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Published by: cindy2be on Jul 03, 2012
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. XJ9 (11:30): your an idiot EHPiCk (11:31): cmon €€€lets talk €€€please €€€im not asking for love €€€or anything XJ9 (11:31): u cant get ur steam EHPiCk (11:31): just hear me out XJ9 (11:31): acc €€€back €€€right EHPiCk (11:31): i acutally can €€€but you can €€€use it €€€for a while XJ9 (11:31): i doubt €€€u can €€€how can u €€€? EHPiCk (11:31): well €€€theres this thing €€€i bought €€€5 years ago €€€i still have it then €€€all ihave to do €€€it just €€€like €€€take a picture €€€and send a ticke €€€t €€€to steam €€€:/ €€€but you can use it €€€for now €€€dont you want to play €€€bio €€€1 n 2 XJ9 (11:32): i dont even play on it but i doubt on it €€€no €€€i trolled u really hard €€€yesterday EHPiCk (11:32): hear me out €€€i know you are joseph. XJ9 (11:33): im not EHPiCk (11:33): jaysnn €€€told me.. €€€you skyped together €€€back then €€€without voice changer €€€then you turned it on for me >.> €€€its ok XJ9 (11:33): your so stupid and clumsy EHPiCk (11:33): im not mad €€€?? XJ9 (11:33): like €€€well 1st off €€€why would u say €€€hey u can be friends if u want to

€€€when u are like EHPiCk (11:33): im not €€€trying XJ9 (11:33): harassing me €€€ingame EHPiCk (11:33): to be mean XJ9 (11:33): i like how EHPiCk (11:33): jeez XJ9 (11:33): the 1st day €€€u get back with all €€€the scumbags €€€on this game €€€its really €€€sad EHPiCk (11:34): hey €€€you want to know €€€something €€€really €€€really €€€surprising XJ9 (11:34): 0k EHPiCk (11:34): you know that jacob faggot €€€he doesnt believe €€€anything €€€isnt that weird €€€he beleives you are a girl XJ9 (11:34): wow hes smart €€€for once EHPiCk (11:34): mhm XJ9 (11:34): u dont know €€€im one step €€€ahead €€€of €€€u €€€i planned EHPiCk (11:34): yea XJ9 (11:34): yesterday EHPiCk (11:34): its ok though €€€but hear me one more time €€€before i get kicked out €€€um €€€i skype called you and mike called buse's phone at the same time €€€you guys didnt say the same thing XJ9 (11:35): ok lets believe €€€pony boy €€€the scumbag EHPiCk (11:35): no XJ9 (11:35): ur really sad EHPiCk (11:35): i heard it XJ9 (11:35): ur reverting EHPiCk (11:35): he recored it XJ9 (11:35): back EHPiCk (11:35): no €€€please €€€hear me out XJ9 (11:35): why are u saying hear me out please EHPiCk (11:35): i can understand you xj XJ9 (11:35): when ur reverting back EHPiCk (11:35): im not XJ9 (11:35): to the scumbag ness

EHPiCk (11:35): going to be a douche to you at all €€€i respect you €€€as a player XJ9 (11:35): why apparently EHPiCk (11:35): i love your jungling plays €€€i learn alot from you €€€you know that €€€that 6 months? XJ9 (11:36): hmm then why did u inite me apparently EHPiCk (11:36): it helped me XJ9 (11:36): to €€€5v5 €€€and then u let everyone €€€harass me €€€? EHPiCk (11:36): because €€€i dont want to have any €€€like €€€yenno €€€love €€€things with oyu anymore €€€i want both of us €€€to move on ok? XJ9 (11:36): so u say be friends EHPiCk (11:36): yes XJ9 (11:36): on skyp EHPiCk (11:36): i wont XJ9 (11:36): but ur gonna be a total ass hole €€€apparently EHPiCk (11:36): troll you €€€or anything €€€i promise €€€you this €€€i wont do anything mean to you €€€its just €€€i dont want to be €€€your boyfriend €€€im sorry €€€ill support you €€€your xj9 playstyle and stuff €€€100% €€€i respect you €€€your words €€€made snese to me €€€ok €€€sense €€€like how the pros €€€well €€€"pros" €€€i hate them now €€€because of you €€€you made me understand €€€more €€€thank you for that XJ9 (11:37): how come as soon €€€as w/e happens EHPiCk (11:37): also made me learn alot of life lessons XJ9 (11:37): u like add back €€€ghargarim €€€the faggot

€€€and all €€€the other €€€faggots €€€? EHPiCk (11:38): we dont even €€€talk about oyu €€€at all €€€its like €€€whne somone is jungling €€€like enemy nocturne €€€we are like €€€xj9's nocturne €€€is probably €€€the best nocturn €€€better than sainst and odds €€€we compare you €€€with the "pros" €€€and say you are the best jungler €€€i priase you xj €€€im serious €€€they may troll me and tease me w/e €€€but i dont care €€€i like your playstale €€€style €€€learned alot XJ9 (11:39): i dont like them... ghargarim ect. for what they have done in th ep ast EHPiCk (11:39): just want to be friends €€€i know €€€well €€€not close friends €€€just like €€€one of those people €€€who you spam €€€your stream links too €€€like that kind of friend €€€ill support you no matter what ok €€€your words are right XJ9 (11:40): so what u mean €€€u dont want ot like €€€play games €€€apparently EHPiCk (11:40): no please €€€i want XJ9 (11:40): u just want me to be there €€€why.. EHPiCk (11:40): to move on €€€im sorry XJ9 (11:40): u know i cant handle u playing EHPiCk (11:40): ill see you maybe XJ9 (11:40): with €€€faggots €€€like them EHPiCk (11:40): and ill say hi €€€no €€€trust me €€€i wont €€€fall like them €€€im ean look at me now XJ9 (11:40): but ur going to play with them

EHPiCk (11:40): so what xj €€€i wont €€€act €€€like them XJ9 (11:40): it annoys me.. EHPiCk (11:40): you changed me XJ9 (11:40): I DONT LIKE THEM EHPiCk (11:40): its ok €€€please €€€we dont €€€talk shit about you €€€at all XJ9 (11:41): why do u wnat to play with thenm EHPiCk (11:41): we acutally priase you XJ9 (11:41): like €€€ponyboy €€€is like €€€the biggest €€€scumbag €€€i know EHPiCk (11:41): he is XJ9 (11:41): then why play with them €€€and not me EHPiCk (11:41): sigh €€€xj €€€please XJ9 (11:41): IM BORED €€€AS FUCK EHPiCk (11:41): i jsut want to move on €€€ok? €€€i already know who you are XJ9 (11:41): ASSUMING im a guy €€€why are u apparently not like still tpying in like €€€all caps €€€ect. €€€bad stuff €€€about me €€€/ €€€? EHPiCk (11:42): because €€€i respect you €€€jesus XJ9 (11:42): assumign im a gy still €€€6 months EHPiCk (11:42): sigh €€€cmon €€€can you tell me the trust €€€truth €€€i know you are someone else €€€either a guy or not XJ9 (11:42): i jsut want to play games with u €€€i dont want u EHPiCk (11:42): jaysnn already told me XJ9 (11:42): with them €€€jaysnn says €€€a lot of things EHPiCk (11:42): we arent XJ9 (11:42): he doesnt like me €€€better €€€trust

€€€him EHPiCk (11:43): we arent €€€like €€€together anymore €€€ok? XJ9 (11:43): who? EHPiCk (11:43): can i please move on €€€me and you XJ9 (11:43): but i love playing the games with u EHPiCk (11:43): im asking your permission €€€i do too €€€but im sick of this ok XJ9 (11:43): why. EHPiCk (11:43): i dont want to deal with this €€€you know €€€im getting XJ9 (11:43): what? EHPiCk (11:43): better grades €€€people €€€are talking to me now €€€past two days XJ9 (11:44): sigh..... ur making me very sad ur making me sound like all i do is harm toothes EHPiCk (11:44): no XJ9 (11:44): i have no 1 to talk to on league now EHPiCk (11:44): you dont €€€?? €€€you have €€€your fans €€€are you kidding €€€you have hundrends XJ9 (11:44): i dont care i cant play this game €€€i tried EHPiCk (11:44): that watch you everytime XJ9 (11:44): joining €€€games €€€but then i jsut quit EHPiCk (11:44): cmon €€€if you want to be pro €€€just dont lie €€€thats all €€€be honest XJ9 (11:44): what do u mean by that.. EHPiCk (11:44): cmon €€€seriously €€€i know you are joseph €€€ok €€€let me tell you why i know €€€even the slightlest reasons XJ9 (11:45): ill be 100% honest and say EHPiCk (11:45): apparently joseph is obbessed with buse demir right XJ9 (11:45): the truth €€€if u just play games with me €€€tomorrow €€€and stuff €€€we dont need to talk on skype or w/e i guess EHPiCk (11:45): i already know who you are €€€past 3 days XJ9 (11:45): 0k EHPiCk (11:45): ive been

€€€detective josh XJ9 (11:45): i know EHPiCk (11:45): yea XJ9 (11:45): snooping EHPiCk (11:45): you know €€€so yea €€€i kind of understand €€€you XJ9 (11:46): what u mean EHPiCk (11:46): you like this girl alot €€€right? €€€buse XJ9 (11:46): wait go on €€€what u were saying EHPiCk (11:46): oh XJ9 (11:46): EHPiCk (5:44): apparently joseph is obbessed with buse demir right EHPiCk (11:46): ok €€€yea €€€remember XJ9 (11:46): go on EHPiCk (11:46): your old computer €€€it has all of your memory pictures €€€you transfered it to me €€€right? €€€well ive looked at it €€€it has buse in it €€€and buse €€€blocked you off facebook €€€so you couldnt €€€get any of them back €€€unless i transfered it €€€makes sense? €€€also buse doesnt have a cat lol €€€and remember that last skype call we had XJ9 (11:48): how would u know EHPiCk (11:48): how would i know? €€€your old jenny wakeman facebook account €€€you got blocked €€€ive talked €€€to buse €€€on facebook XJ9 (11:48): assuming im a guy i still have acess to "her" facebook EHPiCk (11:48): on a spare account XJ9 (11:48): with alt EHPiCk (11:49): do you remember my spare account? €€€that i used to add her XJ9 (11:49): why did u go on a alt instead of actual EHPiCk (11:49): and talk about joseph XJ9 (11:49): what did u apparently talk about, assuming im a guy adn dont know a nything EHPiCk (11:49): because i didnt know €€€well €€€if you are buse €€€you would know right? XJ9 (11:49): yes, although i want to hear what u think EHPiCk (11:49): cmon €€€i already know €€€you are joe €€€you threathened to bomb the school XJ9 (11:50): no?

