. And, oh, its, one couldnt help the other one, hardly. And, oh, its the most pitiful sight you ever seen. And I said to the missionaries, I said, I just cant stand it. I give every penny I had away, and everything, on the streets. And III thought, They got just as much right to eat as my Sarah and Rebekah has. The garbage of Jeffersonville would feed, today, would feed a quarter part of India. Thats right. Thats right, and theyd be happy to get it, anything. You see the man in the garbage can; say, Well, Brother Branham, what about that fellow? There is no clothes, hardly, and ragged. But look, only thing he has to do is ask charity, and theyd help him. That fellow aint got no charity over there. He, especially, is living in a shack somewhere, where, if it rains, he can get in a box car. He aint got nothing to go to. Where he falls, he just lays there. And they pick them up when they die, and cremate them, throw them in a big pit, or somewhere like that, and put them away off the streets, or whatevermore, lepers, and so forth: no one wants them, no place to go, nothing. Theyre hungry. Theyre human beings just the same as we are. And I tell you, brother, II couldnt stand it. I almost had a nervous breakdown. And Ive been home now all these days, since last Sunday. And I couldnt get out of the room. My wife there knows the truth, for about five days. It liked to killed me. Even when our doctor taken my blood pressure, he said, Man, you better get some rest. Said, Your nerves are so low till your blood pressure has went way down, and wont even put, pick your blood up, like that, to bring it up again. I... It just nearly broke me in two to see such things. And that, and some of the missionaries said, Brother Branham, if this hurts you, dont you never go to the interior, cause its many, many times worse than this. Bombay is their biggest city, and nicest city they got, and you ought to see it.
The Word Became Flesh (India Trip Report) - Jeffersonville, IN. U.S.A. 54-1003M

Seeing the miserable physical condition of the Indian people, flooded the Prophets heart with pity and compassion. Coming from an affluent country, what he saw was unbelievable. Returning back home, he appealed to his people to donate generously to India.


India Is In Need:
Any care package you have, and you want to take advice, send it to India. Im not

nothing against Germany; theyre fine people, against these other people. But, brother, sister, we only send them stuff over to build them up, and then have another war with them. See? Thats right. Lets send it somewhere where it really needs to be. See? If you got anything to send, send it to India. Theyre the ones in need. And poor, illiterate, they have natural resource, but havent got the intelligence to know how to develop it. The only thing they know is beg; and thats what they do. And they were going to take me on a... You know how well I like hunting. They were going to take me on a big Bengal tiger hunt up there at their expense. I said, Do me a favor. Take the same money youd spend on that, and feed them poor people out there. I will go home without it. You see? Thats right, cause I I can have hunting somewhere else. You see? If you ever got any old clothes, anything you want to send over, send it to India. See? Ive almost traveled the world now, and II know what Im speaking of. And as a Christian brother, India is in need.
The Word Became Flesh (India Trip Report) - Jeffersonville, IN. U.S.A. 54-1003M


first and then to India. But Brother Branham, being the humble kind of person he was, allowed himself to be talked out of the vision by his manager, who had a personal disgust for Africa. This really got him into trouble with the Lord, and though he repented in Lisbon, he came to India by the Permissive Will and not the Perfect Will of God, and hence the meetings were not a success. Not only that, but it affected his later ministry also.

In the vision the Angel of the Lord had clearly told Brother Branham to go to Africa


India Meetings:

Not A Success

I had been very much constrained to go toto India. And yet, as many of you might know, the Indian trip wasnt the success that it shouldve been, because I failed to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, and never recognized it after He give me a vision to go to Africa first and then to India. Andand some of the brethren said, Oh, just... We cant get Africa together, so... Brother Roberts has just been down there, so take off to India. And under the influence of my brethren, well maybe taught... But no matter what someone influences you, if God has told you something different... And now, judge it by the Word (See?), by the Word, and then go.
India Trip Report - Lima, OH. U.S.A. 57-0126B


Ill say this: that if God told you something to do, Hell never bless you until you do it. Im in the pulpit tonight with one of those things holding over me. My meetings hasnt been what they should been for the past two years. Its because I failed the Lord. I... He told me to go to Africa and then to India. Here it is written right here in the back of this book right now.
And the manager called me, said, Let them Afrikaans go, Indias ready. The Holy Spirit met me, said, Youll go to Africa like I told you to. And another year passed. And the managers... I forgot about It. He said, Were going to India; tickets is already here. I started off, forgot it till I got to Lisbon. One night that... I thought I was dying. The next morning I was started to go over to the bathroom to take a bath. Oh, I was so sick, I could hardly stand up. There that Light hanging there in the bathroom, said, I thought I told you to go to Africa first. My meetings has been slowly failing since that time. Though I went to India with nearly a half a million standing there, but that wasnt doing what God said do.
Hebrews Chapter Seven (One) - Jeffersonville, IN. U.S.A. 57-0915E


The meeting in India not long ago, I want to tell you the infallibility of visions. And in... Id had a vision recently of going over to India and into Africa. And the Lord had told me; He said, You go to Africa first, then up to India. And I wrote the vision immediately after IdI had the vision that morning. And then when the manager, as we call him that for the time being, had made an arrangements to go into India. And hehe didnt kinda like Africa very much. So he said to me in Chicago; he said, Brother Branham, lets just bypass Africa and go on to India. I said, That is up to you, brother; wherever the Lord wants me to labor, all right.
The Great Commission - Chattanooga, TN. U.S.A.58-0301B

The nearly half a million new converts from the Branham Campaign to Christ of the various religions were left stranded, and with no Church to go, to follow up their further walk in Christ, only because Brother Branham came to India under the sponsorship of one Christian denomination, and all the other denominations refused to co-operate; under the fig leaf that Brother Branham came under the wrong sponsorship. So, most of the converts wandered back to their vomit, or were devoured by the religious wolves, and hardly a hand full of people really carried on to follow Christ. Brother Branham blamed the Bishops for their ungodly action, and held them responsible to answer for their wrong act on the day of Judgment.

Indias Christian Denomination Leaders Guilty:


eyes was opened, and he grabbed the mayor of the city and hugged him. That place went into a scream everywhere, and tens of thousands of Mohammedans came to the Lord Jesus. What was the matter? When I went over there, the Methodist bishop said to me, he said, Youre coming under the wrong denomination; we cant have nothing to do with it. What happened. Theyve went right back out into Mohammedism, a lot of them, because the Christians conducting themselves like a bunch of puppets or kids. They wouldnt stay there to receive those people to take them and teach them the ways of the Lord. Theyll be guilty of that in the day of the judgment. Theyre guilty, but Gods grace is just the same.
Faith - Harrisonburg, VA. U.S.A. 58-0315

God Almighty, my Judge, before tens of thousands times thousands, that blind mans


And then with no cooperation amongst the churches... Perhaps, tonight, ninety-nine out of every thousand is back in the temples of the Buddha and so forth, because of the lack of cooperation of men to get there and lead those people on into the churches. Its a pity that theres no cooperation among Christian people today when God tries to do something. Thats the hardest thing I have found, and the most misunderstanding thing, that people will not cooperate because youre not of their denomination. Its a disgrace to the world.
Thirsting For Life - Chicago, IL. U.S.A. 59-0613


I come into India. Here some time ago Billy and I... When we went into India, where we had our greatest meeting we ever had, was in Bombay, the largest one. And I guess there was... I dont knowthere was probably hundred thousand, two hundred thousand people accepted Christ at one time. We didnt know how we could control them (just like miles of just black hands going up, accepting Christ), when a total blind man on the platform received his sight, was made well. And there they was.
But because no churches would cooperate with it, then what did they do? When they... They they misunderstood the sound of the Gospel. When that Methodist bishop stood there, and he said to me, he said, Sir, we believe you to be an honorable man. We disagree with you. Youve got a good name; we respect you. But to sponsor you... I said, Sir, somebodys got to pick up out there. Heres the mayor standing here, that told me that theres at least, going to be at least five hundred thousand people in that gathering. I said, Theres going to be something happen. Come on in and get those people. Lead them to know Christ, if its only by the book. But you see, the trumpet was sounded for them, but they... It was an uncertain sound to them. They didnt knowthey didnt know that Gospel trumpet. You see? They only knowed their ritual trumpet, their ecclesiastical trumpet. Thats all they knowed, and lost it. And theyll pay for it at the day of the judgment. Thats exactly right.
The Uncertain Sound - Spokane, WA. U.S.A. 62-0714

In the Bombay meetings, literally thousands of people of various religious faith and from different parts of the country were healed, and even accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour after witnessing Almighty God make the lame walk, the blind to see, lepers made completely whole, etc., at the prayer of His servant William M. Branham. Mostly all, in these past 50 years have died, and we have been able to obtain testimonies of just three people who were eye witnesses of the meetings and three ear witness.


Earn Baxter, William Branham, Billy Paul and Baron Von Blomberg seated and Rev. J.S.Williams is seen standing to the left of Ern Baxter in the meeting held in St. Pauls Indian National Hindustani Church Bombay in 1954

Eye Witnesses:
The most outstanding witness is Bro. Sunder Rao. He is presently 87 years, and we believe God has preserved this humble brother, (who is in perfect sound health, and doesnt even look his age;) just to be able to testify to the Glory of God of what he saw, heard and experienced at the meeting he attended at St. Pauls Indian National Hindustani Church in Bombay 50 years ago.
Brother Sunder Rao is presently the Pastor of the Bible Mission Church and the church services are held in a small room (about 150 sq. feet), in a very poor locality in North Bombay. His congregation is mostly, like himself, from the neighboring State of Andhra Pradesh (Telugu speaking) and live in the shanties close by. We were able to meet our precious brother Sunder Rao at his very poor, but humble home, a room above the Church. He brightened up, and was charged with the Holy Spirit as he began to relate with amazing clarity the events that took place 50 years ago. This is what Bro. Sunder Rao had to say:

Excerpts Of Video Interview With Brother Sunder Rao:

Brother Sunder Rao Pastor Of Bible Mission Church - Sahar Village, North Bombay


The place was packed with people who had come from all over India, and I just couldnt get in. I then went around the Church and somehow managed to get a place near a window at the back of the Church, where Brother Branham was. A Christian friend of mine Mr. Nagraj had got a place to sit on the second bench inside the Church. Next to Mr. Nagraj was an Anglo-Indian woman full of oozing leprosy and beside me was a woman on a stretcher dying with cancer who had come by air from Calcutta (Capital of North-East State of West Bengal). I saw Brother Branham raise his left hand and began to call people from the crowd by names. He pointed to the man on the third bench You stand up. He didnt stand. He then said, Mr. Ibrahim Khan stand up. He still didnt stand up. Then Brother Branham the third time said, You on the third bench stand up. And Mr. Khan stood. Brother Branham told him, You are suffering from heart trouble and cancer. Mr. Khan affirmed. Brother Branham then began calling names of various people, and one by one they began to stand up both men and women. Brother Branham told them they were all suffering from the same sickness as Mr. Khan and they all affirmed. Then Brother Branham said, In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth you are all healed. When Brother Branham said that, all the people began screaming and shouting as they were being instantaneously healed. Mr. Nagraj saw the leprous woman healed instantly. The woman with cancer got up from the stretcher and began leaping and shouting and running. Amazed, I ran after her and asked her, Sister did you really have cancer and youre healed now? She said, Yes, I came by air from Calcutta dying with cancer and now Im every bit whole. Hallelujah! I also saw a man totally blind get his sight instantaneously. The crowd by then became restless and were screaming and shouting. Brother Branham asked the crowd, How many will now forsake their religion and accept Jesus Christ as their God and Saviour? Everybody including Sadhus (Hindu priests and sages) raised their hand. Then to protect Brother Branham from the restless surging crowd, Bro. Branham was whisked away from the Church. When asked what he thought of Brother Branham, Brother Sunder Rao replied, He is Gods Prophet. Christ was in him doing the miracles, otherwise it is not possible. I have seen many men pray for the sick but never was any meeting like this where instantaneously people were made completely whole.

I attended the William Branham meeting at St. Pauls Indian National Hindustani Church.

