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Top #12 Websites for Health Education

There are numerous very valuable resources on the Web to assist in teaching the many topics involved in the Health 100, Introduction to Health and Wellness, curriculum. Here is a list of the my top 12:


The CDC website provides a wealth of information and is considered a very reliable source.


Calorie King is an excellent resource to assess the nutrient content of the foods we choose to eat at restaurants. This site will give you a nutrition label for the menu item you choose. Not only does it give you the detailed numbers of each item, but it also gives every item on the menu a star rating for how healthy they are, making it very easy to choose a more healthy item. OnCourse is a series of workshops dedicated to designing a classroom that not only teaches your content, but also teaches student success strategies. It is a way of teaching that teaches not only your content but important life skills like interdependence, self-management, responsibility, collaboration, and communication.



WebMD is a very useful tool for Health research and understanding of the many areas of Health


http:// Discovery Health is full of very interesting videos. The videos are very well done and most are already captioned. Video is great to use to engage the students.

#6 health

Mayo Clinic is another trustworthy source of heath information and has a very easy to use interface. This is a great website to get students thinking about how many topic fall under the category of Health.


This health site from the government is great. It does a wonderful job of explaining topics to specic audiences. For example, you can choose health for women, health for kids, or health for parents. This makes it very easy to view topics specic to your audience. Breaking news in Health topics. Health is a topic that is always changing, therefore it is important to keep up with the health news. Many times it is important to critically assess new health news to see if it is valid.

#8 HEALTH/index.html

#9 The World Health Organization is an important group that focuses on the entire planet not just specic areas. Covering global health matters.

#10 std/training/std101/

This is a great website for teaching about STD's. Here you can nd very useful information handouts, pictures, and even a skit to do in class about the connection between STD's and HIV. Medline is a great resource for nding peerreviewed journals. It is produced by the National Library of Medicine. This is the rst website students should access to look for peerreviewed journals for research. This is a wonderful PBS NOVA series on Conception, Pregnancy, and Childbirth. This is a very good series to watch to understand fertility. Kelly Falcone APU EDTC 527 Professor Bettger Fall I- 2011


http:// medlineplus/

#12 wgbh/nova/miracle/ program_adv.html