EHPiCk (11:50): thats when you told me you were suspended" €€€"suspended" XJ9 (11:50): what are u even EHPiCk (11:50): but actually you were expelled XJ9 (11:50): talking €€€about EHPiCk (11:50): well €€€even if you are really buse demir €€€the one that i like €€€it showed €€€you are in a relationship €€€with vin miga €€€hmm €€€i know who you are €€€dude €€€im not teasing you €€€or anything €€€just tell me the truth €€€is it right XJ9 (11:51): i want to say a lot of things €€€the "truth" €€€but i want ot play €€€games €€€with u €€€im bored €€€as hell €€€on league EHPiCk (11:51): zz €€€cmon XJ9 (11:51): whats so hard €€€about playing games EHPiCk (11:51): im triyng to have a serious talk XJ9 (11:51): together €€€u dont know how bored i am as of now EHPiCk (11:51): but you also have to remember XJ9 (11:51): i got nothing to do EHPiCk (11:52): i dont care if you are bored or not dude.. €€€im talking about something else €€€your life XJ9 (11:52): what about it EHPiCk (11:52): is it right to roleplay a girl €€€for more than a year €€€and use that power €€€on guys €€€like me €€€? XJ9 (11:52): i want to explain €€€everything €€€but i want €€€to paly games €€€wh ycant u just EHPiCk (11:52): and now XJ9 (11:52): say yes and we play games tomorrow EHPiCk (11:52): your excuse is €€€how many games? XJ9 (11:52): josh €€€is not a excuse €€€and it isnt a limited number, i like playing with u,im really bored in league, cuz like all my time was spent playing with u lol EHPiCk (11:53): you are avioding my questions

€€€with "boredom" XJ9 (11:53): im doing that because i want to still play games with u and stuff EHPiCk (11:53): do you know €€€how much trouble you can get €€€for impersanating €€€another person XJ9 (11:53): actually €€€u cant get €€€in trouble for impersonating €€€someone €€€as long as €€€u didnt like €€€harm them €€€or like €€€make them harm themselves €€€ect. EHPiCk (11:53): oh XJ9 (11:53): thats like saying i can impersonate EHPiCk (11:54): hey XJ9 (11:54): arnold swateznegarer or w/ EHPiCk (11:54): read what you jsut said XJ9 (11:54): his name is EHPiCk (11:54): read what you just said XJ9 (11:54): what? EHPiCk (11:54): €€€make them harm themselves €€€you made me €€€hurt my leg €€€i scratched it XJ9 (11:54): no €€€i didnt say €€€t odo that and evne then €€€by harm i mean like €€€something €€€serious €€€thats th eonly way u can get in trouble EHPiCk (11:54): w/e XJ9 (11:54): for impersonation through the internet EHPiCk (11:54): just tell me the truth €€€are you joe €€€sph €€€sulenski €€€and we can be cool XJ9 (11:55): i want to play the games with u and ill tell u everything i have a lot to say €€€adn u will be surprised €€€be cool i nthe awy we can pal games €€€im not €€€trolling €€€whe n isay €€€can we paly games EHPiCk (11:55): im not XJ9 (11:55): cuz ghonestly i prob wont play league €€€really €€€at all EHPiCk (11:55): trying XJ9 (11:55): if i dont get ot play games €€€with u EHPiCk (11:55): hey €€€i dont like guys ok... €€€you tricked me

XJ9 (11:55): assuming €€€im a guy €€€i dont eathir EHPiCk (11:55): you are... €€€joe XJ9 (11:55): well like i said €€€assuming €€€ima guy €€€i dont like guys EHPiCk (11:55): yes €€€you are a guy xj €€€also €€€are you buse or not XJ9 (11:56): u can assum that i guess EHPiCk (11:56): the one at your old school €€€are you XJ9 (11:56): why cant u just agree to play €€€games €€€with me EHPiCk (11:56): i cant XJ9 (11:56): why €€€whats €€€so hard EHPiCk (11:56): you made my 6 months hard €€€>> XJ9 (11:56): how? EHPiCk (11:56): i thought €€€you were €€€buse €€€a cute girl €€€that played league XJ9 (11:56): how did i make it hard? €€€and u didnt €€€make my EHPiCk (11:56): you pretended to be her XJ9 (11:56): 6 months €€€hard? €€€lol €€€like €€€u never €€€last €€€a week €€€thats €€€the sad part EHPiCk (11:57): lol €€€are you saying €€€you have feelings for me €€€guy and guy? XJ9 (11:57): assuming im a guy €€€no EHPiCk (11:57): what €€€im confused XJ9 (11:57): well EHPiCk (11:57): stop saying assuming €€€give me a straight foward asnwer €€€answer XJ9 (11:57): if im a guy, i dont have feelings ofr u €€€im not gay EHPiCk (11:57): ok but you are a guy xj9 €€€you are not buse but you are joseph

XJ9 (11:58): i gues u could assum that, although €€€a lot of things €€€but i dont get why €€€u dont want to play games €€€like we usually do EHPiCk (11:58): that facebook chat thing on your €€€was actually really true €€€i still have it logged XJ9 (11:58): oh rly EHPiCk (11:58): yes €€€also €€€if you are buse €€€what are you suppose to do XJ9 (11:59): wait EHPiCk (11:59): on july 4th XJ9 (11:59): i dont need to say anything €€€until €€€the games €€€i mean €€€u confirm €€€we paly the games €€€do u have it logged €€€in text €€€or picture €€€form €€€btw EHPiCk (11:59): both €€€yea im dirty XJ9 (11:59): give me picture? EHPiCk (11:59): im kidding €€€i only have text XJ9 (11:59): text EHPiCk (12:00): so €€€what if €€€say yes €€€to the playing games thing XJ9 (12:00): we would play games and i would say to clear things up €€€and we would have fun playing games together EHPiCk (12:00): i dont want to have fun with you XJ9 (12:00): why? EHPiCk (12:00): i thought you were a girl €€€:/ XJ9 (12:01): thats assuming im a guy €€€why not me EHPiCk (12:01): you are XJ9 (12:01): everyone else €€€is dick €€€ponyboy €€€ghargarim €€€ect. €€€are all dicks €€€and u go back to them €€€like €€€ur hopeless €€€u act €€€so weak EHPiCk (12:01): why €€€do you want me so badl €€€y

i would love to tell u


th etruth about a lot of thigns really

€€€im a dude XJ9 (12:01): assuming im a guy, i dont love u or anything €€€although i really do like playin ggames with u €€€i dont talk €€€to anyone else €€€really EHPiCk (12:01): why the hell €€€did you trick me €€€on being a girl €€€espeically with that voice changer XJ9 (12:02): well thats assumingg i am indeed a guy or w/e, why cant we just agr ee on the games and ill clear everything up EHPiCk (12:02): also i knew it was a voice changer because €€€you never showed €€€that bottom right €€€part €€€of your task bar XJ9 (12:02): well thatsj ust €€€assuming €€€because ur assuing im a guy atm EHPiCk (12:02): you are XJ9 (12:02): so now ur just trying ot make it like i am a guy EHPiCk (12:02): a dude... XJ9 (12:02): as much as u can EHPiCk (12:02): i already know €€€so what €€€is buse going to do €€€on july 4th XJ9 (12:02): rape €€€rape €€€rape €€€rape EHPiCk (12:03): well thats wrong €€€this shows €€€you arent €€€buse XJ9 (12:03): im obviously €€€joking EHPiCk (12:03): buse is going to take a picture XJ9 (12:03): byssaying €€€rape €€€i thought €€€u liked that €€€its like €€€when ghargarim, the biggest €€€scumbag €€€says something €€€like that €€€u laugh €€€but to me €€€u act all srs €€€lol EHPiCk (12:03): buse is going to take a picture with a timestamp €€€saying xj9 is not buse demir and a dude €€€so yea €€€with this picture €€€im pretty sure XJ9 (12:03): maybe its because its part o fmy plan EHPiCk (12:03): you are a dude €€€you are sick

