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Prospect Archaeologist Branch and IfA Diggers Forum Joint Day Conference Mansion House, York Sat July

14th 2012 10am - 4.30pm

Archaeology as a career: the way forward

Prospect Archaeologists Branch and the IfA Diggers Forum have joined forces to organise a free one day conference to explore the issue of professional archaeology as a meaningful career choice. The aim of the conference is to show professional archaeologists that archaeology can be a far more structured and long-term career choice than immediate appearances may suggest. The speakers and presenta ons on the day will be: Learning on the job: IfA Training Toolkit and funding opportuni es for workplace learning Amanda Forster, Ins tute for Archaeologists Away work and travel in UK commercial archaeology and training Chiz Harward, IfA Diggers Forum Re-skilling and professional development: developing prac cal methodologies for be er archaeological careers Chiz Harward, IfA Diggers Forum 10 ways to get ahead in your career: the Prospect guide Dave Allen and Chris Clarke, Prospect Dierent career paths in archaeology and dierent ways to follow them Geo Morley, Nexus Heritage/Moles Archaeology & Michael Marshall, MoLA The conference will present dierent ways in which you can introduce a fresh prospec ve to developing your career. The talks will iden fy the range of career op ons available to you, and show you which resources to access to allow you to achieve more in your career. The conference is free to a end, but you will need to book a cket in advanced to secure a endance. Please contact Chris Clarke at to book your place. In your e-mail please note if you are a Prospect or Diggers Forum member. Financial assistance towards cost of travel for Prospect and Diggers Forum members a ending the conference is available. Please see website for more details. For more conference informa on, abstracts, and details of nancial assistance please visit: h p://