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Hamlet Act II Quiz When you are done turn your quiz over. We will grade it in class. 1.

What is the name on the servant Polonius sends to spy on Laertes in France? a. Reynaldo b. Marcellus c. Francesco 2. What does Polonius decide to do with the news Ophelia brings him? a. Take it with a grain of salt b. Devise a plan with Hamlet to catch Claudius c. Relay it to the king and queen 3. Who are the two men that Claudius and Gertrude meet with? a. Marcellus & Barnardo b. Fortinbras and Guildenstern c. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern 4. What does the King and Queen ask these men to do? a. Break Hamlet and Ophelia up b. Spy on Laertes in France c. Cheer Hamlet Up/Spy on him 5. What does Polonius have Ophelia do for the King and Queen? a. Stop seeing Hamlet b. Apologize for keeping their relationship a secret c. Read Hamlets letter to them 6. What news does Voltimand and Cornelius bring of Fortinbras? a. He was infact going to invade b. He sent a treaty to regain his land c. His uncle the Pollak is dead 7. What does Polonius feel is the cause of Hamlets depression? a. Ophelia ending their relationship b. The death of his father c. The marriage of his mother to his uncle

8. How does Hamlet act when approached by Polonius? a. Happy b. Mad c. Depressed 9. What does Hamlet call Polonius? a. A fishmonger b. A crab c. Hecuba 10. What does Hamlet compare Denmark to when he receives his two visitors from college? a. A hellhole b. A prison c. A concert 11. What does he ask his visitors? a. Who sent for them? b. What time does the play start? c. If they want to meet Claudius? 12. When he talks to his friends, what does he call the Queen? a. Gertrude b. Mom c. Aunt-Mother 13. What news does Polonius bring to Hamlet? a. The ghost is haunting the kingdom b. There are actors at the castle c. Ophelia can now date him 14. What is the name of the King in the speech Hamlet has the actors perform ? a. Priam b. Hecuba c. Claudius 15. What is the name of the Queen in the speech Hamlet has the actor perform? a. Hecuba b. Gertrude c. Cleopatra

16. What is going on while this queen is searching for her dying king? a. Troy is being burned to the ground during the Greek attack b. He daughter is marrying the Kings brother c. Achilles is attacking the city 17. What does Hamlet threaten Polonius with for interrupting the speech? a. A whipping b. Shaving his beard c. Breaking up with his daughter 18. Hamlet asks the actors to perform a play with what addition? a. A random character b. Hamlets added lines c. A new scene 19. In Hamlets soliloquy he compares his torment to what? a. The actors emotion during the speech b. Christs wounds c. The ghost of his father 20. What does Swounds mean? a. Another word for Ghost b. Christs Wounds c. Pagan rituals Matching Vocabulary 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. ____Afflict ____Discretion ____Entreat ____Epitaph ____Appurtenance ____Contrive ____Paragon ____Beseech a. to plan with ingenuity. b. to make an earnest request of. c. power to decide responsibly. d. to inflict suffering on. e. model of excellence. f. an appendage. g. inscription on a tombstone. h. to address a urgent request to.

Who said the quote. 29. More matter with less art. a. Ophelia b. Polonius c. Gertrude

30. Though this be madness, yet there is method int. a. Polonius b. Hamlet c. Claudius Bonus: 1. The plays the thing in which Ill catch the ___________ of the King. Hamlet a. Conscience b. Feelings c. Guilt