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THE CONSTITUTION OF | THE UNION OF BURMA FOREIGN OFFICE Constituent Assembly of Burma SPDT, GOVT. PRINT) THE CONSTITUTION oF THE UNION OF BURMA. PREAMBLE. WE, THE PEOPLE OF BURMA including the Fronticr Areas and the Karenni Slates, Determined to establish in strength and unity a SOVEREIGN INDEPENDENT _ STATR, To maintain social order on the basis of the eternal principles of JUSTICE, LIBERTY AND EQUALITY and To guarantee and secure to all citizens JUSTICE social, economic and political ; LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, faith, worship, vocation, association and action ; EQUALITY of slalus, of opportunity aiid before the law, IN OUR CONSTITUENT ASSEMBLY this Tenth day of Thadingyut waxing, 1309 BE. (Twenty-fourth day of Scptenvber, 1947 A.D.), DO HEREBY ADOPT, ENACT AND GIVE TO OURSELVES THIS CONSTITUTION. CHAPTER 1, Form of State, 4 Dunn is 4 Sovereign Independent Republic to be known a8 the Uaion oF Burma, 2 Tao Union of Burma shall comprise the whole of Bam ince (i) all the territories that were heretofore governed by His Fritznnic Majesty rough the Gevemor of Burma, aad (i) the Karena Stes 3. The sovereignty of the Union resides in the people, _ A all powers, legislative, executive and judici, are dltived from the pespleand are execchable ow theit Besalt by, or on the authority of, Ihe orgins al the Uniou or of ie Shisituent units stablishie! by this Constitution, 5. The tersitorics that were herctofore known as, the Federated Shin States and the Wa States shall form ‘Cinsituent unit of the Union of Burma and be hereafter Jnown zs “the Stan State.” & "The lerilovies that were herstolore known ae the “Apltkyina and Bhamo Districts shall forms onstituent ‘wnitof the Union of Burma and be hereafter known as tvs Kaetia State 7. The territories that were heretofore koown as the Kareont Sites, 22, Kantarawdcy, Barrlake and Kyebogy's “all form 1 constituent uoil of the Chien of Buring Teraatter known a8 “the Kareani Stat & All powers, legislative, executive and. judicial, in ‘lation (6 the remnining terrifies of the Unio of Bins ‘hall, subject ( the provisions of section 18%, be exercisable ly By oF on the authority of, the orgaas of the Uuion.