Excerpts Of Video Interview With Sister Damayanti Anchan:

Sister Damayanti Anchan lives in Ambernath, Thane District on the outskirts of Bombay, along with her 89 year mother, her husband and son. She was 8 years old when she attended Brother Branhams meetings in Bombay in 1954. In an interview with us, she said: My mother Sister Grace Mabin, took me along with my brother. The place was very crowded and we could not get inside the Church, but a Pentecostal Brother D. D. Mabin, a member of the local committee, who was acquainted with us, took us along with other Protestant families staying in the same building in Bombay. The meetings were in Hume Memorial Church opposite

Sis. Damayanti Anchan ( Daughter)


Sis. Grace Mabin (Mother)


Nagpada Police station. Being a volunteer for the meetings, Brother Mabin took us inside the Church and we got place to sit in the balcony of the Church. In front of the altar, there were many sick people and some were on stretchers. I can remember that after the last prayer was said, Brother Branham would get so weak that he was about to fall and the ushers had to pick him up and take him away. I remember the blind man being healed. There were many sick people being healed, but as I was small I cannot remember their sickness. Her 89 year old mother, Sister Grace Mabin testifies in Kannada (South Indian language) and her daughter Sister Damayanti Anchan interprets for us. meeting. As there was a big crowd, we went into the balcony and sat there and I could see everything that was going on in the front. People were on stretchers and many sick people were kept in front of the altar. A blind man came. Brother Branham asked him, What do you want? He said, I want my sight. Brother Branham prayed and he could see. Then there was a Sister who was deaf by the name of Martha. She was called deaf Martha, and had come from Udipi, South Kanara, Karnataka State. Brother Branham asked her, What do you want? She said, I cannot hear. Then Brother prayed and spoke into her ear and she could hear. Many other sick people were healed. At the end of the service, they lifted up Brother Branham and took him because he was about to fall. He lost his strength. The meetings were for three days in this Church.

I took my two children (Sister Anchan and her brother), one on each hand and went to the

Excerpts Of Video Interview With Sister Premabai Gaikwad:

Sister Premabai Gaikwad

Sister Premabai Gaikwad is 89 years old and resides at the St. Johns Home for Women and Children in the city of Pune (about 200 Kms. from Bombay). Well stricken in age, she doesnt remember too well and her speech and hearing is slow. However, when we met her to video tape her testimony, just the mention of Bro. Branhams name brightened her up and she began to remember certain events.
She said, I went for the meeting along with quite a few of Church members in Pune. When we came to the place where the meetings were held in Bombay, we could not even enter because of the crowd which came from all over India. The service was all day and many people were healed.

Ear Witnesses:
Excerpts Of Interview With Brother Stephen Samuel Shinde:
Stephen Samuel Shinde had the privilege of meeting Sister Premabai Gaikwad at his residence in Bombay in 84. At that time, being 20 years younger, she narrated to him and to others who had gathered at his house, much more concerning the meetings. Brother Shinde tells us about it. She came here 20 years back. She said she was a member of the Choir and she saw many things. One was a cancer patient who had come from Rangoon - Burma. Brother Branham prayed and he was immediately healed.



The next was, two boys from Pakistan had brought their mother, a cancer patient, who was lying in front of the pulpit and the boys were sitting nearby. Brother Branham turned to the boys and said, This is your mother. You are come from Pakistan, and you stay in a city called Karachi, lane # so and so, House # so and so. You have taken your mother here and there and they have all turned her down. Is it true? Yes, they said. Do you believe Jesus Christ will make her whole? Yes. Everybody saw she was just a skeleton lying there. Brother Branham said, In the name of Jesus Christ rise up and walk. Immediately she stood on her feet, came to the pulpit and gave her testimony. He was brought by his father and was sitting right in front. Everybody was waiting eagerly for the boy to be healed. So every time Brother Branham would discern and call peoples names, they thought surely today Brother Branham would call his name. But Brother Branham never called his name and this was the last meeting. Then the boy thought, let anything happen, when that man of God passes by through the little place through which the ushers would take Brother Branham away (as the whole Church was jammed packed), anyhow I will touch his coat. As Brother Branham finished the meeting and the ushers were taking him away speedily, the boy unconsciously got out of the wheel chair and went to touch him not knowing that he was healed and already walking.

The next instance Sister Premabai mentioned was about a Parsi boy in a wheel chair.

Another witness Brother Shinde mentioned was about a late Sister Tirkee whose was staying in an out-house given to her by the St. Pauls Hindustani Church inside the Church compound. They were very poor, her husband jobless, and she and her children were sick. Her relatives, at that time, had come from North India to stay with them. They all had attended the services. She noticed, that after discernment, Brother Branham was getting weak, and the ushers had to hold him and take him to the car.

Sister Tirkee in white with Bros. Billy Paul and Joseph Branham in Bombay in 1989

Sister Tirkee felt very sorry for Brother Branham, because he was a man of God, and was getting exhausted. The same day she said to her relatives, I will stay at home and fast and pray on my knees for Brother Branham, for the Lord to give him strength. The next day her relatives attended the service as usual. During discernment, Brother Branham suddenly stopped and pointed to the wall (separating the Church from her house) and said, Daughter may God bless you! People thought, where is that daughter. People did not understand that Brother Branham knew that someone was praying for him. Only her relatives understood. She said, When Brother Branham pointed his hand, (the Church had kept some Church articles in her room including one brass Cross) a light flashed on the brass Cross and onto her. She said, immediately she and her children were healed. Also the same week her husband got a job and from that time blessings continually flowed. Brother Shinde further states that according to Sister Tirkee, there were huge crowds which had come from different parts of India and its neighboring countries. Patients were brought from the nearby Nair Hospital, even from the Operation Theatre and the Hospital was almost empty. Meetings


were initially held at the St. Pauls Indian National Hindustani Church and later shifted to Hume Memorial Congregational Church to accommodate the ever increasing crowds.

One day Brother Shinde was travelling in a local train from Ulhasnagar to Bombay. He was preaching the Gospel to the people in the compartment, about our Lord Jesus and His wonderful works. There was a man sitting opposite him and listening attentively. He said, Sir, a Preacher had come from U.S.A., and in his meetings many miracles took place and many were healed. Brother Shinde asked him if the name of the Preacher was William Branham? Yes, he said. How do you know him?, Brother Shinde inquired. He replied, I not only attended the meetings, but I was the car driver for Brother Branham, to take him to and fro from the Hotel to the meeting and back. It so happened that I had met a man on the second last day of the meetings, who had brought his crippled daughter in a wheel chair. Seeing the crippled girl I felt pity, as she reminded me of my fourteen year old daughter. I immediately told the father of the girl, Why dont you come earlier and take the front seat, as Brother Branham calls out people by their name? The father replied, I cannot do that as she may need to go to the rest room. I tried my best to explain to him the necessity of coming early as people were coming from out of town and were rushing for the front seats so that they could be called out by Brother Branham. This man happened to live close to where I live. That evening Brother Branham asked me, What shall I do for you, because you have helped me and served me? I did not understand what Brother Branham meant. Brother Branham repeated the same question again and again. As I still couldnt understand what he meant, Brother Branham explained that he wanted to give me whatever is in my heart. I said, Brother Branham, there is a crippled girl who lives nearby and would it be possible for him to come to her house to pray for her? Yes, he said.
So the next morning, the last day of the meeting, we went to the girls house, who by that time was bathed and was sitting on her wheel chair. This family were shocked when they saw me and Brother Branham and thought it was a dream, because thousands and thousands of people wanted to at least touch Brother Branham. They immediately invited us in. The whole family gathered as Brother Branham spoke to the girl, Will you bring the ball if I tell you? She replied, Yes, I will. So Brother Branham took the ball and threw it through the open door, and it rolled down the stairs. He said, Go in the name of Jesus. The girl, (who never walked all her life), stood up, and ran after the ball, picked it up and brought it back completely healed.

Excerpts Of Video Interview With Sister Vatsala Arculi:

Sister Vatsala Arculi


Jesus) at a small apartment in Borivali (W) North Bombay.

Sister Vatsala Arculi is 85 years old, and lives alone, (not alone according to her, but with

She said, In 1959, I was living in Hong Kong. During a medical examination, I was told by the doctor that I had advanced breast cancer, and I needed immediate surgery. So I came to Bombay to see my family doctor. He was shocked to see my condition, and told me he would meet me early next morning at Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital and arrange for my surgery. I was in the doorway leaving his Clinic, when my sister-in-law, (who was a dying person and totally without any hope) chanced to pass by. I was amazed to see her like a blooming flower, full of life and health. She told me how she became like that. Her husband, (my brother), took her to Brother Branhams meeting. That day she did not have any faith, but she saw the miracles taking place on others. The next day she had faith and as Brother Branham said, Those of you who have any sickness, lay your hand on that part and thank the Lord Jesus for healing you. She said, Lord, where will I lay my hand? From head to foot I am finished and gone. Then she laid one hand on her head, and the other on her abdomen, and by the grace of God she was instantly healed of all her sickness. Then I turned back into the doctors clinic, and told my doctor that I would not come to Tata Memorial for the surgery the next day. He was shocked and asked me why. I told him, I trust the Lord Jesus to heal me. He was amazed and his mouth fell open and all the other patients in his clinic were watching and heard me say that. I said Bye to the doctor and left. I went home with my sister-in-law and wrote a letter to Brother Branham straight away, telling him to pray for me. A month later I received a simple letter from Brother Branham, in which he told me how God loved me and how Jesus paid the price for my sin and sickness. There was a piece of handkerchief and it was said in the letter to lay it on the affected part. I knelt down and took the handkerchief and said, Thank you Lord Jesus, no mans hand is being laid upon me; it is Your hand. I put the handkerchief on my chest and immediately, instantly, all the cancer was gone from my body, and I was totally healed. I got up and started praising God. After my healing, I told my experience to many people, especially after my return to India. I was contacted by some Parsi friends, to whom I had been telling about Jesus. They came to my house and told me how their brother, a big officer, who had come from abroad, became so terribly afflicted. He had to be put in a room, whose walls were all covered by foam mattresses, because he used to bang his head, and nothing could be done. I had been telling them about the Branham Tabernacle sending prayer cloths to different people. I told them to take that cloth and pin it to his vest, and see that it never left his body. The next day, the man who was totally afflicted by the devil so badly, who was insane and wanted to commit suicide, and would smash up everything; was totally normal. Then they invited me to come and speak to their family and relatives about Jesus. I was able to tell them, how it was the power of Jesus Christ that was working through a servant of His, and this was a result of that. I also told them how I was healed of cancer and so many other people were healed of their sickness. Now this ladys mother-in-law had been bed ridden for thirty years and was about to die. They came to my house (quite a distance away), and told me that their old mother was about to die, and circumstances in the family were such that it was the wrong time for her to go, as it would cause a lot of confusion. So I told her, to write to Brother Branham, and instructed them what to do when the letter comes ie. put the cloth on her heart and she will be healed. Thats exactly what they did. Their mother-in-law, who was bed ridden for so many years, and lived on the fourth floor of the building, was the next day walking up and down, up and down. They all saw the miracle that God had done on their mother. This way the news spread, and many people were healed. When we asked Sister Vatsala whether her sister-in-law had told her anything about Brother Branham or what he preached, she said, My sister-in-law said he was very simple, and he just said that, Whoever you are, and whatever your sickness is, the Lord will heal you. All you have to do is, by faith lay your hands on the affected part and just trust Jesus. Then as soon as he said that, there was a great outburst in that place where the meetings were held in Byculla. Hundreds of people were jumping and yelling and shouting, and waving their hands, because such great miracles had taken place.


Excerpts Of Video Interview With Rev.Ronald Victor :

Rev. Ronald Victor Priest In-Charge Of St. Pauls Indian National Hindustani Church

Ronald Victor is the present Priest in charge of St. Pauls Indian National Church (where Brother Branham held some of his meetings) - Bombay. He is the grandson of the late Archbishop of the Indian National Hindustani Church, Rev. J. S. Williams, who was Chairman - local committee for the meetings.. According to Rev. Ronald, his grand father used to travel abroad often, and had probably met Brother Branham in the U.S.A. After seeing Brother Branham ministry, it could be that he invited Brother Branham to India, so that his ministry could be a blessing to the people here. After the passing away of Archbishop Rev. J. Williams, his son late Rev. Victor took over as Priest in charge of St. Pauls Church. Rev. Victor was a small lad when Brother Branham came to Bombay but did remember and told his wife Sister Helen Victor and their son Rev. Ronald, events which took place during that meeting. One event which Rev. Ronald recollects his dad telling him was, that a man had brought to the meeting his son whose head was bloated, and he tied a band around the head. After Brother Branham prayed for the lad, the father would bring the band everyday to show how much the head had shrunk. Another incident Rev. Ronald remembered was, that the driver of the car which took Bro. Branham to and fro from the Hotel to the meetings was asked by Brother Branham if there was anything that Bro. Branham could do for him. The driver replied negatively, but said that there was a crippled man on crutches who came for the meetings, but could not get in, and asked if Bro. Branham could pray for him. Brother Branham called the crippled man and he was instantly healed.