XJ9 (12:03): ok so atm im nothing €€€lets sassum EHPiCk (12:04): ok explain this to me €€€hey €€€stop €€€explian this to me XJ9 (12:04): ok go €€€im not sick €€€btw EHPiCk (12:04): remember out last €€€skype call €€€well €€€i told mike €€€to call you €€€well €€€call buse €€€'s XJ9 (12:04): i already know what ur gonna say €€€and no it was EHPiCk (12:04): yea XJ9 (12:04): different €€€times €€€mike EHPiCk (12:04): ok XJ9 (12:04): is a scumbag €€€dont EHPiCk (12:04): i have to XJ9 (12:04): talk about him EHPiCk (12:04): go to sleep XJ9 (12:04): whY? EHPiCk (12:04): mom XJ9 (12:04): why cant we talk more €€€i didnt even €€€get to what i was saying €€€can we please EHPiCk (12:04): ok €€€go €€€quick XJ9 (12:04): play games tomorrow EHPiCk (12:04): quick XJ9 (12:04): .. EHPiCk (12:05): i cant €€€xj XJ9 (12:05): why. €€€wtf EHPiCk (12:05): find a new friend XJ9 (12:05): josh play them please... im bored as hell and i want to cdlear thin gs up EHPiCk (12:05): wihtout using a girl voice XJ9 (12:05): itll be a big laugh €€€no €€€ZZ €€€JOSH €€€U DONT €€€UNDERSTAND €€€WHAT SGOING ON €€€AT ALL EHPiCk (12:05): what XJ9 (12:05): i dont want u €€€playing

€€€with those faggots €€€there €€€all scumbags €€€wh ycant we just platy €€€like €€€wahts so hard €€€whats so bad €€€about playign with me €€€and just saying EHPiCk (12:05): its not like im going to be like them XJ9 (12:05): ok ill play with u EHPiCk (12:05): ill play with you XJ9 (12:05): I DONT CARE i dont want u with them EHPiCk (12:05): like no problem XJ9 (12:05): i imagien the mirl €€€there €€€are digusting €€€assholes EHPiCk (12:06): i can play some games with you €€€like it will be akward XJ9 (12:06): some? €€€no EHPiCk (12:06): but ok XJ9 (12:06): it wont be €€€wtf? €€€how would it be akward €€€u worry €€€a lot €€€about €€€stuff €€€when u dotn even know €€€the truth EHPiCk (12:06): i dont €€€want to fall in love €€€with a guy €€€.... XJ9 (12:06): the thing is €€€assuming €€€im a guy €€€im not gay EHPiCk (12:06): you are though €€€what the XJ9 (12:06): no im not EHPiCk (12:06): you are obbessed XJ9 (12:06): i want to explain, assuming i am a guy or w/e the truth EHPiCk (12:06): with buse demir XJ9 (12:06): as theres €€€a lot missing EHPiCk (12:06): she told me that XJ9 (12:06): that u dont know about EHPiCk (12:06): so €€€are you buse or not €€€i have to go t bed €€€to €€€ill play games €€€with you tomorrow XJ9 (12:07): well i wish we didnt waste so much time, because i wanted to play t he games EHPiCk (12:07): zzz €€€you are

€€€avoiding XJ9 (12:07): and wha tabout the next day, i mean its not just a one time deal, l ike really THINK ABOUT It EHPiCk (12:07): my question XJ9 (12:07): im nnot joking €€€when i say €€€i have ike no league friends here anymoree because €€€all league people €€€on here €€€as ssasshole €€€scumbags €€€no €€€im not €€€but €€€im just sa EHPiCk (12:07): you pretended to be a girl.. XJ9 (12:07): sad that i have €€€to ruswh €€€the answer €€€the truth €€€and it would take a while EHPiCk (12:08): can you just €€€say €€€yes/no €€€are you buse or not €€€quick €€€quick XJ9 (12:08): well, are we gonna be playing the games ongoing like EHPiCk (12:08): yes €€€we are €€€tomrorow XJ9 (12:08): u know EVERYDAY AND STUFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF EHPiCk (12:08): YES €€€just tlel me €€€z €€€i have €€€to €€€wtf €€€mom XJ9 (12:08): how long EHPiCk (12:08): holy shit €€€just €€€asnwer €€€MY MOTHER XJ9 (12:08): wait EHPiCk (12:08): IS YELLING XJ9 (12:08): can u u €€€get up in ike €€€5 hours €€€and can we €€€talk €€€for like €€€30 minutes EHPiCk (12:08): no XJ9 (12:09): why. dont u usally get up €€€at some time €€€and we talk €€€? EHPiCk (12:09): yes €€€but

€€€i cant now €€€because €€€i wake up later €€€i dont take €€€bus no more XJ9 (12:09): WELP THIS IS GREAT EHPiCk (12:09): JUST TELL ME XJ9 (12:09): imm ajust sit here then i have no motivation EHPiCk (12:09): Y/B XJ9 (12:09): to pla league €€€imma just wait €€€14 hours EHPiCk (12:09): Y/N XJ9 (12:09): lol EHPiCk (12:09): cmon €€€MY MOM €€€IS €€€WTF XJ9 (12:09): i want to tell u with more time €€€on my hands €€€not now sadly €€€but i dont know what to do €€€when ur gone so.. EHPiCk (12:09): oh my god €€€sigh €€€just tell me €€€are you buse or not €€€holy XJ9 (12:10): hae ubeen typing in €€€the riotcahat €€€like €€€ive bene gone EHPiCk (12:10): no XJ9 (12:10): for 5 hours €€€what have u and ponyboy €€€been tpying €€€besides €€€BUSE IS OGNNA FUC U UP in al lchat and ivinting me €€€to a cusot mgame €€€and harassing me €€€like a bunch of faggots EHPiCk (12:10): thats about it XJ9 (12:10): thats acting like a faggot €€€thats why €€€i dont €€€agree with u saying €€€oh i wont act like them EHPiCk (12:10): because you are buse right? XJ9 (12:10): because u already are €€€u dont notice EHPiCk (12:10): i mean not buse XJ9 (12:10): a lot of things EHPiCk (12:11): lets sum things about €€€sums up €€€sum things up XJ9 (12:11): regardless, it doesnt mean u should be friends EHPiCk (12:11): you are not buse XJ9 (12:11): with totla faggots €€€its like €€€u lose me

€€€for w/e reason €€€adn u just add like €€€the biggest €€€scumbags €€€on the planet €€€for some reason EHPiCk (12:11): you arent buse arent you lol €€€you are joseph €€€well yea €€€i dont really want to tlak to a dude that pretneds to be a girl €€€i offereed €€€you €€€friendship €€€little ones XJ9 (12:11): what? EHPiCk (12:11): not serious one XJ9 (12:12): what u talking about EHPiCk (12:12): i do not €€€want to tlak to you anymore €€€because you €€€pretended to be buse €€€for 6 months XJ9 (12:12): but we gonna play games right €€€i want €€€to explain EHPiCk (12:12): thats why i keep saying no XJ9 (12:12): but i want to do so €€€in a good time €€€like €€€i need like EHPiCk (12:12): no XJ9 (12:12): 20+ mins EHPiCk (12:12): nonono €€€you had time now XJ9 (12:12): well €€€u said €€€ur mom is yelling €€€and u need to go like €€€there gonna dc EHPiCk (12:12): well €€€explain on skype €€€when i log in €€€ill see it €€€? XJ9 (12:13): idk i want to do it like EHPiCk (12:13): not that hard XJ9 (12:13): UGGHHH i wish we had more time €€€u dontg €€€get it €€€at all EHPiCk (12:13): TELL ME €€€THEN €€€IM OPEN €€€zz €€€you had €€€like 10 minutes XJ9 (12:13): but we gonna play the games righttttttttttttttttttttttttttt €€€WELL €€€I DIDNT KNOW €€€I DID

€€€BECAUSE €€€U SAID €€€U GOTTA GO €€€LIKE UR GONNA Dc EHPiCk (12:13): omfg XJ9 (12:13): BUT APPARENTLY U DIDNT EHPiCk (12:13): ok im done XJ9 (12:13): no €€€josh €€€stop it €€€i hate EHPiCk (12:13): i think im going to delete you now dude XJ9 (12:13): how u act €€€dont hang out €€€with those people €€€stop it €€€look €€€how u act EHPiCk (12:13): yo u are wierd XJ9 (12:13): U DONT €€€GET €€€ANYTHING EHPiCk (12:14): i do actually XJ9 (12:14): no u dont EHPiCk (12:14): you are obbessed with her €€€ill ask buse €€€more then XJ9 (12:14): u dont ge t anythingg....... EHPiCk (12:14): ill ask buse €€€myself XJ9 (12:14): why €€€do u act EHPiCk (12:14): when we talk on july 4th XJ9 (12:14): like this €€€like EHPiCk (12:14): so yea XJ9 (12:14): josh please listen EHPiCk (12:14): also XJ9 (12:14): ill €€€explain €€€when we have mor etime €€€ok EHPiCk (12:14): yenno that picture XJ9 (12:14): stop it EHPiCk (12:14): buses going to take XJ9 (12:14): ur making me feel horrible EHPiCk (12:14): im going to make a forum post €€€saying your real gender €€€im going to spend the whole entire day €€€greatly explaining €€€every detail €€€you arent buse €€€and you are a freak XJ9 (12:15): ok sure do that EHPiCk (12:15): mhm XJ9 (12:15): idc but €€€u dont €€€get it €€€im not a freak u dont EHPiCk (12:15): TELL MEN OW

XJ9 (12:15): get it €€€josh €€€listne €€€please €€€ok EHPiCk (12:15): TELL ME NOW XJ9 (12:15): we play game stomorrow though right because EHPiCk (12:15): zz XJ9 (12:15): u keep saying €€€OK IM DONe with u €€€like €€€u act €€€s owerid €€€like EHPiCk (12:15): wtf XJ9 (12:15): uget it EHPiCk (12:15): just tell me XJ9 (12:15): from those people EHPiCk (12:15): JUST ELL ME €€€TELL ME €€€TELL ME €€€holy moly >.< XJ9 (12:15): sighh your making EHPiCk (12:15): all these XJ9 (12:15): me feel horrible atm becausee like EHPiCk (12:15): excuses XJ9 (12:15): do u not EHPiCk (12:15): holy shit XJ9 (12:15): undersdtand €€€on how i want €€€a bigger time frame EHPiCk (12:16): all these excuses XJ9 (12:16): for this €€€and not just €€€5-10 mins €€€no josh €€€it isnt €€€excuses EHPiCk (12:16): wtf dude XJ9 (12:16): but ur too stupid to understand it, no offensve €€€but u act €€€stupid €€€a lot EHPiCk (12:16): why do you even care about me €€€WTF €€€you are a dude €€€im a dude XJ9 (12:16): what do u mean i care EHPiCk (12:16): i thought you were a girl XJ9 (12:16): about u €€€what makes u think that? EHPiCk (12:16): because €€€you keep on saying €€€do not hang out €€€blah blah €€€stay with me €€€play games with me XJ9 (12:16): because ur like my best friend on league EHPiCk (12:16): WOW €€€THEN DONT

