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$20K Emerging Pro Winners * DSLR Video Mics ‘0 armel siiee ao I= Oi Seti Va ay J Solve 4 Classic Lighting 4 ae a OC) py aad ie MOM Taran [med si aM e 3 OTA aM eens P Jerry Uelsmann Scott Markewitz 4 | Master Of The Surreal Sculpts With Light SONY make.believe The first award made us proud. The second made history. Sony is the first back-to-back winner of Camera of the Year. Hs an honor to win the award for Camera of the Year from Popular Photography for two years in a row - a feat no other camera maker has accomplished. This year's winner - the NEX-7 - has the highest quality and resolution of any pocket- sized interchangeable lens camera. But if awards don't convince you, we think the photos speak for themselves Leam more at