.....past 50 Years And Conclusion :

Go to Africa first and then to India. But Brother Branham allowed himself to be talked out of the vision by his manager, and he came directly to India. Though in Lisbon, Portugal, Brother Branham repented before the Lord of his error, it was not rectified, and his India trip was under Gods permissive will. When he landed in Bombay, the first thing to slap him on the face was, a change sponsor or no co-operation threat from denominational bishops. Brother Branham was sponsored by Archbishop J. S. Williams of the Indian National Hindustani Church. (This denomination is small, had a few Churches sprinkled all over India. The specialty of this denomination is, that the Church services are held in Hindustani language - a mix of

As mentioned earlier, the Angel of the Lord had told Brother Branham by a vision to


Hindi and Urdu. The congregation is mostly from North India). Because co-operation between various Christian denominations in India was not pre-arranged before arrival, Brother Branham was now in a dilemma by this threat, but he refused to change sponsorship, as Brother Branham told them, As a Christian gentleman I cannot do that. The Bishops then made it clear with Brother Branham that they would not co-operate. Brother Branham was forced to opt for their no-co-operation; But this was a great mistake Brother Branham said he made.


And The

Branham : I Made A Mistake

I thought, Well, if these preachers dont want to cooperate, let them alone then. But I made a mistake. I shouldve turned and come back till I got cooperation.
The Great Commission - Chattanooga, TN. U.S.A.58-0301B

outcome of this mistake was so drastic, that, just as Brother Branham later presumed, practically all his converts from various religions went back to their former religions; only because there was no denominational Church to follow them up. This Brother Branham said was a disgrace.



Of No Co-operation :

out of every thousand is back in the temples of the Buddha and so forth, because of the lack of cooperation of men to get there and lead those people on into the churches. Its a pity that theres no cooperation among Christian people today when God tries to do something. Thats the hardest thing I have found, and the most misunderstanding thing, that people will not cooperate because youre not of their denomination. Its a disgrace to the world.
Thirsting For Life - Chicago, IL. U.S.A. 59-0613

And then with no cooperation amongst the churches... Perhaps, tonight, ninety-nine

come across, or heard, of even one convert who continued to follow Christ. Frankly, except for Brother Sunder Rao, and Sister Anchan and family, (who attended the meetings), there is no one, even amongst the Christian denominational churches who attended the services, saw the miracles, etc., who are in this End Time Message today. However, by the Grace of God alone, the Word Seed sown by the Prophet, caught life and has now spread most of India and even into the neighboring countries.

In these fifty years that have passed since Brother Branham left India, we have not

According to Deva E. Lawrie, son of Paulaseer Lawrie Muttu Krishna, in his newsletter April 2004, mentions that it was his father, Paulaseer Lawrie, (who met Brother Branham in America), who first spread this Message in India.


Lawrie :

Rev. William Branham And Paulaseer Lawrie


Lonnie Jenkins relates his experience with Paulaseer Lawries ministry, in his sermon, Demonology -1 preached on 17th March 2002, in Lima, U.S.A.


In the year 1969, the year man went to the moon, Brother Lee Vayle (the one who was with Brother Branham) had brought a man from India, by the name of Paulaseer Lawrie, who had a very supernatural thing following his life and told terrific supernatural stories following his life and his ministry.
He saw the supernatural vindications of the cloud, lightening, etc. while he attended two meetings of Lawries emissary but said that his message was completely non scriptural and was warned by the Lord not to have anything to do with it.

Pastor Shinde said, I heard about Lawrie in 1971. A Pentecostal Church in Mulund, with their Telugu Pastor, along with forty people left their job, sold their property and went to Paulaseer Lawrie ashram in Tirunelveli. In the same year I received Brother Branham and Lawries photo from Lawries disciples, along with photos of a cloud over his house, three thousand baptized in one day, etc., and books on Son of Man,. People were thinking he was the Bridegroom. In fact Lawrie claimed he was the Word made flesh after Brother Branham. He had Message books of the Prophet. He prophesied about the taking away of the Church, and people came from U.S.A., Italy, Germany, Australia, thinking he was the Bridegroom and taking the Bride in the Rapture.
In 1983, I met Lawrie personally and talked with him. In his open air meetings, he would speak about Jesus Christ, Blood, etc. As he was connected to Brother Branham I kept enquiring of what was happening in his ashram. I knew that his prophecy went wrong, and what he said of the Bridegroom was not Scriptural. One brother told me that Lawrie had repented, and God had forgiven him, and was now using him, and that he was coming to Bombay. I attended his meeting along with the Telugu Pastor. We heard him preach nothing contrary; just about Jesus Christ and His works. Next day people insisted for Hindi interpretation and they requested me to interpret. Initially I refused, but the Brothers coaxed me and I went, saying, That if he says anything contrary, I will say, that he believes it, but not me. Lawrie was happy with my interpretation and after the meeting he asked me to come again the next day. Again the next day all what he said was Scriptural. On the third day he preached in English to a Telugu group in a Kurla School. He was happy to see me, and told me that God spoke to him that night saying, Tell Brother Shinde and Brother Freddie, that this Message is for them. Then he opened Revelation 19 and spoke on the White Horse Rider. I said to myself, How can he say he has repented when he still says that he is that White Horse Rider? I could not bear it, and was very upset because two days I interpreted for him and the third day he turned out to be the same like before. I was praying to the Lord because he was quoting Brother Branham, but misinterpreting the Word of God. That night the Lord woke me and gave me Scriptures which I wrote on a pad. When I met Lawrie the next day I told him, You said that God punished you for your mistakes. He said, God has forgiven me for my mistakes, and like King Solomon, who also made mistakes, but God did not take away his life, because he had promised King David that his throne would be forever. God punished Solomon, but never broke his promise. Like wise he punished me but I am going to sit on the throne. I questioned him further and told him that Brother Branham never said these things. He tried to by pass it, but finally agreed to give me quotes of Brother Branham. I told him that I would have to read the whole quote to get the context of what Brother Branham meant. Three months later he sent me the quotes he promised but they were totally misplaced. A year later he came back again, but this time I did not go.

By making enquiries with various other old timers in this Message, we were given to understand that; Paulaseer Lawrie did meet Brother Branham in U.S.A., and that Brother Branham even told him to return to India and God would use him there. He did return and was preaching in Tamil Nadu, South India. In the early 60s he had meetings in Madras, South India, and as one Brother said, Paulaseer Lawrie shook up the whole of Madras. Many sick people were healed, and demons cast out of them. But as his fame and popularity increased, both in India and abroad. Paulaseer Lawrie (after Brother Branhams decease), began to pervert the Gospel by preaching that he was the Bridegroom, the Son of Man, the White Horse rider of Revelation 19, etc., etc.

Then in the 70s he told his converts (who had gathered at his ashram from all over India; from U.S.A., Canada, Italy, Germany, Australia, etc.), to sell off their goods and give the money to his ashram in Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, and wait on a certain mountain near his ashram for the Rapture. When the Rapture did not take place, many left his ashram and went back to their homes, disappointed and disillusioned. Finally, to the fag end of his life he claimed he was incarnate God of all the people who followed him, and even changed his name to, Lahari Krishna. (the name of a Hindu god). He died in 1989. Brother Branham knowing that he had not fulfilled the vision perfectly, thought that God would send him back to India, to set things right.



Promised To Return :

And the next day with sorrow. I had to leave India with a promise that Id be back
India Trip Report Lima OH. U.S.A. 57-0126B


Expecting to go back soon where we go up to New Delhi, where thethe President give us the amphitheater that we can put a million people in it, a outdoor amphitheater, panoramic of mountains. Were expecting great things there.
Speak To The Rock - Lake Port, CA. U.S.A. 60-0723

By 62 Brother Branham knew, by intuition, that the Lord was not going to send him back to India. He sensed that all was not right in the countries he visited, especially India. He was pressed in the Spirit to take remedial action, and addressed a mans meeting at the Branhams Tabernacle in Jeffersonville, in 1962. This is what he had to say:



62 Bro.Branham Suggested :

theyd have thousands of them, stay there for a week or two, and theyd see the ministry, theyd love it, theyd believe its the Truth ,theyd come out of heathenism. There Ive got... And maybe in two or three weeks, when I was over there two nights, and maybe a hundred thousand converted to Christ, nowhere to go. The next day take a plane and start back to Rome, then to the United States, leave them just like sheep put out among wolves. What if I had a group of men, young men trained in the Message (See?) to say, Now, wait a minute, before I leave here, were going to set in order these churches. I will have a man who Ive already telegrammed him, and they got the money; theyre on their road here right now to take over this, a good man. Theres two or three young men with him who will be his helpers and assistants. And a church of this faith can be set there which will be a outpost in India, outpost in Germany, outpost in Switzerland. While right now, we shouldve had them all around the nations where Ive been. And the Message... Then from there comes another, from another comes another. See what I mean? But just watch what that man (Bro.Joseph Matterson Boze) did in his missions over there (Tanganyika - East Africa), just one man, 'cause he could send right back to Chicago and pick up Burton and all the rest of them, and send them over in there like that and start the work doings till now they're getting up in the tens of thousands of one little revival. Not a man with gifts, just a man who had enough courage to go there and start. What could've been done under this? It'd been ranking in the millions. Sure. We've lost that time. That's what my suggestion would be.
Taking Sides With Jesus - Jeffersonville, IN. U.S.A. 62-0601

What if I was in India, go back to India. And there Id say to these people... Maybe

above suggestion of Brother Branham, to send men trained in the Branham Tabernacle to establish conduct, order, and sound doctrine, never touched the hearts of the men he was speaking to. There was one from the Tabernacle, Brother Stricker, who was a Missionary to South Africa, but none had a burden for India.



However, the Branham Tabernacle itself, was sending audio tapes and Message books to individuals in India. Most of them were converts of Paulaseer Lawrie, who left him and dispersed to other parts of the country. Prominent among them were; Brother Dr. S.C Jacob, Brother Joshua Godetti, Brother Jeevan Prakash, Brother Trevor Conway, and others. In December 1965, after Brother Branham was called home into Glory, Spoken Word Publications took over the printing of Message books and later audio tapes, and continued to send them to these brethren in India. The people who received the books and tapes in Bombay, became Pastors of small groups. Some have passed away, some have left the Message, some are still holding on, and many new ones have cropped up. Following this, is the interviews we had with some of the present prominent Pastors in Bombay (now Mumbai).

Excerpts Of Video Interview With Brother Stephen Samuel Shinde:

Brother Stephen Samuel Shinde Pastor: Assembly Of Bible Believers, Kurla Bombay

not have any experience with God. In 1971, God changed my life, and I was with a Trinitarian Pentecostal group. They told me that I had to give up the world ie. not to wear good clothes, no footwear, to shave my head, not to shave my beard, etc., etc. All this I did, so much so my wife wanted to divorce me. I wept before the Lord because she did not understand. In 1972, my elder brother organized a convention in my native place and invited me to attend. There were Pentecostal men and women preachers preaching. There was Brother Immanuel Das who also preached on one day, but he took his text from Malachi 4 and preached that Elijah had come, his name was William Branham, etc. He also preached about one God, baptism in the name of Lord Jesus Christ, and I knew in my heart that all Brother Das preached was according to the Word of God. I met him later in his room, and he showed me the book Man Sent From God. Later I was baptized by Brother Trevor Conway according to Acts 2:38. After that convention I began preaching about one God, Brother Branham was the Prophet, etc. Later I met Brother Benjamin Waskar, a converted Jew, who was also in this Message. It was at his house I heard the Prophets voice for the first time, as he played the spool tape the Message Tower Of Babel. He also gave me the book Footprints On The Sands Of Time. The next book I received was Spoken Word Is The Original Seed. They were Wonderful. In 1976, through Brother Kamble, I met Brother Samuel Amana and others from the Basil Mission Church, who were gathering for fellowship at Kurla. I preached this Message to them for one and a half year, but it was too strong for them, and they asked me to stop coming. In 1980, I held meetings at my house at Kanjur Marg, and in 1981 moved to a classroom in Fatima High School. This being a Roman Catholic School, we were asked to leave and we shifted to a Hindu school classroom in Kurla. There too we were having lots of problems, and now God has blessed us with our own place. In 1983, (late) Brother Charles Sias, a Pastor from Ohio, U.S.A., was sent from Jeffersonville, IN., U.S.A., to help the brethren (Brother Joshua Godetti and others), who had broken off from

My father was a Nazarene preacher. In my early days, though I was preaching, I did


Paulaseer Lawrie. He was a teacher and was giving Bible study for us and for the brethren in Kurla. He also ordained me as Pastor. I had heard about Paulaseer Lawrie in 1971, and also how some brethern (about forty of them from Bombay), sold homes, property, etc., and went to his Ashram in Tirunelveli. I had also received photographs of Brother Branham with Paulaseer Lawrie, and of the cloud over his house, and how he baptized 3000 people in one day. In 1983, I met Brother Lawrie personally when he came to Bombay to have some meetings. I even interpreted his message on to Hindi. However, from his preaching I understood that he had not repented of his errors, contrary to what I was told by one of his converts. In 1994, there was a problem in our Church, and thirty to forty people left and started their own ministry in another place. Till today this break-away group has further split up five times. The present strength of the Church is One hundred and twenty five. The congregation is a mix of English, Hindi, Marathi speaking people. I preach in English and it is translated into Hindi. Presently we have no training program, but once we shift to our new location, we will have it on our agenda.

