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Instructional Supervision Form 4-STAR Observation Technique Name of the Teacher: ______________________________________________ School:__________________________________ District: ____________ Division: ___________

Class: ________ Subject: _______________ Date and Time Observed: ____________________________ Note: This is a supervisory tool which is useful to collect information from the actual teaching-learning activity in the classroom. What to Observe Situation Focus and observe closely the context and teaching episode, ie. learning environment, motivation, presentation of the lesson, evaluation others and lesson. Observations (record in detail if possible)

Task (Focus and observe closely Teachers action in the particular situation describe above.)

Result (Focus and observe the end result or outcome of the Teachers Task and the Learners Action describe above in both quantitative) (i,e. 85% of the learners were able to identify nouns) and qualitatively (most of the learners actively participated in the class.)

General Comments for Teacher Support

__________________________________ Name & Signature of the Observer

__________________________________ Name & Signature of the Teacher