€€€PRETEND TO BE A GIRL €€€IN THE FIRST PLACE €€€IDIOT XJ9 (12:17): i want to explain EHPiCk (12:17): ID BE YOUR BEST BUDDY €€€ID BE YOUR BEST BUDDY €€€IF YOU WERENT A GIRL??? XJ9 (12:17): josh u dont get it €€€stop making me laugh EHPiCk (12:17): ID STAY WITH YOU XJ9 (12:17): lol EHPiCk (12:17): EVEN IF YOU WERENT BUSE €€€WTF €€€BUT YOU TRICKED ME €€€who's fault is it XJ9 (12:17): wait €€€so €€€do u have EHPiCk (12:17): if you didnt use a voice changer XJ9 (12:17): 15 mins €€€to talk €€€or are u gonna dc €€€while im talking €€€ol EHPiCk (12:17): if you didnt use a voice changer €€€in the first day we met €€€we would have been €€€best buddies €€€like €€€bros XJ9 (12:18): i dobut it because €€€we would be EHPiCk (12:18): bro fist XJ9 (12:18): hanging out €€€with €€€assholes €€€u wouldnt €€€of learned €€€anything EHPiCk (12:18): n o XJ9 (12:18): u would be a asshole EHPiCk (12:18): wtf €€€wtf €€€thats not it €€€assholes are the thing €€€im tlakinga bout €€€its the FUCKING LOVE DUDE €€€YOU MADE ME LOVE YOU XJ9 (12:18): well, assuming im a guy, not me EHPiCk (12:18): you are so €€€w €€€tf XJ9 (12:18): liste €€€i think €€€we have €€€15 mins to talk €€€cuz apparnetly EHPiCk (12:18): OK XJ9 (12:18): its been €€€18 mins

EHPiCk (12:18): GO €€€GO XJ9 (12:18): udidnt dc EHPiCk (12:19): OG €€€OG €€€OG €€€GOOGOG XJ9 (12:19): ok calm down €€€BUT !st to make sure €€€were oging ot play the games right EHPiCk (12:19): YES €€€WTF XJ9 (12:19): when u come home €€€ok so €€€where to start... lol. €€€ok €€€1st off €€€with that schoolboming €€€it wasnt a bombing €€€the suspension was because of like, this fight or w/em it was stupid cuz i didnt ev en fight €€€but everyone just spreaded €€€a rumor €€€that apparently it was cuz i thraetened EHPiCk (12:20): mhm €€€go on XJ9 (12:20): to bomb the school €€€so thats bull shit EHPiCk (12:20): thats understandable €€€go on XJ9 (12:20): im not gay EHPiCk (12:20): ok €€€i know €€€it must be akward €€€doing those €€€yenno €€€SEX THINGS €€€LOL €€€FUCK YOU DUDE :/ XJ9 (12:20): are u laguhign irl €€€or no €€€lol EHPiCk (12:20): yea XJ9 (12:20): i am too €€€but listen like €€€im not EHPiCk (12:20): fuck €€€you €€€lol XJ9 (12:20): a bad person €€€or anything EHPiCk (12:20): i know XJ9 (12:20): but um EHPiCk (12:20): I KNOW €€€go on XJ9 (12:20): yes EHPiCk (12:21): you are pretty cool XJ9 (12:21): i really do like buse, we were friends last year €€€we go €€€to the same school

EHPiCk (12:21): mhm XJ9 (12:21): but €€€she randomly started EHPiCk (12:21): she told me XJ9 (12:21): hating me €€€this year EHPiCk (12:21): randomaly? XJ9 (12:21): for some reason €€€i have no idea why €€€i kept making like €€€accs on fb and twitter to try to make her EHPiCk (12:21): notes? XJ9 (12:21): talk to me so i can €€€explain €€€stuff €€€and on €€€valentines €€€i gave her €€€a card EHPiCk (12:21): lol qt XJ9 (12:21): wel €€€actually €€€5 cards €€€i bought 5 €€€lol EHPiCk (12:21): ok €€€what the fuck €€€dude XJ9 (12:21): what lol EHPiCk (12:21): its just a girl yenno €€€i mean XJ9 (12:22): but i love her a lot i dont like the others EHPiCk (12:22): girls €€€fuck um your mind XJ9 (12:22): I only like her EHPiCk (12:22): up XJ9 (12:22): i dont like the other ones €€€so EHPiCk (12:22): i understand €€€dude XJ9 (12:22): the thing EHPiCk (12:22): i saw XJ9 (12:22): with me pretending EHPiCk (12:22): her pictures XJ9 (12:22): to be buse €€€well because EHPiCk (12:22): SHES SO FUCKING €€€GORGEOUS €€€lol XJ9 (12:22): buse never talks to me when i want to talk to her and just like €€€explain things €€€and i know... but its not the looks €€€although €€€they ar egood €€€but i like €€€how her EHPiCk (12:22): she looks like XJ9 (12:22): personality €€€is EHPiCk (12:22): a druggie

XJ9 (12:22): yes she does €€€do drugs EHPiCk (12:22): LOL XJ9 (12:22): i dont EHPiCk (12:22): yea XJ9 (12:22): do drugs EHPiCk (12:22): knew it XJ9 (12:23): i never €€€drank €€€or smoke weed €€€ever €€€but EHPiCk (12:23): buse is one of those popular girls right? XJ9 (12:23): um... not really she hangs out €€€with like EHPiCk (12:23): those are hard to get bro XJ9 (12:23): u know €€€average €€€she isnt like that EHPiCk (12:23): well yea XJ9 (12:23): no trust me €€€she isnt like that €€€lol EHPiCk (12:23): lol i have to tell you something XJ9 (12:23): I KNOW HER VERY WELL EHPiCk (12:23): HEY XJ9 (12:23): what EHPiCk (12:23): me and mike €€€pranked called HER €€€LOL XJ9 (12:23): how EHPiCk (12:23): we pretended €€€to be €€€a pizza dude €€€LOL XJ9 (12:24): mehh EHPiCk (12:24): then we got some serious shit €€€voice changers XJ9 (12:24): i dont like that, like thats hwy i dont want u hanging out €€€wtih them EHPiCk (12:24): and sounded like a demor €€€demon XJ9 (12:24): sigh... EHPiCk (12:24): and started XJ9 (12:24): dont €€€stop €€€it €€€shut EHPiCk (12:24): i know XJ9 (12:24): up €€€now im all upset because u guys act like im the bad person here €€€and look at yourselves €€€all scumbags EHPiCk (12:24): then we apologized €€€and asked her serious questions XJ9 (12:24): like €€€are €€€u therr EHPiCk (12:25): ye XJ9 (12:25): what srs questions

€€€like EHPiCk (12:25): keep going quick XJ9 (12:25): josh really though €€€the only other thing i ask u, is please EHPiCk (12:25): no XJ9 (12:25): delete ponyboy, like u prank claling hjer and then €€€acting €€€srs €€€makes EHPiCk (12:26): keep going on XJ9 (12:26): me very €€€upset EHPiCk (12:26): NO XJ9 (12:26): like €€€i feel €€€horrible EHPiCk (12:26): YOUR STORY XJ9 (12:26): now EHPiCk (12:26): I LIKE YOUR STORY XJ9 (12:26): please do that please EHPiCk (12:26): KEEP GOING XJ9 (12:26): cuz €€€i really dont like €€€what u did €€€to buse €€€t--t EHPiCk (12:26): i dont like what you did to me lol XJ9 (12:26): but EHPiCk (12:26): pretended to be her XJ9 (12:26): ur reverting €€€back to your asshole trollis self €€€i dont want u €€€hanging out EHPiCk (12:26): iPLEASE XJ9 (12:26): with pony €€€i dont €€€like him €€€please EHPiCk (12:26): GET TO THE SUBJECT XJ9 (12:26): delete him pelease €€€its lal €€€iask €€€i will €€€continue €€€but srs EHPiCk (12:26): ok XJ9 (12:26): i take EHPiCk (12:26): i will XJ9 (12:26): that €€€bad €€€ly EHPiCk (12:26): I WILL XJ9 (12:26): u promise like €€€no joke €€€dotn accept EHPiCk (12:27): after this XJ9 (12:27): random friends €€€.. EHPiCk (12:27): omg €€€hurry dude