Excerpts Of Video Interview With Brother Sunder Rao:

North Bombay, which consists of a small group of people mainly Telugu speaking like himself from Andhra Pradesh. He attended Branhams meeting in Bombay in 1954, and saw the wonderful works of God done through His Prophet. He tells us how he came to this End Time Message.

Brother Sunder Rao is 87 years old , and Pastor of Bible Mission Church, Sahar Village,

Brother Sunder Rao - Pastor Of Bible Mission Church

not only used to preach, but also pray for the sick and many people were healed. But I wanted deeper spiritual life. One day a Gujarati Pastor gave me a book Exposition Of The Seven Church Ages by William Marrion Branham. I read the book in two to three days and said, This is a wonderful book. Then I wrote to the people in America, and they used to send me some books, and I used to distribute these books to other people in Bombay. Later I started receiving books from Madras, but after sometime they stopped. After that Brother Joshua Godetti from Kurla - Bombay, used to give me books, which I had to return. In 1960, I met Paulaseer Lawrie, a wonderful man of God. He had gone to America and was blessed by Brother Branham. He had lots of power and came to preach here. He was brought by one (late) Brother Jovial; He was very deep in the Word Of God. I also went for his meeting in Rajahmundry (Andhra Pradesh), which happens to be my birth place. Even my own brother was healed instantaneously when Lawrie prayed for him. I heard he had a big meeting in Kakinada. From (late) Brother Joshua Godetti, who was working in Indian Navy, I came to know that Lawrie had a wonderful ashram in Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, and the presence of God was there.People from all over the world, U.S.A., Germany, Italy, etc., were gathered there for the Rapture. But the Lord didnt come. People waited for three days and then began to leave the ashram. Paulaseer Lawrie said, When man went to the moon, Christ is come into him. Later he said he was Christ, Krishna, everything. I was surprised how satan got hold of him. But still people worship him as God.

The Lord told me to go and preach the Gospel where I was staying in Sahar village. I


Excerpts Of Video Interview With Brother Daniel Christian:

Brother Daniel Christian Pastor: Tabernacle Of Lord Jesus Christ, Mulund, Bombay

I received the Holy Spirit when I was in the Assembly Of God Church in 1976. This End Time Message nobody taught me, but I came to know about it through a Message Book, Hebrews, which I bought for Rupees five from a road side old book stall. Through this Book I came to know that baptism in the name of Father, Son and Holy Ghost was wrong, and I and my wife were rebaptized in the name of Lord Jesus Christ. I left the Assemblies Of God and started preaching. In 1978, I was ordained by Brother Trevor Conway.
I was staying in a hutment, working in the Railways as a Khalasi (helper), on a salary of Rs.3.05np per day. We used to have meetings in the huts only, in Mulund (Bombay), with no electricity for eight years. But the Lord was healing sick people and lot of miracles took place. As people had to sit on bare ground for fellowship meetings, we prayed and the Lord gave a place where a Church is built to accommodate six hundred people. When I received this Message, I took a vow to preach only this Message, even if I have to beg for my living. The Lord blessed my ministry and now we have two thousand souls in Bombay. The place being small, we have opened eight small branches in Bombay. Besides Bombay I preach in other cities, states, and countries too. My mother tongue is Tamil, and I am from Tamil Nadu. In some Churches I preach in Tamil, others in Hindi and English. We have no training program to train preachers, but if we see a gift in a brother, we watch what he is preaching and correct him if he is wrong.

Excerpts Of Video Interview With Brother Samuel Amana:

Brother Samuel Amana Pastor: Church Of Lord Jesus Christ, Kurla, Bombay

I came to this End Time Message in 1973 through our Pastor (late) Brother Joshua Godetti: (Brother Joshua was the main person to take a group of about forty people, who sold all their properties and went to Lawries ashram in Tirunelveli, to a mountain for a Rapture. When the Rapture did not take place, and they were starving for food to eat, they left Lawrie and came back to Bombay.

He then became Pastor of this group and remained so till he died - Editor). He was staying in Pune, about 200 Kms. from Bombay, and was pastoring a small Church there also. I was a Deacon in the Church. In 1987, Brother Charles Sias (Pastor in Ohio, U.S.A.) came to our prayer meeting, and said that Brother Joshua Godetti could not be Pastor of two Churches. So from that time they kept me as a Pastor. We have Sunday prayer meeting here and a Cottage prayer meeting in Santacruz. The strength of the congregation is fifty which consists of English, Hindi, Marathi, Kannada Church speaking people. I preach in Hindi and it is translated into English. I am uneducated, but still the Lord has blessed me. I hear the Hindi translated Messages. (When asked, Since you love this Message and have been in It so long, why didnt you learn English, to enable you to hear all the Messages? He replied, As far as I am concerned, I have received the Hindi Cds, and Im rejoicing because my name is written in the Lambs Book of Life.) We have no training program to train other ministers but I go to preach in other states also. There are ten Church groups in Bombay, and about fifteen hundred believers. While we have preachers preaching this glorious Message on one hand, on the other we have two Organization providing the Believers with Message materials: 1. VOGR- Madras 2. WBGNS Madras.

Excerpts Of Video Interview With Brother Joel Paramanandam:

Brother Joel Paramanandam Heads: Voice Of God Recordings India Office - Madras

He is a businessman who owns a hotel, and stays in Madras. About three to four years back, he has given his hotel on lease to an American, to be run as an International Conference Centre, to enable him to devote more time for the work of the Lord.
The Voice Of God Recordings (VOGR) - India Office, not only distributes materials like Message books, audio tapes, CDs, etc., received from VOGR - Jeffersonville, IN., U.S.A., but also arranges the translations of the Messages into various Indian languages. Besides India it also caters to Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Singapore, Mauritius, Bangla Desh, Saudi Arabia, Middle East, Malaysia, Nepal, plans are to send Message books to Burma. It consists of six full time paid staff to run the office and Brother Joel works voluntarily.

Brother Joel states, in 1985, Brother Albert Stovell was sent by Brother Joseph Branham, (VOGR) - Jeffersonville, IN., U.S.A., to open an India office as well as to establish libraries in various cities of India. Brother Stovell travelled North, South, East, West of this country, looking out for someone who could maintain an office; as well as do translations of the Messages. Finding no one else where, he came to Madras and met me. I volunteered to do both, and he established the VOGR Head Office here.
We started the office in a small room initially, but as we were growing we expanded. (Today VOGR-India office has a six thousand sq. feet building supposedly donated by Brother Joel, which houses the Madras library, VOGR office, store rooms, recording room, etc.). Translations are being carried out in eight different languages. The original recordings are sent to Jeffersonville for editing, and later they send back the recorded tapes according to our requirements.In 1993, we were sent a 40 feet container, containing 1,43,000 audio Message tapes. It came at a time when the Indian government policy was to restrict Christian materials into India. Though the


Custom officer initially was non-cooperative, God by His Power and Grace softened the heart of his senior, a non-Christian, who readily released the consignment without even inspection. Out of the 1,100 English Messages audio tapes available, the regional language audio tape translation done and distributed so far are:- Tamil-120, Telegu-82, Hindi-83, Malayalam-72, Oriya37, Kannada-09, Punjabi-16, Marathi-09, Arunachali-10. Having received the tapes, we started libraries all over India: seven major English libraries having all the 1,100 audio tape Messages, eighty Seed English libraries, nine hundred regional libraries. Libraries are placed by the leading of God. In every Church in India, we place a full set of tapes (regional language). If the Church has a larger congregation, we provide more sets. If they need still more sets or books, we are always glad to give them. Every six months we receive tapes and books from VOGR - Jeffersonville. However, we ascertain the genuiness of an individual, group or Church through one of our representatives in the area or sometimes we go ourselves. We dont want this valuable material to be mis-used. According to VOGR policy, each family should get a book. If the family members are apart from one another, then we provide for individuals of the family members also. Tapes are placed in Churches, but if there is no Church close by, we place a lending library in homes too. With regards to distribution of tapes and books, a question was asked to Brother Joseph Branham, The food has been stored up. Why should the Bride be starving? He answered, The granaries are stocked, the food is available, but unless we come in line with the instruction of the prophet, the distribution is being hampered. I believe that even one tape or one Message book is good enough to feed and sustain a hungry soul. But we are going to need a lot of help and united effort if we are going to complete this job to reach every predestinated soul. We are working with the Pastors, Evangelists, local believers to spread the Message. We need their help. Without their help we can never finish our goal. So we too are working in close co-ordination with local Pastors, Evangelists, in India. VOGR is not against the five fold ministry because it is Biblical. However, there is a true and a false five fold ministry. The true one will always point to the Message tape ministry. VOGR believes in all that the Prophet has said. Nothing can be added or taken away from the Bible and the Spoken Word. Each Seed library English or Regional goes with one tape recorder. If the Church has two libraries it get two recorders, and sometimes we give additional recorders if we have it in stock, as per the requirements. In addition to tapes and books, we are also giving English Mp3 CD sets. Since one year, in every shipment, we receive twelve sets, and as per Brother Josephs instructions, we are giving these sets to who ever needs them. and Brother Joseph does not mind even sending them by courier. The only thing we verify is whether the believer understands proper English. All materials, whether audio tapes, books, Mp3 sets etc. are all given away free of cost. However, we accept donation from believers and a receipt is given. With regards to translations, Brother Joseph selects the Messages to be translated. All our translators are dedicated, we check his background ie. whether he is spiritual, a believer of the Message, he loves the Lord Jesus, etc. All our translations are on the mark, and we make frequent checks, at least three or four proof readings before printing. Also for the tapes, the manuscript comes from Jeffersonville- U.S.A. According to the manuscript, we try to do the recording. After all this, we do receive complaints and we take steps to rectify the mistakes. We have no connection with William Branham Good News Society. I believe we have fulfilled Brother Branhams vision for India, and also believe the prophetic utterance of Brother Branham about his son Joseph, Thou art a Prophet. I believe Brother Joseph is giving the people Spiritual Food In Due Season. He has a greater vision, and whatever he does, he glorifies Jesus Christ, as he does it with prayer and guidance of the Holy Ghost. When in 1993, the 1,43,000 tape consignment was dispatched from U.S.A., Brother Joseph stated in a circular letter that, Once again Malachi 4 is coming to India. In the offing is dubbing the film, Deep Calleth To The Deep, Washington D.C., 54-0624, in Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi, and also to print one million tracts in almost in all the Indian languages, because we believe tracts is the greatest tool to reach the people. Editors Note: Video film taken shows the VOGR godowns full of books, tapes, tape racks, etc.



Library - Bombay :

VOGRs first library in India was started in Bombay in 1985. It presently caters to about one thousand five hundred believers in Bombay. It is in the house of (late) Brother M.W. Isaacs at Dwarka Shopping Centre - Kurla. Sister Mavis Isaacs is a housewife, and a widow, and lives alone in a small modest apartment at Kurla. When the library started, it was being managed by her husband Brother M.W. Isaacs. But due to financial constraints, Brother Isaacs was compelled to work outside India. The library was then being managed by Sister Isaacs and her three unmarried daughters. Now all her daughters are married and she lives alone. This is what Sister Mavis Isaacs had to share concerning the VOGRs - Bombay library:
Excerpts Of Video Interview With Sister Mavis Isaacs:

Sister Mavis Isaacs

library was started in 1985 by Brother Albert Stovell. He was sent by Jeffersonville to start a library in Bombay and Head Office in Madras. He came to our cottage meeting (Church Of Lord Jesus Christ - Pastor [late] Bother Joshua Godetti - Present Pastor Brother Samuel Amana) and told us everything. My husband volunteered to keep the library in our house. He had come with twenty-five Messages in cassettes. From Bombay he went to Madras and opened the VOGR Head Office. On the following trip he came with seven bags of cassettes consisting of seven hundred Messages. Then in 1993, we received all the 1,100 Messages. Recently we have also received the Messages in CDs. The library was running very well. When we started, fifty to sixty believers used to service the library every month, but now it is reduced to twenty-five per month, as people have Mp3 players, CDs, and Seed libraries. (As the library record book was misplaced, this record could not be confirmed.) We have one set of all English Message (1,100), plus two to three sets of important Messages like Seven Seals, Seven Church Ages, Hebrews, etc. In addition to this, we also have Messages in other languages like Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Oriya, and Marathi. We also keep books printed by VOGR and WBGNS. The rule to be followed by believers is that the tapes taken are to be returned in eight days, and latest by fifteen days. If they cannot return them by fifteen days, they have to call, and we give an extension of one week. We also provide tape recorders on a circulation basis. We inform the believers about the VOGR rules and regulations while handing over the tape recorders. These recorders have to be returned back to us within a month.



