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MORGAN APPEARANCE Red/Blue Congested Depressed Introspective Anxiety Unstable Suicidal Unknown Bad health Crowds Mongolism Asthma Pneumonia Eczema during teething Moist eczema Pyloric stenosis MORGANGAERTNER Pale face Dark hair Irritable Quick temper Impatient Jealous Nervous Crowds Company Claustrophobia GAERTNER Emaciated Large heads Blue eyes Hypersensitive Overactive brains Nervous PROTEUS Oedematous DYS CO Pink & white Thin Fair hair Apprehensive Lack of confidence Nervous Shy/uneasy Hypersensitive to critism Anticipation Ordeals Claustrophobia Leaving house Hypersensitive Shy Blush easily Growing pains Masturbation Bloated/distende d Abdomen Acute pain in abdomen urination <3am6am Insomnia from thoughts Sudden shocks or Falling asleep Copious sweat <cold Frozen feet Chilly Desires warmth Craves air Sweat from excitement Virgo Fidgety SYC CO Pale Waxy Sallow/Anaemic Tearful Timid Nervous Hypersensitive Irritable Angry/restless Being alone Animal Dogs Dark Wakes 2am Pale Sallow Dark Hair Headaches Gastro-ent Rx Often produces chickenpox <night Restless Cant sleep until 3am Dreams of dead people Nightmares Chilly <damp <frost <humid weather heat seaside Bites nails Tonsils Tonsillitis BACH NO 7 Oedematous Pale face Heavy closed eyelids Prostration Idiocy Senility Mentally weak


Brainstorm Temper fits Irritable Nervous strain Averse company


Darkness Being alone Precocious Restless Nervous Thin & flabby Ear discharges Temper tantrums Recurring rectal spasm



<night <1st thing morn Insomnia Light & restless

<<4pm8pm Insomnia Restless Night terrors Sleep walking

Sudden onset

<2am 2 hours to fall asleep Light sleep Wakes 23am <cold <damp Sensitive to draught Excessive sweat <humidity Swollen limbs Thyroid


<storms <hot environm <<heat Hot feet @night Rheumatism Effects of sulpha

Hot, sweaty feet @night

<cold Sweats @ night


Bites nails

Bites nails Antibiotic

Aries Nervous system

drugs & penicillin (esp. respiration) MORGAN HEAD Bilious h/aches Mouth ulcers Weekly migraine Cracked lips Itchy dermatitis MORGANGAERTNER Boils in ears Herpes on nose Corneal ulcers Styes Psoriasis Urticaria Vesicles Nasal & postnasal catarrh Myocardial enlargement Nocturnal palpitations Crave: Salt/sweets Prefers hot food

poisoning GAERTNER Mouth ulcers

Convulsions Cramps PROTEUS Migraines Menieres disease Cracked lips Burning pains eyes Pigmented skin Herpes Shingles Senile bronchitis

Hay fever Sore throats DYS CO Cyclical headaches Facial twitch

Fibrositis Arthritis SYC CO Facial twitch Sinus Female facial hair Oily skin Sallow Warts Impetigo TB Asthma Bronchial catarrh Intercostal pain Immature red cells

Fatigue Rheumatism Inflamed joints BACH NO 7 Catarrhal deafness Thrombosis of retina Cracked palms




Bronchopneumonia Asthma High bl. Pressure Varicose Veins Vertigo Sluggish circltn Crave: Fats/sweets Averse: Fats/eggs/butter

Bronchial colds Nocturnal coughs

Oily skin Warts Dermatitis Cracked fingertips Asthma

Asthma Bronchial catarrh Syncope Low blood pressure Slow pulse Myocardial w/ness Averse: Fats


Angina Vertigo Coronaries

Palpitations before events Constriction


<<eggs <<milk <<wheat


Heartburn Liver/Gallbl Gallstones Piles Jaundice Bilious attacks Ovarian pains

Gallstones Ileo-caecal region Indigestion Excessive eructations Kidney stones

Acidosis: Vomits everything Pain in stomach Inability to digest fats Colon


Craves: Fats/eggs/sugar / Salt/butter Averse: Pork/beef/butter / Eggs/salad/onio n/ Garlic/chocolate <chocolate Haemorrhage Perforations Peptic/duodenal ulcers Diarrh alt constip Bleeding piles Anal prutitis Cloudy/fetid

Crave: Salt/sweet/milk/ Fat

Crave: Salt/sweet/milk/ Fat Averse: Eggs <eggs

Chronic indigestion Loose bowels Duodenal ulcers Pyloric stenosis

Chronic irritation of digestive tract Anal & rectal prolapse

Lack of muscle tone Liver pain Constipation Distention after food Piles Feeble flow of

Urge to urinate


Fibroid polyps Corrosive Leucorrhoea

Renal colic Pyelitis nephritis Brown leucorrhoea

Chel/Helon/ Hepar/Lach/Lyc/ Merc/Sang

Allergies Malnutrition Coeliac disease

urine Kidneys Burning pain urethra Recent gonorrhoea

Aur-Mur/Apis/Bor/ Con/Ign/Kali-M/ Nat-M/Nux/ Secale

when travelling Throbbing pelvis

NSU Albuminous urine Ovarian cysts Vulval prolapse

Ant-T/Bacc/ Calc-Met/FerrM/Kali-B/Lyc/NatM/Nat-S/NitAc/Puls/Rhus-T/ Sep/Thuja

urine Sexual weakness Vulval pains Impotence

Ars/Brom/Kali-I/ Iod


Alum/Barc/Calc/Sulph/Carbo Veg/Digit/Graph/ Cali-C/Mag-C/Petr/ Sep/Sulph

Calc-F/Calc-C/ Hyp/Phos/ Calc-P/Kali-P/ NatPh/Merc/Phos/ Phyt/Puls/Sil/Zinc

Lyc/Ars-Alb/ Arg-N/Anac/ Verat-Alb