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Subject Date Time Class No.

of students Theme Topic Objectives

: English : 19.06. 2012 : 1235 1315 : 1 Amanah : 20 : Social Issues : Safe Living (Language Focus) : Students are able to: a. Make at least five if sentences correctly.

Integrated skills Moral values Teaching Aid

: Speaking, writing : Responsible : Word cards, Textbook

Previous knowledge: Students know how to make sentences.

Steps/ Time Set induction (5 minute s)

Procedures 1. Teacher requests two students to act out the following situation: One student steals money from others bag and catch by teacher. 2. Teacher asks the students to make if sentences based on the situation. 1. Teacher uses the note in the text book (page 96) to teach on the topic. 1. Teacher requests the students to do the exercise on page 96 in the textbook. Section 3: Making sentences with the words given. 2. Teacher randomly chooses three students to share their sentences. 1. Teacher divides students into two groups. 2. The group members in both groups discuss and prepare six phrases start with if. 1

Activities Acting

Remarks Students make sentences based on the situation.

Presentation Stage: (10 minute s) Practice (8 minutes)


Teaching Aid: Note in the textbook Teaching Aid: Textbook

Making sentences

Production Stage (10 minutes)

Group work

3. One group start a sentence with if, the other group completes it. 4. The two groups take turn to start the sentences. Closure 2 minutes 1. Teacher instills moral value among the students: Think twice before taking action.