The library is open on Saturdays and Sundays, and the believers are requested to call by phone to enquire whether we have the Messages they need, and also if I will be available, as sometimes I go out. I am assisted by my daughters and sons-in-law. We collect about twenty-five damaged cassettes and send them to VOGR - Madras. They send us the replacement very quickly. This library presently caters only to believers in Bombay. Believers outside Bombay are referred to Brother Joel Paramandam of VOGR-Madras.

Excerpts Of Video Interview With Brother Moses Dayanandam:

Manager : William Branham Good News Society - Madras

Moses Dayanandam a converted sorcerer, is the Manager-in-charge of William Branham Good News Society (WBGNS), Gladys Dauch Memorial building in Madras, and works under Brother Anthony Abma, who is its Managing Director. Besides being the Managing Director of WBGNS - Madras, Brother Abma is the Director of Missions at Bible Believers Inc. and a co -Pastor of Cloverdale Bibleway. He is also an In charge of Bible Believers - Blaine, Washington D.C. U.S.A. William Branham Good News Society translates the Messages in various Indian languages, prints and distributes them all over India free of cost. This is what Brother Moses had to say: Branham Good News Society started in a small way by the (late) Dr.Samuel Christopher Jacob.(Refer his article below) I was told that Dr.S.C. Jacob borrowed money and printed a Message book in Tamil. God blessed the work and they hired a small place opposite us on the main road. In 1981, running short of funds Dr.S.C. Jacob got in touch with Brother Ed Byskal (Pastor Cloverdale Bibleway, Canada).(Refer
page below)



We have no connection with VOGR and work independently. We have our own printing press and print the Messages in many different languages, and distribute them all over India. The Message books, tracts are given free of cost to whosoever will, irrespective of group or denomination the person belongs. To a new comer, we first send a tract and see the response. If they then request for books, then we send it to them and put them on our mailing list. The languages printed by us are Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi, Oriya, Urdu, and English. Our Translators are from all over India. We provide them with computers. They send us the manuscripts and then we lay it out here. We then send it back for proof reading and correction. In every language we have a second proof reader to ensure that the translator has translated correctly, but we do not expect a hundred percent perfect translation. But we do our best. We do receive complaints, and contact the translator for verification and remedial action. We have a translation sequence of a hundred and sixty five Messages which are mostly on the Son of Man ministry. These Messages are according to a priority basis ie. first priority, second priority, and third priority. We hand over the


list to the translators and they select on their own. Sometimes, if God burdens me that a particular Message book should be translated, then I contact the translators to get It translated. The WBGNS staff are all believers except one and all draw a salary. The average expenditure is around Rupees two lakhs fifty thousand a month. All the expenses is borne by Brother Ed Byskal. However, We do accept free will donations from believers. Previously we were also sending, Seed Tape library of about one hundred and sixty five Messages to the Pastors. Due to the cost factor, we are now giving Mp3 Cd Sets to the Pastors only. However, we are thinking to give the same to Deacons as well. We cannot give Mp3 Cd sets to all believers, and we do not sell them even if an individual can afford to buy them. We also provide Pastors with videos, Message 2001Cd set, and computers. Brother Anthony Abma, the Managing Director comes once a year to visit us, and also goes to other parts of the country as the Lord leads him. He takes a lot of interest in the believers in India. He used to give EBooks to Pastors, but since they are outdated, he now brings Mp3 Cd sets for them. Editors Note: Video film taken shows the WBGNS godowns full of books, etc.


Samuel Christopher Jacobs :

(Late) Dr.S.C.Jacob Founder Secretary of William Branham Good News Society - Madras

has written in a web letter about Paulaseer Lawrie:

Dr. S.C.Jacob, was a Professor and a convert of Paulaseer Lawrie. This is what he


The year 1961 was most remarkable in that it marked the initiation of a mighty revival fire never before witnessed which initially swept the entire state of Madras and subsequently the other States in India. The power of God was manifest to millions of people in India. Devils screamed before this mighty power, the sick were miraculously healed and cancerous tumours and goiters disappeared instantaneously. Both Christians and non-Christians praised the name of Jesus Christ. The song He is the same unchanging Jesus was on everyones lips, irrespective of caste, creed, religion and nationality. A burly, young, unassuming preacher from India, Bro. R. Paulaseer Lawrie Muthu krishna was used mightily of God for this revival. Every day the meeting was attended by well over a lakh of people. Their conscience was awakened to the realisation of the existence of God. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit gripped the entire audience spellbound. These meetings were conducted entirely by faith. No demand whatsoever for funds was made in any of these meetings, as is customary in the normal revival meetings, both foreign and Indian. The Lord Himself met all the needs miraculously.


It was obvious that the Lord Jesus Christ raised Bro. Lawrie for India to propogate the truth with Apostolic power. But then, least was it realised that the Lord was to give him a world-wide ministry for the preparation of the Bride during end-time. In 1964, even before my acquaintance with Bro. Lawrie, the Lord gave me a strange experience. I was mightily anointed and He spoke to me in an audible voice. He told me He would come into a man of His choice who would prepare the Bride for rapture. Further, He told me I would be associated with His son, Bro. Lawrie, in a powerful end-time ministry. True to it, I came in contact with Bro. Lawrie in a few years time. All along I had no conception of the seriousness and importance of the end-time ministry. I happened to come across Bro. Branhams books including the Spoken Word series which brought me back to the Word of God. Having gone through all his books, I decided to translate the Book on Seven Church Ages into my own language (Tamil) which proved extremely useful to many in recognising the secret coming of Christ. We believe Bro. Branham to be the forerunner to a Ministry to be followed forthwith. If there is a forerunner, there must be someone to follow, and Bro. Branham himself was talking about the third pull which was yet to come and of which he had a glimpse like that Moses had of Canaan. But Joshua led the people into Canaan and not Moses. If the Bride has to be raptured without death, then the man

who has to lead the Bride or into whom God comes first, will not have to see death. He will have Supernatural vindications which can never be imitated as Prophet Branham
has said, nor can any propoganda be made through the medium of radio, television, advertisement etc or by organising financial drives. This Ministry is a stone Ministry; a stone untouched by human hands. We know that the true seeds (Bride) will not hurt each other except they be thorns. The Bride will not believe any human propoganda, but follow the Supernatural vindications by God on those who are totally on Gods Word. I also kept guessing as to the nature of this Ministry. But the messages of Bro. Lawrie, delivered in Chicago at the time man was attempting to land on the moon, opened my eyes to the truth and gave me a glimpse of the powerful Bride Ministry to follow. These messages convincingly brought home the truth of the descent of the Lord to the earth when man reached moon. An American couple, who accompanied Bro. Lawrie on his return from U.S.A., narrated to us the events that took place at the time of the descent of the Lord. We were informed that while Bro. Lawrie was preaching to a small gathering in Ohio (U.S.A.), flames of fire proceeded from his eyes which was witnessed by many gathered there including Bro. L.D. Dale and Sis. Susie Baker who are now active witnesses in this end-time Ministry. We were further told that the descent of the Lord was marked by lightning and thunders which took a heavy toll of lives. It was surprising to hear that a pillar of cloud was following Bro. Lawrie wherever he went. We had to see it to believe; the Lord certainly has vindicated His ministry. In the course of a few months, we have witnessed several types of clouds following him - angelic, smoky, glassy etc. Besides, thick clouds encircle his residence during the day time while a shining flame of fire emits light at regular intervals throughout night in fulfilment of the promises in Isaiah 4:5. All those who accept this message of the Lord coming down, and take the oath of allegiance to the Bridegroom (the Lord Jesus Christ) have a similar vindication in their lives. This New Covenant infills the covenant member with the New Spirit which gives the joy that the world cannot give, the peace that passeth all understanding and the assurance of immortality and glorification of the physical bodies. Bro. Lloyd Williams of U.S.A. who started rather skeptically was so overwhelmed with the vindication he observed during his short stay in India that now he is completely convinced about this truth. The sun has set in the West and has now dawned in the East. Bro. Lloyd Williams, as a messenger to the West, is now carrying the truth from the East. The tent vision seen by Bro. Branham was fulfilled with all its minutest details in Vellore, South India. The cloud formed an enormous roof over the extensive meeting grounds when Bro. Lawrie began to preach to the congregation. The Spoken Word Ministry of the Bride became operative from then onwards. Bro. Lloyd Williams is a witness to the fulfilment of the tent vision. it was here that he was convinced about the truth and entered into the New Covenant, receiving the New Spirit and the consequent fullness of joy and victory over death.


We firmly believe that the SON OF MAN message is the revelation of the thunder mystery which would give rapturing faith to the Bride and is a forerunner to a few others to follow. The believers of this message have together endeavoured to see this message in print so that it might become a blessing to the members of the Bride scattered throughout the world. We feel sure that the Lord has blessed this venture. This SON OF MAN message is certainly a mystery hidden for about 2000 years, and which has now been revealed. The sheep of God will hear His voice. Dr. S.C. JACOB, M.A., M.Sc., Ph D., F.M.S. Ex-Lecturer in Geology, University of Madras, 8/9 - Station Road, Kodambakkam, MADRAS - 24.

Message to the Bride


We, the following, fully endorse this ministry : 1. Mark School Assembly, Madras 2. Bethel Prayer House, Madras. 3. Pastor A.N. Jonahs Independent Full Gospel Church, 4. Rajahmundry and other associated Churches in Andhra. 5. Saidapet Assembly, Madras. 6. Ayanavaram Assembly, Madras. 7. Kilpauk Telugu Assembly, Madras. 8. Chinglepet Prayer House, Chinglepet, Madras. 9. Obed-E-dom Prayer House, Vellore. 10. Immanuel House of Prayer, Chittoor. 11. Church of Jesus Christ, Kolar Gold Fields. 12. Elim Prayer House, Nagercoil. 13. Palliadi Prayer House, Pallliadi. 14. Idaikodu Prayer House, Idaikodu. 15. Mizpah Gospel Hall, Kazhuvanthittai. 16. Pudukottai Prayer House, Pudukottai. 17. Tuticorin Full Gospel Assembly, Tuticorin. 18. Manujothi Tabernacle, Tirunelveli. 19. Full Gospel Church, Vikramasingapuram. 20. Ettamadai Prayer House, Ettamadai. 21. Reddiarpatti Prayer House, Venkateswarapuram. 22. Mathicode Prayer House, Kanyakumari. 23. Kuruvankottai Prayer Hall, Alangulam. 24. Nayudupet Assembly, Andhra. 25. Kerala Independent Full Gospel Churches, Kerala State, and several others throughout India.

one of them that were waiting for the Rapture at Lawries ashram at Tirunelveli. As Lawrie kept changing the dates for the Rapture, food shortages were there in the ashram. In the meanwhile a child of Dr. Jacob died in the ashram. Dr. Jacob then left the ashram and Lawrie. He then began to translate Brother Branhams Messages in Tamil, his native language. According to Brother Stephen Shinde, Brother Ed Byskal was already sponsoring printing of Message books in Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh-India with Mr.Daniel Evans.

It is reported that Dr.S.C.Jacob was an ardent follower of Paulaseer Lawrie, and was

Mr. Daniel Evans was subsequently involved in a government fraud. Other reports confirm that Mr. Daniel Evans was actually printing just a few books and showing an highly inflated figure and misappropriating the funds. He was nabbed by the Income tax authorities, and was bailed out by Brother Ed Byskal. Having been ditched by Mr. Daniel, Brother Ed Byskal shifted his printing activities to Madras with Dr. S.C. Jacob who was also printing his translated Message with Mr. Daniel. During the dedication of Gladys Dauch building in 1993, Dr. Jacob, in his dedicational address, stated how William Branham Good News Society started.


He said, I wrote to Brother Ed Byskal in 1981, soliciting his support for the printing of the books. Brother Byskal replied on 29th December 1981, promising full support to the ministry. On 12th March 1982, Brother Byskal visited Madras and the project was discussed threadbare.

Thus began a profitable and fruitful relationship with Bible Believers.

by their respective heads (VOGR and WBGNS), they do not work in co-ordination and there is no cooperation with each other. So many times English Message books of the same title are available from both sources simultaneously. Todate, neither of them have printed all the English Message books. Had they co-ordinated with each other, believers would have ended up having more titles of the Message books, instead of receiving another copy of the same title from two different sources. In order to ascertain how well these Organizations were functioning, we had formal and informal telephonic/video conversations with Pastors across the country, as well as with believers in and around Bombay.