€€€wtf XJ9 (12:27): ok im going on EHPiCk (12:27): go on XJ9 (12:27): dont call me dude i odnt like using dude, it sounds stupid €€€but um €€€where was i m EHPiCk (12:27): bor? €€€bro? €€€can i do that €€€i dont like calling you joe lol XJ9 (12:27): call me €€€xj EHPiCk (12:27): ok XJ9 (12:27): um €€€so €€€Wait where €€€the fuck €€€was i EHPiCk (12:27): you like buse €€€alot €€€she started XJ9 (12:27): oh yeah EHPiCk (12:27): to hate you XJ9 (12:27): so €€€i pretended EHPiCk (12:28): randomaly XJ9 (12:28): to be her to u €€€because €€€like €€€i unno really, mostly cuz i was bored, cuz i was sad cuz she didnt even want to tal k to me €€€and i love her a lot €€€still €€€and EHPiCk (12:28): dude €€€get over it XJ9 (12:28): i wasnt €€€pretending €€€to be EHPiCk (12:28): she has a boyfriend XJ9 (12:28): and no €€€no €€€i wont €€€trust me €€€i have €€€plans €€€tehehe €€€but EHPiCk (12:28): w €€€t €€€f €€€... XJ9 (12:28): im not €€€gay EHPiCk (12:28): no girl likes that XJ9 (12:28): i didnt €€€pretend €€€to be €€€a girl €€€for like

€€€power €€€or w/e €€€it just sorta happened EHPiCk (12:29): alright XJ9 (12:29): i talk €€€to 1 friend €€€at school €€€about u and i €€€and im like €€€welp i think josh is going to realize im a guy soon €€€and then i convince u €€€im not €€€like €€€100 times EHPiCk (12:29): well €€€you know €€€you are going to have to €€€apologize €€€to everyone XJ9 (12:29): whos everyone EHPiCk (12:29): saying that you area girl right? €€€if you want €€€lol cummonity €€€if you want XJ9 (12:30): idk, i cant make a forum post EHPiCk (12:30): your rep back XJ9 (12:30): but idk EHPiCk (12:30): ask pend XJ9 (12:30): ill prob buy a webcam and stream soon EHPiCk (12:30): for you forum back XJ9 (12:30): with that €€€what u mean msg him on league €€€right now €€€and say EHPiCk (12:30): no €€€email XJ9 (12:30): lol.. EHPiCk (12:30): make it proffesional XJ9 (12:30): and be like EHPiCk (12:30): ok go on XJ9 (12:30): Can I please make 1 forum post with XJ9, its for a apology EHPiCk (12:30): enough wasting time XJ9 (12:30): to the league communtity €€€like that/ €€€wel EHPiCk (12:30): yea €€€like that XJ9 (12:30): talk about that later €€€lol €€€um €€€but yeah €€€i guess im EHPiCk (12:31): why me XJ9 (12:31): pretty good €€€at pretending EHPiCk (12:31): lol XJ9 (12:31): im a guy €€€i mean €€€a girl EHPiCk (12:31): you are a dude

XJ9 (12:31): i said €€€i guess €€€im pretty godo €€€at pretending €€€im a girl €€€? EHPiCk (12:31): oh XJ9 (12:31): what do u think EHPiCk (12:31): yea XJ9 (12:31): did ui see €€€my yotubue €€€page €€€or no €€€lol EHPiCk (12:31): yes €€€fuck you €€€lol XJ9 (12:31): lololol €€€u saw €€€the vid €€€LOLOLOL EHPiCk (12:31): give me my steam back €€€faggot XJ9 (12:31): i will €€€but um EHPiCk (12:31): can i €€€treat you €€€like a dude now XJ9 (12:31): did U SEE THE VIDEO I GUESS SO? €€€well EHPiCk (12:31): yes XJ9 (12:31): i mean €€€i dont say faggot €€€ect. €€€to others really EHPiCk (12:32): well i do XJ9 (12:32): im a very €€€nice person EHPiCk (12:32): yes €€€yo uare €€€but you are freaky €€€honestly XJ9 (12:32): everyone at my school EHPiCk (12:32): you have to apoligze XJ9 (12:32): thinks i ma freak for some reaso €€€like €€€all i do €€€is show people €€€ponies €€€and there like €€€WTF EHPiCk (12:32): yes €€€thats XJ9 (12:32): IS THIS HSIT €€€LOL EHPiCk (12:32): freaky €€€thats XJ9 (12:32): i have fun though €€€its fun EHPiCk (12:32): fucking freaky

XJ9 (12:32): im popular €€€in that way €€€its pretty €€€funny EHPiCk (12:32): infamous €€€LOL XJ9 (12:32): why am i €€€always €€€infamous €€€on everything EHPiCk (12:32): because €€€the things you do €€€is wierd XJ9 (12:32): my new favorite pony €€€is now €€€the queen €€€so ye €€€lol EHPiCk (12:32): lol XJ9 (12:33): o €€€but €€€u say €€€why u €€€/ EHPiCk (12:33): yea €€€why me €€€why torture me dude XJ9 (12:33): well, i did that mostly cuz i had nothing better to do, and mostly cuz i didnt like how u acted EHPiCk (12:33): fuck you for that XJ9 (12:33): i really really wanted to change u EHPiCk (12:33): I HAD FEELINGS FOR YOU KNOW XJ9 (12:33): well €€€u toruted €€€me more €€€tbh €€€i dont get why EHPiCk (12:33): OK XJ9 (12:33): i got so emotional EHPiCk (12:33): BUT IN REALITY XJ9 (12:33): sometimes €€€when im not gay €€€its sorta why i try €€€to avoid EHPiCk (12:33): YOU PRETNEDED TO BE A CHICK THAT WAS CUTE XJ9 (12:33): the "sexual" things €€€we did EHPiCk (12:33): AND PLAYED A GAME THA I LIKED XJ9 (12:33): lol EHPiCk (12:33): FUCK YOU XJ9 (12:33): BUT EHPiCk (12:33): YOU MADE ME XJ9 (12:33): U SAW €€€THE VIDEO €€€I HAVE €€€ON MY €€€YT EHPiCk (12:34): YES XJ9 (12:34): RITE EHPiCk (12:34): OK

XJ9 (12:34): WHAT WAS EHPiCk (12:34): HEY XJ9 (12:34): YOUR REEACTION €€€TO IT EHPiCk (12:34): FUCK YOU FOR PRENTEING TO BE A GIRL €€€FOR 6 MONTHS €€€ok €€€letting angry out XJ9 (12:34): i replayed it €€€like EHPiCk (12:34): anger out lol XJ9 (12:34): 200 times EHPiCk (12:34): ok moveo n €€€i want to sleep xj XJ9 (12:34): i think €€€i mind fucked €€€the community €€€to omuch €€€lol EHPiCk (12:34): you need XJ9 (12:34): like €€€there so EHPiCk (12:34): to apologize asap XJ9 (12:34): confused €€€about me €€€lololol €€€um EHPiCk (12:34): you are a wierd dude ok XJ9 (12:34): what did buse say exactly €€€like EHPiCk (12:34): i have to admit XJ9 (12:34): with the log EHPiCk (12:34): that was like €€€a year ago XJ9 (12:35): im weird but i do it mostly cuz i love buse €€€i name €€€all my thigns €€€after her EHPiCk (12:35): WTF €€€THATS XJ9 (12:35): i even made 1 of my smurfs EHPiCk (12:35): WIERD DUDE XJ9 (12:35): buse demir €€€lol EHPiCk (12:35): yea €€€i saw €€€i reasehed that too €€€why is xj9 €€€smurf buse demir €€€hmm €€€ you are fucking wierd XJ9 (12:35): im sad that randoms are able €€€to talk €€€to buse €€€my love EHPiCk (12:35): probably why i want to mvoe on now XJ9 (12:35): but im not €€€lol €€€no listen €€€im not

€€€gay for u €€€but i like EHPiCk (12:35): I KNOW XJ9 (12:35): playign games €€€with u a lot EHPiCk (12:35): BUT YOU ARE FUCKING WIERD DUDE €€€IF OYU WANTED TO BE BROS XJ9 (12:36): well.. i odnt mean to... EHPiCk (12:36): YOU SHOULDNT HAVE XJ9 (12:36): i dont use EHPiCk (12:36): USED THAT XJ9 (12:36): there terms €€€u use €€€lol EHPiCk (12:36): VOICE CHANGER IDIOT €€€FUCK YOU €€€>.< €€€letting anger out €€€sorry €€€lol XJ9 (12:36): its fine EHPiCk (12:36): not ot be harsh €€€i hate getting teased €€€"HOWS IT LIKE DATING A DUDE FOR 6 MONTHS" XJ9 (12:36): my mic €€€sounds like shit €€€because €€€of the ovice changer with €€€the combination €€€of the EHPiCk (12:36): yea XJ9 (12:36): u know €€€the thing €€€u speak €€€into EHPiCk (12:37): its fucking terrible XJ9 (12:37): its dangling, so when the voice cahnger €€€is on €€€it fucks it up €€€but €€€if u dont €€€use iti €€€its fine EHPiCk (12:37): what do you use €€€im curious €€€lololl XJ9 (12:37): logitech EHPiCk (12:37): is it built in? XJ9 (12:37): no EHPiCk (12:37): the voice changer €€€what changer do oyu use XJ9 (12:37): like EHPiCk (12:37): morphvox? XJ9 (12:37): the only reason €€€i even €€€tarted €€€voice changing €€€was cuz €€€my brother €€€was like

€€€HEY U WANT THIS voice changger program €€€randomly one day €€€like €€€2 days €€€b4 i met u €€€lol EHPiCk (12:37): w €€€t €€€f €€€fuck you all XJ9 (12:37): and i got €€€really excited €€€because i thought it owuld be fun EHPiCk (12:37): w €€€t XJ9 (12:37): llol EHPiCk (12:37): f €€€w €€€t €€€f €€€w €€€t €€€f €€€holy shit fuck €€€fuck you man €€€>.< XJ9 (12:38): i didnt €€€expect €€€it €€€tobe €€€6 months EHPiCk (12:38): WTF €€€WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME €€€ERAILIERE XJ9 (12:38): i acted EHPiCk (12:38): hey €€€hey XJ9 (12:38): really good €€€didnt i €€€? EHPiCk (12:38): you want to hear something funny €€€that buse told me XJ9 (12:38): ok. EHPiCk (12:38): "6 months and no nudes????" €€€LOLOAZFLAWIOFKLI XJ9 (12:38): how was i suppost €€€to get €€€a nude €€€pic €€€of her EHPiCk (12:38): yea €€€wait €€€if i did €€€really €€€last a week €€€wtf woudl you even do XJ9 (12:39): well i said €€€last a week €€€because €€€i knew

