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Troubled Marriages

Romances about troubled marriages are those in which the couple is estranged, separated, or even divorced early in the story and, having worked out their differences or problems in communication, reunited at the end.
(List begun 01/03, updated 10/09)

Medieval Romances

The Secret Swan (2001) by Shana Ab Dark Champion (1993) by Jo Beverley The Shattered Rose (1996) by Jo Beverley The Willing Wife (2002) by Claudia Dain Red Adam's Lady (1973) by Grace Ingram Madselin (1968) by Norah Lofts

Regency Romances

A Chance Encounter (1985) by Mary Balogh A Counterfeit Betrothal (1992) by Mary Balogh Dancing with Clara (1994) by Mary Balogh Gentle Conquest (1987) by Mary Balogh Secrets of the Heart (1988) by Mary Balogh The Rules of Marriage (1986) by Sheila Bishop The Emerald Necklace (1981) by Diana Brown April Lady (1957) by Georgette Heyer Frivolous Pretence (1990) by Anthea Malcolm A Regency Charade (1981) by Elizabeth Mansfield The Duke's Double (1988) by Anita Mills The Major's Mistake (2000) by Andrea Pickens Lady Delafont's Dilemma (2000) by Donna Simpson

European Historical Romances

Deceived (1993) by Mary Balogh One Night for Love (1999) by Mary Balogh The Secret Wedding (2009) by Jo Beverley The Second Husband (1964) by Sheila Bishop The Duchess's Next Husband (2005) by Terri Brisbin Three Little Secrets (2006) by Liz Carlyle The Duke of Shadows (1972) by Meredith Duran (partially set in India) The Wagering Widow (2006) by Diane Gaston The Painted Lady (1993) by Lucia Grahame Daughter of the Game (2002) by Tracy Grant The Marriage Bed (2005) by Laura Lee Guhrke This Duchess of Mine (2009) by Eloisa James When the Duke Returns (2008) by Eloisa James Your Wicked Ways (2004) by Eloisa James The Wedding (1995) by Edith Layton The Book of Scandal (2008) by Julia London Almost Heaven (1990) by Judith McNaught

Follow the Heart (1990) by Anita Mills The Scarlet Pimpernel (1905) by Baroness Orczy Silk and Secrets (1992) by Mary Jo Putney Tapestry (1996) by Karen Ranney Not Quite a Husband (2009) by Sherry Thomas (partially set in India) Private Arrangements (2008) by Sherry Thomas

Contemporary Romances

To the Brink (2006) by Cindy Gerard On Target (2007) by Catherine Mann Urban Renewal (2004) by Pamela Morsi Ties that Bind (2006) by Kathryn Shay

CHEATING I can read about, I don't like it but I am able to finish the book Meaning kissing, heavy petting and not going all the way but still extremely painful for the person who is being cheated on. * Hero/heroine in disguise are cheating with each other on each other which makes it a cheating and not. * the cheating is done before the hero and heroine fall in love * the cheating you don't find so offensive because it is in some way necessary - please state the reason! * revenge cheating - usually hero finds a whore and does it with her in anger

ASHES & ECSTASY by Catherine Hart (cheating hero and heroine) DEVIL'S EMBRACE by Catherine Coulter (cheating heroine and maybe hero?) ROYAL BRIDE by Joan Wolf (cheating hero) PERFECT SIN by Kat Martin (cheating hero) ALMOST A PRINCESS by Elizabeth Thornton (cheating heroine) THE CONQUEROR by Brenda Joyce (cheating hero) THE LOVER by Nicole Jordan (cheating hero) - original version PROMISE OF THE ROSE by Brenda Joyce - minor adultery COUNTERFEIT BETROTHAL by Mary Balogh - the couple was seperated because of adultery FIRE SONG by Catherine Coulter (cheating hero) ROSEHAVEN by Catherine Coulter (cheating hero) LADY DELEFONT'S DILEMMA by Donna Simpson - (hero has a mistress; couple is estranged) ONCE AND ALWAYS by Judith McNaught (cheating hero) BEYOND SCANDAL by Brenda Joyce (h & h are separated right after they marry & he is gone for four years. He has a mistress and children with her) SEPERATE BEDS by Lavyrle Spencer (cheating hero) Highlight to see a longer spoiler Former girlfriend

