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Amazon Off Campus on 22-06-12 for QA

Totally 4 rounds will be there

First Round(Written): 1. An Address book in your mobile has its contacts syncd with the Internet. write test cases for this scenario. 2. Find second smallest element in an array without sorting 3. A Printer is connected to your laptop.But when trying to print a file it doesnt print properly. i) How will you identify the problem? ii)What steps will you take to rectify them? 4.write a program which should accept and integer and print output as below


* *** *

* *** ***** *** *

5. for the code below,analyse and list all possible test cases

read p read q if p+q>100 print large endif if p>50 print p large endif

They gave me a score of 16/25 in this round and so i was shortlisted.

2nd round(Technical+HR):

I was escorted to the interviewers room and she asked me the following questions.

Why Amazon? Why Testing? Test case for Mobile phonebook (which was asked in written) Test case for A4 sheet Test cases for Gmail.

Finally i was asked if i had any question. I asked if there is a possibility of switching from testing to development side after joining as QA.She said it will take atleast 1 year to switch over as Developer.

I gt eliminated in this round :(