EHPiCk (12:39): YEA XJ9 (12:39): it would never happen EHPiCk (12:39): I OTLD €€€MY €€€FRIENDS €€€THAT OTO €€€LOL €€€LOLOL XJ9 (12:39): so €€€IF it did €€€by some miracle EHPiCk (12:39): YOU ARE LIKE A MASTERMIND XJ9 (12:39): it did happen €€€i think a head €€€a lot €€€lol €€€like €€€its weird €€€on how €€€like €€€when i left €€€my mic on €€€and u talked €€€and u hear EHPiCk (12:39): you are a fucking freak XJ9 (12:39): the voic changer EHPiCk (12:39): YEA XJ9 (12:39): and im so smotoh €€€talking €€€i convicne u €€€that im a girl €€€still €€€im so smooth €€€mang EHPiCk (12:39): fuck you €€€fuck you XJ9 (12:40): dont u agree though EHPiCk (12:40): it was true XJ9 (12:40): like €€€so much shit happened €€€indciatoing €€€im using €€€a voice changer €€€when we €€€used €€€the screen sharer €€€like u can control €€€my mouise €€€u went EHPiCk (12:40): yea XJ9 (12:40): to the bottom right EHPiCk (12:40): BOTTOM RIGHT €€€LOL XJ9 (12:40): and i was like EHPiCk (12:40): LOLOLOL XJ9 (12:40): NOPE €€€NOPE EHPiCk (12:40): LOLOLOL XJ9 (12:40): NOPE €€€UR NOT

EHPiCk (12:40): LOLOLOL XJ9 (12:40): LOOKINg €€€AT THAT €€€u remmeber €€€that? EHPiCk (12:40): yes €€€i do XJ9 (12:40): lolol EHPiCk (12:40): thats why XJ9 (12:40): i was pancing €€€irl EHPiCk (12:40): i was suspicious €€€and thats hwy you didnt want to use €€€teamviewer ever again €€€and €€€that pictures €€€you wanted €€€was only because XJ9 (12:40): well EHPiCk (12:40): it was the only picture you could get €€€LOL XJ9 (12:40): BECAUSE? €€€no €€€i have €€€her added €€€on fb €€€with €€€a alt acc €€€she doesnt €€€know €€€who i am EHPiCk (12:41): LOLOL €€€WTF €€€WTF €€€WTF XJ9 (12:41): on that EHPiCk (12:41): WTF €€€WTF €€€WTF €€€WTF €€€WTF €€€YOU FREAK €€€WTF €€€DUDE €€€just €€€moveo n €€€theres like XJ9 (12:41): i jsut di dth cuz i didnt want to copy paste the picture €€€again EHPiCk (12:41): tons of girls like that XJ9 (12:41): no €€€ill €€€marry €€€her EHPiCk (12:41): LOL €€€WTF XJ9 (12:41): im not EHPiCk (12:41): YOU AOBBESSED XJ9 (12:41): giving up €€€on her

EHPiCk (12:41): ok XJ9 (12:41): ever €€€i am €€€lol EHPiCk (12:41): dude €€€she told me XJ9 (12:41): i love her a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot EHPiCk (12:41): shes getting a restraining order XJ9 (12:41): i heard that €€€a lot €€€but it doesnt happen mang €€€i will marry her €€€trust me EHPiCk (12:41): you arent going to get her dude XJ9 (12:41): I HAVE PLANS EHPiCk (12:42): she has a boyfriend XJ9 (12:42): I knw €€€i have €€€plans EHPiCk (12:42): vin XJ9 (12:42): I HAVE PLANNNNNNNNNS EHPiCk (12:42): you arent going to kill him arent you XJ9 (12:42): DONT QUESTIO EHPiCk (12:42): zzzz XJ9 (12:42): GENERAL XJ9 €€€AND MY PLANS EHPiCk (12:42): you are fucking wierd €€€all this €€€cuz of one cute personality gurl €€€girl €€€w/e XJ9 (12:42): I LOVE HERRRR i dont like €€€the other €€€girlssssssssssssss EHPiCk (12:42): thanks for like €€€um XJ9 (12:42): everything about her i like i love how she types toooooooo EHPiCk (12:42): opening up with me €€€yea XJ9 (12:43): well, i wasnt trying t ohide it but EHPiCk (12:43): she types like a girl XJ9 (12:43): i wantedt €€€time EHPiCk (12:43): 100% XJ9 (12:43): ididnt want ot just €€€rush it €€€but €€€like €€€im honestly curious €€€on how well €€€i did €€€acting like €€€a girl €€€lol EHPiCk (12:43): idk €€€want to hear my voice changer BITCH €€€LOL €€€i can sound like you XJ9 (12:43): no. can u delete that, ill delete mine

€€€i really €€€dont ike that u did that to buse €€€like €€€i dont like ti weh nu like say or troll someone EHPiCk (12:43): lol ok XJ9 (12:43): the nsay sorry and act srs €€€its stupi €€€no 1 €€€should act like that €€€but everyone on league €€€is stupid EHPiCk (12:44): are you jelly that i get to talk to her €€€she like laughed at my jokes €€€LOL XJ9 (12:44): no although im sad cuz i always wnated to tlak to ehr €€€adn clear things up €€€sigh €€€..... EHPiCk (12:44): tbh €€€you arent going to get her €€€mvoe on XJ9 (12:44): im so sad now €€€no €€€i want €€€sotp €€€acting €€€like a asshole €€€to me EHPiCk (12:44): well XJ9 (12:44): like EHPiCk (12:44): how long have you been tring? XJ9 (12:44): i feel EHPiCk (12:44): trying XJ9 (12:44): like €€€shit €€€ever sene like december she started hating me for 0 rasin €€€but srs €€€shtu up €€€about €€€like €€€fucking €€€fp0ewo0wtwtoe €€€dont EHPiCk (12:45): yea i will XJ9 (12:45): d o taht EHPiCk (12:45): OK XJ9 (12:45): and srs about €€€deleting ponyboy, i dotn liek hi mforget abotu him please.. i relaly hate €€€what u did €€€with him €€€like it hurts me a lot €€€cuz €€€u troll buse €€€ect. EHPiCk (12:45): she accpeted our apology XJ9 (12:45): and she talks to u still EHPiCk (12:45): like it was nothing XJ9 (12:45): YET €€€I MESSAGE HER €€€ON FUCKING TWITTER

€€€SAYING €€€like €€€Hey buse, can we talk sometime? Thanks but mroe €€€detai €€€BLOCK BLOCK €€€YET €€€LOOK €€€AT U €€€U FUCKING EHPiCk (12:45): LOL XJ9 (12:45): REWP-WTORE4WT] €€€R;A] €€€GR;' €€€]DRTG;FH;' €€€GH;FS;GDR €€€GH;FS;GDRG;DFS €€€G;FS €€€GDRFS; €€€GFV;S €€€G;FS;B'HDGF] €€€'DRZF €€€H;LY' €€€RES;' €€€T;H] €€€G;' EHPiCk (12:45): calm down XJ9 (12:45): ;GHRZS;' €€€DRERESWGHDR;GHSR €€€GH;'R €€€;G]R €€€G;Y €€€IM CRYING NOW A BIT BECAUSE IT ANNOYS ME THA TU TROLLED HER WITH €€€A FUCKING €€€voice €€€changer €€€and shit €€€and act €€€like a asshole €€€t ome €€€and u tlak to her €€€srs €€€soaiw0rfoqap0eot €€€wpr-[aewlprfo3lw\r3\ €€€5r3l3r34emr €€€trt4wpp,k €€€rp,;kr4elrqrfqpr;lq EHPiCk (12:46): you are crazy XJ9 (12:46): im so €€€fucking EHPiCk (12:46): you are really obbessed with buse XJ9 (12:46): upset €€€npow €€€whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy €€€I AM €€€she iwll €€€be mine €€€trust me €€€i tlak EHPiCk (12:46): LOL XJ9 (12:46): to my friend

€€€sat school €€€abotu her €€€24/ €€€24/7 €€€they all like EHPiCk (12:46): ok XJ9 (12:46): Your not gonna get her EHPiCk (12:46): good luck bro €€€IM NOT €€€I LIVE €€€IN HAWIII €€€IDIOT €€€LOL XJ9 (12:47): i know €€€listen listen €€€its not €€€that im jealous or like EHPiCk (12:47): she wont XJ9 (12:47): oh u gonna get her EHPiCk (12:47): like me XJ9 (12:47): but tis jsut the fact €€€NO €€€Its just €€€the fact €€€that u use a voice changer and troll her, adn she apparnetly laughs €€€and accdepts €€€yoru apolgoy €€€adn she doesnt ot me €€€i really €€€like €€€i dont get nayone €€€anymore EHPiCk (12:47): um €€€so €€€are you expelled?? XJ9 (12:47): I GAIN POWER BY FEEDING OFF YOUR LOVE €€€no €€€lol EHPiCk (12:47): yea €€€fuck you €€€you made me look so gay €€€infront of my friends XJ9 (12:48): how €€€when €€€what? EHPiCk (12:48): when they found out €€€that xj9 is a guy XJ9 (12:48): u mean €€€ur fb €€€thing €€€? EHPiCk (12:48): YES XJ9 (12:48): well idk it was €€€sorta €€€a dead €€€convo €€€wasnt really €€€srs €€€idk €€€sigh