THE OBEDIENT BRIDE by Mary Balogh (Hero keeps a mistress after married to the heroine) BOLD ANGEL by Kat Martin (cheating hero) A PERFECT MARRIAGE by Laurey Bright (cheating hero) . THE MARRIAGE BED by Laura Lee Guhrke RAIN LILY by Candace Camp THE DUCHESS'S NEXT HUSBAND by Terri Brisbin EFFI BRIEST by Theodor Fontane ANNA KARENINA by Count Leo Tolstoy KREUTZER SONATA by Count Leo Tolstoy YOUR WICKED WAYS by Eloisa James (Although the Hero and Heroine were separated for a number of years he had kept mistresses.) ). PRINCE OF DREAMS by Lisa Kleypas (cheating hero) THE RAKE'S RAINBOW by Allison Lane (cheating hero)

THE DEVIL'S WAGER by Nancy Richards-Akers (Regency) THE BRIDE IN THE BLUE by Miranda Lee - HP. Marriage of convenience story -- the hero is unfaithful until the marriage is consummated. MISS DRAYTON'S DOWNFALL by Patricia Oliver. Traditional Regency. Marriage is unconsummated, husband has a mistress. THE FULFILLMENT by LaVyrle Spencer - Cheating heroine... the whole book is actually about adultery A PERFECT MARRIAGE by Laurey Bright ( cheating hero) THE ADULTERESS by Phillippa Carr (Victoria Holt) CAPTIVE ANGEL by Deana James THE WAY YOU ARE by Chery Holt ( A regency I think) - The h has been flirting with her sister's husband, Gregory ( just kissing actually) since her sister's marriage. Later on she gets married and forgets all about it but in my mind, even if she was not married at that time, she committed adultery because Gregory was married. BOLD CONQUEST by Virginia Henley- hero and heroine cheat on each other, but I can't tell you why without giving away the ending. ONCE UPON A SCANDAL by Barbara Dawson Smith- the hero and heroine are estranged for years and most of the time the hero had a mistress. THE STEVE AND GINNY SAGA = SWEET SAVAGE LOVE, DARK FIRES, LOST LOVE LAST LOVE, SAVAGE DESIRE by Rosemary Rogers- hero and heroine continuously cheat on each other throughout the series. RETURN TO ME by Rosemary Rogers- hero cheats on heroine early in their marriage and nearly cheats again, with the same woman, later on in the book. SAPPHIRE by Rosemary Rogers- hero cheats on heroine. THE BORDER LORD by Sophia James - (Harlequin Historical- Scottish setting) - Hero cheats on heroine after they're married. HIS BONNIE BRIDE/AMBER FLAME by Hannah Howelll - Cheating heroine( not gone all the way, but barely). THE FRENCH BRIDE by Evelyn Anthony - Cheating Hero

THE ULTIMATE BETRAYAL by Michelle Reid - kissing, thought about doing it and thought he did it but DIDN'T THE LOVER by Nicole Jordan - new version - kissing, thinking about it THE PIRATE AND THE PAGAN by Virginia Henely - the heroine cheats on the hero with the hero who is in disguise so it is not really cheating or is it? A MASKED DECEPTION by Mary Balogh - (hero cheats on the heroine with the heroine in disguise) LADY VIXEN by Conne Mason - revenge cheating SEA FIRE by Karen Robards - revenge cheating ONCE AND ALWAYS by Judith McNaught - (cheating hero) - before he fell in love with her. ROSEHAVEN by Catherine Coulter - It was almost in the beginning before they actually fall in love. He went to visit a property and when he comes back he feels guilty for doing so and doesn't understand why. Please add more books as you come along them.

I'm placing this request in both Contemporary Romance and Romance. --NO HISTORICALS, PLEASE-I'm looking for Contemporary books where; the hero cheats, has been having an affair, just a one time fling, thinks he loves the other woman for a short time, leaves wife and family for another woman, then realizes he loves his wife and family and wants them back. I realize there are variations of this request posted many times however, this one is different because I want the cheating and I want the wife to get back with the husband, eventually.
The Ultimate Betrayal by Michelle Reid (Harlequin Presents, No. 1799). This is also a very good book. Redemption Karen Kingsbury(may need some kleenexes) A Morning like this Deborah Bedford

Innocent Wife, Baby Of Shame by Melanie Milburne and A Father's Promise by Helen R. Myers. The Dream by Kat Martin Lisa Kleypas' Dreaming of You, Derek was half in love with Sara, but he made her leave him and go back to her home in the country. After she left, he had sex a few times with one of the wenches who looked like Sara at his gaming club. There was a HEA and it remains one of my all time favorites.