Now you have read of the two major Message material distributors to the believers. As stated

Taking one issue at a time, this is what they had to share with us:


into the various Indian languages has been the main thrust of both, VOGR and WBGNS for spreading the Message in India. Whilst VOGR distributes translated materials in audio tapes, and books, WBGNS concentrates only on books. Both insist on dedicated translators, checks and counter checks done, and inspite of their sincerity and dedication, all is not well with the translations. For example: 1] Oriya. It is the regional official language of the state of Orissa only, and spoken mainly in this state. According to Brother B.P.Mishra (Missionary among the tribals of Orissa - converts six hundred plus), the Oriya books and tapes are translated by the same person Brother Bhattacharya. The translations are so bad that he has instructed his congregation not to hear the Oriya tapes or even read the Oriya Message books, and even informed Brother Joel - VOGR and Brother Moses - WBGNS, not to send any more tapes or books to him. The translator stammers while talking, and one cannot even understand what he says. Also the Oriya books do not convey the proper meaning of what Brother Branham said. Sister Mavis Isaacs (VOGR main library - Bombay), and Brother Joel (VOGR - India Office) confirmed that there were problems with the Oriya translations. In fact Brother Joel said, that they have since stopped proceeding further with the Oriya translations. Yet in spite of informing VOGR office - Madras, thirty seven Messages have been translated in Oriya so far. 2] Telugu: It is the recognized official language of the state of Andhra Pradesh, and spoken mainly in the state. We spoke to Brother K. Mark (pastor in Andhra Pradesh), who said, that the Telugu tapes and books are not translated in the language of the common masses, but in highly polished Telugu, which can barely be understood by the educated. Brother Sunder Rao (Pastor in Bombay, native of Andhra Pradesh), further added that the Telugu books are written in a poetic language. Brother Joel admits receiving these complaints from the Pastors in Andhra Pradesh. Yet eighty two Messages in audio, have been translated in Telugu so far, in spite of informing VOGR office - Madras, . 3] Hindi: It is the official language of the whole country. It is spoken throughout India, and is compulsorily taught in all schools. All central government offices, banks, etc., in India have to use Hindi language; the state language or even English is optional. Todate, VOGR has translated only eighty three Messages by Mr. Christopher Masih, who has since left the Message, and has back slid. He has been discontinued by VOGR, and Brother Daniel Masih, from New Delhi has been appointed. As different states have different dialects in Hindi, the vocabulary used in one state does not suit the other state. Also the word God has been translated as Parameshwar, which means Param Great, and Iswara - name of a Hindu god. According to the Prophet, in the Exposition Of The Seven Church Age Book, Chapter five, Pergamean Church Age, he explains the genesis of the word, Iswara.

Though translations have been painfully slow, the translation of Brother Branhams sermons



Since it was not necessary to worship the creator-father, it was only natural that worship swung to the "Mother and Child" as the objects of adoration. In Egypt there was the same combination of mother and son called Isis and Osiris. In India it was Isi and Iswara. (Note the similarity of names even.)
of Babylon was Semiramis who was called Rhea in the eastern countries. In her arms she held a son, who though a babe, was described as tall, strong, handsome and especially captivating to the women. In Ezekiel 8:14 he was called Tammuz. Amongst classical writers he was called Bacchus. To the Babylonians he was Ninus. What accounts for the fact that he is represented as a babe in arms and yet described as a great and mighty man is that he is known as the "Husband-Son". One of his titles was "Husband of the Mother", and in India where the two are known as Iswara and Isi, he (the husband) is represented as the babe at the breast of his own wife. Even though this grave error (revealed by the Prophet himself) in translation was brought to the notice of Brother Joel, it has not been rectified yet, under the justification that the word Parmeshwar is a universal translation for God. However, it doesnt line up with the Message. 4] Tamil: It is the recognised official language of the state of Tamil Nadu, and is spoken mainly in this state. Brother Daniel Christian (Pastor in Bombay - congregation 2000 mainly Tamilians) said, The Tamil tape translations is a total flop, because the person who translated was not anointed, and it was as if he was reading from a book. The book translations however, he said were good. Another important point is that the translated tapes and book do not match ie. a believer who hears a translated tape, cannot refer to the translated book of the same title. The reason being given by Brother Joel (VOGR) is that the tapes and books are either done by different people, or the tape to be translated comes gapped, and the translator has to compulsory fill in only the gaps. He cannot say a word extra, but he can do that in the book. our humble opinion, even though translations of tapes and books may have been a blessing to believers in other countries, it does not show that God has encouraged these translations in India. India has fourteen official languages, and in addition over hundred other languages and dialects. It is virtually impossible to translate all the Messages into all the languages and dialects in India. But God had other plans for this country. In His infinite wisdom, He made the Government of India to make the English language a compulsory subject for the secondary school children throughout India. Also education for girls is free and highly subsidized for boys. So, even if one were to go to a remote village in India, and meet a high school kid, he would be able to converse (to some extent) in English.
According to Brother Ed Byskal, speaking at the dedication of Gladys Dauch Memorial building (which houses the WBGNS office and printing press, etc.) at Madras, in 1994 said, I know of two pastors in Africa, who did not know English, but kept hearing the English Message tapes, and they learnt English from a seventh grade Kentuckian, and are now even doing translation work in their country.

It now behooves us to discover the original mother and child. The original goddess-mother


When we quoted this examples to Pastors Stephen Shinde, Daniel Christian and B.P.Mishra, respectively, they all cited their own examples as to how they did not know to speak English, but after hearing the English tapes and reading the English Message books, not only did they learn to speak and understand English, but are now also preaching in English. When asked why then do they not recommend the same to your congregation? They unanimously agreed to do the same. Also it would be easier and cheaper for VOGR and WBGNS to provide all the Messages in English rather than in their native languages.

We have seen with our own eyes that the godowns of VOGR - Madras are packed full of tapes, books, racks, etc., and Brother Joel has even stated, Nobody in India can say that they are deprived of tapes or books. Any individual, group, or Church, we try to send them the tape after finding out whether they are really genuine people.


With due respect to Brother Joel, we humbly paraphrase his statement as, No genuine person (genuinity determined by VOGR) in India can say that they are deprived of tapes or books. On the other hand , when we questioned Pastors across the country, we heard a different story altogether. We have also seen that the godowns of WBGNS Madras is stacked to capacity. Brother Moses states, We feel this Message should go to everybody, even if he is a Christ Branham group, ......

Take for example: Pastor Sunder Rao (Bombay), 87 years old, was receiving books initially, but now his supply has been cut. Even though he was in Brother Branhams meeting and still holding on to the Message, we were surprised that nobody has bothered to give him a Telugu (Regional) library tape set or even put his name on their mailing list for Message books.
Brother Daniel Christian (Bombay) is crying himself hoarse, for tapes, and books. From WBGNS, he hardly receives ten odd books for his two thousand congregation. He says he informed Brother Joel about the tapes and books and also Brother Edward - (a member of WBGNS committee), but they have not heeded to his frantic requests. He goes on to ask, When they (VOGR and WBGNS) are having the Message books, why should our people die of starvation and why are they reprinting the same Messages and not new ones? (Brother Moses-WBGNS states that they have selected only one hundred and sixty-five Messages mostly on the Son of Man ministry). quantity of books and tapes (even replacements) they are receiving except for Pastor Stephen Shinde (Bombay) and Pastor Samuel Amana (Bombay - whose sister-in-law runs the VOGR main library in Bombay). How is it then that some are receiving and others are not? Is favoritism being shown by VOGR and WBGNS? Most of the Pastors are modest and give no answer, but Brother Daniel Christian boldly replies, It is because of politics. Even if we have differences, we should not harm anybody. Even if I am your enemy, you should give me the Message. But we are not getting (sufficient) books. Ever since God visited this country in 1954, the economic condition steadily improved. Salaries and living conditions made a change for the better. Today, quite a few Message believers are financially well off, and can even afford to buy the Message books and Mp3 Cds from VOGR and WBGNS. But, neither of them have an option for the believer to purchase their products. They have to make do with whatever they get, free of cost from either of them. Both VOGR and WBGS are giving Mp3 players to selected Pastors only, but the Laity, whether they be rich or poor get almost nothing. Though VOGR runs by the maxim that, even a single book or tape is enough to feed or sustain a believer, unfortunately even this has not been accomplished to all the believers. Yet, some influential believers are being showered with more than one portion of Message materials (Tapes, Cds, books, etc.), even from the Lighthouse Project quota, which was primarily sponsored by Believers abroad for the underprivileged in India.

All the Pastors we spoke to have voiced similar complaints, regarding the grossly insufficient

Libraries were a great boon to believers initially, as they were able to hear the voice of the Prophet speaking, under the inspiration of God. But as the number of believers increased, the quantity of tapes per Message didnt increase commensurately. Also, because the tapes from VOGR Jeffersonville were not tropicalized, they used to get jammed and the problem being quite predominant in the coastal cities. Message Mp3 Cds are also available in VOGR libraries but without players. So only the affluent who own a Mp3 player compatible with the Mp3 Cds of VOGR, can use this facility.
Replacement of damaged tapes is no problem for VOGRs main libraries, but is a big problem for the Regional Tape libraries. As one Pastor said, If a translated tape gets spoilt, we have to do without that Message. We just dont get replacements; even after repeated reminders to Brother Joel. With all the problems believers are facing concerning the tapes, the tape libraries instead of being a stop-gap temporary relief for believers, it seems like VOGR has made it a permanent solution, however inconvenient it may be.



The main library in Bombay has a peculiar problem. It is kept in the house of Sister Mavis Isaacs. She is an aged widow and lives alone. The library is open only on Saturdays and Sundays; and even then, believers have to call before coming because she may not be available. Though the number of believers in Bombay is steadily increasing, the number of believers servicing the library is steadily decreasing. According to Pastor Daniel Christian, The library must be in the Church and not in anyones house, because people come regularly to the Church but may not go to the library. Church services are also held on Sundays, so a person gets only Saturday (which is a working day) to go to the library, which is not always possible. Then again they have to ring up before going, and after going they may not get the Message the Lord has put in their hearts to hear. So the Bombay library is dying slowly. Even though Pastor Daniel Christian says he has made several requests for more books and tapes, he is not at the receiving end. Brother Joel (VOGR) states that books and tapes are given after ascertaining the genuinity of the believer through his observers. It could be, that these observers are biased and belong to one Church group, and the believer who makes requests is from another. For example in Bombay, Brother Joel inquires fom his observers, Sister Mavis Isaacs (and/or her daughters), (VOGR library), whether a Pastor/believer should receive any materials from VOGR or not. Another main English library also bit the dust several months ago, when the brother who was running the library in his house, in the small state of Goa (less than two hundred believers), backslid and was living a life contrary to the Message. Brethren from Goa had boycotted the library, and wrote to Brother Joel, and suggested to him to remove the library from this brothers house, as his testimony was a great stumbling block. Brother Joel confirmed that the report from Goa was true, and that the brother did not prove himself to be worthy to have the library in his place. However, instead of withdrawing the tapes and closing the library, or shifting to another location, Brother Joel opened another library with another brother. According to our latest reports, the library in the backslidden brothers house has not been withdrawn as yet.


Condition Of Believers : India And Abroad

According to Brother Joel (VOGR), there should be one lakh (One Hundred thousand) believers in India, (he referred to the vision of Brother Branham), and even though there dont seem to be so many; he further compares it to the time of Elijah the Prophet, who thought he was the only one, but the Lord told him that he had preserved seven thousand people. On the other hand, Brother Moses (WBGNS) says that they have a record of 150 Churches in India with an average of seventy-five believers in each Church, which works out to eleven thousand, two hundred and fifty.
There are about ten Churches in Bombay. 50% of them have arisen from Church splits. The leader who caused the concision was made Pastor by the members of the split-up group. Pastor Stephen Shindes Church was the most affected, when in 1994, almost 30 to 40 members left at one time and started another group elsewhere in Bombay. Church. He said, It is like in the days of King Solomon, because of his mistakes, God split up the Kingdom of Israel giving ten tribes to Jeroboam and leaving two tribes to Judah. When Jeroboam became king of the ten tribes, he appointed lowest people, not Levites, to be priests. (It was only the Levites whom God placed the burden in their hearts.) Lowest means cheap and altar is the pulpit. Brother Branham said, When a Church is broken, the (rebel) leader does wonderful work, the people are impressed, and then he thinks God is with me. Later on the people say, If you dont give me a post (in the Church), I will leave. God has not called them, but they take the pulpit, and become Pastors, ie. priests, and try to offer sacrifices. I have a burden for them that all of us should come together. Brother Branham said, believers are split, but in the end there will be only two groups, believers and unbelievers, and all believers will come together. We have Preachers coming from abroad, we dont disregard them, but not all of them are men of God. We should check their motives, because many come to establish their own Kingdoms. It is

We asked Pastor Shinde about his comments on the splitting up of his


very sad. When they come, they must collect the people, and correct the errors. But they have to give a report to their Churches that, I went there and I did this, that, etc.. harmony with what Pastor Shinde said about foreign Preachers coming from U.S.A., Canada, South Africa, etc., who, instead of rectifying the errors, and reconciling the brethren Scripturally, had only encouraged the dissension, by supporting the people that caused the schism. Practically every doctrine / cult in the Message can be found in India. Fierce proselyting between the groups, and Pastors desperately trying to hold their own congregation together, has left the rest of India, especially the interiors, the Hindu based Central States, and even Denominational Christian based North-East States almost untouched by the Message. Another glaring defect (a serious one), in the five fold ministry in India and abroad is, the ministers interchanging their offices. Most of the Indian Pastors are doing the work of Evangelists. Brother Branham said:


where your place is and abide there.