€€€my heart is pounding €€€i wnat buse so much im so sad €€€now EHPiCk (12:49): ok man XJ9 (12:49): DONT CALL ME MAN €€€SAY €€€XJ EHPiCk (12:49): good luck with you and buse €€€xj XJ9 (12:49): i dont act €€€like that EHPiCk (12:49): i have to go to bed XJ9 (12:49): sigh, but EHPiCk (12:49): I JUST WANT TO BE FRIENDS €€€YOU ALREADY REUINED OUR BEST FRIENDS STUFF XJ9 (12:49): can u get on and can we talk for lik e 10-20 mins €€€no €€€w edidnt €€€ruin €€€the best friens €€€we ca nstill be best friends EHPiCk (12:49): i dont €€€want t XJ9 (12:49): we can laugh EHPiCk (12:49): o XJ9 (12:49): about this later €€€why? EHPiCk (12:49): be best friends XJ9 (12:49): why EHPiCk (12:49): i jsut want to be friends €€€OK XJ9 (12:49): josh u dont know EHPiCk (12:49): not best friends XJ9 (12:49): ur just saying that €€€why EHPiCk (12:50): you ruined it XJ9 (12:50): i wont do anything till u get home im honestly EHPiCk (12:50): fucktard XJ9 (12:50): really bored €€€no. we can €€€still be €€€best friends EHPiCk (12:50): NO XJ9 (12:50): but srs €€€did u €€€delete €€€ponyboy €€€please €€€please €€€please EHPiCk (12:50): yes XJ9 (12:50): please €€€im beggign u €€€really €€€well as i see €€€it EHPiCk (12:50): im going XJ9 (12:50): ur just saying that assuming €€€we wont be €€€best friends

€€€but we will be over time EHPiCk (12:50): NOT BEST €€€BUT ILL SUPPOR YOU XJ9 (12:50): yes €€€well €€€play games €€€every day EHPiCk (12:50): NO €€€WTF XJ9 (12:50): yes EHPiCk (12:50): NO XJ9 (12:50): we gonna play gmaes €€€tomorrow €€€right €€€whats so wrong €€€about being best firnessl ike €€€im srs €€€i dont know €€€waht the fuck EHPiCk (12:51): I DONT WANT TO PALY WITH YOU DUDE XJ9 (12:51): im going to do €€€till u get home EHPiCk (12:51): YOU ARE SUCH A FREAK XJ9 (12:51): wtf €€€ur no EHPiCk (12:51): AFTER I HAERD ALL THIS XJ9 (12:51): gonna €€€play €€€games €€€with me? €€€comon EHPiCk (12:51): NOT GAMES €€€but game XJ9 (12:51): josh €€€wtf €€€dont €€€stop €€€ur gonna play €€€witth like €€€ghargarim the faggot €€€ect. €€€dont €€€please EHPiCk (12:51): WHO THE FUCK CARES LOL XJ9 (12:51): josh i do EHPiCk (12:51): YOU PRENTEDED TO BE XJ9 (12:51): like EHPiCk (12:51): BUSE €€€AND YOU EXPCET €€€HER €€€TO LIEK YOU XJ9 (12:51): well i didnt expect €€€those faggots €€€to just tell her flat out like that €€€wh y idotn like them again EHPiCk (12:52): well €€€she knows XJ9 (12:52): like comon josh EHPiCk (12:52): you know XJ9 (12:52): i know

€€€but dont worry €€€it wont €€€effect €€€my plans €€€but EHPiCk (12:52): LOL €€€u ar ewired €€€as fuck XJ9 (12:52): josh im srs, like €€€u dotn gunerstand EHPiCk (12:52): worse than me XJ9 (12:52): i dont fee EHPiCk (12:52): DUDE XJ9 (12:52): like €€€playing ranked €€€or normals €€€alone €€€i just want ot play with u 24/7 cuz ur fun €€€to play with EHPiCk (12:52): YEA I AM €€€THATS WHY THOSE FAGGOTS WANT OT PALY WITH ME XJ9 (12:52): hmm, not really €€€but €€€its more like €€€when we €€€play together €€€we have muchas €€€fun EHPiCk (12:53): I HAD FUN €€€BECAUSE I HTOUGHT IW AS PLAYING €€€WITH A GIRL €€€FU €€€if you just told me €€€xj €€€you were a dude XJ9 (12:53): josh.. dont be like that like. ew i sound gayw €€€well honestly EHPiCk (12:53): FIRST DAY XJ9 (12:53): its like EHPiCk (12:53): FIRS DAY €€€should have told me €€€you were a dude €€€or not use voice changer XJ9 (12:53): if i ate my family pies, and everyone in the house wondered whath a ppened, i wont tlel them until like €€€way later €€€cuz im worried €€€about €€€whats gonna happen EHPiCk (12:53): what XJ9 (12:53): u have to undestand me €€€i didnt tell u €€€cuz i was worried €€€about the reaction €€€but €€€because EHPiCk (12:54): ??? €€€A DUDE €€€I MEET XJ9 (12:54): we 'bonded" so much u understand

EHPiCk (12:54): TONS XJ9 (12:54): me more EHPiCk (12:54): OF DUDES €€€IN THE INTERET XJ9 (12:54): if i did this €€€within a month €€€u would of blocked me €€€still be EHPiCk (12:54): no XJ9 (12:54): the same EHPiCk (12:54): no XJ9 (12:54): asshole josh EHPiCk (12:54): IF YOU DID IT XJ9 (12:54): 5 motnhs back EHPiCk (12:54): IF YOU DID IT €€€THE FIRST DAY €€€without the voice changer XJ9 (12:54): thats the 1st day, but EHPiCk (12:54): we could be XJ9 (12:54): thats not €€€realistic EHPiCk (12:54): bros righ tnow XJ9 (12:54): thats not realistic €€€im saying €€€im using €€€a voice changer €€€for a month €€€and then im like €€€maybe i should trell him €€€but ur worried €€€about the raeaction €€€so u dont EHPiCk (12:54): we wernet XJ9 (12:54): honestly if EHPiCk (12:54): as serious €€€on the first month XJ9 (12:54): if i €€€did EHPiCk (12:55): HEY XJ9 (12:55): not use it EHPiCk (12:55): LISTNE XJ9 (12:55): in the 1st pace EHPiCk (12:55): LISTNE XJ9 (12:55): i wouldnt really EHPiCk (12:55): LISTEN XJ9 (12:55): like €€€hanging out withu EHPiCk (12:55): LISTEN €€€SHH €€€ok €€€after €€€1 month €€€of voice changer €€€and you finally tell me €€€ID BE €€€LESS €€€TERRIFIED €€€THAN XJ9 (12:55): u were scard because €€€u thought

EHPiCk (12:55): 6 MONTHS XJ9 (12:55): i was €€€gay EHPiCk (12:55): IDIOT XJ9 (12:55): but im not EHPiCk (12:55): NO €€€IM SCARED €€€BECAUSE YOU WERE A DUDE €€€AND YOU WERENT A GIRL XJ9 (12:56): should i get €€€a webcam €€€for my stream €€€lol EHPiCk (12:56): YES €€€WTF €€€BEFORE XJ9 (12:56): lololol EHPiCk (12:56): YOU APOLOGY €€€IZE €€€and monitor too XJ9 (12:56): but srs josh EHPiCk (12:56): NO €€€YOU €€€LISTEN TO ME XJ9 (12:56): lets please paly game,s i garurentee it would be fun EHPiCk (12:56): YOU BITCH XJ9 (12:56): and well be best of friends EHPiCk (12:56): NO €€€FUCK YOU €€€HEY XJ9 (12:56): this is just initial anger EHPiCk (12:56): LISTEN TO ME XJ9 (12:56): what EHPiCk (12:56): YOU DO YOUR THING €€€ILL SUPPOR YOU €€€ILL DO MINES €€€OK XJ9 (12:56): u mean €€€i do nothing EHPiCk (12:57): YO UHAVE TO XJ9 (12:57): because €€€im bored €€€as fuck EHPiCk (12:57): APOLOGIZE XJ9 (12:57): i honestly €€€dotn fee EHPiCk (12:57): FIRST XJ9 (12:57): llike doing anytihng EHPiCk (12:57): TO EVERYONE XJ9 (12:57): till EHPiCk (12:57): YO USITLL XJ9 (12:57): u come back EHPiCk (12:57): HAVE €€€NT XJ9 (12:57): well th ething ist €€€the chacnes EHPiCk (12:57): YOU STILL XJ9 (12:57): of me EHPiCk (12:57): HAVNET XJ9 (12:57): getting my forum acc back

€€€is like EHPiCk (12:57): APOLIGZED TO ME YET XJ9 (12:57): 0 €€€well i though €€€explaining €€€is sorta lik eapolgoxzing €€€but €€€um EHPiCk (12:57): SAY IT €€€FAGGOT €€€YOU DONT EVEN KNOW €€€I HATE YOU SO MUCH €€€RIGHT NOW €€€but i respect you as a player XJ9 (12:57): im sorry josh for pretending to be a girl, (DONT LOG THIS LIKE A SN OOP) i did it mostly cuz i was bored, but we will be best of friends bgecause im bored as fuck without playign with u EHPiCk (12:57): its just your personality IS FUCKING WIERD AND OBBESSIVE €€€sigh w.e €€€finally feel better now XJ9 (12:58): im not gay €€€im jsut saying again EHPiCk (12:58): dont have to feel "depressed" about this anymore €€€I KNOW OYU ARENT XJ9 (12:58): why did u feel depressed, and why did u stop EHPiCk (12:58): I ARELADY KNEW YOU LIKED BUSE XJ9 (12:58): when i apolgozied apparently EHPiCk (12:58): i felt depressed €€€BECAUSE €€€I WANTED €€€A NICE GIRLFRIEND €€€THAT PLAYS LEAGUE €€€WITH ME XJ9 (12:59): well EHPiCk (12:59): ALL DAY XJ9 (12:59): ur really bad €€€at being nice EHPiCk (12:59): LOL XJ9 (12:59): boyfriend u treat €€€girls €€€like shit EHPiCk (12:59): YOU DONT €€€EVEN KNOW ME €€€IN REAL LIFE XJ9 (12:59): so €€€its a internet €€€relationship €€€so EHPiCk (12:59): WTF XJ9 (12:59): say if i was buse EHPiCk (12:59): NONONO XJ9 (12:59): she would €€€of left u €€€wtihin €€€a week EHPiCk (12:59): ARE YOU €€€KIDDING ME €€€I TALKED TO BUSE XJ XJ9 (12:59): i know €€€but

