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Dadi Janki The power of truth and Gods love - Shantivan

Om Shanti

27th June 2012

People search for peace outside whereas for us, peace is our original religion. There is a difference in our saying om shanti and Baba saying om shanti. Baba reminds us of our original religion of peace. Doctors are telling me not to come into sound, but Baba has given me the gift of sharing knowledge by coming into sound and I have moved forward with the gift of this lift and so I feel: How can I eat without meeting my divine family? So, I am speaking to you privately. Today, Baba said: There will be hundreds of thousands of children who all have to claim a full right to the inheritance of liberation and liberation-in-life. In fact, we have already received that inheritance. Baba has given a very good experience of how to become free from all the things of the past and to be liberated while living this life. Become bodiless, be a trustee. See but do not see the old world which is already finished. Baba says: You have to go to the land of nirvana and the bhavna that you have in your mind is now working. Baba is the One who does everything and inspires us and Baba has given us the lift to remain constantly happy. At the confluence age, Baba has created such sanskars kindness is the root of religion and ego is the root of sin. While we are in this body, we must not stop being kind and must not have the slightest ego as ego will never allow us to perform charitable actions or to accumulate in our account of charity. Therefore, check that nothing remains inside you. If you become complete now, then you will take this stage of perfection with you. You have to become kings and create your subjects. Who can become a king and who will become a subject? Those who give knowledge to others sometimes become subjects because they accept the praise by the students who they give the knowledge to. The one who gives knowledge then feels that no one else knows me or praises me like this one does and becomes very happy with that student. Then, the student becomes the king and the teacher becomes the subject. Never let this become your state. We are obedient, faithful and trustworthy. An obedient child experiences the Fathers hand on his head, has a lot of regard for shrimat and becomes complete and perfect with Gods love. A faithful child would be honest in his relationships with everyone and have his hand in Babas hand. An honest and trustworthy child would have an honest chart, would feel that nothing is mine, and that everything belongs to Baba. Baba will make such children the garland around His neck and take them with Him everywhere. We are very much coloured by the company we keep. Go deep inside and see what influences you. Baba is the truth, knowledge is the truth, the activity that Baba teaches us allows the truth to be revealed through our face. The truth is creating an impact on the whole world: it will finish all falsehood. Falsehood is falsehood no matter how much you may give it the form of truth. Baba has made us walk the path of truth in such a way that we think the truth, we speak the truth and we only listen to the truth and anything else does not even pass through our ears. We have reached where we are today because we have allowed ourselves to be coloured with the Company of the Truth. Babas murli, Babas teachings are the truth for us children. Babas sustenance and the study He teaches us is filled with the truth such that it finishes all falsehood. Last three four days I was asked by the doctors not to come into sound, and so what should I do with my mind? I was seeing my mind and seeing the wonder of the truth. With my power of truth, anyone who comes in front of me is able to finish his falsehood and become truthful. These are just a few words, but go into the depth of this and see how when there is truth, it is not a question of dancing with your hands and feet, but the soul dancing within with great happiness. Baba, You have shown us the practical form of the saying that when there is truth within, the soul dances. We have received from Baba the power to become detached from the body, bodily relations and the old world. The attraction of Gods love performs wonders. The whole divine family is Babas family and love for the family helps us to become complete. Godly love should not be lacking in any way. We have to check that we are filled with Gods love. By having determination and attention on ourselves we will become perfect. Dadi Gulzar always says: When anything is lacking in the self, it means a lack of determination. So when we have determination, Gods love, full attention on the self and no tension, perfection will become a garland around our neck. Lots and lots of love and remembrance to everyone. Om shanti.