You'll never take another man's place, and another man can't take your place. Find
Influence - Beaumont, TX, U.S.A. 64-0315

Then again we find businessmen doing evangelistic work, and housewives as librarians. In, Trying To Do God A Service Without It Being His Will, Jeffersonville - IN, U.S.A., 65-0718M, Brother Branham said there is five musts to do Gods service correctly: 1] His Time, 2] His Season, 3] His Word, 4] The person, 5] He must be vindicated by the Word of God.

The Word of God in Ephesians 4:11 clearly says that there is a five fold ministry: Brother Branham explains each of the offices as below:
He's built to where he can--he can put up with the fusses of the people. He--he--he's a burden-bearer; he's the ox of the team. He--he's a man that can set down when the--somebody's got something against somebody else, and set down with them two families, and take neither side, and reason it out, and bring it right back into sweetness. See? He--he's a pastor; he knows how to take care of things. The evangelist is a special man. He's a man that's burning like a fireball. He runs into a city and preaches his message, and gets out of there somewhere else. See, he's a special man. The teacher is a special man. He sets back under the anointing of the Spirit and is able to take the Words and put them together by the Holy Spirit, that the pastor or evangelist either one could not compare with him. And then we find out the apostle is a special man. He's a--he's a setter-in-order. He's a man that's sent from God to set the things in order. The prophet is a special man. A prophet is a man of whom the Word of the Lord comes to, because the prophet is so designed life that his subconscious and his first conscious is so close together that he doesn't go to sleep to dream his dream; he sees it when he's wide awake. See? Now, that's something God has to do. See, he sees what's going. A prophet foresees way off (See?) the things that is coming. He sees the cup of God's wrath, full, before it is filled. See? He can say, "THUS SAITH THE LORD. God will destroy this city except you repent." Why? He's an eagle. He rides way in yonder. See? And he looks way off there, and he sees that cup of wrath poured out. That's what the prophets look at. He ain't looking what's going on here; he's looking yonder. He's saying, "It's a-coming." He can go so high till he can see that shade. He said, "The world will be...?... darkness and gross darkness." He's up high enough, the sun's shining now, but he sees that shade coming, and he's--he's--he's saying what he's looking at. It ain't here yet, but it'll sure be here. That's right. It's going to be here, gross darkness upon the people. He knows it's coming, years away, yet he sees it. The prophet's only looking off and seeing something. He's talking about what he's looking at. He ain't thinking about here and what you look like now; he's looking what it's going to be. And when

But, you see, in the church there is the pastor, and that pastor is a special person.


he speaks that, if it's in the Word of the Lord, it's already been spoke, and there's nothing in the world can stop it (You see? That's right.) only God Himself. Notice, now we find that when He--he speaks his vision, the prophet does... Now, sometimes he speaks good things; he speaks of your healing. All right, you might think, "It just can't happen; I haven't got any better." Then what does that do? That just brings the judgments of God upon you. That's right. See? Jesus promised to save you if you'd believe it; if you don't believe it, it won't--it won't happen to you. You've got to accept it; you've got to believe it. See? And you got to know from where it comes from, that gives your faith in God or your prophet. See? You've got to believe it.
Warning Then Judgment - Jeffersonville, IN, U.S.A. 63-0724

Now thats the Perfect Will of God, by the Written Word, and the Revealed Word. But brethren interchanging their offices, ignoring the Perfect Will of God, are moving in the Permissive Will of God.
He'll let you walk in. Notice, He permits it all right, but He will make it work out for His glory in His perfect will. Now, if you'd like... Just like in the beginning, it was not God's perfect will for children to be born on the earth through sex. No, sir. God created man out of the dust of the earth, breathed the breath of life into him, and he become a living soul. He took from that man a helpmate and made a wife to him. That was God's first and original will. But when sin come in and did the thing that it did, then He permitted man to marry a wife legally and have children by her. "Multiply and replenish the earth then, if that's the way you're going to do it." But, you see, it never was His perfect will. If you don't want to walk in the truth... You can go to have--have to have a great ministry. Certainly you can. But you're taking His permissive will; you're walking over His Word. He'll prosper you (certainly);
Does God Ever Change His Mind About His Word? - Jeffersonville, IN. U.S.A. 65-0418E

But--and if the people won't walk in His perfect will, He does have a permissive will

No doubt these brethren have prospered, and have wonderful testimonies, but still they finally, dangerously, wind up being workers of iniquity.
And some of them say, "God said, 'Do this.' God said, 'Do that.'" Now, I don't question that. But it's out of the line of God's Word, the prophet... No matter if he is a prophet, he's out of the line. So many people get deceived like that. "Oh, this brother can do this," and, "This brother can do that." And deny the Word? "Though I speak with tongue of men and angels, though I have gifts that I can move mountains, though I give all my goods to feed the poor, I am yet nothing." "Many will come to me in that day and say, 'Lord, Lord, have not I prophesied in Your Name? Have not in Your Name I've cast out devils and done mighty works?' And I will say unto them, 'Depart from you--depart from Me, you workers of iniquity. I never even knew you.'" Yet they come with a confession that they had did it, but Jesus said they were workers of iniquity. What is iniquity? Is something that you know you should do, that's right to do, and yet you don't do it. See what it's going to be in the last days?
Does God Ever Change His Mind About His Word? - Jeffersonville, IN. U.S.A. 65-0418E

Saint Matthew 21 - 23 :

Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.


did not arrange to send men trained in the Branham Tabernacle to establish Conduct, Order and sound Doctrine in India?

Why do these brethren act in such an unscriptural manner? Was it because Brother Branham

Both Pastor Daniel Christian and Pastor Stephen Shinde unanimously agree that this is one of the reasons. But another reason Pastor Shinde says, is that, Evangelists are not supported by the local Churches, so they have changed their office. For example in the Old Testament, Levites ran away leaving their office, and were working in the fields because their portion was not given to them by the people. Then Nehemiah and Ezra gathered the elders, and sorted out the problem, and the Levites were brought back. If people support Evangelists, they will go out. It is because of financial need, they (Evangelists) think it is better to be a Pastor. Brother Branham said, Pastors job is the most difficult. Be a Teacher, Evangelist, even a Prophet, but dont be a Pastor. But here everybody is trying to be a Pastor. Sometimes people read the Message, get an understanding, they got good education, speak fluently, so they think, I got a ministry. Thats whats happened in this End Time Message. We have many Pastors (Shepherds), but no Sheep.

However, a poor consolation is, that this problem is not only in India, but abroad as well. Brother Lonnie Jenkins from Ohio, U.S.A., at a Ministers Conference in 1994, had this to say, More Evangelists are probably out of their place, than any of the other five, and in one way this is a shame to us in the Message. The travelling Ministers are not properly supported. Most Churches will help the ministry in their own Church. But may be heres another Evangelist travelling from some little bitty Church, that can hardly support the Pastor, and cannot support the Evangelist, but the wealthier Churches should find good men, and get behind them on a steady basis. But because it doesnt happen, many of the Evangelists end up takes Pastorship for their financial security. And usually he cant keep a Church very long, cause he doesnt have the knack to settle the people.
Take for example Brother Ed Byskal - Pastor of Cloverdale Bibleway, Canada. The (late) Dr. S.C.Jacob, (Hon.Secretary WBGNS) in his thanksgiving speech at Madras in 1994, (where Brother Byskal was present) had this to say, On this occasion, we salute Brother Byskal for shouldering the responsibilities of supporting the printing of the Message books in various languages. His indomitable courage, conviction and vision to spread this Message through printed pages deserves encomium. Needless to say, his rewards in heaven will be rich and bountiful. To me and to the others who are here, he had indeed fulfilled the prophetic utterance of Brother Branham that he (Brother Byskal) would be a Missionary to the Indians; not to the American natives as was originally interpreted but to the Indians in India. This prophetic utterance of Brother Branham, which Dr. S.C.Jacob was referring to, is quoted by Brother Byskal in his tape, I Am A Witness, in 1984.

In that tape Brother Byskal said, I went to Jeffersonville for the meetings there. I was standing outside, because the building had such an overflow crowd and then the song service began, and I felt a little nudge on my arm. It was Brother Doc Branham, and he said, Brother Eddy, Brother Branham would like to see you. Could you just come with me?
So I hurried with him and followed him round to the back, and they just brought Brother Branham there to bring the Sermon or the Message for the day. We came through one room and then to his little study. And he said, Oh! Brother Eddy, its so nice to see you. And he greeted me. I sat in a chair and he pulled the chair up close, and we just sat directly opposite one another, our knees actually touching, and he took both of my hands in his hands like this. He said, So nice to see you again. I said, Well, you know Brother Branham, thats how I feel. So happy to be here. He said, You know Brother Eddy. (He put his head back a little bit like this) He said, Everytime I see you, I see Indians. It just drenched the heart out of me because I had such a desire to bring the Message back to the Indian people, not knowing how God would open the door because I was so - I was so occupied, I was working yet, even though, while I was ministering, I was supporting myself. And then I heard them start to sing, Only believe, Only Believe. He said, Well, thats my - thats my cue! He said, I -I want you to sit here. He said, and he stepped out of his chair.


I want you to sit here on my chair, he said, Just so you would be nice and comfortable, Brother Eddy, and youll hear the Message real good. I want you to hear the Message. Well, I was - I was almost fearful. I said, Oh no, Brother Branham, Ill go out side with, you know, where I was. No, No, he said, I want you to sit here. I want you to stay here. You just sit here. I like you to be real comfortable, you can hear real well, the door is open here. (Cause the door lead directly on to the platform, you see.) So, it was one of my fondest moments. I sat in Brother Branhams chair and he was preaching, It Was The Rising Of The Sun.

In this very same Message Brother Branham says: I see my little brother, Eddie Byskal down there, a missionary to the Indians out there; and we fished ourselves out on those coasts.
It Is The Rising Of The Sun - Jeffersonville, IN. U.S.A. 65-0418M

If we notice closely, at that point of time, ie.1965, Brother Ed Byskal was a missionary to the American Indians, and not the Indians of India. However, no matter how Dr. S.C.Jacob (and even Brother Daniel Christian) interpret that prophetic utterance, one thing is sure that the Prophet identified Brother Byskals office, of that of a missionary and not anything else. Time and again over the years, India was visited by Pastors from U.S.A., Canada, Trinidad, South Africa, Netherlands, etc., and they were having Evangelistic services, and preaching how to love and forgive, about the order of the five fold, etc. The questions are, How can these Pastors set things in order here, when they are Scripturally out of order themselves? How could they stem the rot, when they are rotting themselves? During an informal chat, a brother shared with us a conversation he had at the end of a service with a Pastor from the U.S.A. who had come to minister in Bombay. He told this Pastor, What a great sacrifice it has been for you to leave your family and spend so much money to come here to Bombay and preach this Message to us. I really want to thank you from my heart. To his utter surprise, the Pastor replied, Dont thank me or for that matter any brother who comes from the U.S.A. We never put our own money. Six months before we decide to make a Missionary trip, we announce it in our Churches and funds keep pouring in. We utilize those funds to come and when we return, we are all well settled financially after that. It all goes to show then by what has been written this far, that offices by most of the ministry is held, not by a calling from God, but by the belly of these Preachers. No wonder our Lord Jesus asked the question in Luke 18:8, Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find (not wealthy Pastors, teachers, or million dollar Churches, etc. but) faith on the earth? Though people may not openly admit, but anyone having spiritual eyes can see that the spirit of Laodicea (Revelation 3:17) has crept in the Message Churches worldwide, with Balaams hovering all over the place. To compound with that, Pastors from one Church will not co-operate nor allow their congregation to mix with members of the other. If one Church sponsors a meeting, others will not co-operate, thereby segregating the believers into clans and groups. Brother Branham says, Denomination separates brotherhood. When a question was asked to Pastor Stephen Shinde, Have the Message Churches denominated for the reasons mentioned above? He replied, That is true, we can see it with our own eyes and experience. But if a Preacher comes with a sound doctrine, everyone must attend. Many times Preaches come with wrong objective. We must not encourage our people to eat anything. But then who is to decide for the believer whether to attend or not to attend a meeting, to cooperate or not to co-operate, the Pastor or the Holy Spirit? He further adds, If they all receive the Holy Spirit, there will be no problem.