€€€lets sya €€€she palys league EHPiCk (12:59): we joked around XJ9 (12:59): ect. €€€put her €€€in my shoes €€€6 monts ago €€€not now €€€SIGH STOP IT UR MAKING ME FEEL HORRIBLE €€€BY SAYIN €€€U TALKED TO HER €€€AND SHIT €€€AND U FUCKING €€€TORLL HE €€€RAND SHE LIKES U €€€ERF-EPTOFEWOT]ETLR4AEWT €€€R4;ETL' €€€'R €€€F;;FD €€€;FD €€€DS €€€D;SFD;S;F'D €€€;FD €€€;F'D €€€;F'D €€€;Fds;F'D €€€;FD €€€;FD €€€;FD €€€FDS'D €€€F;DSF €€€DSF;DSF'G[DS;DS;FG €€€DS;GF €€€DS;F €€€DS;F €€€D;SF[VDLSF[VDLS[FLD[SF €€€DSFD;S[FVGDS[GV;SD[GV;D[SGV;DS EHPiCk (1:00): SHE DOESNT LIKE ME XJ9 (1:00): GFV;DS[GFVD;S[GD;S[GVDLSPGDLS EHPiCk (1:00): DUMMY XJ9 (1:00): i know €€€but €€€...... €€€im so sad now €€€my eyes €€€T_____T EHPiCk (1:00): wow you are fucking wierd €€€but ok €€€i have to sleep now €€€lol XJ9 (1:00): josh €€€u €€€deleted €€€him €€€right €€€pony EHPiCk (1:00): YES XJ9 (1:00): please €€€dont EHPiCk (1:00): FUCK

€€€HOLY XJ9 (1:00): eer EHPiCk (1:00): SHIT XJ9 (1:00): please €€€no EHPiCk (1:00): HOLY SHIT XJ9 (1:00): never talk to hi magain €€€my body EHPiCk (1:00): SHUT UP ALREADY XJ XJ9 (1:00): cant take it €€€my body €€€isnt ready EHPiCk (1:00): SHUT UP €€€jeez XJ9 (1:00): but srs well have €€€a lot of fun €€€playing EHPiCk (1:00): no €€€we wont XJ9 (1:00): GAMEs €€€togehter €€€we will €€€ur just €€€a downie €€€downz.net EHPiCk (1:01): i dont think ill play with you XJ9 (1:01): what? €€€why €€€josh EHPiCk (1:01): YO UARE €€€WIERD DUDE XJ9 (1:01): no ill €€€prob €€€fucking €€€quit league EHPiCk (1:01): wtf XJ9 (1:01): u dont udnerstand €€€how bored €€€i am €€€without playing games €€€with u EHPiCk (1:01): GO OUT XJ9 (1:01): and hanging out €€€with u €€€noo €€€im pale a sfuck €€€lol EHPiCk (1:01): LOL €€€YEA €€€BUSE €€€TOLD ME €€€LOLOL XJ9 (1:01): like EHPiCk (1:01): you are tall XJ9 (1:01): i wear €€€this €€€black jacket EHPiCk (1:01): same clothes €€€over and over XJ9 (1:01): regardless

EHPiCk (1:01): yea XJ9 (1:01): of the weather EHPiCk (1:01): she told me €€€lozleolzo XJ9 (1:01): and i put up €€€my hood €€€in the sun €€€did she tlel u €€€about €€€that sonic €€€thing €€€or no €€€lol EHPiCk (1:02): no XJ9 (1:02): o €€€all my teachers EHPiCk (1:02): you are a weierd XJ9 (1:02): and friends EHPiCk (1:02): fucker XJ9 (1:02): call me €€€sonic EHPiCk (1:02): w.e €€€freak €€€ill talk to you later XJ9 (1:02): josh please though u dont understand like EHPiCk (1:02): bye FAGGOT XJ9 (1:02): we hvet oplay together €€€and be EHPiCk (1:02): I DO UNDSERTAND XJ9 (1:02): best friends or €€€i cant €€€play this game €€€like €€€i msrs EHPiCk (1:02): ok XJ9 (1:02): i doubt i can play €€€this game €€€at all €€€like EHPiCk (1:02): zz XJ9 (1:02): im so bored EHPiCk (1:02): FIND ANOTHER FRIEND €€€WTF XJ9 (1:02): all i did €€€was replaying €€€the changling video €€€200+ times €€€no €€€eeryone else €€€is a dick €€€my goal was to chagne u €€€but ur strting EHPiCk (1:03): lololol XJ9 (1:03): ot rever tback €€€i dont like that €€€dont do that EHPiCk (1:03): ok €€€w/e €€€bra XJ9 (1:03): dont call me bra

EHPiCk (1:03): im going to bed now €€€well €€€im from hawaii €€€cant €€€chagne that XJ9 (1:03): just say EHPiCk (1:03): its a slang XJ9 (1:03): w/e €€€u dotn even need €€€to say bro EHPiCk (1:03): like how you say mang XJ9 (1:03): brae €€€ect. EHPiCk (1:03): in ny XJ9 (1:03): josh im srs thoguh u dont undestand €€€how bored €€€i am €€€without palying with u €€€an dstuff €€€everyone €€€else €€€o nelague €€€for exmaple €€€all those people €€€u palyed with €€€today/yesterday €€€are all faggots €€€i dont like them EHPiCk (1:04): lol i dont care dude €€€you cant control me anymore XJ9 (1:04): sto pcalling me dude EHPiCk (1:04): just XJ9 (1:04): but i msaying €€€its not right EHPiCk (1:04): care about XJ9 (1:04): its upsetting €€€on how u act EHPiCk (1:04): YOU AND BUSE XJ9 (1:04): and how €€€ur reverting back EHPiCk (1:04): AND FIX YOUR RELATIONSHIP €€€WITH U AND BUSE XJ9 (1:04): what u mean? EHPiCk (1:04): INSTEAD OF WORRYING ABOUT ME €€€FK €€€ING FAGGOT XJ9 (1:04): no €€€i have €€€that covered €€€dont worrty €€€but srs €€€i just €€€want to play €€€with u EHPiCk (1:04): lol €€€NO €€€I DONT €€€WANT TO XJ9 (1:05): EVERYONE ELSE €€€on league

EHPiCk (1:05): LEAVE ME ALONE €€€IDC XJ9 (1:05): is bad EHPiCk (1:05): IDC XJ9 (1:05): like EHPiCk (1:05): IC €€€IDC €€€IDC XJ9 (1:05): im so bored EHPiCk (1:05): IDC €€€IDC €€€IDC XJ9 (1:05): on league €€€i have EHPiCk (1:05): LEAVE ME ALONE XJ9 (1:05): no 1 else €€€ur the only 1 EHPiCk (1:05): i wont join your games XJ9 (1:05): i like to play with EHPiCk (1:05): btw €€€ill talk to you €€€and support you XJ9 (1:05): josh €€€no EHPiCk (1:05): and back you up XJ9 (1:05): NO €€€josh €€€sotp €€€stop[please €€€stop €€€imma quit league dont €€€do that EHPiCk (1:05): ok XJ9 (1:05): like EHPiCk (1:05): QUIT LEAGUE THEN XJ9 (1:05): udont €€€josh EHPiCk (1:05): YOU WASTED XJ9 (1:05): stop EHPiCk (1:05): YOU LIFE XJ9 (1:05): please EHPiCk (1:05): INSTEAD OF GETTING BUSE XJ9 (1:05): no i have that covered EHPiCk (1:05): ok bye xj XJ9 (1:05): but srs €€€josh EHPiCk (1:05): im going to XJ9 (1:05): JOSH €€€NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO €€€srs €€€we need EHPiCk (1:05): STFU XJ9 (1:05): to play games EHPiCk (1:05): NO XJ9 (1:05): stop €€€with that EHPiCk (1:06): im going bye xj XJ9 (1:06): im fucking so sad nad bored and lonely €€€right now €€€josh.

EHPiCk (1:06): lol XJ9 (1:06): imma js sit on my desk €€€and be sad EHPiCk (1:06): OK €€€SO €€€thats your problem €€€for not making more than one friend XJ9 (1:06): why cant we be best frinedsw josh, its s ofun EHPiCk (1:06): buse told me €€€you have no frineds €€€irl XJ9 (1:06): ru being so mean to me... €€€no €€€wtf €€€i have €€€a lot €€€of friends €€€she hates me €€€for 0 reason €€€thoguh EHPiCk (1:06): ok €€€bye xj XJ9 (1:06): josh EHPiCk (1:06): im tired XJ9 (1:06): but €€€can we €€€play EHPiCk (1:06): had a nice talk though lol XJ9 (1:06): games please €€€please EHPiCk (1:06): BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE AND NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOO XJ9 (1:06): itll work out and €€€well be €€€good frineds €€€please

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