The Substitute Wife- Dallas Schulze This was an excellent read and on my keeper shelf! Although, the hero "almost" cheated, and had every intention to cheat until the h walked in on him in mid undress with the "other woman". The heartbreak that the h goes through along with the secondary characters( not to mention the groveling the H had to do), made this a great emotional read!

Switcheroo: A Novel The H and h in the book have been married for many years. He gets bored and finds a mistress, who looks almost identical to his wife. Wife finds out and switches places with mistress. I suppose it's funny Chick Lit. It's been years since I have read it, but I enjoyed it for it's humor.

"Just The Way You Are" by Barbara Freethy The Taming by Jude Deveraux is a wonderful book, a keeper of mine and it fits your description. The hero (Rogan) marries the heroine (Liana) for her money, doesn't know what she looks like and can't even remember her name when they consummate the marriage. She is a very take charge heroine and decides she is going to make her marriage work. When she finds out the reason he doesn't ever spend the night in her bed is because he has 7 mistresses (called the Days since he can't remember their names either, they go by the name of the day of the week he spends with them) she shows up to Wednesday's room and lights the bed on fire with the hero and Wednesday in it. Obviously she got her point across and he didn't forget Liana's name again. I hope you enjoy it!

His Lady Mistress by Elizabeth Rolls, which is free on Kindle right now, was a great historical romance. The story features a jerk hero and a heartbreaking heroine. The story grabbed me from the first page. A very emotionally moving story with lots of HEA grovelling. The Reinvention of Chastity by Eve Vaughn. The story has the rolls reversed. The hero is a

womanizer who doesnt notice the heroine until she reinvents herself. She sets out to give him a taste of his own medicine, but it backfires. Only In My Dreams: A Halle Pumas novel by Dana Marie Bell is a PNR. The heroine suspects the hero of cheating and sets out to make him jealous. Lots of steamy chasing and grovelling.

Books where H breaks h heart as teenagers (by sleeping or marrying another) and they meet up again years later: (P.S. these are all OMG!!! books. OMG!!! = 5 stars) Loving Lies by Lora Leigh Missing by Shiloh Walker Alway's Mine by Shiloh Walker (Hero is major jerk) Tempt Me Tonight by Toni Blake Sweetgum Tree by Katherine Allred What Price Paradise by Katherine Allred (H sleeps with h while he is engaged to someone else. She gets pregnant and they marry. He can't get over the fiance - lots and lots of anguish and heartbreak) P.S. He really has always loved the h, but of course doesn't figure it out until the HEA. These should be read in order: 1. Midnight's Bride by Sophie Jordan (nasty, nasty ex-mistress-heartbreak, but good HEA) 2. Always Mine by Sophie Jordan (normal, but good historical romance) 3. Risk Everything by Sophie Jordan (h has loved H all her life, he marries another and breaks her heart. Someone kills his wife and unborn child and he thinks it is h's brother so he kidnaps h. Of course they fall in love and he handfasts (agrees to marry) with her, but secretly he swore revenge on the h's family and he is secretly engaged to another (bitchy, bitchy) woman. Even though he is dying inside (doesn't let the h know this), he marries the other woman and the story goes from there. THIS BOOK IS EXCELLENT!!! Cheating heros: The Fourth Child by C.J. Carmichael The Ultimate Betrayal by Michelle Reid The Perfect Marriage by Laurey Bright More Than Friends by Barbara Delinsky Some Enchanted Season by Marilyn Pappano Mercy by Megan Hart

The Marriage Bed by Laura Lee Ghurke

Bold Angel by Kat Martin Perfect Sin by Kat Martin I hate infidelity, but the heros in these first two books seemed to deeply regret what happened, and were sincere about not cheating again. That's what made these exceptions for me I think- that they (the heros) recognized their faults and tried to make up for it.