Our Personal Revelation :


Message believers all over, never heeded to the warnings of the Holy Spirit, when He spoke through His Prophet William Branham, concerning the onslaught of the combined spiritual forces of darkness against the children of Light. Even when Brother Branham was living; cults were baptizing in his name; some people of the Branham Tabernacle wanted to oust Brother Orman Neville (a godly Pastor, who stayed fixed at his post of duty), from the pastorship of the Branham Tabernacle; campaign managers spoke him out of visions, which got Brother Branham in serious trouble with the Lord; and many other ways did satan try to hinder the work of God. Till finally, the last Message Brother Branham preached in the Tabernacle, at Jeffersonville, was to warn the people of the subtle tactics of the enemy. He said:

According to what the Lord revealed to us, the reason for this mess is, because the


But I thought I would try to bring something to your mind with these Scriptures I got written here, that would enlighten you to know--make you a better soldier in the field that you're fighting in now, to learn the tactics of the enemy so that you can block everything before it gets to you. See? That's the main thing: is to learn to keep the--the punches off of you as much as you can. .......but to see the deceitfulness of the enemy, we've never had a day like this we're now living. It's the most cunning, deceitful day. And when I see that, it brings this that the Christian has to be more on his toes today than he ever was in any age. But now, the cunningness of the devil now, makes the people believe that they are a Christian when they're not. It's been, and now is, satan establishing his kingdom in the earth. That's exactly why he's doing it, for he wants to establish his own kingdom. And that's why satan's done this. And he's worked through the ministry to do it, as God promised He would do. Now, he began by a religious deceit in Eden and has continued ever since. It's the church that's where you have to's the church that will deceive the very elected. and women, too. They are a society. There's an organization. Why? "John next door wore shorts, so why can't I? Luella wanted me to wear them, because John wore them next door. And well, if--if Susie Jane can wear them, so can Martha Jane wear them, or Susie Lou," or ever who her name is. See? See, it's a society. It's an organization. You spiritually belong to it and don't know it.
satans Eden - Jeffersonville, IN. U.S.A. 65-0829

Branham was called home by the Lord in December 1965. Most of the brethren who were with Brother Branham, who saw the great signs and wonders done under the first and second pulls, did not even know that there was a Message (Voice) to follow the signs. While they were busy waltzing around establishing themselves, satan was working overtime and was busy infiltrating into Message Churches, since the one who had the discernment was taken out of the way.


Now lets take a closer look of how things were shaping in India. At the outset, the Manager talked Brother Branham out of the India vision. He repented in Lisbon, but came to India by the Permissive Will of God. The Lord was faithful and stood by His servant even in his mistake (just as He was with Moses at the waters of Meribah), and blessed the meetings with His presence, and performed signs and wonders just as He promised. However, Brother Branham was confronted with no co-operation from Denominational leaders. Brother Branham did without them, but regretted later, as there was no one to follow up with the converts. He returned back home, and in 1962, told the brethren the solution to remedy the mistakes done. No one took heed, at least concerning India.
So satan had already devoured most of the converts, and was now all set to pervert the Word Seed (Message) that was sown. Paulaseer Lawrie came on the scene in 1960, with genuine signs, and wonders and miracles, but with false, perverted teachings. The whole of South India, and parts of other states was baptized with his spirit. Spoken Word Publications made a feeble attempt to stem the satanic onslaught by sending Message books to various people. After his Rapture fiasco, Lawries group split up, and Spoken Word Publications sent Pastor Charles Sias and Brother Roy Borders to catch the Lawrites in the 70s. Nothing much was accomplished.


In the meanwhile, a disillusioned Brother Joshua Godetti, a Lawrie convert, left the ashram, and returned to Bombay, and began to preach the Message in Kurla. But having a bad past testimony, he was unable to gather much people (just about thirty), as other groups did not want to co-operate with him. Having no Apostle trained in the Branham Tabernacle, to set things in order in India; in Bombay there was a lot of mud slinging and proselyting by the various groups. In 1983, Brother Sias came again to unite the groups in Bombay, but failed miserably, and group wars intensified. However, all that was needed at that time was someone respectable and mature in the Message (like Brother Joseph Branham) to come and open libraries, Head Office, etc. after obtaining a consensus with the Pastors. The library then would be the common factor for the Pastors to bury their hatchets.

You must--you must never look at things in the natural. Look at the spirit of anything. You want to look at a city, look at the spirit of it. You look at a family; look at the spirits in the family. Look at a man, look at the spirit's in him. See, anything you look at, everything's got to have a motive and objective.
Sirs, We Would See Jesus - New York, NY. U.S.A. 63-1112

It was at this crucial point of time that VOGR - Jeffersonville sent Brother Albert Stovell, a retired man, with a small bag of audio tapes, and addresses of certain people, to start their first library of India in Bombay, and their Head Office in Madras.
From our personal experience, we can say that Brother Albert Stovell was not a spiritually matured person. For VOGR - Jeffersonville, to send such a person, for so important a task, and at such a crucial time, was not a wise decision at all. An unprepared Brother Stovell landed in Bombay, and was sucked by the vortex satan had so meticulously prepared for him. That night he attended a cottage meeting where Brother Joshua Godetti was Pastor, and announced the purpose of his visit ie. to start a VOGR library in Bombay and a VOGR Head Office in Madras. They were quick to respond positively, as having a VOGR library, would enhance their Church ego. So Brother Stovell, unaware of the Church wars, and having no spiritual discernment, just arbitrarily and without any consensus with the other Pastors, opened the Bombay library at Brother W.M.Isaacs home. What a shocking surprise it was to the other Pastors, who immediately boycotted the library. (We know this personally, though the Pastors themselves did not confess this openly.) The library never did run smoothly, and was more of a prestige issue, as very few believers serviced the library, and most of them were from outside Bombay, and members of their own Church. With all the VOGR powers from the West, Brother Stovells next stop was Madras to open VOGRs Head Office. According to Brother Joel Paramanandam - VOGR Madras, Brother Stovell had travelled North, South, East, West of India, looking for someone who could run an office and also translate the Message. Finding no one, he landed in Brother Joels house, who readily agreed to do both, and VOGRs Head Office was established in Madras. That was just not the whole truth which either Brother Stovell or Brother Joel are telling. The thing was, that Brother Stovell was in a hurry to empty his bags and finish anyhow, and as soon as possible, what he was sent for. After establishing a VOGR main library (Bombay) in the house of a brother whose Pastor (Brother Joshua Godetti) was a Lawrie convert, Brother Stovell then opened the VOGR Head Office in Madras, a Lawrie strong hold. Madras, a city full of pagan temples, is where Apostle Thomas was matyred, and according to Dr.S.C.Jacob, a resident of Madras, said that Madras was sold out to Paulaseer Lawrie since 1961. However, there should have been a consensus, taking into confidence the Pastors in the Message from all over India, even where the VOGR Head Office should be located. But Brother Stovell did no such thing. By no strange coincidence, in 1981, it was the same Dr.S.C.Jacob, (who had fallen out with Paulaseer Lawrie), who was the founder Secretary of WBGNS, started printing Brother Branhams Message books in Tamil in Madras also.


The rest is History.

Truth has to be stated Truth and let Almighty God be the Judge. We are extremely sorry and very much grieved in our hearts, that we have to present such a sorrowful and pitiful state of affairs of the Message Churches and believers all over the World, but especially in India. One brother called it the MESS - AGE. Who could have ever imagined that the stalwarts in this Message; brethren who were with the Prophet, who had access to all the Messages; would turn out to be just hearers of the Word and not doers, deceiving themselves? (James 1:22). How could it be possible that well known Pastors in U.S.A, Canada, South Africa, India, and other places would swap their office to be Evangelists and Missionaries and vice versa? Couldnt they just make their calling and election sure, and stay in their position? How could a Church in Kentucky U.S.A., donate a laptop Computer to a brother from India, (who along with his wife both Surgeons) working in the Middle East spread the Gospel in India; while Missionaries in Orissa working among the tribals get nothing? How is it that a Church in the U.S.A., supports a Message Pastor in India to spread the Gospel, and in his latest brochure, shows that he has opened a leprosy home and an orphanage in Andhra Pradesh? When Brother Branham said:


Conclusion :

.....she (Babylon)has built colleges. She's built universities. She's built hospitals. She's built libraries. She's built all these things for temporary help of man, just enough to deceive them to get off of that Word.: God never did ordain us to go out and have schools. He never. He never told us to build hospitals.(In this case leprosy homes and orphanages). They're good. He never told us to build libraries. No, sir. He never. He said, "Preach the Gospel." And the Gospel is manifesting, demonstrating the power of the Holy Spirit.
God Of This Evil Age - Jeffersonville, IN. U.S.A. 65-0801M

Is this the Apostalic Faith that Malachi 4, Revelations 10, Luke 17:30, etc., was supposed to restore? Had this all turned out to be a joke or has God smitten them with madness, and blindness, and astonishment of heart? Or is it that these deluded brethren have so misinterpreted and watered down both the Written Word and the Revealed Word, to make It as an impotent broth made out of a shadow of a chicken that has been starved to death?
Can we ask then, Who hath believed our report, and to whom is the arm of the Lord revealed? All the tables are become full of vomit. If Brother Branham held the Indian Denominational Church leaders guilty for not co-operating with him in the 1954 meetings, then surely God is going to hold the Preachers and the leaders in the Message, responsible for building their own kingdoms at the cost of the Laity, and not the Kingdom of God. But our God will not be defeated. His Word will not return void, but will accomplish what it was purposed for. There has to be His Elect somewhere, a people out of the Gentiles, even in this country, who have been called out and separated from this Babylon of Message Churches, and fulfilling in simplicity the Word and Will of God for this hour. This then completes the Golden Jubilee - India Trip Report to the best of our knowledge and in the sight of God. We regret any errors of any omission and commission concerning the names of people, places and especially dates. This was by no means written to slander any individual or ministry (God be our Judge), but to warn one and all in this late hour, when Los Angeles is about to slide into the ocean; to check their motives and objectives by the infallible Written Word and the Revealed Word of God of this hour and to do what is Needful and the Perfect Will of God.


How the church ought to be checking it again, and again, and again, and again. We're waiting for His coming. We're waking--we're waiting for the takeoff. We better check it with the Word, not what somebody said. Be sure you know yourself, as a personal experience with Christ.

Check it again, and again, and again. Why? He's got the blood of men upon his hands. He better check.
What Shall I Do With Jesus Called Christ - Jeffersonville, IN. U.S.A. 63-1124

It is fifty years since Almighty God visited this country by sending His Prophet in1954. From 1954 to 2004; a Golden Jubilee, (Gold-Deity Jubilee - release, liberty, freedom). Then Deity, Who is full of Grace and Mercy, is once again granting liberty to those who are willing to hear His Trumpet Voice, sounding through the Word made flesh today, as it goes like lightening from East to West, screaming, Repent, come back to the Word and Stay In Line

when she's passing by, if she gets by. Maybe it'll be my time when I'm over (See?), when I'm finished, or whatever it is

And then, I have to watch Her. She'll get out of step with that Word if I don't watch,

Watch. They was getting back, trying their best. They was getting back; they was getting in line, 'cause they was--they was looking out somewhere else, watching about that church that just went out of--into chaos. But two... The front ones never. The back ones--just two or three of them, was kinda stepped out a little bit to the right-hand side, and looked like was trying to get back in line as they went by.
Masterpiece - Jeffersonville, IN. U.S.A. 64-0705

To those Leaders and Laity alike, who have wandered off the strait and narrow way, by watching the other organized denominations going into chaos, and ignoring their own actions; and to those who are willing to listen, to hear, recognize, and obey the full Word of God - God Bless You; and to the rest may God help you is our sincere prayer.
May the Almighty God, the Supreme Judge have mercy on us all. In Divine Love, Your Brothers In Christ Jesus By His Grace Alone, Sojourning at Plot # 5, Nangargaon, Lonavala, Dist. - Pune, India email:


Revelation 3:22
He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.

Amos 3:8
The lion hath roared, who will not fear? the Lord GOD hath spoken, who can but prophesy?

and crying for mercy, and who will go? Not pass them a tract, but bring them Jesus Christ. Somebody in His Presence, like Moses, who could go down there and show them true deliverance, not make them join a church, or shake hands and have a creed, but bring deliverance to their soul; some good godly man.
In His Presence - Jeffersonville, IN. U.S.A. 62-0909E

When I think of Africa, India, and around the world, millions of heathens screaming


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Amos 3:8

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